Chapter Four

When Sam got home from work on Monday evening, there was a message from Jimmy with his flight arrival time. He hoped that Sam or Louie could pick him up at the airport late the following afternoon. Sam immediately called Louie.

Louie didn't want to make Roland suspicious, so he had him drive him home that evening, and then he dismissed him for the day. Sam intended to drive over to Louie's after the other servants left, and then return home after he and Louie had a go at it. They agreed that Sam would leave work a little early the following afternoon, and pick Jimmy up at the airport. They even prepared a little banner with Jimmy's name on it, so the two men could make contact at the airport.

Sex between the two men was particularly satisfying that evening. They got each other really hard with fellatio, and then fucked each other alternately. They agreed that, at this point in their relationship, they could forgo condoms. Fucking each other became even more intimate, bringing them closer together. They had a real problem separating that night.

At the airport the next day, Jimmy spotted his name on the homemade sign, and he approached Sam cautiously.

"Are you Mark?" he asked. Sam laughed.

"Jimmy, I presume. No I'm not Mark. Why would you think I was Mark? Mark is upstate campaigning. I'm Sammy Kirkland, and Louie asked me to pick you up."

"I assumed you were Mark, because he's the S.O.B. who stole Louie away from me."

Jimmy had just inadvertently outed Mark to Sam, and Sam's head began to spin. He was totally speechless.

"Whatayamean campaigning," Jimmy demanded to know, "and why couldn't Louie come here himself?"

Sam quickly surmised that Jimmy was unaware of the need for discretion. "Let's get going to baggage claim," he said. "I'll explain everything while we are driving to my place."

"All I have with me is a carry-on bag. I intend to take Louie home with me. We won't be staying very long."

Sam was tempted to say, that's what you think, but he decided to wait until he explained the situation. In the car, driving home, Sam filled Jimmy in on Mark's situation and his need for complete secrecy. "If you love Louie as much as you say you do, you'd better not do anything to hurt Mark. Louie would never forgive you," he warned.

"If he loves Mark so much, how come he fucked around with you?"

"Because I got him drunk and seduced him."

"I know my Louie well. If Mark's away for a few weeks, he could never abstain that long. I wouldn't be surprised if he seduced you. When the fuck can I get to see him?"

"Mark's chauffeur will drive him home after work, and then Louie will dismiss all the servants, and he'll come over to my place. He should be there in about two hours."

Jimmy smiled. "You're a pretty hot number, Sammy baby. Maybe we can all play together tonight."

"That's what I was hoping. Louie never said anything, but I'm sure it crossed his mind as well. What Mark doesn't know, won't hurt him. Besides, maybe he's fucking around on the campaign trail. Who could blame him? He's really hot, a real hunk."

When they got to Sam's apartment, Jimmy was prompted to remark, "Nice pad you've got here."

"I'm glad you like it because this is where you'll be shacking up until you go back to New York."

"I promise you. I won't be here long," Jimmy sneered.

"By the way, I only have one bedroom, and one bed."

Jimmy's sneer turned into a smile. "I can live with that," he said, and he grabbed Sammy around the waist. Jimmy pulled Sam close, and the two men began to kiss. It started with a peck on the lips, and became more and more passionate."

"Do we have time to play before Louie gets here?" Jimmy asked.


Sam had given Louie a key to the apartment. When he came bounding in, Sam and Jimmy were naked in bed together, and Jimmy was busily fucking Sam, doggie style. To his credit, Louie was not surprised, and he quickly joined them in bed.

When Jimmy saw Louie, he quickly disengaged from Sam, and began to smother Louie with kisses. No words were spoken as the three men fell into a daisy chain, and brought each other off in record time. Afterward, they stopped to rest. They lay silently in Sam's bed for quite a while.

Finally Jimmy said, "Please come home with me, Louie. I love you so much. I'm not the same without you."

"I told you, Jimmy. I'm never going back. I love you like a brother, and that's a love that's eternal. But I love Mark with all my soul and all my being. I can't be separated from him."

"I don't believe you," Jimmy yelled. "We've done everything together all our lives. We've never been apart before." He began to weep. Sam put his arm around Jimmy's shoulder, and brought their naked bodies together.

"Why don't you move here," Sam suggested. "You could stay with me until you get settled. The four of us could be great friends ... discreetly, of course."

Jimmy looked at Sam in disbelief. He could never move out of his beloved New York City, and what kind of job could he get in Phoenix? But there was something in the way Sam was looking at him. There was a kind of pleading in his eyes. He and Sam stared at each other. Neither talked, but they realized that they had somehow bonded to each other.

On the other hand, Louie was shocked and upset. If Jimmy was around him all the time, he wondered how it would affect his relationship with Mark. Casual fucking with Sam was one thing. He thought he could even involve Mark in that pastime, but a loving relationship with Jimmy could ruin everything.

"I'll tell you what, Sammy" Jimmy said, "I'll stay with you for two or three days and test the waters, and your western life style. I gotta check out the job market too. Then I'll make a decision."

Louie was frightened, but Sam's face lit up, and he held Jimmy even tighter, if that was possible. To celebrate the occasion, they all fucked each other, and Jimmy took middle position. Louie really didn't enjoy himself. He was too upset and distracted.

Afterward, while Louie was dressing, and getting ready for his trip home, Jimmy said, "This Mark guy is ripe for the picking. I'd bet he'd pay us big bucks to keep his dirty little secret."

