Chapter Three

When Mark's chauffer met them at baggage claim, Louie almost flipped. This was a new experience for him. He hadn't ever travelled anywhere before, and certainly had never been met at an airport by a driver from any kind of limo service.

Mark introduced him to Roland as his new personal assistant. Roland accepted Louie's position without question. He had been driving for the Amblyn family for nearly three generations. Mark was very fond of him, and when he mentioned retirement, Roland told him he was being foolish. He insisted he was years away from being put out to pasture.

A porter loaded their luggage into Mark's limo and Roland took the driver's seat. Mark and Louie sat in the rear. Mark gave Louie a few phony orders about arranging appointments for him, making sure Roland could hear.

Louie was fascinated by the landscape he was observing. At first they drove through a large city, but with streets twice as wide as in Manhattan. Little by little the topography changed into a desert like appearance. Saguaro trees, boulders, and mesas were in full and plentiful view. Brown colored mountains surrounded them. Roland turned down a dirt street, and started to ascend a mountain road. The limo climbed and climbed until it was almost at the top of the mountain.

A huge gate suddenly loomed up before them. Above the gate an iron grill spelled out the name AMBLYN. Roland pushed a button on his sun visor, and the gate slowly opened, making a grinding noise. They drove through the gate and Roland pushed the button again. The gate closed behind them. The limo continued to climb the mountain road, and then Louie saw his new home.

A magnificent desert estate lay before him. The exterior was all adobe and the roof was red clay tile. It was huge. It looked more like a hotel than a home. Louie gave out a low breathy whistle. "It's fucking bigger than Buckingham Palace." He had never seen the palace, of course, but when Prince William got married he saw pictures of it.

"I doubt it's bigger," Mark smiled back, "but I'll admit that it's very large."

Roland carried Mark's luggage to his room, and put Louie's suitcase in an adjoining room at Mark's instruction.

"This used to be Mister Terry's room," Roland announced rather sadly.

Louie and I won't be going anywhere today," Mark told Roland. "The trip was very tiring. Why don't you take the rest of the weekend off, and go home to your family. I'll have the cook make us dinner, and then I'll send her home too. Just be here the usual time Monday morning to take us to work."

"Wonderful, Mr. Mark. I will go home now, but you be sure to call me if you need me."

Mark introduced Louie to the cook, and they discussed dinner. Then he turned to Louie. "How'd you like to go for a swim before dinner?" he said out loud. Whispering, he said. "We'll have to wait for love until after the cook goes home."

"Go swimming? Don't tell me you have your own private ocean."

"No, but I have my own private swimming pool. Wait until you see the pool maintenance man. He's a real hunk, but I don't dare make a move on him."

"I can see that it's very fucking hard to be in the closet," Louie observed. What the fuck do you do for entertainment if you can't go to the bars?"

"First of all, Louie, I've got to ask you to watch your language. You are the administrative assistant to an aspiring US Senator. Secondly, we will go to 'the bars' as you put it, but to the straight bars."

"That doesn't sound like much fun, but I can live with it."

"How about that swim now? I'll lend you a swim suit."

"I thought we could go skinny dipping."

"Sure we can, and we will, after the cook goes home. Oh, by the way, I have two maids, but they won't be back until Monday."


Actually, Louie adapted more rapidly, and much better, to his job, than to living a closeted life style. He enjoyed arranging Mark's schedule. His main function was managing Mark's business meetings, and fielding problems from clients and from the investment managers on staff. Everyone in the office liked this handsome young man with the strange New York accent.

As for Mark's campaign, the party provided a manager for all that. Unfortunately, Mark would be stumping all over the state for the next two months, and Louie would not accompany him. Between Mark's secretary and him, they would have to keep things running smoothly at the office.

He and Charlotte established a great rapport right from the get-go. Fortunately Charlie was a middle aged woman, who thought that Louie was drop dead gorgeous, but she had no designs on him. Her husband, children and grandchildren were enough for one woman to love. Louie merely made her life easier at work. She could now stick to her secretarial duties, and Louie could manage the administration of the firm.

