Julian woke with someone putting a hood over his head. The surprise of it caused him to struggle against his bound wrist cuffs anchored to the floor ring until he remembered he was in the Master's basement. He relaxed and let whoever was sitting over him secure the hood over his head. He was helped to his feet and led out of the room for he heard the door close behind him. Down the hall and into a room they led him and he stumbled as he tried to keep his balance since his legs were stiff from lying on the floor and his visibility nothing but blackness. His arms were lifted and he felt the cuffs being secured to something then he heard the motor of a lift above and his arms were raised over his head and he felt his body stretch out trying to keep his feet on the floor but soon he was dangling from his wrists as the lift carried him a little higher before stopping. He felt chains brush against his naked body, the cold steel touch him and rake over his skin. Someone was standing beside him, he felt their presence then he realized it was two people for each one lifted one of his legs till they held him in a sitting position in midair. Chains were wrapped each thigh several times and secured leaving him suspended with his legs lifted up. He just dangled there for a long time, swinging in a small arc as he listened intently for any sound, any sense of what the two were doing.

The door opened and Julian didn't know if someone came in or went out but soon after a hand moved over his back, downward over his ass, fingers probing along the gap between his spread open cheeks, rubbing over the skin and probing the entrance to his hole. Another hand came to his chest and rubbed him, large circular motions that on each pass over a nipple made him realize how erect, how very hard the nub was on each one. The hand moved downward, over his stomach down to his cock and it manipulated him, rubbed roughly over his cock and balls then tugged roughly on his sac till he cried out.

Someone laughed.

The person shifted positions beside him for he sensed their movement as they pulled their hands away. He dangled from the chains, his ass spread open, vulnerable to whatever they wanted to do to him and he felt his cock grow thicker, felt it move around between his legs as it stretched out. The room was hotter than the others, heat blowing across the floor and over his nakedness and it made him hot, caused his body to loosen up and muscles to relax. For a moment the room was silent, no one making any sound then he heard something being set on the floor somewhere below him and a moment later he felt something cool, slick, greasy feeling being rubbed over the entrance to his hole. Fingers pushed the substance along his ass, rubbed it over his entrance pressing against its tightness. Then he felt a finger slide into his hole, breaching its tight ring and stretching him open. He hung in his bonds as the finger worked its way deeply into his hole probing its depths and it gave him pleasure, stroked his desires and he realized he was trying to raise his legs, to spread himself open further and someone sniggered.

Julian felt the way the finger was twisted in his hole, felt the way it was wiggled around, probing him, then he felt it slide out, rub around his opening and then two fingers push back in stretching him open a little more. The two fingers were twisted around, spread apart inside his hole and wiggled around inside of him. It stroked his desires, this submissiveness, hanging here spread open, his hole being stretched open one finger at a time and he felt his cock stir, felt it move against one thigh. The fingers were pulled free of his hole and more of the cool greasy substance was put over it. He felt fingers rub slickly along his ass, rub over his hole and push into it. Then he was stretched open further as three fingers entered him.

He was worked open, with three, then four fingers and finally he felt them all the way inside his hole, twisting, turning, fingers wiggling inside him making him feel how he was stretched open like never before, but he knew it wasn't over as he felt the hand start to work the thumb in beside the fingers, painfully stretching his hole open further. He shivered as the thumb pushed in beside the other fingers, the hand in constant motion, working in and out, twisting around. Julian felt hotter, felt the way his skin radiated his heat and when a hand took one thigh holding him steady he knew the other hand was about to breach his opening and sink into his hole. The thumb was worked into his hole and the hand eased in till the loosened ring of Julian's opening clamped down on the wrist. The hand worked back and forth, painfully stretching his opening then it was eased into him, the wrist slipping through his opening, then inch by inch of forearm. The hand on his thigh slipped over to his cock and stroked it and Julian realized he was achingly hard.

His ass was slowly fucked by the man's hand and forearm while his cock was being stroked. Julian felt his hole loosen to the arm, felt the way it filled him and he raised his legs as far as he could opening his ass to the penetration. His body quivered with every push inward and he felt sweat trickle down his sides from under his arms.

The hand on his cock stopped stroking him, instead held his cock out from his body.

"Slave, pleasure him" the Master said and Julian realized it was the Master at his side and he assumed it was the Master's arm sinking into his hole. He felt a mouth engulf his cock, sink down over it all the way as the arm in his hole pulled back a few inches then push back in, over and over and over. Julian couldn't take the stimulation, the way his body was being used and he came quickly filling the mouth sucking his cock. His hole spasm around the arm with each ejaculation and its movement in his hole was even more brutish, carnal, the way it felt as if his body was gloved over the arm.

Then he was hanging free, his cock flaccid, wet between his legs, and his hole still open, stretched beyond the ability to close back up quickly. Then he heard the motor overhead and he was lowered, slowly, the pace unimaginably so, till he felt something touch his hole, thick, artificial, and they continued to lower him and he felt the object penetrate him as he was lowered. They lowered him to the floor his legs still bound by chains and held up so that only his ass was down to the floor fully impaled on the object in his hole.

The door opened and closed and the room was silent except for his still labored breathing. The hood was hot over his head and he felt sweat trickle out of his hair. His body quivered, not with being cold and naked but by the feeling of penetration, the way his hole was stuffed full. He just hung there in darkness, his eyes unseeing, as he waited.



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