Good Dog - Part 4

by Everett

Morning at the Morgan ranch. Christopher's little joke. But morning was Christopher's favorite time of day. He put grounds and water in his coffee maker and went to the cellar for Randy. As usual, Randy was up and ready. He wagged his tail in excitement on seeing is master. He barked twice in greeting.

"All right, Hot Shot," Christopher said as he unlocked Randy's cage. Randy waited patiently for Christopher to tell him it was all right for him to leave his cage.

"Let's go outside," Christopher said. "It's a perfect morning."

Christopher attached the leash to Randy's collar and led him up the stairs and out the kitchen door. He returned to the kitchen where he poured steaming coffee into his large mug. He grabbed a jug of water and returned to the patio. He poured some water into Randy's dish and tousled his auburn curls. "Have you relieved yourself yet?" he asked. "Better go take your morning piss."

He removed the chain leash and Randy bounded across the lawn to his tree. Christopher watched as he lifted his leg. His ass cheeks spread enough for Christopher to see his vertical slit. Even from this distance the sight was exciting. Christopher felt a twinge in the head of his cock. He opened his jeans and jacked his soft cock idly as he watched. Randy let go a strong stream of golden piss and returned to Christopher. He took a few laps from his water dish and stood at Christopher's knee.

Christopher lowered his jeans and boxers to his ankles and said, "All right, Boy. Do your stuff."

Randy move in. He pressed his head under Christopher's big balls and felt them float over his forehead, eyelids and nose. He breathed in the aroma of his master, extended his tongue and lapped those precious orbs. Christopher put his hands on either side of Randy's head and moved it so that his mouth was over his now throbbing cock. Randy licked around the head several times before closing his mouth over it. Christopher moaned softly and Randy lowered his head until Christopher's cock was embedded as deeply as it could go. He moved his mouth up and down Christopher's shaft, sucking noisily, loving what he was doing and loving that he was pleasing his master.

Christopher stood and shucked his jeans and shorts. He began to fuck Randy's mouth. "Take it, Bitch Boy," he said. "Take my big man cock," and Randy increased his efforts.

Christopher lifted Randy's head until their gazes met. "Open your mouth," Christopher said.

Randy opened his mouth and waited.

"Stick out your tongue." When he complied, Christopher spat twice into Randy's open mouth. Randy swallowed Christopher's spit and took his cock into his mouth again. He sucked as Christopher fucked.

Christopher pulled out of Randy's mouth and said, "Come with me."

He walked off the brick paving onto the lawn. "Stay," he commanded. Randy waited patiently as Christopher walked around and positioned himself behind. He pulled Randy's black vinyl doggie tail from his asshole and replaced it with his hard cock. He placed his hands on Randy's hips and began to fuck him with long, deep thrusts. Randy yipped twice, but the sensation around and in his ass, and the knowledge that his master was using him as his sex toy, caused him to utter a more natural moan.

Christopher pushed down on Randy's hips causing him to lie on the grass. Christopher lowered his body, rested his weight on Randy's back and lifted his hips. He fucked deep, in and out. He slapped Randy's ass and fucked him. He licked his tongue around Randy's ears and kissed his neck, and he fucked him. He felt his orgasm start and he fucked faster, harder. He pulsed his load into Randy as he fucked. He fucked and pulsed until there was nothing more to come, and he continued to fuck. His fucking became slower and slower until he pulled his limp cock from Randy's ass and relaxed on top of him.

He rolled off Randy and said, "Roll over."

Randy rolled onto his back and Christopher knelt between is legs. Randy's cock was hard and pulsing with each beat of his heart. Christopher lowered his head and began to suck. It had been more than three weeks since Randy gave himself to Christopher as his slave dog, and Christopher had not allowed him to come in all that time. Randy was ready. Christopher sucked him, going all the way down and swirling his tongue under the sensitive underside of Randy's cock.

Randy gasped. He was on the verge of exploding, but Christopher stopped his sucking.

