Sorry for the long wait. Thx for all the positive comments and loving support! I promised sex soon... so here it is... I might later on down the road actually take all the parts and put them together and make an actual book out of it.... just a thought. here's part 8! Enjoy!

Over the next couple of weeks, the weather was getting colder and classes were getting wrapped up for Christmas holidays. Kids were getting antsy on the last day before classes let out and I didn't blame them. I couldn't wait for school to let out either. I still hadn't found a gift for Wes yet and I needed to find it quick. I went to find Mona after I grabbed my bag from my locker and asked her if she would go with me to the mall to pick out something for Wes.

We got to the mall and it was busy due to it being so close to Christmas. We looked at jewelry and stuff macho guys were into. I didn't have a clue. I saw a silver watch that he might like and bought it and had it wrapped. We left and Mona dropped me off at my house. I went inside and went to my room and put Wes' present in my dresser for safe-keeping and went downstairs to help Mom put up Christmas decorations. I have always loved decorating for Christmas, cuz it helps me get in the spirit of the holidays. It also helped that Wes came by and assisted. I hung up the mistletoe in the front entryway and Wes came by and put his arms around me and kissed me with so much love. I looked up into Wes' eyes and felt so full of love. Tears sprang in my eyes and Wes noticed them.

"What's wrong babe? Did something happen that made you upset? he asked me with a look of worry.

"Nothing is wrong. I am just so happy that I have found someone that loves me for who I am." I replied. Tears fell from my eyes and Wes wiped them away with a kiss.

"I love you Wes and you make me so happy I just want to shout it from the rooftops. Why don't you and your family come by for christmas after you visit your family?" I said and then a look of sadness came over his face while he turned away from me.

"What is it? What's wrong?" I said concerned. "My parents won't be in town for Christmas and I will be home alone." he replied. I put a hand on his cheek and turned him to face me. "Well then you will have to spend Christmas Eve with us and spend the night!" I said with a smile. Wes returned a smile and said, "I would love that!" We finished decorating and then went to sit by the fire while Mom brought us cocoa with marshmallows and she and Dad cuddled on the couch while my sister Beth was laying on the floor with a coloring book.


Christmas Eve came in a bright burst of sun that filtered in my room. I smelled coffee and turnovers that Mom makes every year! I stretched and went to the bathroom before I headed to the kitchen. I greeted Mom with a kiss on the cheek and got me some coffee and snatched a biscuit from the basket and sat next to Dad at the table and he handed me the funnies from the paper. After breakfast I called Wes and asked him what his plans were for the day and he wanted to know if I wanted to come over. I said I would and went to get ready.

After I took a shower and got dressed, I told my parents that I was heading over to Wes's and that I would be back in time for Christmas Eve service at church. Wes was parked in front of my house and I bounded to his car with a big smile on my face. I got into the car and leaned over and gave Wes a big kiss on the lips! Wes broke the kiss and drove to his house.

We arrived at Wes' house and went to his room. I was in awe because his house was so much nicer than mine. I looked over at Wes laying on his queen sized bed and went to lay down next to him. Wes moved over to give me room and I laid my head in the crook of his arm while he looked into my eyes.

Wes leaned down and pecked a kiss on my lips and I ran my hands into his hair. I felt his hand run under my shirt and rub my stomach heading for my chest while he looked deep into my eyes. I pulled him down for another scorching kiss as he tweaked my nipple. Wes climbed on top of me and ground his hips into mine and I pushed back. My hands were running the length of his back and I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and yanked it off!

"Wow!" I whispered as I ran a hand over his bulging pecs and rippled stomach. He had a slight tan from being outdoors. He had a smooth chest with a dark trail that lead from his belly button into his pants. Wes Grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it off as well.

"Wow yourself babe! You're sexy!" he replied about my 5'6" frame. I didn't have any definition like him but I didn't have any fat either. Wes wrapped his arms around my shoulders and kissed me deeply while continuing grind our hips together. I could feel his hardening cock rub against mine and I liked what I felt. I unbuttoned his pants and shifted them down so I could free his engorging member. Wes stood up and dropped his pants and his cock sprang up against his stomach with a small smack. My -eyes widened as I took in a 8 1/2" bulbous-headed cut cock. It was as thick as a beer bottle. Wes bent down and undid my pants and shrugged them off. My cock smacked my stomach with a loud thwack. I had 7 1/2" cut and about half the thickness.

Wes dropped to his knees and grabbed my cock and looked into my eyes waiting for me to give permission and I just raised an eyebrow. Wes stuck his tongue out and flicked the rim of my head and swirled it around getting it nice and wet before he swallowed the whole thing!

