Jake never fucked me like he did that day ever again. Our encounters from that point onward were frequent and reminiscent of one another. Jake would come over often unannounced, lay down on my bed with his ass in the air, and let me pound away until my heart's content. Jake still grunted with every thrust and I imagine that our fucking still caused his ass a considerable amount of pain due to my girth. Yet an innate sense of pleasure always washed over him after I finished and his face resembled that fact for a few moments before he realized where he was again. His self-hatred of himself and our relationship manifested itself in several ways. Often he would leave having tears in the corners of his eyes, and other times he would mumble about how exactly it was I had "tricked" him into bed once more (unbeknownst to him there were partial truths in his claim).

At this point in our sexual tryst I set out to gratify my undeniable thirst for sex with the straight jock with even further vigor. After one particular incident when Jake had a near mental break down sobbing about what the NCAA would think if they ever found out about his involvement with a man. Obviously I comforted him in the moment, but an evil idea formed in my head. I had utter and complete control of one of the hottest guys on campus. I wasn't confined to only fucking in the way he had grown the most accustom to. No, I could have Jake in whichever way I pleased if I only used the right words....

Later in that same week I texted Jake that I would be coming to pick him up after practice. I informed him that he was not to have showered, and that I would be waiting outside so he wasn't to be late. He replied "Okay?" rightfully questioning my motives. We rarely if ever spoke outside of the four walls of my apartment.

3:00 rolled around and a small trickle of athletes exited the gym. Jake made up the tail end of the group. I sometimes forgot how truly gorgeous he was. His forehead and sandy hair was drenched with sweat with the latter being swept to the side. His green eyes stared pointedly through my window at mine, and I smiled back an arrogant smirk.

"What are you doing here," Jake said nervously entering my car. "What if someone would have seen us together?"

"Lucky for you I didn't wear my 'I fucked Jake' t-shirt today," I retorted playfully starting the car. "Kiss?" I leaned over to press my lips against his.

"You're fuckin' sick man!" Jake disdainfully pushed my face away.

"Tsk tsk Jake! Now I wouldn't want anyone to find out about our little affair. The media would have a field day with that one!" I laughed and put the car in drive.

"What the hell man! You wouldn't tell anyone about this. No one would believe you." Jake shifted uncomfortably in his seat and stared hatefully in my direction.

"Ah that's the funny thing about the media my little basketball star. All it takes is one good suggestion and a willing interviewee and you would be out to the entire world." I rounded a corner. "Take off your seat belt you're gonna need free use of your appendages."

"What do you want from me?! I'll never come over to your fuckin' house again just leave me alone please. No one can find out about this!" Jake pleadingly jostled my shoulder.

"Touch me again and your secret is good as out." I said warningly. "Take off your mother fucking seat belt NOW." I leered menacingly. With that Jake removed his seatbelt.

"Good boy. Now unbuckle my pants. I wore shorts just for you today."

Jake looked over at me with a face full of disgust. "I'm not doing that."

"Well Jake then we have a problem because I'm hard as a rock." I smiled. "It's alright once I sell your story I could probably hire a really good cocksucker to-"

"Stop! I-I'll do what you want. Jake said hesitantly.

"Excellent!" I immediately took my throbbing member out of my pants as I rounded another corner. "You have about 15 more minutes until we're back at my place. We'll have even more fun when we get there."

Jake hesitated before grabbing my dick. I let out a hiss of satisfaction. I had been anticipating this moment ever since I thought of the idea. Slowly Jake lowered his mouth down and the warmth of his mouth enveloped it completely.

"Use your entire mouth boy." I pushed his head further down after a couple of minutes of him suckling the head.

Jake lurched up gagging with tears in his eyes. "Please man don't do this I'll give you whatever you want just-"

"Shut the fuck up Jake. You have about ten more minutes until we get to my crib to get me off or else I shove you out of the closet. You're choice." I grimaced annoyed at his reluctance.

Jake quickly gathered his wits and sucked dick for his life pushing down further on my dick and giving me immense pleasure. I moaned so loudly and almost drove into the back of the car in front of me. Losing his inhibition Jake started bobbing up and down faster on my penis. I decelerated the vehicle and pushed down further on his curly head of hair causing him to gag once more. "Use your tongue boy! We're five minutes out."

Jake gruffly muttered something I assumed was derogatory and started to more effectively use his tongue while blowing me. I felt my dick punching the back of his throat and his tongue licking the sides of my erupting cock. "I'm gonna cum soon Jake" I said calmly. "If you make any effort to not swallow my seed the deal is off and I go straight to CNN."

Tears slid down Jake's cheeks which I wasn't sure were from the blow job or his realizing that I would never leave him alone as long as I threatened him with our secret. At any rate I didn't care, and I pushed my dick further down his throat as my seed erupted in his mouth and I pulled into my apartment's driveway. Ropes of cum hit the back of Jake's throat. After I had finished Jake returned to a sitting position with cum dripping from his lips and contempt filling his eyes.

"Amazing man. Never had road head like that before. You are a natural." I smiled sadistically.

"Fuck you," he said making a move to wipe the cum from his chin.

"Oh no", I said grabbing his hand firmly. "I'll be doing the fucking tonight."

I swiftly grabbed the back of Jake's head and kissed him greedily licking all of the cum from his chest and lips before he shoved me away.

"Now get your little sweet ass in there." I smirked. "I'm far from finished with you yet."



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