Julian stood before him. No collar, no cuffs, nothing, naked he stood. He'd been fed and allowed to clean up. His hair was still damp as it lay disheveled over his forehead giving him a boyish appearance. The room was large and men sat around the perimeter, all dressed nicely, in suits or dinner jackets. They were silent as they watched Julian stand before him.

Master sat before him, naked, his thick cock flaccid over his balls. He looked at Julian, appraised him, studied the slim body and he watched as Julian's cock thickened with arousal betraying his desire.

"Submit to me" Master commanded and Julian went to his knees and moved up to him. Julian kissed him on the right foot, ran his lips and tongue up the leg and over the knee. Master watched as Julian moved up his thigh, tongue and lips moving over his skin, slowly, touching him constantly over every inch.

Julian moved to Master's inner thigh and to his cock and balls. He nudged Master's cock to the side with his nose and buried his mouth against the sac, sucking one then the other nut into his mouth. He drew them into his mouth, tugged on the sac and ran his tongue around them. Tongue out, he drug it over the sac pushing the nuts aside and continued upward till he was moving along Master's cock. It had thickened some, began to stretch out and Julian moved his mouth over it, kissing the shaft, kissing the head, tonguing it till it grew hard. Julian looked up at Master, pleading, imploring him for permission.

Master nodded and Julian slipped the head into his mouth and moved down the cock's length. Easily he took it, every inch as he felt it reach full erection in his mouth. He worked his mouth on Master's cock till drool leaked out around the shaft while he worked his mouth up and down. He took all of it, every inch, feeling it slip into his throat. The Master tapped him on the head and he pulled up letting the cock slip from his mouth.

Master held up his flogger and Julian let a slight smile show on his face

"You'll submit?"

"Yes sir."

"Then stand in front of these men. Show them how you'll submit to me."

Julian moved back and stood up. He turned to the room and saw the anxiousness of the men, the way their arousal made them feel confined in their clothes. He moved out into the middle of the room and clasped his hands to the back of his head leaving his body fully exposed. The Master came up behind him and rubbed his back and down over his ass. He dug his fingers into one ass cheek squeezing it.

"Gentlemen, you see this slave does not need to be tied up. He'll submit willingly" the Master said just before he swung the flogger across Julian's back.

The first blows were not hard, just warm-ups for Master...and for Julian. Julian didn't flinch, didn't turn away as the Master swung harder and the blows began to heat up Julian's skin, make it glow with the impact. Across his back and over his ass, the blows landed in a steady rhythm for a while then the Master's hand would caress the hot skin. The touch was electric. Master moved around Julian as he landed blows over his ass, his thighs and coming around in front the blows landed across his chest. Julian kept his eyes open, watched as Master pulled back and swung, each time, the blows landing hot against his skin till it glowed red. Occasionally the sting of a strand hitting a nipple made him flinch but he controlled it, kept it in check, and he inhaled deeply taking the pain.

Master swung lower, hitting him across the stomach and Julian controlled his breathing, let each blow wrap around his waist leaving its mark on his skin. Then the Master swung lower, right across his cock and the pain mixed devilishly with the pleasure. Julian's cock bobbed up and down as pre-cum beaded up at the slit. The Master swung again.

Julian took each blow and when the Master stopped and went to lay down the flogger he didn't move, stood still and let the men in the room look upon his body, the skin glowing red. Some of the men had their cocks out stroking them, aroused by the display, and it pleased him. Master moved up beside him and ran his hands over the hot skin, felt the heat of it, caressed the firm smooth surface and when one hand moved down over Julian's stomach to his cock it grasped it, stroked along the hard shaft smearing the slick pre-cum along its length.

Master moved behind him, took him by his clasped hands and pushed him over, unbalanced by his position but he knew what was expected and he spread his legs as much as he could, opening himself to Master. He felt the cock touch his ass, rub over it and down along the cleft of his cheeks till it touched his opening, pressed against it, then, in one push, penetrated, deeply, in one inward thrust. Master sank into Julian all the way with his thick cock stretching Julian's hole open. Master held him roughly, throwing a hard fuck into his ass, thrusting inward so forcibly it rocked Julian's body causing his cock to flop back and forth slapping him on the stomach.

Master drove his cock into Julian with an urgency, a desire to cum, to feel his own pleasure provided by Julian. Julian took it, every thrust, with moans escaping through his clinched teeth. Master let go of his wrists and Julian quickly put his hands on his knees bracing himself as the Master held him by the waist and fucked harder, their bodies slapping together noisily in the room. Julian glanced up and saw the men around the room in such an aroused state most had their pants pushed down to their ankles or taken off completely and they stroked their cocks with the same urgency as Master's fuck.

Julian felt the shift in pace, the sudden short hard thrusts into his hole and he knew the Master was giving him his load.

Then it was over and Julian was in the middle of the room, bent over, hands on his knees breathing hard. He felt cum trickle down the inside of his thigh and he realized how hot he was by the air of the room feeling cool to his skin. He looked down at the floor and felt sweat drip out of his hair and land on the floor underneath him.

"Gentlemen, this slave is now yours for the rest of evening. Do enjoy yourselves" Master said as he left the room and when the door closed shut the men began to rise up and come toward Julian.

It became a blur, everything happening so fast, so many different men, so many cocks, and Julian was on the floor on his knees sucking cock, taking their loads, swallowing it, feeling it spatter across his face and over his body. Then he was on his hands and knees taking another cock in his ass. A rough desperate fuck. Then he was pushed down on his elbows and another cock pushed into his mouth. One after the other and he took them all. In his ass and in his mouth he took their cocks. His body ached with hands roughly manipulating him then he was allowed to lay on his back and the fucking continued, each man taking longer now to get off. It became a dream, a haze of images, of men, naked, cocks hard as they moved around him, using his hole or his mouth.

Then it stopped and he slept.

The light, so bright, woke him up and he saw the Master with two of the other slaves coming toward him. He was on the floor, naked, his body aching with its earlier exertions. When he moved to sit up he felt the dried cum flake off his skin. It was everywhere; on his face, neck, torso and in his hair. His cock lay flaccid and spent with his pubic hair clotted with dried cum.

"Stand up Julian, it is time you go upstairs to your room. Brian and Taylor will show you the way and help you clean up" the Master said as the two slaves helped Julian stand up. Julian realized it was the first time Master had used his real name and the first time he said the names of the others in front of him.

Julian stood up shakily between Brian and Taylor the three of them naked, their bodies so similar, and Julian looked at Master nodding his head. The Master gave him a slight smile in return then turned and left the room in front of them. Julian looked across the room, the numerous empty chairs along the perimeter and Master's large arm chair facing them. Then he noticed it, the slight glow where the morning light began to strike the windows and illuminate the curtains from behind. It was dawn.



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