It had been easy slipping the Viagra into Jake's drink. I invited him over to a party with some of my closest friends for a beginning of the year drunken fest. We had known each other in high school so he had a little bit of trust for me, and he'd been eager to experience his first college party. Unbeknownst to him I was notorious for ruining the straight boys I came into contact with. In actuality I prided myself on that fact, and my conquest of Jake wouldn't be any different.

Jake had transformed in appearance since his high school days, and his Facebook pictures did him no justice. He had to duck to get into my apartment crammed full of drunken teenagers because of his height. The shrill voice of years past had been replaced with the virile voice of a man.

"Aye! Nice seeing you again man. There's beer in the fridge and assorted liquors throughout the apartment."

Jake smiled an awkward now braceless smile, and entered into the fray of the party. I could tell that he was very nervous and sort of out of place with everyone else. We were all older kids with facial hair who had been guzzling beer for the past year so we were pros. I knew jumping his bones would just be a matter of appropriate timing.

It was around three in the morning when the party finally started to die out. Most of the times people didn't leave until the next day after the party was over.

"Want a drink?" I handed Jake a drink and looked up hopefully realizing my window of time was closing. "It doesn't have any added ingredients," I giggled. "I know you're not really a hardcore partier any more.

"Thanks!" He laughed shyly and continued to chat with me playfully while the rest of the party goers looked around hazily.

At this point in the night Jake looked exhausted. His shyness around the other people had waned, and he had even participated in shirtless o clock which was the mandated time where everyone took off their clothing (for my visual pleasure) because of the hotness and tightness of my apartment. Jake had ditched his shirt, and his body mesmerized me. He wasn't cut by any means but his stomach was flat and tan like the rest of his body.

Suddenly, I could start to see the phase 1 of my straight boy take down starting to have results. Jake had started to rub his cock as if bothered by it. I smiled while pretending not to notice his cock hardening in his pants.

"Hey Stu! Got a bathroom?" He said still rubbing. "I gotta piss!"

I showed him to the only bathroom available which was in my room. I closed the door tight behind me and locked it knowing that we wouldn't be disturbed.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Jake entered the room with the fullest hard on I had ever seen. Phase 2 was a go.

"Is that a roll of quarters in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" I said laying out on my bed.

"Haha very funny man! I don't know what's wrong with! All of a sudden I got the hugest boner, and I can't get rid of it." He smiled awkwardly and sat on my computer desk chair.

"If you jizzed on my towels I'll be royally pissed off at you," I said feigning anger.

"Whatever," he said. "I have perfect aim." He winked jokingly.

It was at this time that I realized how much hornier Jake was getting. He kept rubbing at his still hardening cock, and he looked like he had already wacked off in his pants. So naturally I decided to turn it up a notch.

"So why'd you break up with that girl Alyssa?" I said. "She wasn't putting out was she?" I laughed hardily.

"Naw, man she was just too needy! I needed space. I'm in college, and I wanted to find more bitches to fuck!"

"Since being here I've fucked maybe...twelve chicks." I said lying. "The girls pussies here are so much tighter than the ones in high school!"

"Ya?" Jake said clenching his face and attempting to hide his boner further by crossing his legs.

"Yep their pussies feel like velvet gloves when you finally slip in. It's like heaven."

At this point Jake was failing to hide the outline of his boner. It jutted out so far that Jake finally uncrossed his legs and let it hang free.

"I'm so embarrassed, this hasn't ever happened to me before." Jake blushed and shifted uncomfortably in my rolling chair.

"That's alright." I said going closer to the edge of my bed. "I think I can solve your problem.

Jake stared at me as if finally seeing me for the first time. "Man, I'm not gay." He moved the rolling chair a little further away from the edge of the bed.

"I know that! Hey neither am I." I said pulling the rolling chair closer to me.

"You're dick on the other hand? It's looking pretty bi curious." Jake's eyes followed my hand as I placed it on top of his warm dick.

"Tell me to stop if you're uncomfortable." Jake nodded as if in a sexual trance and I smiled. Tonight wouldn't be a bust after all.



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