Colter had a great time for a month in California as it was almost time for him to catch a plane to head back home. It was 3 day's later that he made it back to his apartment before he went back to start his new role in Marketing for ESPN network.

Colt love working hard over the last few month's where he meant so many different athletes from many different sports through out the world. One of his major project is trying to promote and make the Under Armour for successful in sales world wide. It was late Wednesday after when his boss Mike call him into his office for a special meeting, The meeting was great for Colt as he got a new job promotion as he was going to be train in sales for the Corporation. His first job is flying over seas to Europe along with Steve Saxon who is the number 1 sales person for Under Armour.

Steve came from the state of Tennessee and has a wife and 2 grown up children and play semi pro football as a running back. He stood  around 5'10 weigh about 205 and always look like a real salemen type in his field. The plane arrived into Munich Germany shortly after 1 pm were they waited for almost hour for them to get all over their 4 boxes of product that they brought with them. The boxes were filled with sports shirt, underwear, track suits and many other thing that Under Armour makes these day's

They both have a nice room at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Munich just around the corner from the OLYMPICS stadium. There first day on the job went over very well as they both visit some soccer and rugby teams along with the city Transit Department. Colt really felt great seeing all of those hot looking men in their towels and underwear while visiting them in their looker room. His favourite person was Clint Wolfgang who was team Germany Rugby Captain.

Steve let Colt alone with Clint at a special meeting that was set up back at the hotel the next day. They meeting went over very well as he got Clint to sign a huge contract to wear some of the new Under Armour sports briefs. It was around 2 pm that Steve had to fly back to the States because of emergency with his father taking a stroke. Colt gave Steve at huge hug and wish him the best before he got into the Taxi to drive him to the Airport that night.

The next few weeks that Colt travel all around Europe and made some huge deals for Under Armour. He once again got together with Clint over in Munich were he had a few day's off before he fly back home. It was Thursday that Clint invited him over to his huge house in the country side of Munich. Clint was now living all alone since his divorce and never got himself into any relationship  right away.

The time was well after 8 Pm when they both decide to try out the new Steam Room that Clint had put in. It was real steaming and hot as the 2 of them are sitting there getting all sweaty from the steam. Colt was amazed by the size of Clint uncut 8 inch cock as he just sat there wishing that his mouth was on it. The steam lasted a good hour until they both had to get out and shower up before they head up stairs for the night.

" Hey Colt you like to see my new play room I just build "

" Sure Clint that well be great "

They both walk down to like a dungeon area of the house as Colt felt it was a little creepy for him, Clint then open up the door and show him his sex room that he made for himself. It was around 300 square feet and had a huge sling hanging from the ceiling in the back of the dim lighted room. It also had a huge open shower along with a closet full of different items of clothing, sex toys and towels.

" My God Clint, Fuck I love it "

" Cool it took me well over 3 months to build "

" You did excellent job on it "

" Thank you Colt"

" When was the last time you use it '

 " Never use it at all "

 " No fucking way "

" You like to try Colt "

" With you "

" How about me Colt "

" Yes but , I thought you are straight "

" Sex is sex Colt straight, gay or anything "

" I always wanted to get fuck by Rugby Player in his jock strap in a slings "

" Go over to the cupboard and pick out a jock strap for me Colt "

Colt took a few minutes as he pick out a jock strap for Clint to wear and he also brought over to the table some lube, massaged oil,poppers and a bottle of Brute Aftershave Cologne. He then took his time and help Clint pour some of the massage oil and Cologne all over his body. Clint had a super body as he stood well over 6 feet tall. He began to lay back in the sling as he watch Clint put the black jock strap on along with the extra large size Trojan condom. They both took a shot of the poppers before Clint pull Colt ass up to his dick. He began to tuck his jock strap just below his hairy balls.

" You ready "

" Yes Sir "

" I will go slow "

He his huge curve uncut cock went up Colt hole fairly easy as he began to thrust him. It took a few minutes until they were both comfortable with one another. The fuck became more aggressive has Clint dick was pounded Colt small hairy hole good and hard now. You can see Colt really enjoy the smell of the cologne and the sweat pouring out of Clint somewhat smooth body.

" Fuck I love you cock dude "

" Fuck me harder Clint "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Love you ass Colt "

" Love your juicy hole "

" Fuck me like a man "

This went of for well over 20 minutes as they were both close and shooting off !

" Fuck Im close "

" Fuck Im close "

" Give it fucking to me sir "

" Here it comes Colter "

Clint made a huge scream as his cock flew out his juice all inside of Colt ass.

" Fuck that was hot Clint "

" Fuck Colt the best orgasm ever " 

 It was well over a minute that Clint roll off the juice loaded condom and began to pour all over Colt hairy chest, nipples and beard before he started to give Colt a blow job. Colt love his bristle moustache sliding up and down on his cock as Clint began to feed some of his huge load of white cum that was still left on Colt hairy chest. They both took a huge snort of poppers  as Colt was in full climax from the blow job.

" Fuck Im getting close "

" Fuck  Clint " 

" Holy Shit dude "  The cum shot off like a cannon ball all over Clint face and chest as it evan hit the wall behind the sling.  

" Fuck Colt I never ever seen that before "

" Thank you Clint "

" Time for a shower now "

They both enjoy showering and scrubbing each other down before they went up stairs for the night. During the last day's in Germany they both love each other company before Colt had to go to the airport to catch his fight home to the USA. They brace each other at the security check point in the terminal  as Clint began to watch Colt make his way down the long hallway to his gate.    

Colt finally got home just pass 6 pm and began right away typing up his report for work on Monday. The time was well after 9 am that Colt made his way into Mike office on Wednesday as Mike gave Colt a huge smiles from the reports that he receive. " You did and excellent job over seas Colter " He smile at Mike and notice that Mike zipper was pull down and notice his blue underwear that he had on. " Thank You Mike " The meeting lasted a good 30 minutes before he told Colt that Steve Father just died from the stroke. 

" I will call Steve later on Mike "

" Im sure you will "

Over the next few months Colt , Steve and Mike made  great team working together were their sales for that quarter were up by 25% from last quarter, They all receive huge Bonus before the Christmas break. It was just after Christmas that Colt and Steve to go down to Mexico for a 10 day holiday which to help Steve get over his father passing and his wife from screwing around on him with his best friend Tom who was the town Fire Captain.

Part 6 to Follow




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