Randy's bladder was full nearly to the point of pain. He knew his master liked to watch him lift his leg and piss against his tree, and Randy loved nothing better than to please his master. He decided to wait a little longer before relieving himself in the piss bucket in his cage. He yipped twice hoping to get his master's attention. Finally, he heard the cellar door open. Christopher descended the steps.

"Need to go out, do you, Hot Shot?" he asked. "Well, we'd better get a move on. We have a busy day today." He opened Randy's cage, clipped the chain leash to his collar and led him up the stairs.

Once outside, Christopher dropped the chain and Randy loped off to his tree. He lifted his leg and let loose his golden stream, looking back every once in a while to see if Christopher was watching. He was.

When he was finished, Randy circled the wet spot on the ground and sniffed it before returning to where his master sat on the patio. "Sit," Christopher commanded.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Woof, woof," Randy said.

"Be a man," Christopher said. "Sit here beside me." He indicated the chair nearest to his own.

"Yes, Sir," Randy said.

"Wait," Christopher said. "Turn around."

Randy turned and Christopher removed his dog tail butt plug. "Now you can sit comfortably," he said.

Randy sat on the indicated chair and looked at Christopher expectantly.

"It was one week ago today that you came to live with me," Christopher said. "I need to know what you think of our arrangement."

"I think it's fine, Sir," Randy said.

"Well, good," Christopher said. "But what I really need to know is if you want it to continue it into the indefinite future."

"If you'll have me, Sir."

"You're young," Christopher said. "You could go out into the world and be your own man."

"Is that what you want?" Randy asked. "Do you want me to go away?"

"Absolutely not," Christopher said. "I want you to stay with me and be my pet; my slave; my boy. By now you know what that means."

"Oh," Randy sighed. "Yes, Sir. You had me worried, Sir."

"If you really want to belong to me, there are certain things you must do."

"I'll do anything you say, Sir."

"We'll see," Christopher said. "That means more than washing my dishes and taking my cock up your ass. It means that I will own you; that you will be my property. I will take care of you as I would any other possession that I own and value. I will see to your every physical need.

"It means," Christopher went on, "that everything you own will become mine. The few clothes you have, any trinkets or mementos of your previous life; everything. If I allow you to earn any money in the future, you will turn it over to me.

"It also means that you will do everything I tell you to do immediately and without question. If something displease me, you will do it over until it is done to my satisfaction.

"You will be punished for any infraction of the rules I set down for you. Punishments may include spanking, being confined to your cage, being deprived of my affection or anything else that comes to my mind.

"If I think punishment with a paddle or other devise is necessary, I will use them, but I will never draw blood. Your skin will never be marred.

"You will never leave your cage, the basement or the house unless I tell you to, and you will never leave my property unless I am with you.

"As you already know, you will be naked at all times. Most of your time will be spent as my dog. Then you will always wear your dog collar and tail. You may also wear knee pads to protect your knees when you are outside. From time to time you will be required to wear your dog hood, like when I want to show you off to other slave dog owners.

If I ever have a friend over, I may offer you to him. If that were to happen, and it likely will sooner or later, you will service him as you do me. However, only I will fuck you raw. And if I ever fuck another's slave dog, I will wear a condom to protect us both.

"I may have, or I may attend a party, of several slave dog owners. I have been to a few of these parties. They never involve more than four or five masters with their pets. Sometimes and orgy develops. If that happens, I expect you to be an obedient dog and obey any master as you obey me.

"Do you have any questions?"

"I don't think so, Sir. I didn't know you would be sharing me."

"Is that a problem?"

"Will you be in the same room with me when this happens?"

"I will be with you and I will protect you. Nothing will happen to you that I don't approve."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Do you trust me to protect you?"

"Yes, Sir, I do. I will do anything you tell me to do, Sir."

"I have written all this down. It's sort of like a contract between us; things I will be responsible for and terms and conditions with which you will agree. I want you to read it and consider it all carefully. If you can agree, sign it and give it to me. I will sign it, too."

"I guess it's pretty much as you just told me," Randy said.

"Pretty much," Christopher said.

"Then I'm ready to sign it now," Randy said.

"You trust me that much?" Christopher asked.

"Yes, Sir," Randy said. "You've been perfectly honest with me up to now. I trust that that will continue."

Christopher leaned over and kissed his boy on the mouth. "Sealed with a kiss," he said.

"The contract is on the dining table. Let's go and sign it now," Christopher said. "But, I do want you to read it in case you have any questions. If you want to add, delete or change something, I will consider that. And, changes can be made later on if we both agree to them."

The two went into the house and sat at the dining table. Randy took the contract, read it over, signed it and slid it across the table to Christopher who also signed.

