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We went back to school in a flurry of excitement. January turned into Febuary and everyone was gearing up for Valentine's Day! I was excited this year because I finally had someone special to share it with! I went to the mall with Mona searching for perfect gifts for our boyfriends. We even got a couple of gag gifts to tease them with. We soon got our gifts and then as we were heading out, Mona pushed me into an alcove and motioned for me to shush as I yelled in protest and confusion. She peeked around the corner and I did too! She pointed in a direction and I looked at where she was pointing to and I saw them! Walking towards the mall were Tony and Wes together! I gasped and pulled Mona from behind as they passed by our hiding spot! We both looked at each other with a look of fear and glee, silently portraying our thoughts to each other as to the reason why our boyfriends were together at the mall. Once they passed and looked to see them walk out of sight, We made a dash for the exit and to Mona's car. Once we were safely in her car, we bounced in our seat squealing with happiness while holding hands. We babbled incoherently as we headed to Mona's house about reasons why our boyfriends were together at the mall. We finally made it to Mona's house and went inside to wrap our presents together and try to figure what they might get us.

After a while, I headed home with my gifts for Wes and tucked them into my closet shelf when I got home. I sat down in front of my computer and checked my email and surfed the web until Mom called me downstairs for dinner.

After dinner, I went to do my homework and then when it was time, I went to bed.


Valentine's Day was approaching and Mona and I were on the decorating committee at school and were assigned to decorate the cafeteria for the Valentine's Day Hearts Ball the school was hosting. Mona and I used our free period along with other volunteers to decorate the cafeteria. We soon finished and stood to look at everything.

Valentine's Day came in a burst of bright sunlight and the wonderful smell of coffee and mouth-watering pancakes! I headed downstairs and grabbed me a cup of coffee and sat down to a pile a pancakes with a side of sausage links and scrambled eggs. After breakfast I headed up stairs to get ready for school. I took a quick shower and then went to my closet to find my red long-sleeve shirt with my dark blue jeans and white tennis shoes. I tied a white scarf with tiny red hearts around my neck and then grabbed my bag and jacket and headed to Mona's for a ride to school. I got to Mona's and she answered the door wearing a white sweatshirt with red hearts all over and skinny blue jeans and white tennis shoes with heart laces. She also had a wide hair band to keep her hair out of her face that had a tiny hearts all over!

"Wow Andy! You're all decked out today!" Mona said with a smile. I grinned at her and told her the same thing! We climbed in her car and headed to school. We got to school as the bell rang signaling for us to get to class.

The morning announcements came on and they said that the Hearts Ball would take place in the cafeteria school at 8 p.m. The day passed in a flurry of happiness and mylar balloons! Soon the day came to an end and Mona and I went home. I got a text from Wes to be ready at 6:45 to take me to dinner. I hurried and did my homework and got ready. I donned my red button-down and white tie with white slacks with a black belt and my black sunday shoes. Mom and Dad were getting ready to go out themselves for the evening. Mom grabbed her camera and motioned for me so she could get a picture of me. Wes arrived at 6:45 and Mom insisted on a picture of the both of us. Wes wore a white button-down with a pink tie and beige slacks. He looked so handsome all dressed up! Mom got a couple of pics of us. One pic was us standing next to each other and another with our arms wrapped around each other looking into each others eyes and smiling at each other. Soon Wes and I were headed to dinner. I pestered him to find out where he was taking me and he told me that it was a surprise. And what a surprise it was!

Wes pulled up to the italian restaurant that he brought me to on our first date and we got out and went inside. We walked in and Wes gave the name of the reservation and the hostess took us to a table in the back of the restaurant. The table had a white tablecloth with two place settings with a small votive candle and a long-stemmed rose in a vase with valentine's confetti sprinkled over the table. We sat down and I looked at the hostess, thinking she was going to give us menus and she just smiled and told us our waiter would be right with us. I looked at Wes with a look of confusion and he just gave me one of his sexy grins. Wes reached over and grabbed my hand with one hand and with the other, handed me the rose. I grabbed the rose and put it to my nose while looking at Wes.

"Happy Valentine's Day, babe" Wes said and then the waiter came out with two bowls of the house salad with bread and set them in front of us. I looked at Wes and he grinned a kilowatt smile.

"You did all this?!" I asked him and he nodded. At that instant I knew I loved Wes beyond a shadow of a doubt!

After we finished the salad, our waiter brought us lasagne and refilled our drinks. And after we finished the main course, we were brought a single plate of cheesecake, which Wes and I shared.

After dinner, Wes and I headed out and went to the school for the Ball.

We arrived with a few minutes to spare, so we headed inside and Wes handed the tickets to the person at the door. The hallways were decked out with red, white and pink streamers with heart cutouts hanging from the ceiling and taped to the walls. Wes grabbed my hand and led me towards the cafeteria with one of his kilowatt smiles. I couldn't help but grin as well. Soon we walked through a red streamer curtain and I heard Wes mutter under his breath, "Damn babe, you guys went all out didn't you?" I couldn't help but blush.

As we were walking around, I heard someone call my name and I looked around and saw Mona with her boyfriend Tony. Mona was wearing a red form-fitting spagetti strap dress that went to her knees and had a slit on the side with red heels. Tony wore a white button-up and khaki pants with a light pink tie and black loafers. I hugged Mona as Wes and Tony greeted each other in their usual macho boy way. Mona told the boys that we would be back and to get us something to drink as she led me out of the cafeteria and into the courtyard.

