John, our 18 year, along with 19 year old brother Kevin, are enjoying them selves during winter break and just enjoyed a visit from their friend Pete.

They were so exhausted that they collapsed in their beds and fell asleep.

It must have been 5pm when John finally woke up, refreshed from a much needed map. Thie thoughts of the last couple of days brought a smile to his face. Still naked, but stinking just a bit too much, he went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. He soaped up his lean muscled smooth body, admiring his firm chest and flat stomach. Boy, was he glad he had been giving himself the much needed attention at the gym lately. It sure paid off this weekend! He toweled himself dry, and walking into his bedroom with the towel wrapped around his waist, he went to his closet. I should dress up for Kevin, he thought. Feeling like he was going on a date, he slipped on his pair of low rise 2Xist trunks and a tight pair of his newest jeans. He looked at himself in the mirror and knew exactly what else to put on. He rummaged through his drawers to find his favorite sweater, a ribbed tight fitting green sweater with a low v neck collar. It was probably a size too tight but he loved how it outlined his obvious pecs and hugged his belly.

He grabbed a bit of gel and put it in his hair, combing the wavy brown hair back away from his face. John grinned at his reflection. "Hey, even I'd do you!" he said to the mirror with a big grin, before turning to walk out of his room. Almost immediately he bumped into his brother Kevin, who was obviously thinking the same thoughts. Kevin had also "dressed" for the evening. Kevin wore a pair of tight jeans and a white shirt! The dress button kind, but the top three buttons were undone, revealing the top of his impressive smooth chest. Kevin was also barefoot.

"Damn Kev," muttered John. "You the hottie bro!"

"Hey John," replied Kevin, "You ain't so bad yourself. Good enough to eat!"

Both brothers laughed as they walked together into the living room, play bumping into each other along the way. They crashed on the couch, sitting side by side, hips and shoulders touching. They both planted their bare feet on the table before them as they each looked the other over.

"I'm kinda hungry bro," said Kevin.

"Same here Kev," responded John, rubbing his crotch. "Maybe I got something for you to eat!" he added with a grin and a laugh.

"Later baby, later, but we need energy. Gotta replace those lost calories and bodily fluids, ya know!" Kevin said laughing.

John picked up his cell phone. "I know what to do, no worries," John said to his brother as he dialed.

"Yeah, hi, two large pies, mushrooms, and oh yeah, a nice amount of pepperoni," John said into his phone, watching Kevin's face for approval. Kevin grinned, knowing how much he enjoyed pizza.

"I got your pepperoni right here," Kevin said, grabbing his crotch while John was still on his cell phone.

John squirmed and tried not to laugh. "Yeah, how much? Cool. How long? OK, great."

He put down his cell phone, reaching out to grab Kevin in the crotch, feeling like he caught a piece of meat through his brother's jeans. They rolled around the couch goofing off until they went into the kitchen to set the table. They pulled out a couple of cans of beer they found in the fridge, noting that they would need to get some beer to replace those they had before their folks came home in a couple of days.

Soon they heard the door bell. They both went to the door and Kevin already had enough money in his hand. When they opened the door, the pizza guy came in. "Hey John, how goes it?" the pizza guy asked.

"Tommy! hey! I din't know you do pizza these days!" John said. John had immediately recognized the young neighbor from across the street who had only just turned 18. The young blonde boy they knew had grown up. In a white t shirt with the pizza logo printed in red, he wore beige docker pants. He clearly had begun working out as his t shirt was quite snug. Over it, he had an unzipped heavier jacket for the cool evening air.

"That's you Tommy?" shouted a surprised Kevin, immediately stuffing the money he held in his hand into his jeans pocket. "Damn, when the hell did you bulk up? You look great!"

Tommy blushed from the attention of the two brothers. "Well, to be honest, I watched the results from you two guys when you started working out!" John and Kevin's eyes met for an instant upon hearing that comment.

"Too bad you have too work tonight. It be cool to hang out and catch up." John offered.

"Yeah, the folks are gone so we're just being bums and fucking around!" Kevin added.

Tommy blushed again at Kevin's language but answered: "Well to be honest, you're my last delivery, and my folks are gone too, so if you wanna settle the bill, I can crash here for a bit. I don't have any plans either!"

