Chapter Two

When Louie entered his apartment it was mid-Monday morning. A very naked Jimmy was in the kitchen making himself some breakfast. He had arrived home in the wee hours of the morning, after servicing two successive tricks. He was exhausted and decided to sleep in. He woke up a short time before Louie came home.

"Where the fuck ya been?" he asked, and went over to give Louie a hug, and a brushing kiss across his lips.

"Wait'll you hear the bonanza that hit me in the face," Louie began. He then proceeded to tell Jimmy about Mark's proposal.

"Wow! Did you get a down payment? Are you sure the guy is good for it?"

"Of course, I'm sure," Louie retorted with disdain.

"Great! Go get undressed while I make breakfast. Then we can hit the bed."

"Not today, Jimmy. I've been getting fucked all weekend, and I have to save something for tonight. There'll be no time off tonight. Mark wants me back at the hotel by 5 PM."

"OK then," Jimmy sounded very disappointed. "What say, we take a few days off after this Mark guy pays you, and we take a short vacation somewhere?"

"We'll see," Louie answered cryptically.

How could he tell Jimmy that he was head over heels in love with Mark, and that he couldn't even picture making love to Jimmy anymore?

Snap out of it, Louie's inner voice spoke to him. Mark will leave you on Saturday, and you'll never see him again.

As if he had to apologize to Jimmy for his unfaithful thoughts, he went over to his partner and enveloped him in a passionate embrace. As the two men hugged each other, Louie could feel Jimmy getting hard. He grabbed Jimmy's hardening rod.

"I have to save myself, but you don't," Louie laughed as he dropped to his knees and gobbled up Jimmy's cock. A few deft strokes, and Jimmy came groaning and moaning.

"It would have been better in bed," Jimmy laughed, "but I ain't complaining."

"After breakfast, I'll hit the hay with you, but just for a nap. Then I gotta pack a bag for the week, and head back to the hotel."

When Louie awoke from his nap, and started packing a suitcase, the whole business with Mark began to feel surreal. His old emotions for Jimmy were returning. He glanced at his lover, who was still in bed. Jimmy was smiling at him seductively, which prompted Louie to say, "It's very tempting, Jimmy, but I gotta resist you."

Louie showered, dressed and packed a suitcase with his only suit, dress shirts, socks and ties. He figured he wouldn't need much casual wear. Mark told him that he was taking him out to dinner every night, and that meant dressing up, especially with a classy guy like Mark.

Jimmy walked him to the door, and gave him a strong hug.

"Don't look so sad," Louie smiled at him. "I'll be back in the morning after Mark goes to work. We'll have lunch together."

"Yeah, sure." For some reason, it was the first time Jimmy had ever been jealous of one of Louie's customers.

Louie got to the hotel a few minutes early, and called Mark's room from the house phone. Nobody answered, so he sat down in the lobby to wait for the man he had fallen in love with. When mark got there, he rushed into the lobby. They spotted each other at the same time, and nodded slightly.

Louie followed Mark into the elevator, but the two men did not speak to one another. They got out at the same floor, but Louie walked past Mark's room. When he was certain that nobody was in the hallway, he doubled back and knocked on the door. Mark let him right in. Louie dropped his suitcase, and they fell into an impassioned embrace.

Mark began stripping quickly, and Louie followed suit.

"I want to shower before we go out," Mark said. "Let's play in the shower. We have plenty of time."

And play they did. They each brought the other to the edge several times by oral and anal sex. Louie kept thinking, why can't all my tricks be like this. I'm in heaven.

Mark kept thinking, I've found the man of my dreams at last. Why does he have to be so wrong for me?

At last they left the shower and started to dress. Louie wore the same dress suit he had worn the evening before. It was the only one he owned. Mark looked him up and down and smiled. "You are absolutely gorgeous," he told Louie, "but you can't wear the same suit every night. Tomorrow, before dinner, I'm going to buy you a few new outfits. I want people to envy me when we dine out, especially in a gay restaurant."

Louie didn't know what to say. Why would Mark invest so much time and money in him, when he knew that after Saturday they would separate, perhaps forever, or maybe only until Mark's next business trip to New York?

Louie spent the next few daylight hours cuddled up in bed with Jimmy. They never had sex on a work day so this was not a problem. Jimmy needed his rest, and recovery time, every bit as much as Louie did. Lying next to Jimmy, wrapped up in his arms, Louie began to question everything about his life. He thought that he loved Jimmy and always had, but what he felt for Mark was beyond anything he ever felt with his bedmate. He now knew true love. He ached to be with Mark. Each second apart was sheer torture for him.

It would have warmed his heart to know that Mark felt the same way. He could barely concentrate on his work that week. His thoughts were all on Louie and what awaited him after business hours. Instead of concentrating on his work, he began to conceive scenarios where he and Louie could be together forever.

On Thursday evening, Mark purposely took Louie to a gay restaurant. He wanted to be able to hold Louie's hand when he presented him with another proposition. The restaurant was as dimly lit as 'The Hangout' and Mark asked for a quiet, out of the way table to boot. They might as well have been alone in the restaurant, it was so dark, and they were so private.