Louie had little need to spend any of his lucrative salary. Wherever he and Mark went, Mark picked up the check. When he was away, Louie never ate out. So one day, he approached the newest and youngest member of the firm, and asked him to open an account for him. Every payday, he gave Sam Kirkland about half his earnings, and asked him to invest it wisely and conservatively, which Sam did.

One Friday evening, after Mark had been gone all week campaigning, Sam asked Louie if he was free for dinner and some clubbing afterwards. Louie gladly accepted the invitation. To tell the truth, he loved Mark more every day, but he was bored silly with Mark being away so much. Sometimes he wished he could stay in the office forever. Roland drove him home every evening, and after the cook left, he wanted to scream in frustration. He came close to calling Jimmy several times. Sam's invitation was a welcome one. He didn't even mind going clubbing in a straight environment.

"Anyplace special you'd like to eat dinner?" Sam asked him.

"I'm new to Phoenix," Louie replied. "You pick the place. I'll have to tell Mark's chauffer not to pick me up tonight. Will you be able to drive me home?"

"Don't worry about transportation. I'll take good care of you."

Louie smiled at Sam. The double entendre never registered in his brain, at least, not immediately.

"So where are we going?" Louie asked.

"To my favorite watering hole, a bar and restaurant, so we won't have to go far after dinner."

"Terrific, and since you're driving, I hope you won't mind if I have a few drinks."

Sam grinned, and Louie finally realized how handsome the man was. "I might have a couple myself," Sam said. "I live right around the corner, so if I don't feel I should drive, we can crash there for the night."

"That's great. I wouldn't mind tearing one on. I haven't had a stiff drink since I left New York." Louie grinned back at Sam, and his grin was even wider. He still didn't get what Sam was suggesting. For a street wise New York hooker, he was being very naïve.

The minute they entered the restaurant, Louie saw the light. His gay body sensed immediately that they were in a gay bar and grill. He panicked. It was his job to keep Mark safely in the closet. He couldn't let Sam think that he was gay, or that there was anything going on between him and his employer.

He pretended indignation, by stopping dead in his tracks. "Fuck you Sam. You brought me to a gay bar. How could you compromise me like this? We'd both get fired if Mark found out. You've heard his speeches. He thinks homosexuality is an abominable sin, a mortal sin, if you will."

"I'm sorry, Louie. I didn't think you'd mind. The food here is the best anywhere, and I thought you'd be more understanding about these matters than The Boss. You won't out me will you?"

"Of course not. I'm not that kind of mean person. Besides, I don't approve of Mark's anti-gay rhetoric."

"Then I urge you to relax, and enjoy the great food, which is on me by the way. You're a client so I can charge it off for tax purposes," Sam laughed.

They went to the bar before dinner, and ordered their first drink. "You'd better pretend to belong to me, straight boy," Sam said. "You're getting cruised, and I figure you wouldn't know the signs."

"I don't know the signs," Louie lied, "but I am flattered. Tell me the truth, Sam. Why did you bring me here?"

"This is the truth, Louie. I have pretty good gaydar, and I suspected you were gay from the minute we met. I guess I owe you an apology."

"There's no need to apologize for a suspicion. You haven't done anything you shouldn't, like making a move on me."

Louie was burning up inside. He was getting hornier by the minute. Mark had been away a week, and would be away two weeks more. He couldn't wait until Election Day. Being in a gay bar was only making matters worse.

He and Sam were enjoying their second drink. The TGIF crowd was growing steadily, and the guys were very loud. They were both relieved when the waiter came to tell them that their table was ready. They finished their drinks just as their appetizer was being delivered and they ordered a third. At that point, Sam felt it only fair to warn Louie that he wouldn't drive him home, and Louie would have to stay at his place tonight.

By now Louie was three sheets to the wind. When he was with a customer back home, the bartenders always watered down his drinks. These drinks were very potent.

"That's fine," he assured Sam. "It'll be fun."