"I need to get some cash Tommy, plus I need to get out of this white shirt and change. I had an interview earlier," Kevin announced.

John looked at Kevin in disbelief. He saw the cash in Kevin's hand a moment ago and there wasn't any interview ..... oh ... .I get it! John thought, knowing what his brother was up to.

"Yeah, you do look a bit dressed up," Tommy called out to Kevin as Kevin walked out of the room. "Both of you actually," Tommy added, looking to John. "That is one hot sweater man!" Tommy said.

John took the pizza box from Tommy and put it on the table, as they walked into the living room. "Gimme your jacket Tommy," John said as he helped Tommy out of his jacket. "Here Tommy, I have a great idea," John said, as he pulled off the green sweater in front of a surprised wide eyed Tommy.

"I knew this sweater was too small for me. You try it on," handing it to Tommy and now standing shirtless before an obviously staring Tommy.

Not knowing what to say, Tommy peeled off his own t shirt to reveal the most perfectly chiseled chest and arms. His biceps had also developed nicely and now it was John staring with an open mouth.

Not saying a word, and enjoying the thought of being shirtless in front of one of the guys he had always secretly admired, Tommy was eager to show off the results from all of the hours spent at the gym. Tommy took the sweater in his hands and admired it, delaying the time until he had to cover his chest again. He finally put the shirt on, and both John and Tommy realized that the dark green ribbed sweater was too snug for Tommy as well, but damn, did it show off his physique.

At that very moment, Kevin returned to the room, now also shirtless and holding a t shirt in one hand and the same pizza money he had before in his other hand.

"Holy fuck, what are you guys doing? And Tommy, you look damn hot, if you don't mind me saying!" Kevin practically hollered as he entered the room. The three boys laughed.

Kevin, our little Tommy is all grown up now," John announced to Kevin.

"Hey Tommy, have you fucked anyone yet?" Kevin asked teasingly.

John looked back at Tommy, who was blushing. "Kevin! You're so mean," John scolded Kevin.

The three boys sat on the couch as Tommy answered. "No, its cool John. Kevin, the answer is no sadly. Had some fun titty play with a couple of girls. But I'm getting there!" Tommy announced with a hopeful grin.

"Any boy play?" Kevin asked. "Kevin!" John exclaimed, but slowly watched Tommy for a reaction.

"I've experimented, I admit it. All guys do!" Tommy answered.

"You're cool," said John, patting Tommy on the shoulder. "And you can ignore my brother Kevin," John added. "He can be a prick sometimes."

Tommy good naturedly smiled. "Kevin's cool. I know he's always been a C teaser!"

"A C teaser?" both John and Kevin asked at the same time.

"Yeah, you know, a cunt teaser, ...... or a cock teaser." Tommy explained after a long pause in his sentence."

Kevin grinned widely. "I knew you were a hottie, playing shy. I got your number kiddo!" Kevin said with a dirty grin growing.

Kevin leaned in to Tommy, who was sitting between the brothers. "I have a proposition for you Tommy. We're all neighbors and friends and stuff, and all the folks seemed to have vanished these days," he said, looking at John with a quick wink.

"Oh yeah? What?" asked an intrigued Tommy.

"Uh oh," muttered John.

"Feel like making a nice tip tonight for your delivery?"

"It depends," replied Tommy.

"Well," began Kevin slowly, whose heart was already pounding thinking about the offer he was about to make.

"I had this 20 dollar bill I was about to give, that I will no matter what. But I have these four other 20's, which could be yours if....."

"If.......?" countered Tommy.

"I saw how eager you were to take off your shirt in front of John, and show off your hot muscled chest...."

"He gave me a sweater to try on Kevin!" Tommy weakly defended.

"Sure sure, if you say so Tommy," Kevin responded.

"Lets see how you'd be as a male stripper. Our private dancer if you will. Let's see how big a tip you have, I mean how big a tip you can earn!" Kevin concluded with a nice warm smile as he licked his lips slowly for effect.

John sat speechless during the negotiation, not sure what he hoped for, although he was no longer thinking about food anymore!

Tommy slowly looked around, as if to receive an answer from somewhere else. He slowly began to grin at Kevin. "First," Tommy began, "Give me the twenty cause I gotta give that to the boss in the morning," and standing up, Tommy held out his hand to Kevin.

