Chapter One

'The Hangout' was a different kind of gay bar. Sure, it was located in New York's Greenwich Village, but any resemblance to the other gay bars in The Village, ended there.

'The Hangout' was very dimly lit. No blaring disco music was played there. The only music featured was an occasional piano player, who confined his playing to soft love songs, generally from Broadway musicals. It was quiet, intimate, and nearly impossible to see two feet in front of you. As a result, the bar attracted gay men who required discretion. The average patron was a married business man from out of town. Away from suburbia and Middle America, the patron hoped to make a connection for a one night stand, before returning home to the wife and kiddies, and to his self-imposed closet of deception.

With that kind of clientele, the bar attracted another element of New York's underground community. Young, handsome, hookers patrolled the bar, and they had no trouble picking up a customer, sometimes more than one in a night. The customer generally had a hotel room to go to, and if he didn't, he was happy to rent one for a few hours, or for the night.

Mark Amblyn was a typical, closeted patron of 'The Hangout.' Back home in his red state of Arizona, he was the CEO of a financial investment firm. He was in his early thirties, and very, very good looking. He spent hours in the gym located in the basement of the office building his firm occupied, and as a result, he was a real hunk. He was born to great wealth, and he made very big bucks on his own. He could have scored with any man he wanted, but his position, and the conservatism of his working and community environment, kept him frustrated and generally miserable.

Mark was often seen with a beautiful woman on his arm. Occasionally, one of them was even able to arouse him, and he would have sex with her, but he rarely saw the woman again. Mark was one of those wise individuals, who knew that getting married would not change his sexual orientation. He had no intention of tying any knots. He was content to satisfy his needs on the many business trips he had to make during the year.

The cities he visited were far from his home in Phoenix. He had no fear of being recognized in gay bars wherever his work took him, and where he went to find a partner for the night. One of his favorite places, and most successful, in terms of making contacts, was 'The Hangout' in New York. He went there as often as he could. Even when he could have sent a subordinate on the business trip, he preferred to go himself, because it afforded him an opportunity to visit 'The Hangout.'

Mark was meticulous and extra cautious. He rarely stayed at the same hotel twice. He didn't want to get pegged as a 'regular' and risk being recognized by hotel personnel.

Louie Gardella was one of the hookers who cruised 'The Hangout.' He was an Italian stallion of exceptional beauty. He worked out a good part of every day in a gym, and fucked all night as he plied his trade. Returning patrons often sought him out. Some of his trusted regulars even had his E Mail address, and pre-arranged a tryst. Louie was twenty-five, black curly hair, kept short, and dark brown eyes with lashes that were so long they should have been trimmed. He distinguished himself with a tattoo of a heart located strategically on his left ass cheek.

One Saturday evening, on a warm and muggy summer night, Mark entered the bar, looking for action. He had arrived just two hours earlier, and would be in New York until the following Saturday morning. He had changed into a pair of worn denim shorts, and a tank top shirt. He was wearing a dirty old pair of white sneakers, and no socks. He may have been a gorgeous hunk of man, but he certainly didn't look like the millionaire that he was. He spotted a seat at the bar, and sat down, waiting for the bartender to take his order.

Louie walked in, practically on Mark's tail. It was too dark for him to spot his prey for the evening. He needed for his eyes to adjust to the near darkness, and then he would start roaming around. He hoped that an old customer would recognize him, and approach him. Things were easier that way. When he came on to a prospective new client, he had a lot of selling to do. He decided to have a quick drink at the bar while his eyes were getting used to the darkness.

When he got to the bar, he saw that there were no seats available. The bartender was standing in front of some guy, taking his order. Louie sauntered over to the bartender, and before he could get away, he gave his order as well. Mark turned around to see who was standing behind him. His eyes met Louie's, and he literally stopped breathing for a moment. Mark had never seen a man more handsome. He was dressed much like Mark usually dressed, like a model in GQ. He was wearing a suit and a tie, and looked very classy and successful. Mark's desires kicked into overdrive, and he decided to make a move on the guy.

He stuck out his hand to shake, and said, "Hi fella. My name's Mark. Can I buy you that drink you just ordered?"

