Colt love to drive his motorcycle all over the place these day's and especially  on the weekends when he off work. It was early Saturday morning he decided to head on out over to one of his favourite places he likes to go and bring along a nice little picnic for himself. 

It was shortly after 10 am when the Park Ranger Cal show up on his trail bike and startle Colt a bit when he approach him. " Hi there I am Ranger Cal just checking on thing that have been happening around the park lately " Colt was real nervous before he show his drive license and other ID. that he had on him. Cal was just making sure that there was no pot smell or booze around him. 

Cal was a very Hot looking middle age man he was in his late 50's with a trim beard stood well over 6'1 with slack back gel Salt & Pepper hair, He weigh around 220 with huge biceps and muscular from head to bottom. His new uniform was navy blue leather pants along with a Biker leather Jacket and of course his shinny biker boots with buckles strap.

Cal and Colt chatted for a bit before Colt had to take off his Harley Davidson T-shirt that he had on. You can see from Cal dark brown eyes that he was getting real turn on by it all. Colt had a very nice hairy  Cubby chest with nipple that well make your cock hard anytime. 

The sun was shining  very bright and it was getting very hot now as Cal look at his watch and notice that it was close to the end of his shift now. One thing that Colt did notice that he had on a wedding band on his right hand instead of the left. 

" My God it is getting real hot out now Colt '

" Yes it is sir '

" It is very close for my quitting time "

" It must be nice getting done at noon "

" Yes it is, I only work half a day 2 times a month "

" You like something to drink Sir "

" Yea that will be great "

" I hope you like Gator Aid Sir "

They sat and chatted for sometime as Cal was getting real hot and decide to take off the biker jacket and  his white Hanes T-shirt. Colt also look down and notice that Cal zipper was pull down half way showing off his black Under Armour briefs very well.

" What to you do for a living Colt ? "

" I work in sale and marketing for Under Armour Sir '

" Know way dude"

" I have been working with them around 2 years now "

" I love their product line they have out now "

" What do you like wearing Sir ? "

" I do like their new sports brief that just came out "

" I got a whole box of that item back at my apartment sir "

" You like to come over tonight to take a look ? '

" That well be great Colt, Lets make for 8 pm "

" Thats sounds good and I "ll make sure that we have some beers for us "

Colt began to watch him get his things back on before he headed on down the dirty road on his trail bike. It was just after 8 pm that Colt let him into his apartment to spent some time with him.  Cal was amazed by the different kinds of underwear that was in the box and the majority  of then was his large 36-38 size. 

" What do you like wearing Colt ? "

" I am more into the tight fit wrestling style briefs "

" You mean this red one here "

" Red or Black sir "

" You mind if I try the brown one on Colt "  

" Go for it  Cal "

It took Cal not much time to go into Colt bedroom and to try them on, Before he ask Colt to join him for a few minutes. Colt was amazed by the outline coming from Cal cock that was showing off very well in the silky tight brief. 

" How do I look ? "

" You look great sir '

" Put these one on for me Colt "

Colt then went over to the bed and but on the white ones for Cal. " Fuck dude you look real good as his cock became much harder. It was only a few seconds that both of them are going at in on the bed good and hard. They both 69 one another his Colt mouth started to fill up from all of Cal per cum before he shot off a massive load of his juice all over Colt hard nipples and chest. 

As for Cal he love sucking Colt cock as he stood on the bed fucking Cal mouth good and hard as his pre cum was all over Cal beard by now.  It was shortly after that Colt shot off his load all down Ranger Cal throat before they headed into the shower. 

The both got dry off as Colt was sitting on the bed watching Ranger Cal get dress before he headed out the door. 

" Thank You so much Colt "

" You welcome Sir "

They both plan for a weekend get away to Las vegas this coming September since they both headed off real good with one another.

 Part 7 to Follow




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