After dinner they returned to the bar, and had a couple of drinks more. They easily joined in on conversations all around them. Louie was more than delighted to be in his familiar environment again.

The crowd was getting larger all the time, and now bodies were being pushed together. Louie could feel hard cocks continually probing at him. He was sure that at least one of those rods was Sam's. He knew he had to have sex that night, and there was no question with whom.

He leaned into Sam, and crushed his hard member against Sam's. He whispered in Sam's ear, so that he could be heard. "I haven't had sex since I left New York," he lied. "Your gaydar was right on. I am gay, and I want to go home with you so badly. I know we have to keep this our little secret. Can we rely on each other?"

Sam replied, "I'd like to say my lips are sealed, but I want to wrap them around you cock, so I can't promise that." They both laughed, took each other's hand, and edged their way out of the bar.

On the short walk to Sam's apartment, Sam thought out loud, "I wonder what Mark would say if he knew about this?"

Louie's heart stopped beating. "I'm sure he wouldn't like it. I don't know what he would do to you, but I think he would kill me. After all, if it came out that his assistant was gay, it would taint his career."

Sam needed to show that he understood. "We'll have to be very discreet," he announced.

The moment Sam locked his front door, the two men started stripping. There was a trail of clothing from the front door to the bedroom. They fell naked on Sam's bed. Their lips and tongues found each other, and passion set in. Sam was overwhelmed by Louie's expertise and how good he was making him feel.

"Good God, man," he exclaimed, "you make love like a pro. I should have made my feelings known sooner."

Louie couldn't answer because all of Sam's seven inch uncut dick was occupying his mouth at the time, but he did have to smile to himself. Suddenly Sam pulled out of Louie's mouth. "I don't want to cum yet," he explained.

"Cum all you want. We have all weekend. If Mark wants me to do something, he calls me on my cell phone."

"Nevertheless, I want to cum in your ass, and not in your mouth."

"Be my guest, but suck my cock first. Then you can fuck me, and I'll fuck you. I need this so badly, Sam. It's been such a long time." Sam assumed he meant a long time since he left New York, but Louie meant since Mark went on all his whistle stops.

In fact they sucked back and forth several times, bringing themselves to the edge. It usually took Louie longer to cum with a condom on, than when he went bareback, which was only with Mark, and formerly with Jimmy. However, condom or not, by the time they fucked, neither could hold back, and they came in each other's asses almost immediately after entering.

They were lying together facing each other, fondling each other's cocks, when Louie heard his cell phone ringing.

"Shit." he said. "That could be Mark, and my cell is in my pocket." He jumped out of bed, found his trousers and retrieved his phone. He answered without looking at the caller ID.

"You fucking son-of-a-bitch," he heard. "I found you at last."

Louie jumped a country mile. It was Jimmy.

"How'd you get this number?" he asked. "It's a new phone, a company phone."

"I hired a detective and found out where you live and work. I called your office this afternoon and got your number. I decided to wait to call you, until I knew that you and Mark would be fucking. Did I catch you in the middle bitch?"

Louie started to cry and Sam became alarmed. "What do you want?" Louie sobbed.

"I want you, you bastard. I'm coming to bring you home where you belong. You belong to me, and I'm not letting you forget it."

"Yes, Baby, come and get me. I need you so much. I love you so much." Now Jimmy started to bawl.

"Hold on a minute, honey," Louie said. He turned to Sam. "My boyfriend is coming to Phoenix, and Mark must never find out. Could he shack up with you when he gets here?"

"I only have one bedroom."

"He's a hunk. Trust me. Neither one of you will mind at all."

"Sure. Why not. The more the merrier."

Louie returned to Jimmy. "Honey, get a pencil, and take down this name, address, and telephone number. I've arranged for you to stay with a co-worker while you are here." Louie recited Sam's name, address, and land and cell phone numbers.

"Who's he?" Jimmy asked.

"He's the guy who just fucked me," Louie answered, and Jimmy started to laugh so hard, he couldn't stop.

To be continued......



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