It was a rainy winter day.

John and Kevin are brothers. John is 18 and a senior in high school. Kevin is 19 and a freshman at University. Although they are only a year apart, you would be surprised how different they are in looks and behavior. John is the fair one, light complexion, slim build and a bit quiet. He has a bunch of friends who are good in school and enjoy going to a movie or museum as quickly as playing some ball. John, just under six feet, weighs 160. He exercises enough at the local gym to keep a firm lean shape. He is muscular enough to have good strength and stamina.

Kevin, on the other hand, is just over 6 feet and 185 pounds. His muscular physique is obvious and he loves to keep his dark hair long and usually doesn't shave for days at a time. Although good in school, he never says no to a party and has never been to a museum in his life!

Growing up, the boys got along, but sadly, it seemed to be out of necessity, not because they were all that close. Its the end of the year and Kevin is home from school for the holiday break. John and Kevin's folks, who had planned on celebrating the holidays with their two sons, had an unexpected family emergency and had to drive upstate to care for an ill relative.

On a particular Sunday afternoon, a very cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, John and Kevin found themselves home alone, in their own rooms, doing their own thing. John, in jeans and a long sleeve blue polo shirt, was watching an old black and white movie on the television in his room. Kevin, laying on his bed in jeans and a black sweatshirt, had his headphones on rocking out to his favorite metal band. They were both bored.

John, having seen this particular movie at least six times, had had enough. He walked into his brother's room and stood by the bed.

"What?" asked an annoyed Kevin, looking at his brother.

"Aren't you bored Kevin? I am. Its crappy cold outside and there's no one around. I'm tired of tv and computer."

"Welcome to the real world John. I'm bored too. So?" responded Kevin.

"We used to have fun together," added John.

"Yeah, when we were little!" snapped Kevin.

John sat down on the end of the bed as they talked. Kevin went on to explain that they had their own friends and activities and were not close anymore.

"I miss that. I miss us being friends. Don't you Kevin?" asked John.

"Look wiseguy," said Kevin, "you always ran off with friends and left me high and dry. Don't complain to me now!"

John was stunned. "Me leave you? You were the one always running off to concerts and never asked me along. You and your friends said I was too little and you laughed at me."

Kevin was now surprised. "I didn't think you really ever wanted to go with us. You really wanted to?"

John quietly nodded. "Looks like we both lost out huh!"

Kevin began to warm up. "When we were little we did everything together. Like play hide and seek, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. We had fun."

"Yeah, I miss that too." Said John. Especially when we took out our cowboy or Indian costumes."

Both boys laughed, remembering when they were close. "Can you imagine us doing that today?" they both spoke at the same time, resulting in their laughing.

After the laughter died, they looked at each other quizzically. "No way!" "We can't" "How goofy"

"Why not?"

John asked if he could be the cowboy and Kevin readily agreed because he always liked to chase John, he thought mischievously. "But lets dress up really good then okay?" asked John.

"Sure", said Kevin, now get out of here and we'll meet in the basement. The brothers excitedly ran to their closets trying to figure out how real they can be.

A short while later John was the first in the basement, a large carpeted open spaced room with a game table and chairs on one side and a cabinet filled with holiday decorations, games, toys and all sorts of other old stuff. John, the cowboy was proud of his outfit. He put on a pair of his oldest, most ripped jeans. They still fit, but barely. He had boxers on underneath, with socks and boots. He didn't wear a shirt but had on an old black vest. It was too small to button so the center of his smooth firm chest was exposed. Of course, he wore a cowboy hat.

Then Kevin walked in. John's mouth dropped open. Kevin was bare chested, showing off a fair amount of dark hair across his pecs. His muscular legs also sported some hair, and he was barefoot. From what John could determine, Kevin was wearing a red jock strap and had two kitchen towels, on in front, one in back, tucked into the waist band of the jock strap. He must have found some of Mom's makeup because he had a stripe of brown marked across his chest and two smaller stripes, one on each of his cheeks on his face. He had also wet and slicked back his black hair. John couldn't remember when his brother's face wasn't half covered with his unruly mop of hair. John had never seen his brother this way - barely dressed and actually kind of cute. No, kind of sexy. How could he see his brother this way? But damn, what an outfit!

Kevin, on the other hand, was also surprised when he came into the room and looked over his younger brother. Although still mostly dressed, Kevin's eyed were glued to his brother's chest. That bare smooth chest was amazing. He even had pecs. His little brother had become a little hottie. Even Kevin was amazed he was having these thoughts. So why was he wearing only a jock? Any hardon would be visible. Damn, he thought!

Without much room to run a round and chase each other, they decided that their "game" would begin when one of them was captured by the other to find out where the secret treasure was hidden. "So we can torture the captive?" John asked with a grin.

"Something like that." responded Kevin, "or maybe a tickle attack like when we were little. Let's flip a coin to see."

John picked heads and Kevin flipped the coin in the air which landed on tails. "My choice," announced Kevin. John knew he'd be tied down - as usually happened. "I want to be tied to the chair this time," said Kevin, totally surprising John.

