Colter is once again looking for new work this time he is interested in doing loans and real-estate deals to go with his resume. It only took him a few month's to learn the Loans and mortgage side before he got pretty real good at it. It was late Tuesday that his favourite Math teacher Mr Anderson walk in looking to resign his mortgage for the next 5 years.

" I it sure nice to see you in the banking business '

" Thank you Mr Anderson "

" Please call me Ken "

They had a great time chatting as Colt work out a dam good 5 year Mortgage for Ken after his divorce from his wife of 25 years. Ken was interesting dude in Colt eyes, He was one of the best looking men teacher at the High School and loved flirting with his fellow lady co-workers that properly got him into trouble most of the time.

It was over 3 weeks later that Ken called Colt up and invited him out for lunch at his Golf Country club over by Colt office. The lunch went fairly well as they both discuss man thing that are happening in their lives. Colt kind of got the feeling  that he was checking to see if he will got to bed with him when the sex topic came up. Ken was good looking middle age man and not so much the bear daddy type for Colt to be interested in. It was more turn on by the Country Club Manage Roy who had seated them t their table.

Colt went for his bike ride and ran into Roy on the bike trail as they both stop to say hi to one another. Mike was around 35 years old with a chubby body build to him and had nice greenish blue eyes that went along with his short blonde hairy body. Roy really caught Colt eyes when he started to stare at him in those tight Bikers spandex shorts. 

" Would like to meet me for a drink over at the Country club before my shift start " 

" Yes, let say we meet around 4 pm "

" Cool see you then "

The rest of the ride was great as Colt was all excited once again in meeting a hot looking man like Roy. They chatted for a period of time when Colt decided to invite him over to his place next Friday night for one of his well know pizza that he like making. The time was well after 5 now that Roy had to leave and get ready for a shift to begin. 

" What time on Friday Colter "

" Lets make it at 7 Pm "

" Great I get off at 6 pm that day "

" See you then "

" Cool I can't wait "

The buzzer rang right on time on Friday as Colt press the button to let him in. The smell from the pizza made his place like a pizzeria deli. The pizza went over very well as the two of them are almost finishing off the 2 bottle of Colt home maid Italian Merlot wine that he like making.

After they dinner they decided to sit down and watch the Colt old time Horror Classic called The Hunting staring Julie Harris 1963. The clock was showing  well pass midnight as both of them fell a sleep beside each other on the couch. Colt can feel Roy hand touching his crotch as he was slowly waking up. Now it was Colt turn to make a move a started to managed Roy leg and thigh as he was stretching out. They were both turn on by it all before they ended up in Colt bedroom. 

Colt began to eat out Roy hairy blonde hole before he fucks it, You can hear Roy moaning with great pleasure as Colt mouth and tongue were sliding in and out of hime. It was shortly after it the Colt put his cock up Roy tight as.

" Oh Fuck my ass hard Colt "

" Fuck it harder dude "

Colt was in full throttle by now as he was deep inside of Roy juicy ass with his cock and balls slapping him silly.

" Fuck I am close Roy "

" Please don't cum yet "

"  Holy shit here it comes Roy "

Colt shouted and scream at the same time as he was shooting off a huge load of his white cum all over Roy's bubble as checks and lower back area.

" Fuck Colt that felt good dude "

" How about blowing me off in the shower Colt "

It was a good team minutes before they were rubbing each other off and the shower. Colt you the head of the shower nozzle and massage Roy balls with it at the same time he was sucking his nice 7 inch mushroom head cock.  

 " Fuck Colt it feels so good "      

" I love you pre cum Roy give me some more "

" You making my dick close now due "

" Fuck Colter "

" Here it all comes " 

 Roy made a huge nose as he started to shoot all over Colt goatee mouth and his wet hairy chest and nipples before he lick the rest of his cum up that was still dripping down. It was well after 2 am now that Roy left Colt place to hit home before his early shift at the Country Club.

 As for Colt he thought it well be great to pack up his Nap Sack and hit out on his older Honda Motor Bike for a little picnic by a nice river about 45 minutes away from his place. Colt love going down there to spent his time working on papers and sun bathing naked. 

The End




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