Colt had just turn 18 and became very mature for his age, Most people thought he look well over 25 or more.  He has taken on a new part time job as a bank teller for Well's Fargo near Detroit Michigan. His new Bank Manger John House has taken Colt under his wings and want to show him want the banking business is all about. He decided to take Colt on a Business meeting to Chicago next week.

They arrive at Ohara Airport shortly after 1pm and grab a Taxi over to the downtown Hilton about 20 minutes away, There business meeting last well into the late afternoon before they decided to go over to the best Pizza place in all of Chicago.

John was recently divorce for his 3 rd time, He always seem to meet the wrong person and fall in love with them right away. He stood 5'11 weigh around 180 and was in some good shape for being in his late 40's. He grew up on the farm in Northern Michigan and went to college at Michigan State were he got his degree in Business and Marketing.

As for Colt he came from a very wealthy family and was the only Child, His parents were mostly on the road doing Insurance Fraud investigation for Mutual Of Omaha. Colt was just average in school who work and study hard to get good grades. He stood around 5'8 and was also in very good muscular shape. He always had a goatee or beard and started shaving at the age of 13.He was always call Cubby all throughout his High School years.

The Bank had decide to pay for Colt night school Business and Accounting  along if he maintains a 70% average. He was also told that John would be his mentor until he receives his degree.  John had invite Colt over for dinner at his new Condo Loft that he just purchase, The time was well after 6 pm when Colt buzz up to the Loft.

" Hi John Colt "

" Come on in "

John then gave Colt a quick tour of duty of his Loft, He really love the size of the upper loft bedroom that look down onto the living room space. He was also amazed with the huge bathroom that had a stand up glass shower along with a Jacuzzi tub.

Colt brought his books with him to go over with John on the accounting exam that he is doing on Thursday of that week. He began to smile a few times at John when he was leaning over him and felt his warm breath over his shoulder. Colt could not keep his eyes off of John tight Red  70's style Adidas Track suit that he was wearing, He was so amazed by the crotch and the out line of John cock that was showing through.

The time was just after 8 John turn wrestling on TV that he enjoy's watching every week, You can see that he was turn on with there wrestlers who wear those speedo type trunks. As for Colt he just sat there in his tight Levis 501 jeans finishing up his paper work.

" Hey John, I am all done now '

" Great how about grabbing us a few beers in the fridge '

" That well be great sir "

" I hope you like wrestling "

" I do John "

" Who is your Fav John? "

" I like Jamie Nobel "

" Wow he got my build "

" You got that right "

" Who is yours Colt "

" I have 2 Sir "

" I like Arn Anderson and Rick Steiner "

" The rugged Daddy bear types "

" Yes John, I love that look "

"I meet Arn once in Florida, We stay at the same hotel in downtown Orlando "

" Know way dude '

" I was in the hot tub and he came in wearing his black silky wrestling trunks '

" Fuck I would have freak out "

He was a nice man, I meet him in the bar later on that night. He told me his whole life story as he was getting hammer with Gin & Tonic. I invite him back to my room for some drinks but he was not to comfortable with that.

" I need to know something John ? "

" Was that Colt "

" Are you Bi curios just like me ? "

" I guess in some ways "

"I would like you to be my very first cock to suck "

They both got up and headed up the step to John's room. John was laying on his back with his shirt off as Colt got all excited looking at his hairy chest and hard nipples perking. He then got down on his knees and started to work his mouth on John huge semi that was showing very well in his track pants. You can see Colt enjoying as he lick the pre cum that started seeping out through the pants. 

It took a good 10 minutes until Colt pull off John pants and started to suck his nice 7 inch cock, His cock was the perfect size for any man to swallow it all the way do his balls. The moans started getting louder from John as Colt was deep throating him more aggressive now.

" Fuck Colt it feels great '

" I love your hairy mouth on my tool '

" Give me some more pre cum John '

" I love you juice "

" Suck me Colt '

" Suck it harder "

" Yes Sir sucking love to suck it harder "

" You want it Colt '

" You want it Colt '

" Give it to me "

" Give it to me"

" Fuuuuuuuucccckkkkk "

Colt began to watch John cum fly out of his dick as it hit him dead on his goatee and lips. John was just laying there totally collapse form Colt mouth before he got up to head to the washroom.

" Holy Fuck Colt that felt great dude "

" I loved your sweet & salty load John "

" I felt like you shot off 2 loads at once "

" Let me tell you that was the best orgasm I had in years "

 " Know way  John "

Colt got to sleep just after midnight and started having  a wet dream about having a 3 some with his favourite wrestler and John. The dream was about be at the Hilton at a Bankers of America Convention where John ran into AA and brought him pack to his room. Just before they all took the clothes off Colt woke up and found a huge wet spot all over his bottom sheet.

Colt began to arrive at work just pass 10 am before Joh call him into his office for a meeting. They smile at one another as Colt started to get a little semi on in his tight grey slacks that he was wearing. I guess it must have been see John standing there in his Navy Blue pants along with a nice white dress and a very red wine colour tie.   

" Are you with me Colt '

" Sorry John "

It was just after 1 pm when they both went on down to the local Sub Shack for a sandwich as Colt was telling John all about his wet dream last night. " To bad you woke up before something happen Colt " .

Colt really work hard for the next 3 years and finally got his Business, Accounting Degrees in June of 88. He went on to work for another Wells'Fargo Bank over in Lansing. As for John he was again settle down with another women and her 4 kids. It was well over 2 years since Colt and John spotted one another at a Detroit Hockey game. Colt was a little piss that John kind of shrug him off and felt like he just wanted to get away from him.

Colt got the last laugh at the Convention down Texas as he watch John and his so called bitchy wife go into a huge fight down in the hotel lobby. It was shortly after that Colt and his new Partner Roy who is a Lancing Firemen was approach by John to sit down and have a few drinks with him.

" Sorry John you not welcome here "

" What did you say '

" You are not welcome here "

John got fairly upset that Roy had to step him and had him remove from the Bar lounge. It was well into the third week that John kept sending off an apology letter by fax to Colt office which put a huge strain on his and Roy relationship.  Roy then had to get his Lawyer involved to stop this Harassment that kept on going for well over a couple of months. It was into the fall now that Colt was once again single and Roy got a job somewhere in Georgia. 

Colt became very successful with Well's Fargo and was traveling all over USA and Canada training new Bank Managers and accountants, As for his parents they both retire over in Rome, Italy as Colt visit them every six months.

Part 2 To Follow




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