"Please, Sir," Randy begged. "Please let me come."

"You're a dog," Christopher snapped. "Dogs can't talk."

Randy looked at his master and brought his arms and legs up until he more correctly resembled a dog lying on his back. His cock was red and swollen; throbbing in the air.

"Time for your bath and shave," Christopher said, and he stood. Randy rolled onto all fours and followed his master into the house.

* * *

Randy was in some discomfort. His master was late in taking him for his walk around the yard. He barked twice hoping to get his master's attention. There was no response. He looked up the stairs and barked again. This time he heard Christopher come into the house through the back door and head for the cellar.

"What's the matter, Boy?" he asked as he descended the stairs.

Randy barked again. "I think I know what your problem is," Christopher said. "You need to take your morning walk, don't you?'

"Woof, woof," Randy said.

Christopher opened his cage door. "Come on, Big Boy," he said. "Let's go take a shit, shall we?" He pulled the tail out of Randy's asshole and led him up the stairs and into the yard. Randy lost no time going to his spot. He lifted his leg to piss against the tree, and two big turds slipped out. He continued to piss until he felt empty. He lowered his leg, looked to his master momentarily and turned to sniff the pile he had made.

"That was a big one," said Christopher as he scooped it up with his plastic covered hand. "No wonder you were making such a fuss. Turn around so I can wipe you." He wiped Randy's ass and deposited the paper into the plastic bag.

Christopher walked to the patio and sat. He watched Randy go from place to place around the yard, sniffing as if each bush and tree were a new discovery for him. He eventually wandered to where his master sat and stood in front of him.

"You want to sniff me too, don't you Boy?"

"Woof, woof," Randy said.

Christopher stood, removed his pants and shorts and sat back down. Randy nuzzled his crotch and licked his cock and balls. Christopher ran his fingers through Randy's curls. He enjoyed the sensations. Even though his cock swelled and lengthened a little, he knew he was not going to get hard. He eventually lifted Randy's head out of his crotch and looked into his eyes.

"Well, Boy," he said. "Are you ready for another visit from Rowdy?"

Randy wagged his tail. "Woof, woof," he said

"Good boy," Christopher said. "Sit up."

Randy sat on his haunches with his front paws in the air at chest level. Christopher took his paws in his hands and rested them on his knees. He rubbed Randy behind his ears and massaged his neck. "You're such a pretty doggie," he said.

Randy said, "Woof," and reached up and licked his master's cheek.

"I was in the library yesterday," Christopher continued, "and I saw an old Bogart movie in the For Sale bin. It was only two bucks, so I bought it."

"Woof," said Randy. It was almost as if he understood what his master was telling him.

"Paul is a big fan of old movies too, and I invited him over tonight to watch it. Do you think you can behave yourself with Rowdy here?"

"Woof, woof," his dog answered.

"Well, see that you do. There's one thing," Christopher added. "Rowdy might want to do something more than play Catch Me If You Can. Would it be OK with you if he wants to suck you off or fuck you up the ass?"

Randy cocked his head sideways. "Woof, woof," he said, and he lolled his tongue out and began to pant.

Christopher laughed, kissed his dog on his nose and said, "Well, while we're watching the movie, you and Rowdy will be on your own.

"And remember: be on your best behavior when Rowdy comes. I don't want to have to discipline you like I did the last time. We can save any 'punishment' for our fun and games times. Randy barked again and wagged his tail.

Christopher rose from his chair. "I'm going to get my supper ready, and yours too," he said. "Stay out here and enjoy the weather."

After Christopher had his supper he took Randy's dish out to him. He placed it in Randy's usual eating spot on the grass and watched as he gobbled his food. Randy licked his bowl clean.

"Be a man," Christopher said.

Randy stood and Christopher removed his paws and tail. He also took off his black leather dog collar. "I want you to wear a slave collar when you are a man."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said.

