John and Kevin woke the following morning with their heads spinning. John found himself lying naked on the couch in the living room with only a blanket covering him. As soon as he was fully awake and realized where he was and what happened, his heart started to pound. It was an amazing night of sex with his brother Kevin, but what if Kevin was freaked out? The possible loss of his brother's friendship was just not acceptable. He was the one person he felt closest to of ANYONE! With the blanket wrapped around his shoulders,

John wandered barefoot into the bathroom and let his bladder release itself. He grinned when he noticed the dried cum stain near his belly button. He washed his hands and face and continued his wandering into the kitchen where he put on a pot of coffee, grabbed some juice from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table, the long blanket still wrapped over his bare shoulders.

A few minutes later Kevin walked into the kitchen, wearing only a pair of red and blue plaid boxers, bare chested and bare feet. John noticed that Kevin also had a dried cum stain on his belly. John grinned, but held his breath not knowing how his brother would be this morning, the morning after what only could be a frenzy of their sex filled night. He remembers they didn't fall asleep til at least 3 am, still unsure of how he landed on the couch.

Their eyes met and they both looked away instantly.

"John!" "Kevin!" They both called out at the same moment. They both halted at the embarrassment.

"Kevin," John began slowly, "I'm okay with last night. It was awesome. I hope you are too!"

"Really?" Kevin's eyes went wide. "Yay! Me too! You, um we, um, we were, it was great!"

They both laughed. "All those missed years!" John added.

Kevin sat down at the table, bringing the coffee pot and two mugs with him. They both started chattering like excited monkey, discussing the fun of their sexual awakening and adventure.

They reached across the table, their hands locked together as they continued talking. Kevin let go of John's hand and reached up towards his shoulders, touching the blanket.

"I covered you last night, my sleeping beauty," Kevin explained. "When you wandered out of my bed last night I followed you to the living room and covered you. I was afraid you were upset about what happened."

"Kevin," John began, then paused, looking up at his brother Kevin, "NEVER!" he added with a grin.

Kevin firmly tugged on the blanket, watching it ride up John's shoulders and forward until it was in a ball in Kevin's lap, leaving John seated naked. With that, John stood up and walked around the table toward Kevin, standing above him naked, his cock rising. Kevin took John's growing cock and held his juice glass up, pulling the cock into the juice.

"Fuck, that's cold!" John said, jumping back. Kevin laughed, grabbing John's leg and pulling him back closer.

Kevin leaned over toward John, reaching out for John's leg and pulling him close. As soon as he could, Kevin leaned over and took John's cock in his mouth, sucking hungrily.

John started to laugh at the show and started to moan low, feeling his cock now fully harden in his brother's mouth. Kevin suddenly stopped, looking up at his brother.

"Mmmm, orange flavored cock! Its awesome! They should advertise it on TV!" Kevin said with a giggle.

You perv," John said, "Now finish what you started!"

John held on to Kevin's head as he started to slowly rock his hims in rhythm to his brother's sucking motions. It was heavenly. John held on to his brother as he began to feel the room dip ever so slightly with his approaching orgasm. Kevin began to moan as well, clearly enjoying himself as well. John's hips suddenly bucked, feeling his coming eruption. Kevin sensed what was coming as he clamped his lips tighter on the hard pole he was sucking and licking. Then it came. He grabbed John's hips tightly as he took the load. Swallowing furiously, he licked his brother's cock clean, taking it all.

The brothers relaxed and John went back to his seat, panting heavily with a wide grin on his face. Kevin wiped his chin from a few missed dribbles as he looked back at John and downed the rest of his juice.

"Mmmmmm good!" he added with a dirty grin.

"Now we need to take car of you Kevin!" John said.

At that moment the front door bell rang. Their eyes widened and they froze.

"Holy shit!" they said in unison.

Then John spoke. "Chill out Kevin. The folks are far off and they wouldn't ring the bell. You're in shorts, go answer. I'll go get a robe!"

They walked toward the living room and Kevin looked through a small opening in the curtain.

"I see a UPS truck! It's that young guy. No problem."

"Fuck no!" John added.

"Huh?" asked Kevin.

"It must be that guy, the one who looks like that Hemsworth guy in Thor. Holy cow! I heard he was gay and have been so damn curious about him. He's cute!" John babbled.

"John, are you for real?" asked Kevin.

"What?" John responded. "Let's try to play some!" he said with a dirty grin.

"Fine, but there's no way he'll come in. He's got deliveries to make. But go get on a robe anyway!" Kevin suggested.

John ran out of the room just as the doorbell rang again. Kevin walked to the door, opening it to reveal a dirty- blonde haired guy in a brown UPS uniform holding a small box. He did look like that guy in Thor, tall and very muscular. His chest and shoulders were barely contained by the shirt and his muscular legs were showed off nicely by his brown shorts.

