Breaking Jake Part 6

The last two chapters of the Breaking Jake saga will be in Jake's perspective. Let me know in the comments below/email if you'd like to read the last chapter here pretty soon, and I'll try and get it out! Enjoy!

"All it takes for you to finally leave me alone is fucking one more time?" I snorted. "Although repulsive after that little car stint I guess I can handle it." Stu had led me through his apartment to his room and I stood uncomfortably near the door ready to run at the hint of anything overtly suspicious. I hated him. The thought of letting him inside me even one more time repulsed me entirely. I had let him inside me right? So often I had felt...violated as if I didn't have a choice in the matter. Granted I had never greatly refused sex with Stu however, every time we fucked I felt dirty. Unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I was straight. Wasn't I? I mean I was still very much attracted to girls, and that's the sex I most wanted to end up with. Yet, here I was...again.

Stu chuckled meanly. "I doubt even you think it'd be that easy. I've decided to give you an out if you so choose to accept it." I rubbed my jaw, still sore from the painful blow job that he had forced upon me during our car ride. "Whatever man. Nothing we haven't done before."

He smirked. "You don't get it. I want to experiment with you, and if you choose to let me then I will never tell anyone that you've been getting fucked, and you're free to never return here again. The conditions are as follows: You will not question me and, you will do explicitly what you are told without hesitation. Lastly, if you disobey any of the aforementioned rules than the deal is off, and your secret is exposed." He smiled a dangerous evil smile. His smile made me feel uneasy. I didn't feel a way to escape. I couldn't really fight Stu to shut him up. I found Stu unpredictable and intimidating. Of course we were the same relative height (around 6'4) but Stu was solid muscle. Like an ebony wrestler ripped from head to toe. His balding head and white teeth both glistened menacingly. In a way that made me sicker, I was attracted to him. Sick right? I felt like I had a touch of Stockholm syndrome. My tormentor had an undeniable hold over me.

I stood weighing my options. "What are you going to do?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out. I would hurry though. The deal expires in approximately fifteen seconds." He said approaching where I stood.

I stood in silence for another eight before muttering. "I'll do it."

"Excellent decision Jake! Now-!" I took a bottle cap out of my back pocket and instructed Jake to sit facing me on the bed. I unscrewed the lid. "Take a sniff of this."

I quivered at the thought. I didn't want to piss him off after having read and understood the terms and conditions so I chose my next words carefully. "What if it shows up on a piss test? I'd be kicked out."

"You'll be ridiculed if they find out you let a black man fucked you over. And just to reiterate I don't have time for your bull shit. I have a nut to bust. Any more questions and I go to the Associated Press. Nod if you understand." My muscles tensed as he spoke each word with power. His smirk was now a deep frown that said he'd take what he wanted whether I was willing and ready or not. I nodded shamefully.

"Sniff." He grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved the bottle under my nose. His thumb covered my left nostril and I sniffed deeply of the unknown substance. Almost immediately I felt light headed and almost giddy. I fell backwards before Stu caught me in his cruel hands. "What was that? I feel we-"

"Weaker? Well that's the point of poppers isn't it?" He smiled that same devilish smile and half-dragged me to the bed. "You'd struggle too much if I left you too alert. I'm too horny to put in that much effort. He swiftly took off my shorts and striped boxer briefs. He sniffed the boxer briefs deeply. "You're sick." I stammered.

"Nice lived in smell. Good job on not showering like I told you. You're such a good boy," he said ironically. I lolled my head to the side suddenly starting to feel my muscle strength return. Next he grabbed some scissors and started to cut my shirt off up the middle exposing my bare chest. Although my abs were impressive everything about Stu was massive. As he shed his shirt and shorts I couldn't help but to notice how muscular he truly was. His legs looked like tree trunks and his biceps looked as if they could curl a small vehicle. He slid more poppers across my nose as I started to feel the effects wear off completely however, this time he applied it to both nostrils, and made me sniff deeper by covering my mouth and one nostril as I sniffed. I was out of it at that point I felt like I was physically there however, my body felt heavy, and I didn't feel as if I could move my pinky even if I tried really hard.

Afterwards he grabbed a black bag from underneath his bed. As I focused my attention came upon several large ropes attached to Stu's hands. More scarily I hazily make out a dildo that resembled Stu's dick. Although it was much larger almost 9 inches compared to his reasonable 7. I mumbled almost incoherently. "Plse it wn't fit. I,,,..too tight man."

"Shhh," he cooed firmly grabbing my ankle and tying it to one poster of the bed. As he bound the rest of my unmoving body I continued to protest more. The bonds were so tight that I knew that I wouldn't be able to escape once he secured the last knot. I begged my muscles to start functioning. I could do anything else he wanted. A blow job, rimming, hell he could fuck me for days if it'd shut him up. Something inside just knew that he'd hurt me immeasurably before he'd allow me to feel any type of pleasure. The disturbing part is that I knew he'd take immense joy in it. His eyes begged me to struggle, and his hands explained that it was futile. As he tied the last knot I knew that he would have his say.

