John, our 18 year old senior in high school, is enjoying the visit of his 19 year old brother Kevin, home from college for winter break. As an added bonus, their folks are gone for a few days. After a night of goofing around until they fell into a sexual orgy of delight, they seduced the hunky delivery man.

With the delivery man gone, the two brothers tumbled into the shower to clean up after a night and morning of cum-filled activities.

"Glad we're using mom and dad's big shower!" John said. "Room for two!" he added with a grin.

"I know, I know. Right!" responded Kevin.

Kevin started soaping up his younger brother, admiring his firm fair skin and good washboard abs.

"When yo get so fit John?" Kevin asked.

"Ever since I noticed how hot you are bro!" answered John.

Kevin grinned at the answer as the two boys continued washing each other off. Although they paid extra attention to the others balls, cocks and asses, it was no surprise that the shower was pretty calm. After all, the two brothers had quite the orgasm filled night and morning!

After the shower, they helped dry each other off and then wiped around the shower so their folks wouldn't be any wiser. Naked, they walked into their own rooms to dress.

"Meet me in the living room when you're dressed John!" Kevin called out.

John got into a pair of fresh white briefs and threw some black sweat pants and a white t shirt on. Barefoot, he walked to the living room. Kevin, feeling a bit frisky, also put on some dark blue sweat pants but decided to skip any underwear. He also put on a red muscle t shirt, which left his muscular shoulders exposed. When the two met in the living room, they both grinned at the sight of the other brother. They flopped down on the couch next to each other, putting on the television and poking each other playfully as they fought over the remote control.

"Damn, Kevin, you smell so good. You're getting me horned again!" said John.

"Well chill it bro. We'll play later!" offered Kevin, giving his brother a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kevin and John sat quietly for a while, despite the occasional brotherly pokes and jabs now and then.

The doorbell rang and John jumped up to answer it, not knowing who to expect.

Upon opening the door, John was greeted by his best friend from school.

"Pete!" John called out. "I thought you were gone for the holidays! What gives?"

"Playing hooky. Just couldn't handle a trip to the relatives with my bratty younger sisters. So I talked the folks into letting me chill home alone for the week. Watched porn all night and now I'm bored. Can I hang here for a while man?" Pete asked.

John stepped aside to let his best bud come in. He always thought his friend was good looking but this time he really looked Pete over. Pete had on a white hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Being on the football team and wresting team really helped Pete get into good shape. A good looking blonde haired boy, Pete was easily one of the more popular guys at school. John was happy to be his best friend, easily getting a lot of attention from the girls trying to get to Pete.

When the two friends walked in to where Kevin was sitting, Pete got nervous for a moment, remembering his porn comment from a few seconds earlier. But Kevin didn't care, seeing the hunky friend enter the room.

"Hey Peter, hows it goin'? Been a while huh?" asked Kevin.

"Kevin, hey man! So hows college? Bet the chicks are hot huh?" responded Pete.

John watched with glee as his brother and best friend reconnected so easily. He remembered how the three of them had played so well and so often together over the years. But man oh man, how Pete had become quite the hottie! But how to proceed from here, John wondered. he knew that Pete was the ultimate lady killer. He'd never get into what he and his brother had discovered!

Pete sat down next to Kevin, and John sat on the other side of Pete, sandwiching him in. Once or twice John and Kevin looked at each other, clearly trying to figure out how to take this moment to the next level.

John listened to the two other guys chatting and soon the topic turned to school sports. Pete talked about wrestling for a while until Kevin mentioned that he was thinking of joining his college team.

John did a double take. If there was one sport Kevin hated the most it was wrestling. What gives?

Ahhhh, thought John, I got it!

"Pete, maybe you can show Kevin some basic moves or give him some hints," suggested John.

"Hey John, Pete's here to chill, not wrestle. You can't ask him to do that. I'll be fine. Besides," added Kevin, "no one can ever wrestle unless they have the right singlet on. That's what its called, right Pete?" Kevin said, acting dumb and not too eager.

Pete quickly took the bait. "First off guys, John's like my top dog. I'd do anything for him. Secondly, Kevin, we were pretty cool together if I remember correctly, and lastly, a good wrestler does not need a singlet or anything special at all."

