Julian lay on the hard concrete floor as if dead, laying still, his hands bound behind his back, ankles bound together and his naked body wet with sweat and cum. The Master's footprint was still evident on his chest, the dirty sole of the boot leaving its pattern on his wet skin. The room was so dimly lit the corners fell into darkness. How long he lay on the floor he didn't know, couldn't fathom, for there was nothing to give him any sense of time. No windows in the room, no clock, no sounds from adjacent rooms that would hint of a time. It didn't matter.

He belong to Him, had submitted, obediently, and the Master used him for his pleasure. He felt the large dildo buried in his hole, monstrously large, his hole painfully stretched open and fucked with it, the only lube other slaves' cum. His fingers could just graze its base and feel the thickness of it and the way it protruded from his body, obscenely jutting out from his hole.

A door squeaked opened and he opened his eyes seeing the bare feet of two men coming toward him. He looked up and saw they were two others who belonged to Master, each wearing only collars and cuffs around each wrist and ankle. Their bodies had the smears of grime from being on a floor and the flaking dried cum of the Master's sex play. One of them pulled the dildo from his hole then they grabbed him by the arms hoisting him up and dragged him across the floor and out the door.

Julian was bound to an old wooden table, the thick planks rough against his back. His arms were stretched out over his head and secured then the lock holding his ankles together was removed and each ankle secured to a corner. The two slaves left the room leaving him under the one light in the room, intense was its illumination of his prone body and it blinded him to his surroundings. His nakedness was still unusual to him and it aroused him, made his cock grow erect and this arousal fascinated him, made him wonder to what lengths he'd go for this feeling.

The door opened and Julian could hear the scuffling sound of someone approaching. The Master appeared in the light, his face in shadow, and he pulled a young guy up next to him. The guy was lean and his face was boyishly young looking especially with his long thick black hair which was damp with sweat and probably the Master's cum. Julian saw how the guy's chest and stomach glowed red from a flogging and as he looked at the guy in the face at his smooth skin and bright blue eyes he also saw the dried cum flaking off his cheeks and forehead.

"This boy has earned my cock, unlike you, and I'm going to let you watch him take it" the Master taunted Julian and he pulled the naked guy to the end of the table and shoved him over, pushing him by the neck burying his face down between Julian's spread legs. Julian felt the heaving breath blow over his ass, felt the warm face pressed against him crushing his balls and pressing up against his body. He tried to shift his body but was fasten too securely to the table. Soon he felt the way the guy rocked against him, felt the way he exhaled hard against his skin below his sac and moaned and grunted with every forward thrust of the Master taking his pleasure with this fuck. The guy moaned so loudly, obscenely grunting with every thrust of the Master's cock into his hole and Julian felt every movement and it aroused him, made his cock grow erect and rise up hard. The Master fucked harder, rocking the entire table as he pounded the guy's hole and the rocking motion, the hard vibration of it made Julian grow more aroused till his cock was flexing up and down over his abdomen. Pre-cum beaded up at the slit and drooled down to his abdomen.

The guy cried out a few times and then pressed his face against Julian harder with his hot breath, the feel of his hair brushing Julian's thighs and crotch, even tickling the hairs of his sac and then he pushed his tongue against Julian's ass, ran it up and down the ridge line of skin below the sac and over the lubed and stretched open hole. The guy rimmed Julian's hole, probed into it as he rocked back and forth with the Master's fuck. Julian tried to spread his legs, tried to open himself up to the guy, to give him full access to his hole and the Master laughed at his futile efforts.

The guy stopped rocking and suddenly he was pulled up and Julian leaned up watching the Master drag the guy to the table's side forcing him to his knees. Julian watched as the Master grabbed the guy by the hair and shoved his thick slick cock into the guy's mouth pumping his hips roughly. The guy took each forward push and Julian watched how his throat bulged with the Master's cock, watched the guy turn red when the Master held it buried in his throat. The Master pumped his hips slowly a few times then he began to fuck, to drive his cock into the guy's mouth. It was obvious when the Master was coming, when he was pumping his load into the guy's mouth by the way he jabbed his cock into the mouth in short hard thrusts, the way he was tensed up tight, every muscle showing on his body and the way he cried out as he ejaculated each wad into the guy. The Master kept pumping his cock till cum leaked out around his shaft as it piston in and out of the guy's mouth. Cum ran down his chin and Julian watched, his own cock so hard it ached. He watched cum trickle down and drip on the guy's chest and he wished it was him servicing the Master, the one taking his load.

The Master dragged the guy over to the wall and Julian made out the cage sitting on the floor and watched as the Master locked the guy in it. The Master said nothing to Julian as he walked out of the room leaving him on the table and the guy in the cage. As the door closed the Master hit the light switch and the room descended into darkness.



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