Chapter Five

Louie was in turmoil.

Once again, Mark asked him, "Who did you tell?" His demeanor was threatening, and Louie grew truly frightened. He broke out crying.

"Please," he said, "I need to confess a few things to you. Let me talk, and don't say anything until I'm done."

Mark nodded, and looked at Louie with deep suspicion. He mumbled, "OK."

"I wanted to surprise you, and show you that I was becoming a solid citizen," Louie began, "so I opened an account with your investment company. I asked Sammy Kirkland to help me out. I give him most of my pay check every week, and he's a great manager, honey. My account is increasing in value by leaps and bounds."

"What's that got to do with anything?" Mark interrupted.

"Please darling, let me finish. Sammy asked me to have a drink with him one evening while you were on the road. I thought nothing of it. It was just two co-workers raising a glass together after work. He took me to a restaurant and bar. It turned out to be a gay establishment, and I pretended to be angry at him, because by compromising my reputation, he could be compromising yours. He told me that he was in the closet, but his gaydar suspected that I was gay. I told him that he was wrong, and he had missed the mark. He apologized for his actions, and urged me to keep his secret. I promised that I would, and he asked me to have dinner with him there anyway, because the food was so good.

"We both had way too much to drink, and Sammy didn't want to drive. His apartment is just a little way from the bar, and he invited me to sleep over. When I was alone with him, I completely gave in to my horniness, and Sammy and I had sex." Louie began to cry, and his shoulders began to heave.

"I'm so sorry, Mark. I just couldn't hold out until you got home."

"Did you tell him that I was gay?"

"Of course not. Jimmy told him."

"Jimmy? But how?"

"Jimmy tracked me down with the help of private detectives. He called me and said he was coming to take me home. I begged Sammy to pick him up at the airport, and let him stay at his apartment until I could convince him to go home and leave me alone. Jimmy told Sammy that you were gay, and that you had bewitched me, but he had come to break the spell."

"Good God. I thought we were finished with Jimmy. Why hasn't he gone home?"

"A crazy thing happened. He and Sammy fell in love. Jimmy is working at a gay bar called 'The Gaiety', and he's living with Sammy. They are a couple, and I swear, Jimmy is ecstatically happy. Sammy is also. They both wanted to let you know that they knew about you, and your secret was safe with them. They even hoped that the four of us could be good friends."

"This is unbelievable. One or both of them has gotten greedy. I can't lay my hands on that much money in so short a time, if ever. I'm wealthy, but not that wealthy. Add to that the reality that it's a weekend, and it makes matters even worse.

"Mark, honey," Louie whined. "It can't be Jimmy. The letter is too literate. He quit school a few years before I did, to start hustling. I can't believe that it could be Sammy either. He adores you, and he's grateful for the opportunity you gave him."

"You are mistaken about both of them. Maybe they're in it together. Sammy could have written the letter. He's the educated one. I want to confront them, and tell them that I can't raise that kind of money. Please call them and ask them to come here as soon as possible."

"But what if it's a different person?"

"They know about us anyway, so what does it matter? Maybe they would admit to having told someone else. We would then know who the blackmailer might be."

"OK. I'll call them. But what are we going to do, if the blackmailer goes public?"

"Nothing, godammit. I've got plenty of money and a good business. I might lose some stuffy clients, but I'll bet I'd get some new ones, maybe gays, just based on my sexual orientation. I'll just have to give up political aspirations. I really don't care, as long as I still have you at my side. You're more important than politics."

"Stop me if I'm wrong, but you sound like you wouldn't mind getting found out at all."

"I don't know if you are right or wrong, but I do know it would be a relief."

Louie called Sam. The poor man was awakened from a deep, after sex, sleep. It took him a moment to process what Louie told him. Louie wanted both Jimmy and him to come right over. Sam figured that Louie wanted to clear the air with Jimmy and Mark, so the four of them could breathe freely. He and Jimmy dressed rapidly and rushed right over to Mark's house. Sam was all right, but Jimmy was very apprehensive.

When they arrived, Sam was struck by the fact that Mark looked awful, and that he was very agitated. Louie was not functioning at all, so Sammy introduced Jimmy to Mark as his roommate.

"Cut the crap," Mark spat, "I know he's your lover, and that he and Louie were partners once, so let me get right to the point." He handed the letter to Sam. "I want you and Jimmy to read this." He was about to add 'please,' as his good breeding would have required, but he refrained from doing so.

The two men read the letter. Jimmy said nothing, but Sam gasped. "You don't think that Jimmy and I wrote this letter," he protested.

"Never, I swear," Jimmy chimed in. "I've never been happier in my life. I wouldn't want to jeopardize that, or Sammy's job. Now that Sammy is in my life, I can respect and appreciate what you and Louie have together. You've got to believe me."

"If not you, then who? You are the only two people in the world, who know my secret, our secret," Mark added looking at Louie. Louie was finally looking a little better.

"Did either of you confide in someone else, who might be doing this?" Mark asked.

"No. I swear," Sam whined.

"What are you going to do?" Jimmy asked.

"I'm going to put a note in the locker telling the bastard that I don't have that kind of money, and even if I did, he can go fuck himself. I'd rather lose my career than Louie."

Mark's language was something Jimmy could relate to. He nodded at Mark, as if to say, "Good for you."

"We've got your back, Mark, honest," Sam spoke for everyone. He held out his hand for Mark to shake.

"What if I staked out the box at the post office during the day?" Jimmy asked. "I work nights so it would be no problem. Sammy could take over when I go to work. The post office wouldn't be open too much longer after I leave. Chances are that the blackmailer doesn't know either one of us. We could take a picture of him, and maybe you would recognize him, Mark."