"Good boy," Christopher said, and he showed Randy his new slave collar. It was wider than his dog collar and was made of soft brown leather. Its surface had figures of naked men in athletic contests. It reminded Randy of figures he had seen on cups and urns in the ancient Greek displays at the museum downtown.

"It's a very handsome collar, Sir," Randy said. "Thank you. I will wear it with humble pride."

"Sounds oxymoronic to me," Christopher said as he clipped it around Randy's neck, "but I appreciate what you are saying. Just remember who you are and who you serve."

"Of course, Sir," Randy assured him.

"I need you to clean the kitchen and bathroom before Paul gets here. Maybe run the vacuum cleaner over the den carpet if you have time."

"Yes, Sir," Randy said, and he obediently went into the house to do as he had been ordered.

* * *

Paul arrived shortly after seven. Randy had completed his chores and was once again in dog attire and attitude. He waited silently by his master's feet while Paul and Josh, Rowdy's human form, approached.

"You know where to go," Paul said to Josh. "Go and get naked and come back out here to me."

"Yes, Sir," Josh said and he went into the house.

"Things are a little different today," Paul observed.

"I should hope so," Christopher said emphatically. "I think we can trust Randy to be well behaved this evening. If you think it would be OK, we can leave them to their own devices out here while we watch the movie."

The naked Josh reappeared from the house and Paul put his dog attire on him. "Go with Randy and play," he said.

"There's always the chance that they will get it on when they're alone," Paul mused as he watched the two pets gambol across the lawn.

"Yeah," Christopher said. "I thought of that. I cleared it with Randy and he's OK with that. There's one thing," Christopher added. "I'm the only one who fucks Randy raw."

"Do you have any condoms?" Paul asked.

"I know I should but, no, I don't," Christopher replied.

"That's OK," Paul said. "Oral only for them tonight."

"Let's get them up here," Christopher said.

The dogs responded immediately to their masters' calls and whistles. "You guys wanna have a little fun?" Paul asked. "It's OK to play, but there's to be no fucking. That clear?"

Both dogs barked their agreement and the men went inside to nosh the snacks, drink their beers and watch the old Bogart movie.

Alone in the big yard, the two dog slaves assumed men's postures. Josh said, "Let's go somewhere where we can't be seen from the house."

"Down there," Randy suggested, and he led the way to a shallow, dry swale near the back fence.

They turned to face each other. Josh kissed Randy fully on the mouth and cupped his cock and balls in his hand. Randy got hard instantly.

"Been a while, huh?" Josh asked.

"A long while," Randy answered. "My master won't let me come."

"I know that routine," Josh said. "We'll take care of that."

He dropped to his knees and took Randy's cock into his mouth. He held the rigid shaft in his fist and licked and sucked the swollen glans. Randy began to seep precum. Josh savored the salty taste before spreading it across the glans and down the shaft with his tongue. He slid his lips to the base of Randy's cock until his nose was against Randy's shaved pelvis. Randy put his hands on the back of Josh's head and held it hard against him. He fucked until Josh pulled back, teary eyed and gasping for air. Josh ran the back of his hand over his eyes and looked up Randy's body. This vantage point couldn't be beaten. Randy had the appearance of a Greek statue, muscled and perfectly proportioned.

His cock, bobbing in the air with each heartbeat, invited his lips to encircle it again. Josh sucked to the base several more times until Randy spoke.

"Wait," he said, and he stretched out on the ground and spread his legs wide. Josh got between them, tugged his balls away from his body so that his cock stood out parallel to his pelvis. He licked the sensitive glans.

"Suck it," Randy said. "Suck it hard and make me come."

Josh went the whole way down, deep-throating Randy's turgid cock. Randy tried to thrust his hips up but Josh pulled away and gasped for air. Then he was down again, nibbling and licking at the sensitive underside just below the glans. Randy grabbed his head and forced Josh to suck deeper. "God," he gasped. "It's been so long."