"Actually," Christopher said, "it will take a little more than a kiss to seal the deal. Today, you will ingest some of everything that comes from my body, and by doing that you will know that I own you completely; that you are absolutely mine.

"Everything, Sir?" Randy asked.

"Some of everything," Christopher said, "starting now. Kneel front of me and open your mouth."

Randy knelt at Christopher's feet. He opened his mouth and lolled out his tongue. Christopher leaned over him and spat onto his tongue. He put three fingers in Randy's mouth and smeared his spit around his tongue to its base. He spat again. "Swallow," he said.

Randy swallowed and held out his tongue for more. "That's enough," Christopher said.

"What does swallowing my spit mean to you?" Christopher asked.

"That you are my master and I am your slave, Sir."

"And that you will do whatever I command you to do."

"And that I will do whatever you command," Randy said.

"You will be reminded of that with each thing that you ingest from my body today."

"Yes, Sir," said Randy.

Christopher patted his cheek. "You are my beautiful and obedient boy," he said.

"I am going to drink three tumblers of water in the next hour or so," Christopher said. "When I am ready to piss, I will call you and you will kneel in front of me and drink. My piss will be diluted because of the quantity of water I will drink. You won't have to drink it all, but the more you swallow, the better I will like it.

"Have you ever drunk anyone else's piss?" he asked.

"No, Sir. I never have."

"That's good," Christopher said. "I'm glad, but you will drink some of mine as it comes from my cock."

"Yes, Sir. I will do my best."

"See to it," Christopher said. He poured his first glass of water.

"Even though you will be naked most of the time, you will need some clothing. Will your parents be at home today?" Christopher asked.

"Not until they get home from work around six."

"Good," Christopher said. "I expected that. Today I will drive you to your parents' house and you will get all of your personal belongings. We will bring them here and I will go through them. I will decide what will be kept and what will be tossed out.

"Do you have any electronic devices? Cell phone? I-Pad?"

"Yes, Sir. I have both of those things."

"Bring them with you, but I will get rid of them immediately. If I decide later that it would be convenient for you to have a cell phone I will buy one for you to use."

"Yes, Sir."

"You will write your parents a note telling them that you are safe and well and that you will not be returning home; that you have a new place to live. Tell them that you will be contacting them by phone from time to time; birthdays and holidays for example, but that you do not want them to try to contact you or to find you. When you have finished the note, give it to me so I can approve it. You will no longer be their son, but my slave. You cannot be both. Is that understood?

"Yes, Sir. May I say something, Sir?"

Christopher nodded.

"I didn't have much to hold me there before I met you," Randy said. "Now that I have you as my master, I feel next to nothing for my old home - or for my parents, as far as that's concerned. Giving up my previous life is the easiest thing you could ever ask me to do."

Christopher reached out and tousled Randy curls. He put his hand at the back of his head and pulled his lips to his own. They kissed, but briefly.

"Be a dog," Christopher said.

Randy fell to the floor on all fours. "Time for breakfast," Christopher said.

Randy panted through his open mouth as he followed Christopher around the kitchen from cabinet to refrigerator to dog bowl. "Eat up," Christopher said.

As Randy ate, Christopher got some empty boxes from his attic and stacked them by the front door.

"Be a man," Christopher said. "There is pen and paper on the dining table. Go and write the note to your parents. Then get dressed. Will you need any more boxes than these?" he asked nodding toward the ones he had stacked.

"I don't think so, Sir. Some of my clothing is on hangers. We can just fold those things and stack them on the back seat."

"Good," said Christopher. "Now, go and write that note. Then give it and the envelope to me."

"May I say, Sir, that I am very happy about what we are doing today. Excited, even."

"There's more to come," Christopher said.

Randy wasn't long in writing his note. He gave it to Christopher who read it over, folded it and sealed it in the envelope. "Perfect," he told Randy.

"My bladder's full," Christopher said. I need to piss. We'll go to your tree."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said.

Christopher led the way down the yard to the Randy's tree. "On your knees, Boy," he said.

Randy fell to his knees as Christopher opened his fly and took out his cock. "Open wide," he said.

Randy opened his mouth and waited. Christopher began to piss into Randy's open mouth, but he staunched the flow by squeezing his piss tube hard. "You don't need to drink it all," he reminded Randy. "You don't even need to drink much, but I want you to swallow what is already in your mouth. Now." he added.

Randy looked up into Christopher's face, but he squeezed his eyes shut as he swallowed.

"The rest is up to you," Christopher said. He stepped forward and put his cock into Randy's mouth. He released a strong flow of warm piss. Most of it spilled out and down Randy's chin, wetting his chest and the rest of his front on its way to the ground, but he swallowed several more times before Christopher was finished.

