After the first time me and Jake fucked, I started to witness the steady decline of the once vibrant, naïve freshman who had come over to my house last year for the first time. He was much less...well happy. We were virtual strangers who happened to fuck occasionally when Jake felt at his lowest point. Several times he'd get drunk, knock on my door, lay face down on my bed, and let me tear him a new asshole. Wanna know the sadistic part? Sometimes I could hear light crying as I pounded away at his hole, and it would just turn me on more. There I said it. His pain was my sexual delight, and every time I got to slide my dick into that warm tunnel I reveled in the moment.

However, one day Jake completely changed the name of the game. That night Jake texted me about wanting to come over, and "talk". I obliged, took a shower and waited for the sensation of his ass to be wrapped around the entirety of my cock. Sooner rather than later I heard that three tap, disparate knock that signaled that I would soon be dumping a load. I opened the door to the stud I had ruined. Disheveled, yet still enticing in a grungy way, Jake stood there, tall and bafflingly more muscular than he was when he had first arrived at university.

"Don't just stand there," I crooned. "Come in. Kick off your shoes...pants, underwear, and shirt too." I grinned hornily. Jake sauntered into my bedroom, and I closed the door shut. "Man I..have...been waiting...for this all....damn day," I said in between kisses on the nape of his neck while behind him with my hands around his waist." He stiffened as I started to stroke his dick through the fabric of his gym shorts.

"That's not the reason I'm here Stu." Jake pushed my hands from their normal comfortable position.

"That's fine," I said sliding my hands down the dimples in his back. "We can get right to business." I squeezed his ass cheeks roughly.

"Stop," he said pushing my hands away once again. Jake walked around the room tentatively smoothing his hair. "I've been trying to make sense of this for..months now.... I can't sleep."

"What the hell are you talking about Jake?" I said nibbling his ear with my arms around his hips.

"Dammit Stu I like girls!" Jake kicked the water bottle lying on my kitchen floor. "I don't get this. I don't understand why I'm here all the time, and it's driving me insane."

"If you like girls so much then why don't you go fuck one? What's the harm in alleviating a little pressure?"

I slipped my hands into his shorts and loosened the draw string. "You're thinking way too hard about this," I said revealing his skin tight AE blue boxers. "I make you feel good and you make me feel REALLY good."

"That's the thing," he said trying to ignore my roaming hands. "I dry heave after we mess around. I feel like I'm not my self. I-I can't sleep and when I do sleep I wake up covered in sweat...

"Shhhhh no more talking. I'll make it better." I rubbed his hardening cock and pushed his dick out of the brightly covered boxers with a quick motion.

"I just wanna be numb." He whispered stepping out of his boxers.

I turned him around facing me and his mouth hovered so close to mine that I smelled the Wint-O-Green mints he habitually carried with him. Soon his lips engaged mine in a desperate, greedy kiss that I didn't dare try and break.

I quickly lost my clothes in the fray ready to claim Jake as my own once more.

Jake's tongue explored my neck and mouth as my hands roamed freely over his jacked body. I pressed his long fingers down the crack of my ass. "Bury it all in me." I said nonchalantly leading him to my bed. Jake roughly jerked my boxer briefs over my ass with a look of sexual indecision. As if he was unsure as to how he had ended up here again.

Every moment after that was robotic and rough. Mind you Jake he'd gained some mass since our previous sexual encounter. His lean, sexy frame had grown into the body of a swimmer. Tighter, with six pack abs, and calves that could crush a walnut. I became painfully aware of his newly muscles frame as he effortlessly lifted me up off of the ground (much like the first time I had fucked him) and pressed me firmly against the wall, peppering my body with short pecks. He sensually assaulted my ear with his teeth as I closed my eyes, and wrapped my arms around his neck. Suddenly, Jake carried me to my bed, and flung me face down ass up. For a second I couldn't feel his presence, and I jerked my head to see where he was until...

"FUCK!" I screamed grabbing my bed sheets. Now I plainly saw the mop that was Jake's hair buried deep beneath my ass cheeks. After that I fell into sensory overload once again. I felt his tongue press against my ass hole and flick in and out. I grabbed on to his full head of hair in ecstasy as he continued to press his tongue into me with the added pressure of his forefinger.

I felt Jake lose grip on any part of him that used to be reserved. I now gazed at a man completely redefined by a sexual tryst. Jake flipped me over in the missionary, and popped my cock in his mouth while still working my ass. Next, he bobbed up and down my dick while using expert use of his tongue to lick the shaft.

"SHIT! You keep that up and I'll cum right now." Jake deep throated my entire length and grinned up at me as if to say, "Your ass is mine, and there ain't shit you can do about it." With that I knew he was right. I was absolutely enthralled by the way he was able to pump my dick and force his finger past my nearly virginal hole. Jake slurped the precum from my cock slit, and started to work two fingers into me. "Fuck me!" I exclaimed ready to feel his dick slide past my hole.

Jake hesitated for a brief moment before fumbling in my night stand for the lube I kept handy at all times. "You don't need that." I leapt up from the bed and took the lube from his hand. "Lay down." I commanded. Jake did as I instructed, and I took my position atop him. I spit crudely into my hand, and rubbed it on his rod. I refused to show just how much pain his dick caused as his dick head crept past my hole with a popping sound. With gusto I impaled my ass downward on his dick and stifled a loud, pained moan. Unlike the previous partners I had Jake lacked in neither length nor girth. With each upward thrust of Jake's hips my ass felt like it was being split into two. "Take it bitch." Jake said through gritted teeth while gripping my thighs."

I boldly pushed the entirety of his dick inside my tender sphincter again, causing my ass to throb. Newly encouraged Jake thrust into me slowly once more. The pain of every subsequent thrust nearly cause me to black out, but I grunted and bounced atop it ignoring the pain. Soon, he found a rhythm and the sound of his balls slapping against my ass with quick thrusts filled the room.

Jake panted like a dog in heat and grinded his hips upward.

"SHIT!" I screamed. "The throbbing pain was now a distant memory. "You're hitting my prostate."

My dick slapped against Jake's abs as the thrusts got deeper. Out of no where Jake flipped me back on my back while masterfully remaining inside of me. Sensually he grabbed my leg and removed my sock with his teeth. Jake grabbed onto my chest while continuing to piston in and out of me.

"Kiss me!" I demanded.

Jake obliged and kissed me nuzzling my lips with his tongue. We kissed sloppily, and with renewed passion. I broke the kiss and started to stroke my dick with fervor. Out of no where Jake started to sweat and groan in total euphoria. "I'm gonna cum!" We both shouted simultaneously, and surprisingly we finished that way as well. Simultaneously. I felt my insides become coated with his seed while my dick spurted several ropes of cum all over my face, abs, and chest. Giddily, Jake licked the cum from my body and collapsed sweaty and content on top of me. With his dick still inside.

The look on his face as he busted inside my ass spoke volumes. Jake was mine for as long as I wanted him. He pulled his hair back, pulled on his boxers, and sat silently in the corner of my bed with a mixed look of disdain and hatred across his face.

"I hate you," he said tears streaming across his face.

"No man. You hate who you are." As I said the words a delighted smile played across my face. I reached inside his boxers once more and cupped his face aggressively with my free hand.

"So pound the hate away." He stifled a moan as I once again had my way with the confused, broken stud, I had conquered.



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