They had a drink and an appetizer, and while they were waiting for their entrees, Mark popped the question. "Lou," he said "will you come back to Arizona with me?"

Louie was flabbergasted. "I can't do that," he blurted out. "New York is my home. I make a good living here. What in the world would I do in Arizona?"

"That's just it. I have a job for you."

Louie's eyes lit up. "Really? What sort of job?"

"I'm running for the United States Senate. I need an assistant. It's mostly a PR job, and I know you are really good at handling people. You'd be perfect. I'll teach you whatever you need to know. I'll give you a hefty salary for your work, of course."

"What happens to me after you win? What happens to me if you don't win?"

"My party is the dominant one, so I'm a shoo-in to win, and when I do you'll continue to be my assistant."

"That's great, but do you really think a gay man can win? I hear that Arizona is a really conservative state."

Mark took Louie's hands in his. "Listen to me carefully," he said. I am totally, 100%, in the closet back home. In order to further my political ambitions, I joined a very conservative party. I tout family values, and condemn the gay life style. I don't mean a word of it, any more than other politicians believe in the promises they make the people before the election. I figure that once I'm in office, I can effect more positive changes from the inside. Private Citizens stumping for their causes are generally ineffective. Change can best be made from inside the political system. You'll have to help me in that deception, Lou. The end will justify the means"

"Aside from the fact that living a lie like that disturbs me a whole lot, how will we ever be together if you are so closeted?"

"Sweet Louie, I live in a mansion. It's been in my family for decades. I inherited it when my folks were killed in a train wreck in Switzerland. They gave it to me instead of my twin brother, Terry, because I was working and living in Phoenix when they wrote their wills. Terry, on the other hand, was a globe-trotting play boy. My folks left him plenty of bucks, and he had trust funds going back to my grandfather and great grandfather. He took off after the funeral, and nobody has heard from him since. I have no doubt he has gone through all, or most of his inheritance. I even invested a chunk of money for him, and he depleted that account as well.

"I assure you nobody will think twice about one of my employees, especially my assistant, occupying a bedroom in my house, so that he can be at my beck and call. I have always had parties with beautiful women in attendance. We'll keep up that charade as well. Besides all that, my servants are day workers; none of them sleeps over, so we will be very safe. We can muss up your bed every night before we go to bed. We can do the same things once we get to Washington."

"This is too mind-boggling. I don't know what to say."

"Just don't say no. Think about it. We'll be together forever, and you'll live a clean life, no more hustling. I promise to give you all the sex you need, and good sex at that. I love you, Lou. Please consider this offer very carefully. I'd hate to go back to Arizona without you."

Mark lifted Louie's hands, which were still in his, raised them to his lips and kissed them. At that moment, Louie knew that he could never say no. He leaned across the table and gave Mark a closed mouth kiss that said yes.

That night, before they made love, Mark called the airline and procured a seat for Louie right next to his in first class. They clung to each other that night as if they were afraid something, or someone, would try to separate them. They made love sensuously, dreamily. Mark clamped his lips so tightly around Louie's cock, Louie couldn't free himself after he came. Later on, Louie clamped his ass so tightly around Mark's cock that he never fell out when he softened. They were so in love with each other that they cried after each orgasm. A little after midnight they fell into a deep sleep, holding on to each other for dear life.

Jimmy left their apartment every evening about 7 PM to begin cruising. Louie didn't know how he would tell Jimmy that he was leaving, so he decided to get to the apartment on Friday evening after Jimmy went to work, and pack whatever he needed. He would leave Jimmy a note. When he told Mark about his decision, Mark insisted on going with him. Deep down, Mark feared that Jimmy would be there, or return prematurely, and try to change Louie's mind.

"It isn't necessary for you to come with me," Louie stated emphatically.

"Are you ashamed to show me where you live? I swear I won't judge."

In the end Louie consented. They brought two new suitcases with them, but Louie had so little worldly goods, that they only filled one. They took the other one back to the hotel with them for the clothing Mark had bought Louie during the week. Louie showed Mark, the note he had written to Jimmy. Mark smiled and approved it.

Jimmy cane home Saturday morning expecting to find Louie. He was disappointed that his lover wasn't there yet. He undressed and showered, intending to wait for Louie while lying naked in their bed. When he started to climb into bed, he found a note on his pillow.

Dearest Jimmy:

I have always loved you. I still do, but I realize now that I love you like a dear friend, a brother even. I wish I could describe to you, the love and the passion I feel for Mark. We are truly soul mates. Our love making transcends all earthly matters. We are indeed transported to heaven.

Mark and I are leaving for Arizona early Saturday morning. We will probably be in the air when you read this note. Please forgive me. I pray that someday you will find a love as deep and as strong as I have found.


Louie had no idea, but Jimmy's love for him was every bit as strong as his love for Mark. Jimmy tore the note to shreds, fell on the bed and wept bitterly.

To be continued......



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