"Wes is looking handsome tonight, isn't he?" Mona asked and I blushed a little as we found a bench to sit on and catch up.

"So what did you do before you came here?" Mona asked and I told her that Wes took me to the italian place where we had our first date. I told her everything that happened and she in turn told me what she and Tony did. We soon finished catching up as our boyfriends came and got us and led us inside.

Mona was dancing with Tony and I was dancing with Wes in the middle of the dance floor. We were bumping and grinding and just having a good time dancing to the music. Then the slow songs started and Wes wrapped his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck and we swayed to the music. I looked into Wes' eyes and saw how much I really meant to him and I laid my head on his shoulder. I felt Wes peck a kiss on the top of my head and I smiled. I looked up at Wes and I whispered, "I Love You, Wes Carillo!" "I Love You too, Andy Russo! You make me feel like the luckiest guy in the entire world!" Wes replied. I pulled Wes into a searing kiss as we swayed together on the dance floor.

Soon I heard someone whisper to us to get a room, and I broke the kiss to see who said it and saw Mona and tony dancing near us with grins plastered on their faces. I stuck my tongue out at them and the turned my attention to Wes.

Soon Principal Garcia called for everyones attentionto announce the King and Queen of this year's Ball. I had totally for got about it and remembered that I voted for Mona and Tony. Everybody stood there and watched as Principal Garcia called out this year's King and Queen.

"This year's king is... Wes Carillo!" he said and I looked at Wes with a big grin and gave him a kiss and pushed him towards the stage. Everybody clapped as Wes stood infront of everybody and had a crown placed on his head with a sash across his chest and a scepter in his hand.

"Okay everybody, settle down. Now this year's Queen is.... Andy Russo!" he said and I stood stock still. I was in shock! Was this some sort of sick joke or what?! I felt myself be pushed to the stage and had a tiara put on my head and a sash with a dozen roses. I stood in front of my classmates and saw that they were clapping and cheering for me and Wes. I felt Wes wrap his arm around me and I looked at him and saw that he wasn't mad, but happy. Wes bent down and planted a kiss on my lips in front of everybody and I noticed the flashes of cameras getting pictures. I melted under Wes' kiss and it turned passionate as I wrapped an arm around his neck. Wes swirled us around and it felt like he was going to lay me down on the stage but he didn't, he just held me there and continued to kiss me. Then he straightened us upright and led me down the the dance floor for our first dance as King and Queen. Tears were in my eyes as Wes twirled us around. Wes saw the tears and asked me what was wrong. I told him the tears weren't sad tears, but happy ones.

The ball ended at 10 p.m. and Wes and I headed to his car and he drove to his house. Wes pulled up to his house and led me inside and up to his room. I asked about his parents and he told me that they got a hotel room downtown for the evening. As I wlaked in his room, I noticed that there were lit candles and rose petals all over the room and the bed. I gasped and felt Wes wrap his arms from behind and whisper in my ear, "You like it?" I turned around to face Wes with tears in my eyes and I gave him a passionate kiss while wrapping my arms around his neck. Wes picked up my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he supported me and led me over to the bed. He gently laid me down on the bed as we continued to kiss into a frenzy of love and hormones. We quickly shed our clothes and made contact with each others hot flesh. Our hard cocks rubbed against each other as we continued to make-out. Soon Wes moved to kiss my neck and down my torso towards my hard cock wet with precome. Wes bypassed my cock and kissed down to my thighs and then all of a sudden Wes engulfed my entire cock to the base and I groaned in lust as he continued to move up and down my hardness. When I couldn't take anymore, I grabbed the sides of his head and pulled him up and kissed him deeply with as much love as I could portray in a kiss. I wrapped my legs around him and felt his huge cock bump against my entrance and Wes broke the kiss and reached for the drawer in his nightstand. I stopped him and told him in a lust-filled voice to make love to me! Wes grabbed the lube and I felt the cold wetness as he lubed me up and his hard cock and then he inserted a couple of fingers to loosen me up to get me ready for the assault that was soon to follow! After a few minutes, I couldn't stand it any longer and told him to fuck me! Wes retracted his fingers from my ass and I soon felt his hard cock press against my anus and he slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I winced a little and Wes took it slowly and soon his bulbous head popped through my rectal rings and I let out a gasp and Wes paused and waited until I gave him the signal to continue. After a few seconds, I nodded to Wes to continue. Soon Wes had pushed his entire cock into my ass and I groaned in delirium as I felt his cock press against my love button. Soon Wes picked up speed as he pistoned his cock in and out of my ass. I grabbed handfuls of sheet as Wes continue to fuck me with wild abandon. Soon I could feel the familiar pressure in my balls as I was getting ready to spew my cum on the both of us and I told Wes that I was about to explode. He picked up speed and soon I felt his cock epand in my ass and felt his hot cum fill my ass and leak down my cheeks. I exploded all over my stomach and chest and got some on Wes' chest as well. Wes then collapsed on top of me and I ran my hands up and down his back. I whispered in his ear that I loved him and he returned the same words as he rolled over onto his back and I laid my head on his chest and soon we were both asleep.

To Be Continued....



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