"Then......." Tommy continued with a smile, "I'll leave you penniless you dirty fucker!"

Taking the twenty and putting it in his pocket, Tommy said his thanks and told the brothers to sit back.

Tommy looked around the room, spotting a small radio, he turned it on and found a smooth Jazz station. He began to swing his hips in time to the music as he walked back to face the couch, seeing the two brothers quite eager for his show. John and Kevin had no clue that dancing like this was a secret fantasy Tommy had developed in the last couple of years, finding all sorts of male stripper porn on the internet.

Tommy brought his hands above his head as he swung his hips from side to side, as he had practiced numerous times. He knew he was half good as John and Kevin could not keep their eyes off his body. Tommy rubbed and caressed his chest and enjoyed the feel of the soft sweater before he quickly peeled the tight garment off his body, tossing it back at John, who took it with a smile.

Tommy continued to gyrate and swing his hips, slowly turning around to offer the boys a glimpse of his shapely ass. Tommy kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks, then undid his belt and pulled it through the loops, tossing the discarded belt to Kevin.

With his hand on the zipper of his pants, Tommy lowered it slowly, still in step with the music. He turned back away from the brothers as he lowered his pants ever so slowly. The black thong he was wearing soon came into view. He heard a gasp, not sure if it was John or Kevin, as his smooth firm creamy ass cheeks came into view. With the pants at his ankles, Tommy kicked them off, and only then did he start turning back to face the guys. With his hands running up and down his body and over his now swollen crotch, Tommy truly was in control.

"You can start tipping me now," Tommy reminded Kevin. Kevin was speechless, still staring, his eyes locked on Tommy's amazing body, and immediately handed over twenty dollars. Tommy looked at the money and tucked it into the waist band of his thong on his hip. He then turned his back again to the boys and sat in John's lap, beginning a slow grind back and forth. John leaned back into the couch, spreading his legs wide as his hands wrapped around Tommy's chest. The pal dance began in earnest as John moaned loudly and grabbing a 20 out of Kevin's hand and passing it to Tommy with a giggle. Another bill was now tucked into Tommy's waist band. In a moment, John pushed off a surprised Tommy to his feet. John stood up behind him, yanking off his jeans and tossing them out of the way. He sat back down, pulling Tommy back onto his lap to continue the lap dance. John reached over to Kevin snatching yet another twenty dollar bill and handing it to Tommy.

"Do me good Tommy," John said.

"My money!" exclaimed a surprised and abandoned Kevin, causing John and Tommy to laugh like kids.

"You fuckers!" whined Kevin, as he jumped up and ran out of the room.

Tommy continued to work John's crotch. He felt the growing bulge underneath him as John continued to moan. Tommy was glad the jeans no longer separated them as he could feel John's cock more easily. "Remove em!" Tommy said to John, as he stood up. John lifted his hips and pulled off his briefs, allowing his now hard cock to spring free. Tommy got back on and moaned in delight feeling John's cock ride up and down his crack. They both moaned in unison until they were surprised by Kevin noisily entering the room - stark naked waving a hundred dollar bill in his hand.

Kevin sat back down next to John, so close in fact that their naked hips were now rubbing in sync with Tommy's lap dance.

Tommy turned toward Kevin, seeing the hundred dollar bill, he grinned. "I'm busy right now Sir!" joked Tommy, putting his nose in the air and turning back to John. Tommy leaned in to kiss John.

"Feeling good hot stuff?" Tommy asked. John could only nod up and down, his eyes closed, and grinning. After a long deep kiss, Tommy reached down and found the snap to unhook his thong, which immediately popped off, releasing his throbbing hard cock.

"Fuck me hot stuff," he whispered into John's ear. John reached down almost instantly, arranging and maneuvering his cock seeking Tommy's waiting willing ass. Tommy lifted his hips, giving John's cock easier access. Slowly, ever slowly, John's cock inched its way into the sweet warm hole. In no time, Tommy was sitting back on John's lap, with the cock firmly planted deep inside Tommy's ass. John began a slow lifting of his hips, pushing in and out of Tommy. In response, Tommy, bucked up and down, helping John's efforts.

