It was around the middle of April that Colt decided to put on his baseball uniform and try out for one of the best softball team in the country. He got to the ball diamond shortly after 9 am and meet the coaches and the others players who were also trying out to make this team. He had to compete with 5 others trying out for the catcher position. His first few day's of training camp went out very well as he made it into the top 2 spots. 

Coach Bill and Manager Marc was really impress with Colt batting and his role behind the plate.He was also impress by his other teammates taking on as a good leadership for this club.It was 3 pm when Manager Marc called him into his office to tell him that he will be the new Captain and the team new number one Catcher for this up coming season.

Manager Marc was 100% Colt type he stood well over 6'1 weigh a solid 230 and was another burley man type. He also show off his crotch very well in the team powder blue uniform. Colt also had a little crush on Coach Bill who was a short fucker like himself and had lot's of feature of a Daddy Bear. He stood around 5'9 with short dark buzz hair along with a salt & pepper trim beard. 

Colt did well during his first 5 games of the season, He had 4 home runs along with 10 RBI and threw out 5 people trying to steal second base. This will rank him into the top five players in the league. It was during the next practise that Marc invited Colt and Coach Bill over to his apartment for a BQ and to go over the next tournament this is approaching within the next 2 weekends. The top 2 teams of this tournament will be off to the world championship in Montreal,Canada.

It was just after 9 pm that Bill left to go on home for the evening. Marc did not like Bill wife at all because of her controlling way's and her bitchy attitude. Marc had a great Government Job and made well over 100,000 a year.

" Hey Colt "

" Yes  Marc "

" You like to go down to the pool for a swim "

" That will be great , But I need a swim suit "

" What size? "

" I am a 34 waist Marc "

" I think there are a couple that sized some wear "

Marc then walk into his room trying to see if he can find that size for Colt. It was a good 5 minutes later he came out with a red speedo for him to wear.

" Is this oaky Colt ? "

" Wow I have not wear one of those in a while "

They both went in change into their swimsuit before they headed off to the pool. The clock was showing  around 10 pm as they both got out and head over to the new pool hot tub that was but in. They both enjoy themselves staring at each other crotch while they sat on the side of the tub. Marc was amazed by the nice out line of Colt cock that was showing through his speedo very well.

Colt decided it was time to make the first move on Marc as the drinks have started to hit them both. They were watching  TV and notice that there were 2 hockey players making out with each other wearing their Jock Strap.

" Hey Marc has that ever happen to you ? "

" How about you Colt "

" Not with a hockey player "

" Who with dude ? "

" It was with my wrestling coach "

" Yea, The best blow job I ever had "

" Know way "

" I always was curious of trying it with a man "

" Really ''

" I will love to suck you off Marc "

" Sure, I will give it a try "

Colt goatee mouth was planted good and tight around Marc nice 6 plus cock as they were both moaning of sexual pleasure. You can hear the slurps from Colt mouth as Marc pre cum was shooting out huge loads of his seamen.

" Fuck it feels great Colt'

" You Like it ?"

" Yes it reminds me off coach Danny cock and pre cum "

" You mean  wrestling coach Danny "

" Yes Marc "

" Fuck it feels fucking great "

" I loved you lips and mouth on my dick "

" Suck it dude "

" Make me cum "

" Make me shoot '

" I love your cock "

" Love your hot juice Marc'

" OH shit I am close now '

" Fuck I am close "

" Here it comes Colt "

"Holy sh............t 

" OMG "

Marc started to scream out real loud as his dick was shooting a huge load of juicy cum all down Colt throat, You can see the  huge load of white cum that was still dripping off of Colt blonde goatee and mouth before he quickly  got up to grab his beer to wash the rest of it all down.

" That was fucking great  dude "

" You were right, know Broads can ever suck a cock like that "

" Thank you Marc '

Colt and Marc both got clean out before he headed out the door to go home. Marc and Coach Bill are now playing on who going to be in what room when they fly up to Montreal for the World Softball Championship. It took well over 20 minutes when they both decided to take Colt on as a roomate. The majority  of the players are bringing their wives or girlfriends along.

It was early Tuesday morning that Bill, Marc and Colt were over at Bill place waiting on his wife to drive them to the airport so they can catch their flight over to Montreal. The team finally landed into Montreal after a few delays shortly after 2 pm. 

Part 3 to follow 




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