Sam and Louie looked at Jimmy as if he were mad. Sam spoke first.

"Mark is a good friend, and a great boss. Nobody has ever treated me better. If you did anything to harm him, I'm not sure what I would be capable of doing to you."

Louie found his voice at last. He was boiling inside, but he said very calmly, "Jimmy, you know how much I love you, but I love Mark just as much, maybe more. We're soulmates. If you were to harm one hair on his body, I know I would be capable of killing you. I think that's kind of what Sammy had in mind also, but he didn't want to say it."

"Okay guys, I get the picture. Forget I ever said anything. I can't wait to meet this Saint Mark."

As soon as Louie left, Sam asked Jimmy if he had any special skills, and what kind of job he might be looking for.

"I've done some bartending. I liked it, and I think I'm pretty good at it."

"Terrific," Sammy said. "One of my clients owns a gay bar downtown. I'll call him in the morning, and make an appointment for us. I've made him lots of money, and he owes me big time. Besides, he's always looking for good help."

Jimmy actually got excited. He knew he couldn't go on soliciting forever. Most of his clients wanted young meat, and he wasn't getting any younger. He could actually see himself leading a life in the mainstream, with a companion he loved.

He pushed Sam into bed, and went down on him. Unfortunately Jimmy was still on Eastern Time, and he was exhausted from the airplane trip, and the recent lovemaking. He actually fell asleep with Sam's cock in his mouth. Sam gently twisted him around with his head on a pillow. He lay down beside him, and they both fell fast asleep, but not before Sam whispered in Jimmy's ear, "I've fallen in love with you, Jimmy. I'm not letting you go back to New York, except maybe to get your belongings."

The next evening after work, Sam took Jimmy to 'The Gaiety', the gay bar owned by his client. The only position available was that of bar back. Jimmy gladly accepted, with the promise that he was first on the list when a position became available as a bartender. Unfortunately, his hours were 4 PM until 2 AM, so any sex between him, Louie and Sam would pretty much be restricted to Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, his nights off.

During the next ten days, before Mark's scheduled arrival home, Sam and Louie indulged their desires as much as they could, but when Jimmy was on the scene, Louie felt like a third wheel, and it was fine with him. The more Louie got "left out" the more he pined for Mark. Jimmy and Sam were becoming so much an item that Jimmy decided to abandon his belongings in the rented apartment he had shared with Louie, and not bother to go back to New York. He could easily replace his wardrobe with clothing more appropriate to the Phoenix climate.

Mark returned early on a Friday morning, and went right to his office. He literally stormed in, spotted Louie and yelled at him, "Into my office! Now!" As soon as Louie closed the door behind him, Mark locked it. He grabbed Louie in a bear hug, and began to kiss him with fervor.

"God, I missed you," he whined. "Do you know how much I love you?"

"Yeah. About half as much as I love you."

Mark laughed and resumed kissing Louie. "I can't wait to get rid of the servants tonight and have you all to myself. But for right now, I have a ton of correspondence to get through."

"Well, I just heard on the news that you are leading in the polls by twelve points. That should brighten your day, boss."

"That it does; that it does. Now get your ass back to work. I'm not paying you to stand around and admire me." Mark gave Louie one last kiss and Louie left the room.

Shortly after lunch, Mark called Louie back to his office. They reviewed Mark's remaining schedule prior to Election Day. Mark was going to be out campaigning for the four weeks prior to the big day. He asked Louie to set up meetings for him with the city and town leaders, where he would be stumping. When Louie left Mark's office, he headed right to Sam's. He told Sam about the several weeks Mark would be away. He expected Sam to be excited, but he looked rather sad. Louie didn't realize that his friend was at a point where he didn't want to share Jimmy with Louie, except for an occasional threesome.

At home that evening, Mark and Louie gobbled up their dinners. They were anxious to get the servants out of the house, so they could start making love. No sooner did Mark sound the all clear, when the front door bell rang.

"Who the fuck...?" Mark uttered, and left the question hanging.

It was a messenger boy from a private delivery service, who asked for Mark. He gave him an envelope, which Mark signed for. He gave the boy a tip, and the lad bolted out of there.

Mark opened the envelope, and pulled out a letter. As he did, a key fell to the floor, which Louie retrieved. Mark read the letter and gasped.

"What is it?" Louie asked in alarm. Mark handed him the letter, and Louie gasped even louder than Mark had. He needed to read the contents out loud to convince himself that it was real.


Your sordid affair with that male prostitute, whom you call your administrative assistant, has not escaped my notice. It's just the sort of scandal, the media loves to print. Your political opponent would pay a king's ransom to have knowledge of it, but I'd rather deplete your bank account. It would give me great pleasure, and besides you can afford it better than he can.

The key will open a locker in the central bus station in downtown Phoenix. You have 24 hours to deposit $2,000,000 in the locker before I go public. My eyes will be on you, so I'll know when you have deposited the funds. Put the key in an envelope, and mail it to John Doe, PO Box # 427, at Post Office Station 62. If it is not delivered within 48 hours of its being mailed, I will go public.

"Louie, honey," Mark whispered in anguish. "Have you told anyone?"

Louie couldn't answer. His world was about to fall apart. All he could process at the moment was that either Sam or Jimmy had betrayed his trust. He had a hard time believing that either of his dear friends could do such a thing, but who else could it be?

To be continued......



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