"Nice," Christopher said. "Good. You did a good job. You are a very good boy," he said. "I am very pleased with you."

"Thank you, Sir," Randy said, and he smiled broadly at Christopher.

"Well," Christopher said. "You'd better take a fast shower to get that piss off you."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said.

Together, master and slave walked up the slope to the house.

Before Randy was finished drying himself, Christopher stuck his head into the steamy bathroom. "I have to take a crap," he said. He lowered his pants and sat on the toilet.

The first thing that came out of his body was some gas that had built up. The odor filled the little room. "Sorry about that," he said. "Stink happens."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said. "It does."

Then Randy heard several turds fall into the water. When he was finished Christopher stood, leaned forward and braced himself on the wall behind the commode. "All right, Slave," he said. "Lick me clean."

Randy was not happy about what Christopher was telling him to do. He had eaten the asses of more than a few men in his short career as bottom boy, and sometimes they were sweaty and rancid, but they had always been wiped after their last dump. At least, he assumed that was the case.

He put his hands on Christopher's ass cheeks and spread them apart. The pink pucker was circled by a ring of short brown hairs. Randy couldn't see any actual shit, but the odor coming from Christopher's asshole was strong and more than a little repugnant. Randy closed his eyes and quickly flicked his tongue over Christopher's hole. The taste was strong and rancid, but it wasn't as bad as he thought it would probably be. He licked again. And again.

Christopher stood erect and turned. "Stand up," he told Randy. "Do you have any of my shit on your tongue?"

"I'm sure I do, Sir," Randy said.

"Mix it with your spit. Taste it."

Randy swirled the saliva in his mouth over his tongue.

"Swallow," Christopher said. Randy grimaced and did as he was told.

"Is my asshole completely clean?" Christopher asked. "I want it to be as clean as a girl's cunt on her way to the high school prom."

"Very graphic," Randy said curtly.

"Follow me," Christopher said. He led Randy into the living room. He knelt on the seat cushion of the sofa and rested his arms on the sofa back, his left cheek on his crossed arms. "Do it," he said. "Lick my ass clean."

Randy knelt on the floor behind Christopher. He spread his ass cheeks again and looked at the pucker. He kissed it gently and tugged at the coarse surrounding hairs with pursed lips. He then lapped the opening with the flat of his tongue, licking back and forth without breaking contact.

"Yes," cooed Christopher. "Fuck me with it."

Randy made a point with the tip of his tongue and penetrated Christopher's hole. He tongue-fucked him several times before resuming his lapping motion. He made a circle of his lips and pressed them against Christopher's ass. He sucked the air out of the space between mouth and asshole and pulled his head back, making a loud "Smack" sound. He licked and nibbled, making Christopher moan.

He sat back on his crossed feet and spat directly onto Christopher's hole; then he licked all the spittle away. He opened the hole by inserting the forefingers of both hands and spreading them apart. Again, he tongue-fucked Christopher's hole as deeply as he could and licked his way around the rubbery ring.

With the tip of his tongue, Randy traced the raised line of flesh that emerged from Christopher's asshole and led to his ball sack. He had first licked such a line between the legs of Bobby, his little playmate, years ago; the first boy he had ever sucked. That had ended in only a dry spasm, but it was fun for them both, and Randy never forgot it.

Now he licked that line between Christopher's legs, and he nibbled the insides of his thighs. He squeezed the wrinkled ball sack and forced the orbs to the bottom, stretching the skin until it gleamed in the light of the room. He licked all around before sucking the balls into his mouth, tugging them away from Christopher's body, still laving them with his tongue.

Christopher flipped and sat on the cushion. "We'd better get a move on," he said, and he stood in front of the disappointed Randy who wanted to do more.

"Yes, Sir," Randy said.

"Get dressed, Christopher said. "Let's get this over with."

Randy's parents' house was not far away from Christopher's, and the two men had Randy's belongings, mostly clothing, boxed and stacked in the car in short order.

They stopped at a fast food restaurant for lunch. It was the first food Randy had eaten that was not in a dog bowl for a week. He enjoyed this brief return to his former ways.

Christopher spent the first hour or so after returning home sorting through Randy's belongings while Randy gathered and washed the week's laundry. He then took the few things Christopher had stacked in the "to keep" pile to the basement and put them away. He assumed that he and his master were home for the rest of the day, so he took off his clothes and waited to see what awaited him.

Christopher soon joined him in the basement. "It's too nice an afternoon to spend indoors," he said. "Let's go out and enjoy it."

"I'd like that, Sir," Randy said.