Kevin answered first. "You are way too cool Pete! You sure tho?"

John added in. "Pete, if I'm your dog, you're my bone! Oh that sounds weird!" The three guys laughed and Kevin gave a quick wink to his brother.

Pete stood up in the middle of the room. "Wanna give it a try Kev?"

Kevin stood up slowly, looking back and forth from Pete to John, not sure how big a grin he could get a way with. He watched Pete remove his sweatshirt, revealing a bare well muscled chest.

"Damn Pete, you got the body of a college guy! Its quite intimidating." Kevin said.

"Fuck yeah," added John.

Pete looked back at John a bit surprised at his excitement. "John, why the surprise? We've been in the locker room together for years."

"I dunno," John began, "I guess out of the gym your muscle must show off better or something."

John sat back down as Kevin and Pete turned to face each other. John made a motion to Kevin so Kevin removed his shirt to also be bare chested.

"Why ya do that?" Pete asked.

"Well you did!" Kevin explained.

Pete showed a few slow moves to Kevin as they grappled and maneuvered a few times. John could see that the front of Kevin's loose sweat pants were starting to tent a bit. They need to somehow get Pete more "comfortable."

John made a few facial gestures to his brother when Pete couldn't see. The wrestlers fell into a body hug and fell to the floor and Kevin let out a yelp!

Pete stood up concerned. "What's wrong Kevin?"

"Oh nothing. I think your belt buckle on your jeans rubbed my chest. Kinda hurt. No biggie," Kevin explained, with a half grin flashed at his brother John.

"No problem," Pete said, as he quickly undid his belt and pulled off his jeans, leaving himself dressed in only a pair of white boxer briefs. John and Kevin couldn't help but stare at the prominent bulge.

"What?" wailed Pete. "Whats with you guys. Kevin, you have your own bulge growing there, and John, I've seen you in the showers too ya know. You don't have anything to be shy about either!"

Kevin saw his opportunity. "Pete, you been checking out my brother? What gives?" Kevin asked.

Now it was Pete's turn to blush. "I don't check John out. He's just a hottie - and my best friend."

"Thanks man, I'm flattered," John responded. "I love you too! Your like my extra bro!" John added as he walked to Pete to give him a hug. A full body hug, which Pete returned. Kevin and Pete's eyes met for a second with a grin during the hug.

"Hey, I feel unloved over here!" cried Kevin.

"Blow it out your ass bro!" joked John.

"No, its cool," offered Pete. "Kevin's like a big bro I never had. Wish we spent more time together man!" Pete offered as he walked over to Kevin, raising his arms for a hug.

Kevin and Pete entered their hug, Kevin facing John at the moment. John watched Kevin's face closely until he saw his brothers eyes suddenly grow wide. John knew someone felt someone's hard on.

The tow separated, both blushing. John was dying to know what happened during the hug. When they separated, he knew. John saw both Kevin and Pete sporting wood! Awesome.

John plunged forward. "Hey," he called out while pulling off his shirt, lets try that Greco Roman wrestling, I heard its kinda fun!"

Pete's eyes went wide. "Um uh, that's nude wrestling John! "

"Yeah, I know!" John answered with a grin, pulling off hs swat pants and quickly flinging his briefs at Pete.

Kevin played his part. "John, you are such a perv, no way will Pete and I wrestle nude. Its already hard not becoming hard!" He blushed after his comment.

"Bull shit Kev, you're such a wimp," scolded John, as he walked over to his brother and quickly pulled down his sweats, leaving Kevin naked with a semi hard twitching cock. Kevin acted embarrassed, but John knew better.

"Fuck!" was all Pete could say, looking back at both John and Kevin naked, each getting harder by the moment.

The three boys seemed frozen for the moment, not sure of the situation until a smile began to grow on Pete's face. Then in an instant, Pete dropped his underwear, revealing a third growing hardening cock.

"If you insist!" Pete said, as the three boys walked toward each other, fondling their balls.

As they got closer, their hands left their own bodies to touch and explore and stroke each other.

John moved in for a mouth to mouth kiss with his best bud Pete. Between dueling tongues, John asked Pete in a whisper: "so how long yo been checking me out in the showers bro?"