"This will probably not be pleasant for you at first which is highly regretful for me. This pain shall pass if you struggle less, relax your ass, and act accordingly. Failure to do so will only be more painful."

It was at that moment with Stu's gruff, threatening voice trying to ease my feeble attempts at escape and negotiation that I knew I would try my damnest to not give him the satisfaction of seeing my pain. Easier said than done right? Stu, now completely naked, perched my ass on top of two soft pillows leaving my ass feeling exposed, and in danger. He gave me more poppers to ease "smooth my muscles" as he said, and I fell into bliss again. The crude noise of lube being spread first on my asshole and next on the dildo caused me to shudder, and almost tear up. "Remember push out. It's like you're taking a shit," he said. With that he slid the dildo on my crack. Cruelly playing with me before he plunged it in making the anticipation almost as bad as the actual penetration. When he actually put it in I almost passed out from the pain. It was searing, and I immediately forgot about the deal I had made with myself for a stony demeanor. I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head, and I felt like it was only half way in. My hips bucked wildly and each passing second bought another inch into my small, clenched ass. I pleaded with him to take it out. "I'M GONNA PASS OUT MAN. PLEASE TAKE IT OUT. I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

He sneered without compassion. "I've fucked girls that complain less than you." After having lost his respect I gathered he'd have little to no mercy left for me. He pushed the dildo the rest of the way in and my body tensed further. I couldn't stand to move. My ass was so sore. I grunted in pain as he started to move the dildo in and out at varying speeds. After being toyed with for what seemed like an hour, Stu got out his bag again. Unaware of what was in the bag I begged unashamedly for him to have mercy.

"Please I hate this! I'll do anything," I said begging.

"Looks like you do," he said. "You've been as hard as a rock for twenty minutes. Ever since I put that dick in you."

With that acknowledgement I noticed my dick. I was so focused on the pain that I hadn't noticed how hard it was. I didn't know at what point my body had betrayed me, although I felt a sense of shame in it. The excruciating pain in my ass was now nothing more than a dull throb that disappeared with each and every thrust of Stu's eager hand. Oddly, enough the pain had disappeared after the twenty minute mark.

"I hit your sphincter muscle. It's like the male g-spot. Makes you harder and hornier than you could ever hope to be with any woman." He grinned as if he'd already conquered me. In a way he had. I'd never been this horny in my life. Never been so desperate to cum. Moans of hunger for more sensation filled my body. I needed to cum. Badly. I could think of nothing more or nothing less. My dick seemed to be filled with it and the amount of precum could have satiated any gay man's hunger for cum.

"Please. Please let me cum." Stu smirked.

"You will cum when I let you, you little cum slut." Stu giggled and brought out two small, metal things that I couldn't make out. "This will put you into sensory overload." Stu wandered over to my chest, and started to lap excitedly at my nipples. I tried to resist the temptation to moan. I hated how much control he had over me after all. However, a strange feeling of pleasure emanated over my body. Before I knew it I was gasping and moaning out of pleasure like a dog in heat. My nipples grew harder with each passing second as Stu licked one and played with the other like with his hand, first flicking it and turning it like a radio knob. After a while my nipples were both so erect and I was in a state of complete and utter ecstasy once more. Shamefully I didn't want Stu to ever stop. I wanted to be his bitch, and admitting it to myself made me want to puke.

"FUCK" I screamed suddenly. The things that Stu had pulled out of his bag were nipple clamps and they produced a sharp pain once applied.

"They'll keep those nipples hard stud. Time to milk you." Stu left the metal clamps attached to my nipples and made his way over to my still hard dick. With that he proceeded to give me the best oral I'd ever had in my life. He took the head in his mouth and did so while looking at me as if to tell me how I was his. My eyes rolled in the back of my head once more. I couldn't take all of the sensations my body was handling. Stu continued to lick the head with his tongue while working the dildo in and out of my ass with the other hand. My nipples lay erect while I panted with passion. Soon Stu began to lick the sides of my dick and force my dick all the way down his throat. My hips began to buck wildly at that point desperate to cum, yet every time I almost achieved orgasm Stu would relieve pressure on it and work the dildo more so. Then he would return to sucking, first my balls one by one then the shaft, slowly, in a torturous manner. "Mhmm I love your sweaty balls boy. You taste god like." He spoke intoxicated by me.

I desperately begged for him to let me cum. It had been an hour since he had started this assault. My dick was almost raw from the pleasure I was receiving and I needed to be set free. "Please, I'll do anything man. Ju-just let me cum."

He continued to suck and stroke the base of my cock slurping like a mad-man. I grunted wildly hoping this would be the moment. He started to speed up his sucking maneuvers and my back arched off the bed. "SHIITT," I screamed. Ropes of cum sprang forth from my dick, and my body quivered all over every hair on it standing on end. Stu took it all down his throat like it was honey licking every single bit from my head to my abs. After he completed and my orgasm subsided he got on top of me, grabbed my head, and kissed me deeply making me taste my own fluid.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, and I turned my head in confusion. "That was just the appetizer." Stu whispered licking my ear. "The main course will be oh so much sweeter." He got off of my trembling, weak body and headed for the door.



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