Louie was delighted. He was very attracted to Mark. He couldn't say that about most of his clients, and he dared hope that Mark would say yes, when he would solicit him. He had great doubts about success with this man. He was too good looking to pay for sex.

"Sure you can," Louie said. "Thanks."

Mark swiveled his bar stool around so that his whole body was now facing Louie. Louie could see that Mark was staring at his package. "You like what you see?" he asked.

"Uh huh," Mark whispered, and licked his lips. "After we have our drink, would you like to split this place, and join me in my hotel room?"

"I'd love to handsome, but I don't come cheap. I get $200 for the evening, and $500 for an all-nighter."

Mark was taken aback. The young prostitute was right about one thing, Mark had never paid for sex before. That didn't matter. He knew that he had to have this young man, so he said, "Ok. We're on for an all-nighter." Louie was more excited than Mark. At last he found a trick he was attracted to, and could actually enjoy having sex with.

The drinks arrived and Mark paid. He turned back to Louie. "Are you going to tell me your name?" Mark asked.

Louie leaned into Mark, and gave him a passionate kiss with lots of tongue. When he withdrew, he said. "I'm Jonathan Carrington III. I live across the river in Short Hills, NJ, and I'm a graduate of Princeton University. What else do you need to know?"

Mark didn't believe a word of it. The guy was a prostitute, plain and simple. Why was he trying to impress? Bigger fees, perhaps?

Usually Louie sipped his drink slowly and made small talk, so that his tricks would be relaxed. He wanted his clients to know that he was a sweet and cultured guy. His intention was to gain their trust. To some extent he relied on repeat business and referrals. He gave his men their money's worth, and never once stole anything from a drunk customer. He had plenty of opportunity to do so.

Tonight everything was different. Hooker and client practically gobbled their drinks, and left the bar in a hurry. When they entered Mark's room, he double locked the door, and the two men fell into each other's arms. Their lips met; their mouths opened; their tongues joined. They kissed with passion and resolve. They both knew instinctively that this was going to be one hell of a love making session.

Mark had never been with a call boy before. Kissing passionately was the way he began all his encounters, but for Louie it was another story. He didn't know what had come over him. His feelings overwhelmed him. He had never kissed a client before. Most of them would not have tolerated it. He just went right to business, doing whatever was asked of him. He may have been confused, but he was happy about it. He was aware that he wasn't doing business, he was making love.

The only other person in the world that he made love to, was his BFF, roommate, and fellow hooker, Jimmy Raye. They lived together and slept together, but they rationed their love making to one day a week. They had to conserve their energies for their customers. They took Mondays off and made love all afternoon. They always quit by 5 PM, so that they would be well rested and recovered by Tuesday evening.

Mark started to strip, and Louie took his cue from his client. Before he removed his jacket, Louie took four condoms and a tube of lube from his pockets, and placed them on the bed stand. Mark smiled at him. "I intend to use every one of those rubbers, and the whole tube of lube. If necessary, I have more in my suitcase, and more lube too."

"Do you always keep your promises?" Louie asked.

"Always. I'm a man of my word."

By now Mark was naked. He fell on the bed on top of the sheets, and held out his arms, beckoning Louie to join him. Louie fell on top of Mark, and was immediately enveloped by the larger man's arms. Louie felt like he had been enclosed in a cocoon. Mark's very erect seven incher was crushed against Louie's seven and a halfer. The two men began to dry hump each other, and when Louie realized that both men were beginning to orgasm, he stopped.

He slithered down Mark's body, and he began to make love to his trick, only as he did to Jimmy. If the truth be told, he was even more passionate in his efforts, than he was with Jimmy. His tongue found Mark's neck, but he was careful not to cause a hickey. He flicked in and out of Mark's ears, leaving Mark moaning with pleasure. Then he nipped at Mark's nipples, went down to his innie, his pubes, inside his thighs and legs, his toes, and finally Mark yelled, "Take me before I explode."