"But we have to make it look good," Mark explained, "because he'll be watching also. I'll put a big box stuffed with paper in the locker. I'll put the note in an envelope, and tape it to the box. I want him to think I put the money in the box. Then I'll mail the key. Hopefully he'll observe all that."

"It sounds like a good plan," Louie observed. "Just make sure you have your cell phones with you guys."

"I'll prepare the box with the phony money over the weekend, but I won't put it in the locker until Monday afternoon. The low-life, who is causing me all this pain, must realize that I couldn't possibly get the money before Monday morning. Hopefully he'll cut me enough slack to wait until then. I actually believe that if I deposit the 'money' during the weekend, he might get suspicious."

"I think your right," Jimmy said. "Just knowing that no matter what the final results are, we will all come out OK, makes this little sting operation kind of fun and very exciting. And there was a time that I thought there was no excitement outside of The Big Apple. I'm learning something new every day."

Jimmy's amusing confession considerably lightened the mood, and prompted Mark to say, "Louie, why don't you make us all a drink, so we can toast to the success of our little adventure."

"I never thought I'd say this, Mark, at least not while I was stewing back east, but I want to give you and Louie my blessings and best wishes. I hope we can be friends." Jimmy stuck out his hand, but Mark ignored it. Instead he enveloped Jimmy in a bear hug.

"I have a great idea," Mark said. "I've got eight spare bedrooms. Why don't we continue the party, and you and Sammy can sleep over. There are no servants here over the weekend. Tomorrow we can go skinny dipping, and have a great stag party."

Jimmy was at a loss for words. It sounded like Mark was inviting the assembled group to an orgy at poolside. He was afraid to answer, so he stared at Louie, who said, "I think that's a wonderful idea."

The party started at about the third drink. By then, all four of them had stripped naked. They started making out with their own partners, but suddenly Mark went over to Jimmy and Sam, and pulled them apart. He started to fondle Jimmy, and then Sam. Before anyone knew what was happening the three bodies were intertwined.

"Hey, don't leave me out," Louie protested. He joined the threesome, and now the foursome was fondling, kissing, sticking fingers up asses, and giving each other a great deal of pleasure.

Jimmy was the first to fall to his knees. He took someone's cock into his mouth. He wasn't sure whose it was. They all looked alike in their erect state. In fact, he didn't care whose it was. His ass was sticking out, and before he knew it, there was a cock probing at his asshole. He suspected immediately that it was Louie, but he was wrong. It was Mark. He was so inebriated, Mark was trying to enter Jimmy without protection and without lubrication.

He was very successful, very quickly. Jimmy's ass was a well-trained receptacle. He slipped right in, and immediately was rewarded with someone doing the same thing to him. It was Sam trying to enter Mark. Jimmy was sucking his old buddy, Louie.

All at once their thrusting took on a steady rhythm, and they were pumping in sync. Loud groans and alternate soft purring filled the room. Their orgasms were approaching, and they were cumming together. They all came within five seconds of each other. Nobody was willing to give up their prize, but eventually Mother Nature won out. They lay on the plushy living room carpet completely exhausted. Now the room was deadly silent.

It was Mark's home and he knew that it was up to him to make this whole occurrence all right.

"Wow," he said, "thanks guys. That was something else. I should get blackmailed more often."

The ice was broken, and everyone had a good laugh and a final good night drink. They all slept together in Mark's king sized bed. The first to stir was Louie. It was 10:30 AM.


On Monday afternoon Mark placed the package, with the note taped to it, in the locker. He put the key in a stamped, addressed envelope, and mailed it. At 2 PM on Wednesday, Mark's office phone rang shrilly. He was just packing up his desk, and was going down to his campaign headquarters, and to the equally busy desk which awaited him there. Before he could leave, Charlie buzzed him.

"I know you were just leaving, but there's a man on the phone who says his name is Jimmy Raye, and that it's urgent."

Mark's heart stopped beating for a second. He managed to say, "Jimmy, talk."

"I've got a good picture. I couldn't get a full face from where I was hiding, but I think you have enough for an identification."

"I don't know how I can thank you."

"I do, but it will have to wait for the weekend when you are off, or my next evening off, which isn't until next Tuesday."

"Do you have time to drop it off at my campaign headquarters before you head on to work?"

"I think I have time, but I don't know where it is."

Mark gave Jimmy the address, nodded at his staff, and ran out of the office. He grabbed a cab at the corner taxi stand. Roland was usually waiting for him in front of the office building, but he wasn't there, and he had no time to worry about that now. All he wanted to do was meet Jimmy, and look at the picture.

As soon as Mark was out of the office, Sam glanced at his phone. He was getting a text message from Jimmy. He immediately buzzed Louie's desk. "Holy shit," he said. "Jimmy has a picture."

Mark got to his campaign office first, and instructed the receptionist to bring in a man named Jimmy Raye immediately upon his arrival. "In the meantime," he said," I would appreciate not being disturbed before he gets here."

"Sure," the young woman smiled at him. She was madly in love with Mark.

It was only about ten minutes later that Jimmy arrived, but it seemed like ten hours. Mark locked the door behind him, and Jimmy pulled out his phone. He brought up the picture of a man opening the PO Box and retrieving the key. The man made no attempt to hide his identity. He wore nothing on his face, no baseball cap, and no hoodie. The picture was a three quarter view of the man's face. Mark peered at the picture intently. His cheeks were drained of color, and he began to fall over. Jimmy had to grab him.

"What's wrong?" Jimmy asked. "Do you know this guy?"

Mark began to sob. "Yes, I do. He's been like a father to me. It's my chauffeur, Roland."

To be continued......




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