"Fetch your collar and things and I'll get you ready," Christopher said.

Randy brought what Christopher required. When the collar, paws, knee pads and butt plug tail were all in place, Christopher led his dog up the stairs by his chain.

* * *

Back in the basement near the day's end, Christopher said, "Now it's time for something we will both enjoy," he said. He took off all of his clothing from his waist down and sat on the sofa with his legs spread wide. "Make me hard," he said.

Randy, in the guise of a man, knelt between his master's knees. He loved to rub his face around in Christopher's crotch, placing his nose behind his balls and smelling his smell; licking his inner thighs and perineum; putting his mouth around his cock and feeling it grow and get hard against his tongue. All this he did, getting his master's cock hard and ready.

Randy encircled the base with his fist and squeezed. A pearly drop of precum oozed from the piss slit. He licked it off.

"Taste it," Christopher said. "Get some more and taste it."

Randy squeezed the base of Christopher's cock with his thumb and forefinger and moved them up to the glans, forcing more precum from the tip. He licked that off too.

"How does it taste?" Christopher asked.

Randy savored the taste. "Salty," he replied. "Salty, and a little bit sweet."

"Swallow it," Christopher said.

Randy swallowed.

"You've swallowed my spit, my piss, my shit and my precum. Now I want you to suck the biggest load of spunk that my balls have ever churned out. And don't spill a drop. Eat it all."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said enthusiastically.

He again put made a fist around the base of Christopher's cock. He lowered his head and took his master's cock in his mouth. He rubbed his tongue along the sensitive underside and lifted his head up until only the glans remained between his lips. He was salivating freely and he spread his spit over the entire cock with his tongue.

He bobbed his head, repeatedly pressing the shaft firmly between tightly closed lips. He lifted off the cock and closed his mouth over the shaft and moved up and down as if he were playing a harmonica. Then he moved his mouth to the heavy balls that hung in their hairy sack below the freely bobbing cock. He licked them before taking each one in his mouth and tightening his lips and tugging them gently away from his body.

He resumed sucking his cock, going down on the shaft until the head entered his throat and his nose pressed against his body. He gyrated his head and constricted his throat until he had to come up for air. Then he went down again. Christopher laced his fingers through Randy's curls and held his face against him. He stood and gently fucked Randy's face.

Randy opened his mouth and let Christopher's cock fall free. He wrapped his fingers tightly over the shaft and jacked, moving his fist up and over his engorged glans.

Again he deep-throated the throbbing cock. Christopher closed his eyes, threw back his head and sighed. "Oh, yes," he said softly.

Randy moved his hands under Christopher's shirt and slid them up his torso until he reached his hard nipples. He squeezed them in unison and Christopher moaned louder. Randy intensified his sucking.

"I'm going to come," Christopher said. He pumped as Randy sucked with a loud slurping sound. Christopher tightened his hold on Randy's head and shot a thick strand of cum down his throat. Randy swallowed in time to receive Christopher's second shot. The third and fourth came in rapid succession and filled Randy's mouth. He tried to swallow it all but more cum shot out and some of it oozed from his mouth and ran down his chin.

Christopher pulled his cock out of Randy's mouth and Randy swallowed all the cum that remained in his mouth. Christopher leaned over and licked the little that had escaped Randy's mouth from his chin. He held his mouth over Randy's upturned face and dribbled all he had gathered onto Randy's waiting tongue.

Christopher sat heavily onto the sofa. Randy looked into his master's eyes and waited. Christopher reached out to him and pulled his lovely head into his lap.

He stroked Randy's curls and petted him gently. "You are my very own cocksucker," he said. "My very own little puppy."

Randy understood this to mean that he was again Christopher's pet, and no longer his boy.

Christopher caressed his head while Randy softly moved his face over his cock and balls. Finally Christopher shifted his weight. "Better get ready for bed," he said.

Reluctantly, Randy backed away and waited on all fours for Christopher. He finally stood. "Do you want to pee before we turn in?" he asked.

"Woof, woof," Randy said.

Christopher got Randy's collar and clipped it around his neck. Randy slipped on his knee pads. "Come on," Christopher said. "Up you go."

Randy scampered up the steps ahead of his master and waited by the kitchen door. When Christopher opened the door, Randy loped down the lawn to his tree. When he returned to the house, Christopher knelt beside his pet and cradled his head in his arms. "You're my baby," he said.

He stroked Randy's back several times and slapped his butt. Randy panted. "Woof, woof," he said.

Christopher led the way to the cage in the basement and locked its door behind Randy. "Sleep tight," he said.

"Woof," Randy said. He circled his sleeping mat twice as Christopher mounted the steps, turned off the light and closed the cellar door.



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