I knew after our initial encounter that it wouldn't take long for me to bury my cock in Jake's ass. It was just a matter of time before his curiosity bettered him. First his cock would twitch at the memory of me deep throating him, and he'd grimace in disdain for his perverse thought of wanting an encore. Of course he didn't know that Viagra had given me the upper hand. Any man with that much of a growing erection would've succumbed to my advances. Yet, I was the only one privy to that bit of information which would bring him to question himself. He wasn't gay was he? Yes, he had let me suck him, but he was horny. But that didn't make him gay. Or did it? Lastly, he'd be infuriated. How dare I take advantage of him. He is so young, impressionable, and of course I knew what I was doing. That outrage would be what would allow me to fuck him because with sexual outrage came curiosity.

It had been a month before Jake allowed his curiosity to be satiated. I heard a quick angry knock at my apartment door on that day. Smiling I knew that I would get what my cock had yearned for for so long. While quickly shedding my shirt in my room, I ran bare chested to answer the door, and checked through the peep hole. It was Jake all right with his jaw set, and his arms crossed. I yanked open the door, and smiled cockily at him.

"What brings you back over here?" I said. "Haven't seen you in a while."

Jake pushed into the apartment. "Don't give me that bullshit, you know why I'm here."

"No," I said with fake modesty.

"You fucking raped me. I never wanted you to do that." Jake spat angrily at me pointing his finger.

"I honestly have no clue what you mean," I said leaning on the door frame. "If you're referring to me sucking your dick, I don't ever recall you telling me to stop. If I remember correctly you moaned like a little bitch while I did it."

"Shut the hell up, you knew I wanted your approval. I didn't- I never wanted that to happen."

As he stumbled on his words I noticed him quickly glance down at my chest. I started to chuckle slightly bemused.

"What? You think this is funny?" He demanded.

"You." I said amused. "You come up in here accusing me of shit knowing good and well that you loved every second of me pulling down your shorts-"


"Putting your dick in my mouth-."

"I didn't."

"And slurping your cum down like it was a vanilla milkshake."

"STOP IT!" Jake screamed at me with a red face.

"NO!" I said finally fed up with the verbal tug of war. "It's my turn to talk. You came to my home, and ALLOWED for me to do what I did because you're gay! That may be hard for you to accept, I don't really give a shit. All I know is that you're attracted to me. Even now while you feign anger towards me I can see your eyes roam over my body."

With that I slammed my door shut, and walked toward Jake slowly. "And I see the bulge in your pants start to become more prominent as I inch nearer to you."

It was when I could reach out and feel the jagged breathes of Jake that I knew that I had him. "You want a bite of caramel, but you won't bite." I said. "Allow me to do the honors."

With that I lifted Jake's head from it's downward facing posture and kissed him fully on the mouth. As I pressed harder against him Jake started to open his mouth and let me explore his mouth with my tongue. I greedily licked the nape of his neck while shoving my hand down his shorts. Jake awkwardly obliged my physical assault with stifled moans.

Sex with Jake felt carnal and provocative mainly because of our varying body sizes. Jake was almost as tall as me whereas he was lean like a basketball player I was built like a body builder. Therefore, it was relatively easy to lift Jake onto my body with his legs wrapped around my waist. My dark body enveloping his tan skin. I continued to kiss Jake roughly and dominantly as I carried him all the way to my bedroom shutting the door soundly behind me.

"Fuck." Jake moaned as I flung him on the bed and tore off his shorts. I climbed on top of him and unbuttoned his collared shirt easily with nimble fingers. Jake's body contrasted with my own in minor ways. Although my ripped, caramel body was more defined Jake's tan surfer body had a leanness that made me go hard as a rock." As I traced a path with my tongue down his body Jake became completely out of tune with his former shyness.

Jake's decision to wear tighty whities today gave me the opportunity to remove them with my teeth giving room for his dick to flop out once more. This time around I granted Jake no mercy. I edged the young stud several times not allowing for him to cum once he reached climax by forgoing stroking his dick with my tongue. With every foregone cum Jack bucked his hips eagerly into my still open mouth begging for me to finish the job. By the time I let him cum my sheets were stained with his sweat. Breathless,Jake sat up on my bed.

"Take off my belt." I said demandingly. Puzzled, Jake fumbled with the belt and I pulled down my boxers.

Now more lustful than ever, I pushed Jake back roughly on my bed while simultaneously throwing his legs over my shoulder. Jake yelped as I buried my face in his ass.

"I've never felt anything like that before." Jake said as I flicked my tongue in and out of his hole.

"SHIIITTTTTT" Jake squirmed uncomfortably as I stuck my forefinger into his sacrosanct hole.

SHIITTTT was right I thought! He had to have had the tightest hole I had ever felt. Even as I worked my finger in even more his hole clamped on to my intruder even tighter. I knew that the only way to loosen the boy cunt up was to fuck it loose with my seven inch chocolate bar, but I knew how hesitant the straight boy would be to let me fuck him.

I gathered up the cum from Jake's now soaked chest, and rubbed it on my dick as lube while continuing to work his hole and dick as to keep Jake in an unaware state of euphoria. I spit on his hole and on my hand at the same time while continuing to work him over. I put the additional lube on my dick, and checked to make sure he wasn't paying that much attention.

In one swift motion I stopped rimming Jake's sweet ass, and stuck at his entrance pushing hard so as not to give him opportunity to stop me.

"FUCKKKKKKKK" Jake's eyes fluttered open immediately, and he screamed bloody murder. Damn! His ass felt like a warm baseball glove being fitted on your hand for the first time. His hole seemed to wrap around my dick, and I wasn't even in entirely.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! MAN IT HURTS TOO BAD! Jake writhed in agony attempting to shit the unwelcome invader out which only allowed for me to gain more traction, and push the rest of it inwards.

"Shhhhh!" I said while thrusting my hips in and out of Jake slowly and attempting to ease the pain. "It'll feel better soon, I promise. The cries of agony made me realize how tight he truly was. No wandering finger had made its way up there for sure! I squirted lube on my dick to ease his suffering as his face turned red with pain.

"You're too big, man! Way too fucking big." Jake said whining.

"Don't be a bitch. Take it like a man." Agitated I ground my dick in deeper and covered my hand over his mouth. Sweat drizzled down my body as he clasped his hand over my own trying to remove the fingers stopping his screams. I slapped him playfully with the other hand, yet still rough enough to let him know who was in charge. After several more uncomfortable groans and a few more warning slaps Jake's cries of indignation and pain started to resemble that of pleasure.

"That's you're love button!" I giggled watching the stud start to groan as I intensified my thrusts. "It's like a G-spot for dudes." I watched Jake's abs contract as I pulled my dick out and shoved it all the way back in. After switching to cowgirl position I truly realized how sexy he was.

His hairless body was that of a twink, but I didn't feel like I was fucking a boy. His virile young cock sprung up with each thrust inward driving me completely insane. I played with his sandy brown hair, and his now hard brown nipples. While flicking the brown gems, fucking his ass, and stroking his dick Jake started to whimper, "I'm cumming again!"

And cum he did at the same time that I splooged inside of him. Breathless we both fell, exhausted on my bed. I firmly grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. He pulled away disgusted by this "gay" display of affection. I pulled out my dick and shoved it back in while stroking the back of his neck. His ass clenched and I harshly whispered in his ear, "You're my bitch." With those three simple words I grabbed his hips possessively and shoved into him again. Jake fell asleep that night completely and irrevocably ensnared in my arms.



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