He rolled over, forcing Josh to lie on his back. Randy lifted his hips and thrust deeply into Josh's throat. The warm evening breeze wafted over his ass mounds. Josh grabbed those mounds and dug his fingers into the dark cleft between them. He fingered his pucker. Randy shuddered at the touch. He began to moan and increased his thrusting jabs. Josh held him firmly. Randy fucked Josh's mouth and moaned louder. His whole body tensed and he pulsed out his load in several strong blasts. Josh held it all until Randy's orgasm subsided. Then he swallowed. He looked into Randy's eyes and then at the hard cock he still held. He leaned up to lick off the remaining cum. Randy twitched involuntarily as Josh ran his tongue over his sensitive glans.

"I'd love to fuck your sweet ass," Josh said.

"Take my tail out and play with my hole," Randy said. "Lick it. Eat it. Drive me wild." He lifted his ass off the ground. Josh pulled out Randy's dog tail. He spread his ass cheeks revealing the pink pucker. Josh spread his cheeks wider. He opened his mouth and dove in, licking the proffered hole over and over. He tightened his tongue and fucked Randy's hole with it. Inserting a finger on each side, he spread the hole even more. He got into position and replaced his fingers with his hard cock. He started to fuck, but Randy lowered his ass forcing Josh's cock to slip out.

"What gives?" asked the agitated Josh.

"Mr. Cimeneaux said no fucking," Randy responded simply.

"Mr. Cimeneaux!" Josh said, mockingly. What's with that?"

"My master told me to refer to his friends by their sir names. That's all. That's what I'm doing."

"Oh," said Josh. "But listen," he pleaded. "Those two are behind closed doors. They can't see us. They'll never know what we're doing. And besides, Paul probably has his cock buried hilt deep up Christopher's ass right now."

"That'll be the day," Randy said. "My master is a total top."

"Let me fuck that sweet spot of yours. I'm a good fuck. You'll love it."

"I'm sure I would," Randy agreed "You are beautiful, Josh, and your cock is beautiful. I'd love nothing better right now than to feel that hard thing up my ass, pumping in and out. I know you'd drive me crazy. But rules are rules.

"Come here," he said. Josh inched closer and Randy opened his mouth to receive Josh's cock. Josh stood, took the back of Randy's head into his hands and fucked his mouth deeply. Randy massaged his cock with his tongue as Josh fucked. He grabbed his swinging balls and held them firmly. Josh bucked and forced his cock deep to spew his load down Randy's throat.

When he finished coming, he sat opposite Randy, leaned over and kissed him deeply. Randy pulled away. "Better not," he said.

"Did Mr. Cimeneaux tell you to not let me kiss you?" Josh asked sarcastically?"

"You know he didn't," Randy said. "I just feel uncomfortable having someone kiss me the way my master does."

"Christopher kisses you that way?" Josh asked incredulously.

"Sure. He's a great kisser. We really get into each other."

"Well, Paul is OK as a kisser, especially when we're in bed."

"I've never been in a bed with my master," Randy confessed. "He wouldn't hear of such a thing."

"So where do you do the dirty?" Josh asked. "He does fuck you, doesn't he?"

"Of course. In the basement. On the lawn. But never in his bed. I've never been allowed in his bedroom."

"Holy shit." Josh shook his head. "Oh, well, every master has his own way of doing things. I think I have the better bargain here."

"I wouldn't change my master for all the beer in Germany," Randy said. "Not for anything in the world," he added dreamily.

"Let's get back," he said in a more normal voice. "I want to be by my master's chair when he comes back to the patio."

"Sure," said Josh. "You're new to this."

"I just want to please my master, that's all," Randy said.

"I get it," Josh said. "No doubt you do." He followed Randy back up the incline to the patio.

Both men assumed their dog accouterments and attitudes. Randy lay by Christopher's chair his head on his paws as earlier. Rowdy followed his example and laid down a little way off.



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