My alarm clock woke me the next day as the sun shone through my curtains and I smelled breakfast wafting through the house. I put on my robe and headed down for breakfast. I greeted mom and dad with a cheery hello and filled my favorite mug with coffee. I sat at the table and dad looked over at me and asked me, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did!" I replied back with a slight grin on my face. "Do I need remind you to not let your feelings for this boy cloud your judgement?" he asked. "No you don't, but thanks for looking out for me dad!" I replied. Mom put a plate filled with breakfast in front of me and I looked at her and smiled my thanks and started to eat.

I finished eating and hurried through my shower and getting dressed. I ran out the door saying goodbye to my parents and headed over to Mona's house. I got there just as she was walking to her car and climbed in and we headed to school.

"What's With the cheshire grin for? Did you finally get laid or what?" she teased me. I looked at her and laughed. "No I haven't for your information, I'm just having a good morning that's all." "Uh huh, sure. If you say so." she said skeptically. "If you must know, I had detention yesterday with Ms. Rainey cuz I wasn't paying attention in class and I got home later than my parents expected me to be. I told them all about Wes knocking me down the other day and him leaving me that note and him wanting to take me to lunch as an apology and me blowing the whole thing out of proportion. So my parents invited Wes over for dinner." I said smugly.

"So that's why your in a good mood? I don't get it..." she said confused. "I am in a good mood because I got a ride home from him after school yesterday and I called him last night to extend the invitation my parents suggested and he said yes, plus I am going to sit down and talk to him today after school. That is why I am in such a good mood!" I said excitedly. Mona grinned and said that she was happy for me and wished me good luck with everything. We arrived at school just as the bell rang for us to get to class.

I got to my locker and felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned to see Wes standing there with a smile on his face and a glint in his eyes. My heart jumped and had butterflies in my stomach. "Morning, Wes." I said grinning. "Hey Andy, I'm glad you called me last night. I was worried that you wouldn't." he said like he was having the same feeling as I was, feeling nervous.

"Well I wasn't sure I would but decided to give you a chance to explain everything and to let you know that I will take you up on your offer to lunch. But not today, how about we meet after school so we can talk ok?" I said. Wes smiled at hearing that I was going to lunch with him but smiled even more when I said I wanted to talk to him after school. "My parents wont be home til later tonight and my sister is staying at a friends' house, if you want to come over and talk. Can you make it today?" I asked reservedly, and he replied that he didn't have anything to do after school.

"Great! Can you give me a ride home then? Or do you want to go home and come by later?" I asked. "Um, I can give you a ride home and we can talk when we get there." he said happily. "Well then I will see you after school then." I replied and closed my locker and walked to class with a spring in my step. I heard a chuckle behind me and saw Wes watching me walk away with a expression of amusement and then our eyes connected and I thought I saw something in his eyes that showed something that I couldn't interpret.

The morning was passing in a blur and I got stopped by Ms. Rainey after her class and had a smirk on her face and said, "Looks like someone is on cloud nine today! Anything interesting happen that put you there?" she inquired. I just looked at her and smiled stupidly while blushing at the same time. "I am making plans to talk about things with a person I've had a crush on for a very long time." I said. "I'm nervous, but at the same time, I'm as giddy as a kid on christmas morning!" She gave me a warm smile and wished me good luck and hoped that everything will turn out for the best.

I was so excited and nervous that I didn't know whether to yell at the top of my lungs or be sick, I just had to get through today and get it over with. Lunch rolled around and I walked through the line and sat where me and Mona usually sat together. Mona sat down next andto me and took one look at me to know that there was something hinky going on with me.

"Okay, what's wrong? she asked timidly. I just sat there lost in my thoughts and she waved her hand in front of my face and I jerked around and looked at here and said stupidly, "huh?"

"I asked you what is wrong with you today and you were on a different planet, so what is going on inside that head of yours? I mean this morning you were happy and jumping around and now your being moody, what gives?" She asked concernedly. "Oh, um I talked to Wes this morning and told him my parents invited him to dinner and that we need to talk, so he is giving me a ride home after school and hanging out at my house while my parents and sister are out this evening." I said nervously.

"Oh wow, so you guys are going to talk about him inviting you to lunch and what he really means about all of it? Well you have my support and I want to wish you good luck with everything. You better call me after and let me know how it went ok?" she told me in a motherly voice. "Ok, you will be the first person I call." I replied happily.

After lunch was over with, the rest of the day passed in a blur and soon it was time to go home. The dismissal bell rang and I went to my locker to grab my bag and books I needed for my homework and then headed to Wes' car. I didn't have to wait long

before Wes showed up to take me home. We both got in his car and headed to my house. We finally got to my house and we went inside and I dropped my bag by the stairs and headed into the kitchen. I asked Wes if he would like some thing to drink and he asked, "What do you have?"

"Well let's see. Milk, orange juice, soda, water."

