"Man I told you I'm not fucking gay." Jake fell backward out of the rolling chair and landed on his ass.

"C'mon man, I don't think you're gay." I said sliding off of the bed and crawling toward him. "What I do know is that you seem to have an itch that you just can't seem to scratch, yet I can.

Just then Jake slid up my wall. The bulge in his Nike shorts now stood straight up as if begging Jake to comply. I walked over slowly to where he was, and put my arms on the wall on each side of his body.

Jake breathed heavily as if he was just now realizing that I was intent on getting what I wanted. "I can scratch my own itch thank you." He made a move to leave. Suddenly, I placed my hand on his dick again, and Jake breathed a sigh of release.

I looked him in his baffled eyes as I took my fingers and put my hands in his shirt. His warm, tan body greeted my fingers with goose bumps and I tiptoed my fingers down his chest all the way down to his cock.

"No one has to know about this you know. I won't tell." I said as my fingers crept past the elastic waistband of his boxer briefs, and finally met his dick.

As it had been hard for going on thirty minutes, Jake's dick was painfully erect. I felt the entire length of it with my fore finger all while watching Jake's cringe at every nerve I seemed to be hitting. I continued feeling around, until I got to the ball sack. DAMN! I thought. His balls were the size of small hail stones. While I continued to mess with Jake's manhood, Jake's expression continued to change from emotion to emotion. First I saw guilt, then I saw anger as if he couldn't believe I was putting him in this position, lastly I saw overwhelming lust which stemmed from the Viagra, and his need to release.

I continued looking into his eyes, as I dropped down to my knees. "We're the only ones in the room." I yanked his shorts down slowly over his ass and his dick fumbled out. It was even more gorgeous then I had pictured. Surprisingly, his dick was tan like the rest of his body, and around 6 inches long. One single vein popped out at the top. As I licked the oozing precum out of his piss slit, Jake shuddered as if I had pricked him with a fine needle. I grabbed his shaft as I put his head in my mouth. While sweeping my tongue in a circular motion around his dick head I played with his balls, squeezing lightly on them every so often. Jake gripped the wall so hard plaster fell down onto the wood floor.

I started to kick it into high gear because of the amount of pleasure I saw him receiving. I licked down the shaft of his dick while milking his balls. Soon after I deep throated his cock entirely. As his dick disappeared down my mouth I sniffed the smell of his crotch, the brown pubic hair laying only on the top.

Jake started to stifle moans (much to his chagrin I imagine) as I bobbed up and down making slurping sounds. Suddenly, I felt a surge of cum rush toward my lips. Jake panted in ecstasy, as wave after wave came spreading into my mouth. The salty cum hit the back of my throat as I deep throated him. After two additional loads Jake crumpled to the floor, spent and now erection free.

"Best head you've ever had huh mate?" I wiped leftover cum off of my chin and laid on my back facing him.

After looking up at me, confused Jake sat bolt upright. "Man, what the fuck? I can't believe-." Jake struggled for words while pulling up his shorts.

"It's fine. This doesn't make you gay." I said nonchalantly.

"YOU DON'T FUCKING GET IT!" He said screaming and hysterical.

I looked back at him bewildered. Jake stared back with huge, betrayed eyes, and walked out of my room. I smiled to myself, as I plopped down on my bed.

"I do get it!" I said aloud to no one. "This is only the beginning for you Jake."



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