Julian awoke to the light overhead coming on and realized he had fallen asleep. His arms and legs ached from being secured to the table. One of the Master's slaves came up to him and released him from the locks and helped him sit up. The slave was fair skinned with dark red hair and his body was smeared from being on the floor and had the remnants of cum flaking off. Julian sat still for a moment with his cuffed hands in front of him and the slave ran his hand over Julian's chest, downward over his stomach to his cock and fondled it, manipulated it with his fingers and Julian saw him smile mischievously.

"I can't wait" the slave said and Julian didn't understand what he meant, wondered what was to happen but he knew not to ask as he slipped off the table to his feet. He saw the young guy still in his cage up on his knees watching them from the dark recesses of the room. The slave led Julian out of the room and into a short corridor. At one end Julian saw the stair leading up to the ground level of Master's house and realized there were two doors along each wall of the corridor and one at the other end which the slave was leading him toward. Like the other rooms it was dimly lit, only one bare bulb in the middle of the room. In the circle of light anchored in the concrete floor was a steel ring and the slave led Julian to it. He pushed down on Julian's shoulders making him get on his knees then he pulled down on his wrist forcing him over on his elbows as well where he hooked the wrist cuffs to the ring. Julian looked around the room and saw against one wall one single arm chair. A comfortable piece of furniture so out of place in this room of concrete block walls, concrete floor and plywood ceiling on the floor structure of the house above. Along the back wall was a table, old rough wood construction and on its top Julian couldn't see.

How long he was down on his knees and elbows he did not know but the hard floor began to make them hurt. When the door finally opened he saw the Master come in, dressed in jeans and white dress shirt, the oddness of it more apparent when Julian saw the two slaves come in with the guy from the cage in tow, the three of them naked except for collars and cuffs around each wrist and ankle. The Master went to the arm chair and sat down, crossing his legs in a casual posture, leaned back comfortably as the three slaves came and stood behind Julian. He looked up at the Master.

"Twenty four years ago I was as you are now and over the years I learned my place, understood what was expected and when I knew I was ready I..." The Master hesitated, looking off to the side then back at Julian, "I shed my bounds. You, Julian, do not yet know your capabilities, the limits you'd go, but you will. But first you must be made ready to begin."

The three slaves moved in front of Julian and began to kiss each other, move their hands over the other's body, each growing aroused quickly. Their cocks stood out hard and the guy from the cage went to his knees and sucked the other two. Julian watched, his own cock growing hard and he felt himself pull against his bounds, pull as if he could go to the other three and join them, but it was futile. He watched one slave boy grabbed the guy by his hair as he pumped his hips hard, gagging the guy with each forward push till he choked and pulled away making the two slave boys smile at his weakness. Their cocks glistened with the spit and they stroked them slowly feeling their arousal, the hardness of the shafts in their tight fists. One moved to Julian, his curved cock bobbing in front of him. He moved behind Julian and kicked his legs apart moving down between them. Julian felt him rub his cock along his ass and when the head pressed against his hole the slave shoved inward making him cry out.

The slave fucked Julian without mercy, hard powerful thrusts deep into his ass rocking him back and forth. Julian felt the way his hole was stretched open, the way the slave held his hips tightly as the curved cock bore into him deeply, over and over and over. The slave fucked to cum, didn't try to hold back, as he slammed his hips into Julian's ass, hammered his hole, thrusting into him deeply with each push. Julian couldn't help it as he let the moans and grunts escape his throat. The guy on his knees shifted over and grabbed him by the hair pulling his head up. Then cock was rubbing over his lips, pushing against them and he parted his lips and let it slide into his mouth.

Julian struggled to maintain his balance, his wrists cuffed to the floor and the slave fucking him roughly in the ass and the other at his side fucking his mouth rocking him back and forth. He nearly fell and the guy at his mouth tightened his grip of Julian's hair holding him steady as he took the thrusting cock in his mouth. The slave at his ass began to thrust harder, short jabs into his hole and he knew the guy was pumping cum into his hole. When the slave pulled back the other one was on him quickly, pushing his legs apart shoving cock into his hole in one hard thrust. The fuck was as the first, hard forward thrusts, the slave not holding back, no attempt to make the fuck last, instead he was pumping his hips urgently, with force. The slaved fucked to cum.

The cock in Julian's mouth swelled and flexed within his mouth as the guy held still for a moment and suddenly Julian's mouth was flooded with cum and the guy pumped his hips shoving his ejaculating cock inward pushing cum down Julian's throat.

Suddenly Julian found himself heaving for breath, the three slaves stepped back away from him. He felt cum and spit drool down his chin. He felt cum trickle down his inner thigh. He stared at the dirty rough concrete floor till he heard movement from the Master. He turned his head upward just enough to be able to cut his eyes up to Master and saw him sitting with his legs spread and the fly of his jeans open with his cock standing tall, thick and long. The head glistened in the dim light from its wetness.

The slaves took the third, the one from the cage and held him by his legs and arms one on each side of him and the Master came to them, moved up between the guy's legs and the two slaves held him steady as Master pushed his thick cock into him. Steadily pushing forward till he was completely buried in the guy's ass then the two slaves began to swing the guy back and forth working his ass on Master's cock, swinging him away till the cock nearly slipped free, then swinging him back till his ass slammed up to Master's hips, his hole fully impaled on Master's cock. The guy cried out and Julian could see how his whole body shivered with every full penetration.

The two slaves kept it up, working tirelessly with the guy's body to bring off the Master. Their bodies showed the strain of their muscles, the heat of their efforts as their skin began to glisten and they endured the fatigue of holding the third, of working his ass on Master's cock until Master began to rock his hips forward, to push inward working his cock with urgency. The Master roughly pulled back and Julian saw how his cock bobbed in front of him, thick, slick with its fuck, and the slaves put the third on his knees and held his head letting Master push his cock into the open mouth. It didn't take long, this final fuck, roughly pumping in the slick moaning mouth and the Master came.

The guy cleaned Master cock and put it back into his jeans, zipping them up as he thanked Master for his cock. Master left and the three slaves followed and once again, as the door closed the lights went out letting darkness descend. Julian fell over on his side and the cool rough floor actually felt good against his body. The room was so dark he could see nothing, only blackness. He lay a long time, eyes wide open unseeing, but eventually he let his eyes close, let his body relax till sleep finally over took him.



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