"I'll take a soda." he replied. I grabbed two sodas and told him to come up to my room so we could talk. I walked in my room and set my bag by my desk and sat on my bed. Wes looked around my room and quietly said, "Wow, nice room." I blushed at his comment. I sat there nervously fiddling with my soda can, not really sure how to start the conversation. So I took a deep breath and asked him bluntly, "So why did you invite me to lunch?" "I invited you to lunch to apologize for knocking you down." he quickly replied.

"Oh well, you could of just said you're sorry and went on with the rest of your day. I want to know the real reason that you invited me." I said sternly. "I mean most people would have either laughed and kicked my books around or not even apologize and act like I'm a nobody, which is true because I'm not in with the popular crowd."

"You're not a nobody and I'm not like most people. I did it because I like you and because I don't like seeing people getting bullied." I looked at him with curiosity and said, "What do you mean you like me?" trying to discern the meaning behind his statement. Wes moved towards me and before I knew what was going on, his lips were pressed against mine. His lips were soft and full. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. We kissed for what seemed like hours and Wes broke the kiss and I gasped, "Wow!"

I looked him straight in his eyes and I saw what he meant. "So how long have you liked me and how did you know that I liked you?" I inquired while still trying to catch my breath. "I don't know how long I have had these feelings. And I wasn't for sure if you felt the same way. I just thought I would chance it and see what would happen." I jumped into his arms and kissed him back with all the passion I could muster. Wes pushed me onto my bed and laid on top of me while his hands roamed all over my body and my hands were all over his. I grabbed his shirt and tore it off and he tore off my shirt. We lay there kissing and he grinds he crotch into mine and I let out a moan of pleasure. Wes starts to nibble on my earlobe and neck and I grab a handful of his ass with one hand while the other is tangled in his hair as I continue to moan and grind on him.

All of a sudden I hear a car pull into the driveway and car doors slam. I stop kissing Wes and I listen for anything and then I hear the front door open and my mom calling my name, "Andy we're home." "Shit! My parents are home!" I said in a panic as I shove Wes off of me and grab my shirt off the floor while I threw his at him to put on. We barely made ourselves presentable when my mom knocked on my door and poked her head in my room. "We got done earlier than expected. Oh, sorry to bother you." she said analysing us. "Wes came over so I could help him with his homework. We just finished when you guys pulled up." I said trying not to sound guilty. "Oh ok. well Wes, can you stay for dinner? It shouldn't take too long for me to whip something up."

"I wouldn't want to intrude..." Wes said shyly. "Oh nonsense. It's no trouble at all. We would love for you to stay." She said cheerily. "Don't forget to wash up, and Andy would you mind setting the table? Don't put a place setting for your sister since she is at a sleep-over at her friend Mandy's tonight, ok?" "Sure mom, don't mind at all. See you downstairs ok?" I said.

Mom left to go get dinner started and I sat down on my bed and sighed. "That was a close call, to close for comfort." I said worriedly. "I don't think she noticed anything." Wes said to try to placate me. "You don't know my mom! She has got a sixth sense about things, it's kind of freaky. Just try to act normal when your here ok?"

"Ok, I will try to act normal. What ever that is." he said chuckling. "Well we better wash up and head downstairs." I said. So we got washed up and headed downstairs and I went over to the hutch to grab four placemats and napkins. I told Wes to grab the silverware out of the top drawer. I grabbed the plates and salad bowls and set them in their places. I went into the kitchen to grab glasses for everybody while Mom was busy chopping vegetables. "Andy, would you be a dear and peel some potatoes?" she asked me. "Sure, let me put these glasses on the table." I replied.

We all sat down at the table while mom broght everything to the table. Dad started to ask Wes about school and his classes and if he did any sports. I looked at mom with a look of annoyance and she just raised an eyebrow and continued eating. After diiner and dessert Wes said that he had to get home. I walked him out and I apologized for my dad give him the third degree. Wes chuckled and said not to worry about it. "So I will see you at school. Thanks for giving me a ride home." I said timidly. He grabbed me by my waist and I layed my hands on his chest and looked up into his eyes. "I enjoyed spending time with you, and I hope to do this again!" he said with a hint of it being a question. I just smiled and said, "I would love that." Wes bent down and lightly brushed his lips against mine and I melted against his body as I kissed him back.

I finally said that I had to get inside and Wes smiled at me. "I will see you tomorrow, and don't this is the end of this conversation..." he said teasingly. I just smiled at him and watched him pull out and head home. I went inside and closed the door and leaned against it with a smiled plastered on my face. I walked past the living room and heard my dad call my name. I walked in the living room to see my dad in his easy chair with mom perched on the arm.

"Yeah, dad? Whats up?" I said apprehensively. I had a feeling I was about to get in trouble. "Son, your mother and I don't mind you having friends over as long as one or both of us are here, ok? You're not in trouble ok? Now to let you that we like him and hope that we get see him more often" he said. "It's too early to tell at the moment dad. He came over so I could help him with homework and for us to talk about him inviting me to lunch and his note that he left me the other day. That's it really." I said.

"Ok well just wanted to let you know where we stand, ok? Get some sleep and we will see you in the morning, k? he said. "Sure dad. I'll see you in the morning." I went up and get ready for bed and then climbed in bed and fell asleep with dreams about me and Wes.

To be continued...




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