Louie began to run his tongue up and down the underside of Mark's prick, and Mark sighed from the slight relief he was feeling. Louie could feel Mark's ball sac shrinking, and he took his whole cock into his mouth. His tongue continued to swathe up and down the shaft, and his lips pumped sensuously on the outside of Mark's pulsating rod.

Mark didn't have to alert Louie; they both knew. Mark's orgasm began to develop in his toes. It radiated outward up his legs and into his scrotum. He began to groan with unbearable ecstasy, as he shot his load into Louie's mouth. He could barely breath, but he said, or rather panted, "Don't swallow it all. Save some for me."

Louie always did whatever his clients asked of him. He didn't release Mark's cock until he felt it softening slightly. Then he climbed up to Mark.

"Kiss me," Mark instructed, "and pass my spunk on to me."

Of course, Louie did just that. Mark pushed him back on the bed, and to Louie's utter surprise and delight, Mark went down on him. He bathed Louie's cock with his own cum, and sucked steadily but gently. Louie's body began to buck almost immediately. He started to groan and moan and he yelled out, "Here I cum." He gave up an even bigger load than Mark's. Mark swallowed every last drop.

When Louie calmed down, the two men lay side by side, holding hands.

"Wow," Louie said, "that was something else."

Mark looked at Louie and kissed him once again. "What do you say, I send for room service and we have dinner, and after dinner we can fuck each other?"

"I say that's a great idea. Most of my clients want to fuck me, but they never want me to fuck them," Louie admitted candidly. It seemed that he could not lie to this man, except about his identity.

"Jonathan, can I ask you something?" Mark said almost sheepishly. "I'm going to be here until next Saturday morning. What would you charge to be with me for the rest of the weekend and all next week, until I leave on Saturday morning?"

Louie was flabbergasted at Mark's proposition. Based on appearance only, Mark didn't look like he had much in the bank. He rationalized that the axiom, you can't judge a book by its cover, was being proven right here.

"Wow," Louie grinned at Mark. "I didn't see that coming. Well, that's seven overnights including tonight. That would be $3500, but what would you say to a flat fee of $3000?"

"I'd say it's a deal. You can do whatever you want from nine to five, but I'd want you here by five every night. I'd like to take you out to dinner every night. I'm not crazy about hotel room service."

"That'll be great. I'll go home Monday when you go to work, and pack a bag."

Mark kissed Louie again. In fact, he couldn't keep his hands off him. "It's going to be one hell of a week, baby," he said. "Do you want a down payment?"

"That won't be necessary. I trust you Mark."

After room service removed the dinner cart, Mark and Louie stripped again. "Let's shower together," Mark said. Louie was happier than he could remember ever having been. Mark was treating him like a lover, in fact, like a king. He didn't look down on him for being a lowly prostitute, as so many of his client's did. He followed Mark into the shower.

Mark didn't let Louie wash himself. Instead, he thoroughly bathed the younger man. He made sure that Louie was sparkling clean under his foreskin, and he reamed his asshole with a soapy finger, to make sure that it was sweet smelling and clean as well. He fell to his knees and began to rim Louie's ass. Louie started to cry with joy, and he became embarrassed. He tried to hide his condition from Mark, but Mark was fully aware.

"Let me wash you now," Louie requested. He repeated everything Mark had done to him and added a few sensuous licks to Mark's cock. Eventually they got out of the shower, and ran to bed.

That night they used all four of the condoms, which Louie had brought, and the entire tube of lube. As they were falling asleep, Mark said, "After breakfast I'll buy some more. I don't think I have enough in my suitcase."

On Sunday morning they put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, and relied solely on room service for sustenance. By the end of the day, the room service attendant was giving them sly winks. This violated Mark's rule of maintaining a low profile with the hotel staff. He would have preferred complete anonymity, but at the moment, he didn't care. Sex with Louie was obsessing him and clouding his judgment.

They spent the entire day and night making love. Both men were very happy campers. Parting on Monday morning was torture for both of them. It was all they could do to tear themselves apart.

As they were reluctantly separating, Mark asked, "Jonathan, what's your real name?"

"Louie Gardella," Louie answered. "Tonight I'll tell you all about me, and he gave Mark one last open-mouthed kiss.

To be continued......



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