The UPS guy took one step inside the doorway, offering the small box to Kevin. Kevin, now fully awakened to his lust for male sex, took the box as he watched the guy lower his eyes to check out Kevin's body. He watched the guy's eyes widen as his gaze fell lower.

They were both startled from their moment as John walked loudly into the room.

"Who was it?" John asked, walking in wearing an open bathrobe, exposing his naked body with a semi hard on. Kevin's eyes were wide, amazed at his brother's boldness. Kevin turned to look back at the UPS guy's face, whose mouth was open, eyes wide and frozen in place.

"Holy fuck" was what Kevin heard the guy mutter under his breath.

"Sorry about my brother!" Kevin offered.

"No problem at all" the UPS guy responded with a growing grin. He looked down at his watch. "I guess I am on break right now to be honest, and I have to pee. Mind if I use your bathroom?" He asked.

Kevin looked back at John, while making a small thumbs up gesture with his lowered hand, hoping it wasn't seen by their new friend.

"My name is Chris by the way," the blond delivery man offered, as he stepped inside the doorway and closed the door behind him. He looked at the small box on a side table, a box clearly no one in the room had any interest in at the moment. Still standing in the same place, his hands moved quickly down his shirt as he undid each button, he eyes looking back and forth between John, who was now letting his robe slip to the floor, and Kevin, who was now rubbing the front of his obviously tented boxers.

The brothers kept their gaze on Chris, whi was now working the belt and zipper of his brown shorts. He let them fall, leaving himself dressed only in a pair of brown bikini briefs which had the most marvelous bulge.

With a grin, Kevin asked Chris "Those part of the uniform?"

"They could be" offered Chris. You have no idea how many guys and girls try to get me in their home for some sexual favor! But I need to pee, ya know?" he said with a grin.

"We feel honored Chris," John said. "Let me show you to the bathroom."

"Om never mind, I changed my mind," said Chris. "But I sure would like to get off with you hot guys!"

John walked closer to Chris, running his hands across Chris' well chiseled abs and shoulders. Kevin stepped out of his boxers, exposing his now rock hard cock and pulled off the brown briefs from their delivery guy, who they were certain would be making a special delivery, or maybe a couple of special deliveries! The three naked men were now locked into a close hug, their mouths exploring each others tongues as their hands were running everywhere. Chris soon moved down to his knees as his mouth went down the length of Kevin's firm body. Kevin followed in the same direction, also falling slowly to the floor as he and Chris soon fell into a 69 position.

John, happy that his brother Kevin, was no going to get his, took the opportunity to explore Chris's hard hot smooth muscular body. With Chris on the top, John was able to caress his back and move down to play with those beautiful round ass cheeks. Kissing and licking as he went, John spread those round firm cheeks in order to uncover that sweet rosebud puckering up at him. John got on his knees and leaned over and began an exploratory lick all around Chris' asshole. He must have been doing a good job as Chris' moans grew only louder. John was also enjoying this new experience as his own cock ached for release. He don't know how long he was pleasuring his delivery man but he vaguely heard Chris and his brother Kevin suddenly howl like wolves in the forest. Obviously they had both cum and soon realized that Chris had moved up onto his knees, offering his rosebud to John, doggie style.

Instinctively, John moved into position as he entered Chris, Kevin taking up a place on the floor nearby watching the scene intently. John rocked back and forth, building up speed and force enjoying his new conquest. Chris moaned and cooed in delight, feeling his insides being filled with his new customer.

John leaned backward, arching up as he felt his second orgasm for the morning approaching. He heard Chris moaning in pleasure. "Yeah do it, fuck me, give it to me, ooh yeah!"

John bellowed, holding Chris' hips tight, as he felt himself go over the edge.

"Ohh yeah yeah yeah .............. ahhhhh," he moaned, draining himself deep inside Chris, feeling his cock start to deflate, his body slowling as well.

Soon, the three lovers found themselves lying naked on the floor together, hips and shoulders touching. Reality came back to them as they started to sit up. Chris finally made it to the bathroom for a pee and a quick clean up. He emerged to find the brothers sitting next to each other, in boxers and robe, sitting contently next to each other.

Chris picked up his scattered clothes and calmly got dressed.

"Thanks for the delivery Chris. It was great," offered Kevin.

"Yeah, an awesome delivery man," John added.

Chris grabbed a piece of paper from his shorts pocket and wrote something down, handing it to Kevin.

"My email and phone," offered Chris. "Next time maybe you guys can do some delivery too!" He laughed at his own joke.

As John and Kevin let Chris out, closing the door behind him, they turned to each other.

"I so need a shower John!" said Chris.

"Fuck yeah man!" replied Kevin, with a wide grin on his face.



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