Meanwhile, a hot and horny Kevin sat nearby, slowly stroking himself and enjoying the scene immensely. Tommy turned to Kevin and leaned over for a kiss. Kevin leaned in from his side and the two mouths met. Before their lips locked, Tommy gave Kevin a wide grin.

"My ass is yours Kevin, if you don't mind sloppy seconds, hot stuff!" Tommy offered.

"Sounds delicious, you hottie!" Kevin remarked.

Tommy turned his attention back to John, feeling the cock grow and stiffen with each plunge. Between them, Tommy's cock continued to engorge from the pressure on his insides. The two moaned louder, knowing that orgasm was imminent. John's moans turned into howls as he suddenly seemed to freeze mid air after lifting his hips high off the couch, still deep inside Tommy.

John's butt crashed back down into the couch as he felt his balls drain themselves into Tommy. Both guys looked down between their bodies, seeing Tommy's cock still hard, throbbing and leaking from the excitement and the pressure.

John's body relaxed as his cock began to deflate and slowly fell from Tommy's ass.

"Well, you did order pizza WITH pepperoni, correct sir?" Tommy asked John with a grin.

"Hope you are a satisfied customer!" Tommy added.

All John could do was grin and utter a low moan of contentment. Tommy stood up, grabbing a nearby tissue to wipe the drool running down his legs as he moved over to Kevin. Before sitting down, Tommy snatched the nearby hundred dollar bill and tossed it near his pants which were lying on the floor.

"For this, you get extra," Tommy said, as he pulled on his cock and leaned into Kevin, offering it to Kevin's lips. Kevin began in earnest to hungrily suck on Tommy's hard leaking cock. Purple and throbbing, Kevin had Tommy moaning and groaning almost instantly.

"Boy oh boy. You guys are good at this. I should have let you two tutor me years ago when you first offered. "I'd be doing a lot better by now!" Tommy said.

John looked over, coming out of his post orgasm stupor. "I think you're doing pretty well for yourself these days buster!" Tommy offered a grin between moans as Kevin was busy sucking him off. With his hands on Kevin's shoulders, Tommy held on for dear life, knowing his cock would soon erupt. Kevin's hands went up and down Tommy's belly and chest, enjoying the feel of the hard muscles buried under the warm soft smooth skin. He found Tommy's nipples, and began to twist and play with them, resulting in Tommy's moans and groans getting only louder.

"Oh yes oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tommy shouted, as his hips began to buck even harder.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Tommy's body curled around Kevin as John watched Tommy begin to shake and erupt deep into Kevin's mouth. Kevin held on tight, taking all that Tommy offered. Their bodies slowed as the orgasm finished, Tommy sliding down Kevin's body slowly, getting into position for their second act.

With Tommy's ass still slick from John's cum, he was able to slip down and around onto Kevin's waiting hard cock. Tommy slid down deep to Kevin's balls easily, as both he and Kevin released a loud gasp.

Tommy began a slow bobbing, still weak from his own orgasm. Kevin, all honed up from watching John and Tommy, and the excitement of just sucking off Tommy was filled with focused energy. He vigorously pushed his hips up deep into Tommy, pushing his cock deep into the amazingly still tight hole above.

John turned to the watch the action. Although spent, he still gazed wide eyed at his beautiful sexy brother and beautiful sexy neighbor fucking their eyeballs out. The moaning grew only louder and Kevin plowed deep into Tommy. Despite being spent, Tommy's cock was already hard again, bobbing up and down through the rough pounding his ass was taking inches away.

With a loud wail, Kevin screamed, signalling his release as his juices poured from his swollen cock deep into Tommy's ass. Tommy's cock offered a mild ejaculation just from the pressure he received in his ass. A small pool of cum drained from Tommy's cock as a bigger pool filled his ass.

He collapsed weak into Kevin, hugging tight, as John leaned over to join the hug. It seemed like a brief eternity as the three guys seemed attached as one. One by one, they pulled apart, falling hot and sweaty onto the floor, their smooth bodies glistening from their heat.

John was the first to sit up.

"Damn, I bet the pizza is cold by now!" John said.

Kevin sat up, making a face at his brother. "Ya think?" Kevin said.

"See, toldya John was so smart!" Tommy added, laughing at the situation.

We have one day left til the folks get back guys! Most popular suggestion becomes the story line for part five - the finale! Love the comments! Keep em coming!

signed, Petey



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