They pulled one of the heavy wood chairs to the middle of the room and they rummaged through the cabinets and shelves until they found a good length of rope. Kevin helped John thread the rope around the chair and then Kevin sat in the chair.

"Finish tying me in bro!" directed Kevin.

He hadn't been called bro by Kevin for a very long time. It made him smile. But now he had a job to do. He pushed Kevin's legs apart a bit and tied them to the legs of the chair. Nothing wrong in seeing some more of that sexy red jock strap. He also ran the rope around Kevin's waist to the back of the chair. John finished by pulling Kevin's wrists together behind the chair to restrict movement. John walked around Kevin to survey the job and was pleased - although he couldn't help but wonder why Kevin never resisted or complained. Maybe he was just as turned on by the situation.

They stared to play like kids again, laughing and having fun without much physical contact. Suddenly John looked at Kevin differently. "So you gonna tell me where you hid the treasure?" he barked at Kevin. "No!' Kevin answered.

"Then I must shame you!" John threatened. With that, John kicked at the chair leg and pulled off the front kitchen towel from Kevin's waist. At first Kevin was speechless, then a slow grin emerged.

John threatened again and reached back and pulled off the other towel from behind, so Kevin sat dressed in only his red jock strap, which appeared to begin a bulge. John walked behind Kevin a few times leaving Kevin unsure exactly where his brother was. Suddenly he heard a "snip, snip" after a slight tug at the back of his jock.

Damn! John cut the leg bands of the jock strap. Kevin felt the jock loosen forward as his jock was nothing more then a pouch over his privates hanging by the jock waist band. But he was surprised that he was more turned on then annoyed. It was an old worn jock anyway.

He looked up at a proud John who was removing his vest. "Warm in here, you prisoner, but its gonna get even hotter for you!" John threatened. John was poking Kevin with the back of the scissors as he continued to play threaten him until the location of the treasure was revealed. Whlie standing behind Kevin again, John snipped the waist band of the red jock strap. When John circled back around, he saw his brother wearing the dirtiest grin ever. Looking down, John saw Kevin's cock rock hard standing up, wearing the remaining pouch of the jock like a little hat for his cock.

John burst out laughing and soon Kevin joined in. "I always knew deep down you were a perv" added Kevin.

"Me a perv?" said John. Then added "maybe", with a wink. In a flash, John had shucked his boots, socks and jeans and just stood in his now tented white boxer shorts. Kevin could only stare at his hot sexy brother.

John sort of danced around his now naked brother, snatching away the remains of the jock and tossing it aside. He then sat down gently on his brother's lap. Kevin was getting even more aroused as his brother slowly grinded his way but Kevin was helpless with his hands tied behind himself. How John knew to do such an expert lapdance eluded Kevin but he was very effective. In no time, Kevin was moaning, and John soon joined his chorus. As Kevin soon lost control of his body, his movements revealed that his ankles were lose. Some where during that play, John must have cut the rope tying his feet. He was able to move them around but he definitely had no plans to go anywhere else!

John continued thrusting his boxer-clad ass across his brother's lap, raising and lowering it occasionally just to feel his brother's hard cock slide across his cheeks. A couple of times John got up to turn around and sit back on Kevin while facing him, running his hands over his brothers muscular chest and shoulders, even reaching around and giving his brother and the chair a sexy hug, pressing their chests into each other.

Kevin, on the other hand, was aching to run his hands over his brother's body. His free feet didn't help any, although he could now spread his legs a bit further, giving his brother better access to his crotch. Kevin tugged a bit extra on his bound left hand and realized that it was now only loosely tied. John must have done that! With his soon free hand, he was able to tug on the other ropes until both of his hands were free. But he kept this secret a moment longer.

When John was again leaning his back into Kevin's chest, Kevin casually brought his now free hands around to hold John in place. He massaged his brother's smooth and firm pecs and caressed his abs. His fingers explored lower until they were at the waist band of the white boxers. Kevin reached down and found the open fly in the boxers. Instead of reaching inside, he pulled the two sides of the fly and slowly pulled them apart, ripping them as he went. When John uttered a groan, Kevin said they will now match his destroyed red jock. They both giggled as John lifted his hips and Kevin pulled out the torn white fabric and tossed it to the floor.

The lap dance grind continued until John suspended his hungry ass just over Kevin's lap. Kevin got the hint as he quickly licked and wet his palm, wetting up his cock, and then pointed it at John's waiting hole. Without lube, the brothers carefully and slowly maneuvered themselves into being connected. Once in, the boys began a rhythmic pulsing which developed into a full fuck. John bounced up and down as Kevin urged his hips up to meet his brother. This went on for a few minutes as the bodies of Kevin and John soon glistened with sweat. They grunted and groaned. Kevin was near orgasm as John's rock hard cock leaked precum profusely.

Suddenly, on his last push upward, Kevin's body froze. It then spasmed and shook as he shot stream after stream of his cum into his brother's ass. He soon collapsed back down while John stroked his precum covered cock just twice until he also spewed. Leaning back into Kevin, John covered his own chest with his hot load. After their heavy breathing subsided, they both fell to the floor, side by side exhausted.

They grinned at each other, both thinking the same thing. They still had the house to themselves for five more days!



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