I woke up to my blaring alarm clock/radio, so I rolled over and punched the snooze button. I got up and went into the bathroom to empty my bladder. I started running the shower and got in, still sleepy wanting to go back to bed. After my shower, I went to my closet trying to decide what to wear... I decided on a dark blue snug fit v-neck and my dkny jeans. After I dryed off with my towel, I put on my boxers and socks. Then I finished getting dressed and got my school bag ready with everything I needed for school, and went down for breakfast with my parents and sister. Mom was in the kitchen cooking waffles and eggs with bacon. Dad was sitting at the table with the paper in one hand and his cup of coffee in the other. Beth was in front of the t.v. watching her cartoons. Dad looked up from his paper and saw me and gave me a warm smile and said, " Morning sleepyhead." I asked if there was any more coffee. My dad pointed to the kitchen and I got up and got my coffee. Mom greeted me and I gave her a peck on the cheek, telling her good morning. I went back into the dining room and dad asked me, "Are you excited to be a senior?" I really wasn't that excited, because I am not popular except in my small circle of friends. After I ate breakfast, I put my dishes in the sink and told my parents that I was going to school. I headed out the door and walked over to my friend Mona's house so I could catch a ride with her like I always do. I got to her house and knocked on the door and Mona answered the door with a look of desperation. "I have nothing to wear on our first day of being seniors!" I just smirked at her and told her that I would help her find something to wear. We went upstairs and as I walked in her room, I thought that her room looked like it was hit by a tornado because there were clothes all over the place! "Damn, what the hell happened?" I asked, and she turned around and gave me a look of annoyance, and asked me "Are you not going to help me find the perfect outfit so I can look good for me boyfriend, Tony?!" I looked at her and chuckled and said, " I don't think Tony really cares what you wear because he already thinks your beautiful." She let out an exaggerated sigh and laid on her bed. I went over to her closet and looked through everything that she hadn't thrown all over her room and told her to stand up so I could pick different items of clothing and make an outfit for her to wear. I finally decided on a purple v-neck with a white overtop with a plunging neckline, and blue skinny jeans and black converse for shoes. I told her that she should go put it on in her bathroom, so she grabbed the outfit and I sat on her bed and waited for her to come out. I and if you haven't figured it out, I'm gay! The only people who know about it are my parents and Mona and Tony. Nobody at school knows about my orientation, and I don't want anyone to know about it either because there are people at school who are not that accepting of gay people! I looked at her bedside clock and saw that we had to be at school in 15 minutes! I jumped off the bed and told her to hurry up or we would be late to school. We finally got our stuff and left, saying goodbye to her parents. We climbed in her car and she drove to school. On the way to school she asked me if I was finally going to get a boyfriend, and I told her I hoped I would finally lose my virginity. We finally arrived with 5 minutes to spare and we headed over to our group of friends before the the bell rang for us to go to homeroom. Mona went to sit by her boyfriend Tony as I sat across from them and watched with a pang of jealousy that I didn't have anyone special to cuddle next to. Tony wrapped his arm around Mona and kissed her and then looked over at me and asked, "So how was your summer?, did you get any while we were out of school?" I looked at him and glared. He raised his hands in surrender and apologized, saying he didn't mean anything by it. I told him, " It's none of your business whether or not I had sex!" I got up to leave as the bell rung for us to get to class.

I got to my locker and grabbed my books for first period. I walked down the hall lost in my thoughts and it felt like I ran into a brick wall... I felt myself crumple to the floor with my books scattered around me, and I heard HIM "Oh jeez, I'm soo sorry!" I wanted to melt into the floor as I looked up and saw my long-time crush Wes standing over me with a look of concern on his face. I started to blush as I started to gather up my books and papers. Wes bent down to help me pick up my books and as I reached for the last book, our hands touched and I jerked my book out of his grip and stood up and muttered, "Thanks." I started to walk away when I hear him ask, " You're Andy, right?" I stopped in my tracks and turned around while my thoughts were running rampant that he actually knew my name! I nodded the affirmative and he gave a small smile. " I just want to apologize for knocking you down."

"Don't worry about it, it's fine." I'm fine my ass! He is actually talking me! I've got butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I heard the tardy bell ring, which brought me to my senses. "I've got to go, I'm late for class..."

"Can we meet up for lunch sometime?" he asked me as I walked in the direction of my class. I turned around and gave him a little smile and told him "sure, I would like that." He gave me a wide smile and walked away as I entered my first period. Tyohe rest of the day went by in a blur as I had continuous daydreams of Wes. At the end of the school day, I went to put my books in my locker and grab my bag. As I shut my locker, Mona was there and she said "Ok, what's with the pep in your step and the total after-glow? Something happened today?" I just smiled and walked to her car. " You've got a secret, spill!" she said. We got in her car and I turned in my seat towards her and told her what happened between me and Wes. "OMG!, He actually wants to have lunch with you?!" I nodded and smiled. "About damn time, I mean how long have you been pining over Wes now?" "Ever since freshman year..." I said. "Exactly" she said smiling.

She dropped me off at my house and turned towards me and said, "I'm happy that it finally happened, but just be careful and take it slow." I nodded to her and got out of the car. "See you tomorrow Mona," I said and headed towards my house. I walked in the front door and put my keys in the bowl on the front table and called out to my parents, "Mom, Dad I'm home!" "We're in the living room!" I walked in the living room and put my bag on the couch as I plopped in a chair sighing. Dad was in his easy chair watching t.v. while mom was on the couch doing cross-stitch. "So how was your first day back in school?" I smiled and said it was good, but my mom saw my expression on my face and said, "Mmhm, what happened?" "Well, mom I had a run-in with someone, literally!"

"So who was this run-in with, if you don't mind me asking? What exactly happened?"

"I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and I ran into Wes..." blushing a little.

"And who is Wes?" she asked smirking.

"He is a guy at school who is on the football team. He asked me out for lunch, and I told him that I would like to go to lunch with him. He knows my name, mom! I didn't think he even knew I existed, let alone know my name!" I said in awestruck.

"Well sounds that he does know your name and wants to get to know you." she said.

"But why? I mean, I have had a HUGE crush on him since freshman year. And he has not once said anything to me or even looked at me when I passed him in the halls these last three years! Why did it have to take me, literally running into him, for him to even talk to me?" I whined. "It's not like I'm that popular or anything. I'm just one of the many faceless bodies that walk the halls."

She chuckled and said, "Hon, everyone goes through it when they are in high school." She patted my leg. "Go up and get washed up for dinner, it should be ready soon ok?"

"Sure mom, thanks for listening." I said. I grabbed my bag and headed to my room. I walked in my room and dropped my bag next to my desk and layed on my bed hugging a pillow against my chest, smiling.

What happens next? No sex yet but will happen soon. Part two is in the works! Plz leave comments and let me know what you think. Happy Holidays!



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