"Long time man," Pete muttered while grasping John's firm ass.

"Love this blonde body hair Pete," Kevin offered, as he got on his knees to begin sucking Pete's rock hard cock.

John moved behind Pete, also falling to his knees as he buried his face in Pete's smooth bubble butt. Spreading the ass cheeks, John went deeper and Kevin picked up the pace sucking on Pete. Pete could only moan and wail, his body rocking to the two brothers taking him from each side. John stood up, pressing himself against the length of Pete's body, nuzzling and kissing the back of Pete's neck.

"Can I fuck you man?" John whispered into Pete's ear. Pete could only nod yes while Kevin continued to send him into oblivion.

John licked up his palm and added it to his precum leaking cock, which now throbbed at the thought of a good fucking with his best buddy. He guided his cock into Pete's quivering ass, eager to be filled. John was slow and careful, trying hard not to hurt his newest lover. Slowly in, John began a slow rocking motion back and forth, only to be met by Pete moving back against him.

Kevin stood up, offering a deep mouthed kiss to Pete, and then turning his back to him. He pushed up against Pete, almost like an upright lap dance grinding his ass crack against Pete's engorged cock.

"Take me man," instructed Kevin, as he helped Pete guide his cock to his waiting ass.

Kevin moved back onto Pete while Pete's arms wrapped around Kevin's belly and reached down to grasp Kevin's hard cock. In no time the three boys were rocking in unison, John deep inside Pete and Pete deep inside Kevin, who was getting an awesome hand job from Pete.

The three soon wailed and moaned as one, as they rocked in the middle of the room. Their three bodies getting hotter, soon glistened with the thin layer of sweat they were generating.

John, at the rear of their fuck train, felt his groin surge first. His cock hardened deep inside his lover and his thrusts grew in intensity. With a final plunge, he felt his cock empty its contents deep inside Pete. At that moment, Pete felt the outpouring from John which triggered his orgasm. His groin clenched as he erupted into Kevin, filling him with a load of cream.

The very thought of the hot blonde Pete cumming inside of him sent Kevin over the edge, as he erupted into Pete's waiting hand and chest.

The three sex gods slowed, their panting and moaning quieting and enjoying the momentary bliss together. They slowly separated, hot sticky and sweaty, all sporting wide grins on their faces.

"I been hot for you for a long time Pete," John offered.

"And I been looking over Kevin as long as I can remember," added Pete with a wink.

"Well," began John, Kevin and I discovered each other last night!"

Pete just grinned with that news.

"We better jump in the shower before we sit down and destroy the furniture," suggested Kevin.

This time, three of them headed back to the parent shower. All three fit easily in the shower as they began soaping and washing each other. John reached out and grabbed Pete's cock which was now growing again.

"Pretty impressive," John commented.

"Thanks, yours is too," Pete said.

In no time, John and Pete were busily jacking each other off, while Kevin stood to the side and enjoyed the show. Pete and John were soon moaning loudly and Kevin, who was so turned on, began jerking himself. The three stood without speaking, enjoying the sensations on their rock hard cock and looking over the other two hot studs in the shower with them. As if on cue, the moans became wails. Pete spurted first, emptying whatever was left in his balls into the middle of the shower and Kevin followed, his back arching in release. It was the sight of his brother cumming that put John over the edge and allowed his to spurt his cream against the wall.

John Pete and Kevin all giggled as they rinsed off. After cleaning up the shower and grabbing the last towels to dry off, the three left the bathroom.

"We so better do laundry tonight," Kevin suggested. "Right," answered John.

They all walked back to the living room and collected their clothes to get dressed.

"I'd say enough wresting practice ya think?" asked Pete.

"Hell yeah," said John. My balls need a rest," and he stared to make faces of mock pain.

"My balls are fucking drained," offered Kevin, with a wink and a nod to the other two.

"Later," Pete called out as he left the house.

"Bye" responded John and Kevin, as they crashed onto the couch, side by side.

"Keep your damn hands off me, you slut!" said John with a grin.

"Whore!" Kevin answered, falling onto Kevin and kissing him on the neck.

"Tramp!" was John's comment.

"Cum pig!" answered Kevin!

"Yes we are!" as they burst into laughter.

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