I thought I was gonna pass out! Wes' mouth was so warm and wet and doing a hell of a blow job! Wes was bobbing up and down running his tongue in circles, driving me up the wall! It didn't take long before I yelled, "I'M GONNA CUM!!!!!!!" I shot five or six strings of hot jizz in his mouth and he swallowed it all! I collapsed on the bed breathing heavily as Wes climbed up next to me and held me while I calmed down. I turned to looked at him and he just grinned at me.

I finally got my breath and rolled Wes onto his back and I climbed on top of him. We kissed for a little bit and then I moved down to such on his nipples, getting them nice and hard. I noticed that everytime I touched one, Wes would jump a little. I had to be careful or else he would shoot before I got down there. I continued on down his stomach and when I got to his crotch, I bypassed his cock and went for his nuts. I circled my tongue around one and then then other. I sucked one into my mouth and Wes gave a low moan as I sucked on each ball carefully. His cock was spewing lots of pre-cum as I worked on his balls. I finally moved up and grabbed his cock and swirled my tongue around his bulbous head, tasting his sweet nectar. I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock a few time when he told me to quit torturing him. I finally moved to his head and slowly sucked it into my mouth, giving lots of suctioning pressure like a vacuum. I bobbed up and down for a good ten minutes and then Wes' body started to tense and I could tell he was about to shoot. I felt his cock expand and I stopped sucking and got a blast right in my face! I then closed my mouth over the head and sucked all he had to give! I swallowed all that I could and then I moved to swap some of his sweet load that I saved with him. Wes licked his cum off my face and we swapped it as we made out for a while.

I laid my head on his chest and held him as he calmed down. "Wow babe, that was the best blowjob I have ever had!" he said as he kissed the top of my head while wrapping his arms around me. We cuddled for at least 45 minutes when Wes said, "I guess we better get washed up, huh?" I smiled and gave him a quick kiss as I got up to go into the bathroom and start the shower. We showered and we washed each others bodies while making out under the hot water. Soon we were both hard again and Wes had his hands wrapped around me washing my chest and stomach. I could feel his hard member poking me in the back and I moaned. "I want you to fuck me Wes. Right here and now! Please! I want you to take my virginity!" I said and he pulled my face towards him and asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded and we got rinsed off and Wes turned off the shower. He grabbed a couple of towels for us to dry off with and led me back into his bedroom and laid me on my back on the bed. He dug in his side dresser and found the lube. Wes put a copious amount on his finger and rubbed it against my hole and swirled it around loosening me up as he did. He then poured some more and slowly stuck two fingers in loosening me up even further. He was gentle as he could be! When I couldn't stand it any longer I yelled, "FUCK ME NOW!"

Wes took his time kissing his way up my body while hooking his arms under my legs and set them on his shoulders. I could feel his engorged member poking my ass. I guided Wes' cock to my waiting hole and told him to push. I gasped as he broke through the first ring and Wes paused so that I may get used to the invasion. I nodded to Wes to continue and he broke through the second ring and continued to fill my ass with his huge cock until I felt his balls smack my ass. Wes bent down and pecked me on my lips and slowly started to push and pull his cock. Oh what a wonderful feeling it was! Wes was taking his sweet time and letting me get used to him fucking my ass. After a few minutes the pain went away as he hit my prostate and I told him to go faster. Soon Wes was pounding my ass which was making my head flop side to side.

"OMG Wes! That feels amazing! Oh yeah Wes, fuck that tight ass! Make it yours!" I moaned and whimpered as he assaulted my tight hole. Soon I could feel the pressure build in my nuts and I knew I was fixing to cum.

"Oh Wes, I'm gonna cum! Cum at the same time with me! When I tell you to cum, do it! Oh, I'm getting close... Here it comes! Cum NOW!" I yelled as I came for the second time. I could feel Wes' cock pulse as he filled my ass with his hot jizz, making me his forever.

Wes rolled over onto his back and covered us both up with a sheet.

"Wow Wes, that was so hot!" I said turning on my side and looking at him. I pecked him on the lips and then looked at the time.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna be late to church!" I yelled and jumped off the bed and grabbed my clothes. Wes laid on the bed propped on his elbows watching me panic. He chuckled and got up and got dressed.

Wes pulled up to my house and I gave him a quick kiss and bolted towards my house. I waved and blew a kiss as I headed inside and yelled, "Mom, Dad? I'm back!" I heard my mom in the kitchen yell back for me to get dressed for church as I bounded up the stairs and into my room. I quickly changed into my sunday best and went to join my parents in the car. We went to church and then headed home after it finished and I headed to bed. I texted Wes and told him that I loved him. He responded back the same and I went to sleep dreaming of my encounter with Wes.

To Be Continued....



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