Julian felt the fullness in his body, the way his hole was stuffed and he hanging down unable to pull up. He wondered how long he would be left like this but he didn't have to wait long and he heard the door open then close. Footsteps came toward him, a slow casual pace and he knew, just knew it was Master. The hood was loosened and lifted over his head and even the dimness of the lone light bulb was too much at first and he blinked repeatedly trying to clear his eyes of the tears that pooled in them. He held his head up and looked down letting his eyes drain off the tears and eventually his vision cleared. He looked up and Master stood over him, naked with his cock sticking out hard.

Master moved in front of him taking the chains supporting his legs and pulled them apart giving him room to move up closer, so close his cock rubbed over Julian's face.

"Suck me" Master said and Julian opened his mouth and worked it over Master's cock as best he could, pumping his mouth forward and pulling back, straining his neck as he labored to please him. He had no sense of balance, his body sitting on the huge cock, obscenely large, a phallic of fantastical proportions for he'd seen the base when he had looked down and it shocked him as he considered the way his hole was stretched open. His legs were pulled up and now spread apart allowing the Master access, his big muscular body pushing them aside making him feel his helplessness even more. The Master allowed him to set the pace, to work his mouth as far as he could without gagging but after several minutes, his neck straining with the effort the Master grabbed him by the hair and began to pump his hips, slowly at first but faster and faster till he fucking Julian's mouth, slamming his cock inward till Julian felt his air cut off.

"Fucking useless piece of shit...you don't deserve it" the Master uttered as he kept up his fuck.

The Master held Julian by the hair as he pulled his cock free. Julian could see it bob in his face, the head dark red and flared out, shiny with his spit. He wanted it, wanted it back in his mouth and he held his mouth open, waiting, pleading by his actions for the Master to finish himself off, to use his mouth for the pleasure it could give him.

Instead the Master took his cock and stroked it with his fist tight around the shaft till he was rocking with his hips and Julian knew he was going to cum so he held his mouth open as the Master pulled his head back, painfully tugging on his hair.

The head of Master's cock swelled up larger, the slit gapped a little more and cum blasted out hitting Julian in the face. Thick wads roped over his face and into his open mouth. When Master was spent he rubbed his cock over Julian's lips and after he smeared cum over them, especially Julian's upper lip he pushed some up his nose then pushed the head into Julian's open mouth.

Julian sucked on the head hard drawing out the last of Master's load then he ran his tongue over it, swirling it around the head licking off every drop. The Master let him clean his cock off completely then he pulled back and went over to one wall, his body disappearing in the shadows. The lift came to life and Julian felt his body ease down to the floor and he fell over on his side with the large fake cock protruding from his hole. The Master came back to him stooping at his back and Julian felt the cock pulled from his body, slowly slipping through the loosened ring of his hole. When it was free his hole felt like it would never close and he could feel air blow over it. The Master grabbed him by the wrist cuffs and got him to stand up, staggering at first to gain his balance and once he was on his feet and standing steady the Master led him to the far wall where a cage sat with the guy from earlier sitting naked stroking his hard cock.

Julian didn't have to be told to get in and he moved to the door the Master opened, bending down crawling in next to the guy. The cage door closed behind him and the lock turned.

"Tonight he is yours" the Master said to the guy.

Julian knew what was expected and as the door of the room closed behind the Master he leaned over took the guy's cock into his mouth. The guy leaned back as best he could in the low confinement of the cage giving Julian as much room as he was able letting the sensation of his cock sinking into a hot wet mouth please him. Julian worked his mouth up and down the guy's cock, felt the way its curvature slid through his lips feeling every bump of vein along its length.

"Yeah, suck my cock ya fucking whore" the guy uttered as he put his hand to Julian's neck, felt the thin neck between his fingers, the tendons flexed hard and the pulse of life and he spread his fingers running them up and through Julian's hair feeling its softness between each finger. He pushed down feeling his cock sink into the heat of Julian's mouth then he tightened his grip and pulled upward till only the head of his cock remained in Julian's mouth. He pushed down again and began to work Julian's head with a steady rhythm, forcing it down till he could feel Julian's nose press into his abdomen and the sensation of Julian trying to swallow and the vain attempt to breathe.

The guy pulled Julian's head up when he was close to cumming and his cock stood erect in his lap flexing up and down with the shaft shiny in the dim light of the room wet with Julian's spit.

"Grab the bars and hold on tight" the guy commanded and Julian turned over, rose up on his knees and grabbed a hold of two bars, his hands tightly clinging to each one and he leaned forward pressing his face to the cold steel of the bars feeling them against his face and he waited. The guy slid over his back scooting forward till he could feel the hard cock press against his ass, slip along the cleft between his cheeks till it touched his hole and the guy shoved forward penetrating him quickly in one push but he was so loose he took the guy's fuck easily. The Guy moved up over him completely sinking his cock all the way inside Julian and he wrapped each of his hands over Julian's holding them tightly to the bars and he began to fuck. The heavy cage didn't move, didn't creak or squeak like a weak framed bed, but it held firm as the guy piston his cock in Julian, drove it hard into his hole fucking him. He bit Julian on the shoulder as he pumped his cum deep inside Julian's hole and he kept fucking, thrusting his spurting cock through its ejaculation, cooling it, making it slide through Julian easier while keeping its hardness.

The guy didn't stop, but kept fucking, feeling his cock stay hard, maintain his desire to top someone, not be the one fucked this time, but the one fucking and he let go of Julian's hands as he shifted into a different position, slightly to the side so he could thrust his hips with greater leverage. Julian relaxed his grip and slid down the bars till he was at the bottom and his head resting against the floor of the cage. The guy kept up a punishing pace, his hips pushing forward forcibly rocking Julian against the bars and making him grunt with each penetrating thrust. The smell of sweat and cum filled the air and Julian felt cum trickle down the inside of his thigh as cock piston in and out of his hole.

It took longer for the guy to cum the second time and once he was spent he collapsed next to Julian and the two of them lay in the bottom of the cage heaving for breath, neither saying anything. Julian wondered how long this would go on, the way Master gave him to the others, let them use him. The Master had said he was being prepared.

Strangely, without a word between them Julian shifted into the fetal position and the guy spooned up behind him wrapping an arm over him hugging their bodies together. They were still both just slaves to the Master, waiting, resting their weary bodies for what he desired next. As if on cue, the light went out in the room and darkness descended once again.

How long he slept Julian wasn't sure but he woke to the guy pushing cock into his hole. Julian shifted giving him better access and took it. Took every inch the guy pushed into him. It was completely dark in the room, they could not see anything, but they felt each other, felt the heat of the other and when the guy slid his cock into Julian they each felt their aroused state, this desire for sex, and Julian reached back letting his hand rest on the guy's hip. He rubbed along the naked hip and down over the thigh feeling the flex of muscle beneath the warm skin, the movement of his fuck pushing inward and pulling back, driving cock into his hole.

An arm came around Julian's neck and bear hugged him pulling their bodies together on the floor of the cage and the fuck grew more intense, the pace increased till the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed in the darkness. The guy's desires were insatiable. Julian felt the way the guy began to short thrust into his hole and he knew he was once again being filled with the guy's cum.

It was the third time the guy had taken him in the darkness.



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