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Christmas came in a blaze of sunlight and the smell of coffee. I got up and went to the bathroom and then headed downstairs to open presents with my family. It was the usual madness and mayhem of flying wrapping paper, and I got some clothes and DVD's. I texted Mona and wished her a merry christmas. As we were unwrapping presents, the door bell rung and I got up to answer it. I opened the door and there stood Wes, looking very handsome in a tan cashmere sweater and blue jeans. I gave him a kilowatt smile and he walked in wrapping my in his arms and giving me a passionate kiss as I closed the door behind him.

"Merry Christmas babe!" Wes said as I ended the kiss. I gave him a quick peck smiling and leading him into the living room. My parents greeted Wes and then Mom got up to get the rest of breakfast ready. I snuggled with Wes' arm around my shoulders on the couch watching my sister playing with her toys. Mom soon called everyone into the dining room to eat.

After breakfast, I took Wes to my room and Wes closed the door and turned towards me and picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist while my arms encircled his neck. I bent to give him a kiss, grinning all the while. Wes moved over to my bed and laid me down and laid on top of me while we continued to make out.

I broke the kiss and looked Wes in his eyes while I held his face in my hands. "I love you so much like you'd never believe!" I said and Wes ran one hand through my hair and bent to peck a kiss on my lips. "I love you too!" he replied. Wes laid his head on my chest with my arms still wrapped around his neck.

"I got you something for Christmas..." Wes said and I moved and Wes looked into my eyes. "What did you get me?" I replied and Wes sat up and pulled a long slender package from his back pocket and handed it to me. It was a red velvet box like a bracelet holder... I opened it slowly and laying there was a thin corded silver chain with a St. Christopher medal on it. I gasped and looked into Wes' eyes. "I Love it!" I said and Wes grabbed it and told me to turn around. After Wes locked the necklace I turned around and gave him a deep passionate kiss. "I got something for you too!" I said as I went over to my dresser and picked up the wrapped box and went and sat down to Wes and held it out for him to pick up and unwrap.

Wes picked up the box and unwrapped it. He opened the box and saw the watch gleaming in the morning sun filtering through my window. "Wow, babe! I love it!" Wes said as he picked it up and undid the clasp. "Here let me help..." I said and slid it on his wrist and closed the clasp around his wrist. Wes jiggled it around his wrist and then looked up at me with so much love in his eyes. Wes put one hand on my cheek and pulled me close and gave me a warm, steamy kiss.

I opened my mouth and his tongue invaded my mouth. I moaned as our kiss began to heat up. I laid back on my bed and Wes climbed on top of me. I let my hands roam over his hard body and through his hair as we grinded our hips together.

I broke the kiss and held Wes' face in my hands and looked deep into his eyes and I could see the love he had for me, and he looked into my eyes and saw the love I had for him.

Soon there was a knock on my door and we bolted up in my bed as my door swung open and there stood my Mom.

"Wes dear, if you want to stay for lunch, you are more than welcome." Mom told us as I buried my face into Wes' shoulder, red as a tomato with embarrassment.

"I would love to stay for lunch, Mrs. Russo. Thank you." Wes said and Mom left and went back down stairs. Wes laid back down on my bed and I cuddled next to him, laying my head on his chest and having Wes stroking my back as I stroked his chest with my fingers.

"That was close!" Wes chuckled.

"Yeah it was!" I said.

We laid there for a few more minutes and then I looked at the clock on my night stand. It was getting close to lunch, so I suggested we head downstairs to help with lunch.

After lunch, I texted Mona and wished her a Merry Christmas and then Wes decided to leave. I escorted him to the front door and helped him put on his coat. Wes wrapped his arms around my and pulled me close and said, "Thank you for the watch, I really do love it!"

"You're quite welcome. Thanks for the necklace, it's beautiful. I will never take it off!" I replied and then Wes bent down and gave me a kiss on my lips, which heated up quickly. I broke the kiss as I heard giggling behind us and turned my head and saw my sister standing there with here stuffed animal in her arms partially covering her face.

"Scram you little bugger!" I told her and she ran off to her room. I gave Wes one last peck and he left to go back home. I leaned against the door thinking that this was the best christmas ever!


New Years Eve rolled around and Mona had planned a party at her house since her parents were going out to a party themselves. She called me and told me to be there at 8 to help decorate and set everything up. I took a shower and got dressed and headed to Mona's at a quarter 'til 8. I got to her house and rang the bell and she answered the door wearing a black v-neck with blue skinny jeans and had a sparkly party hat on top of her head with a white satin ribbon with Happy New Year drapped across her chest.

We just got the finishing touches in place when to bell rang announcing the arrival of the guests. The party was in full swinng when I felt someone's arms wrap around me from behind and I heard them whisper in my ear, "Hey there, hot stuff!"

I turned my head and say that it was Wes behind me. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked a kiss on his lips. "Hey there, yourself." I said with a smile on my lips.

"I didn't know you were coming!" I said and Wes told me that Mona had invited him last week.


I continued to make my rounds filling drinks and re-filling the finger foods on the table. Soon it was time to watch the ball drop on the t.v. and everybody grabbed a glass of bubbly and counted down to the new year. I quickly found Wes and as everybody shouted in the new year, I grabbed Wes and gave him a searing kiss!

Soon everybody left and I stayed behind with Mona and Wes and Tony. We helped clean the place up and then Wes drove me home.

As we stepped up on my porch, Wes grabbed my hand and turned me towards him and pulled me close. I looked up at Wes and he bent down and gave me a hot passionate kiss. He broke the kiss and said, "I love you so much! I am glad that we found each other. I don't ever want to lose you!"

"I love you too Wes. And trust me when I say, I am not going anywhere! You are stuck with me!" I said grinning. We continued to kiss for another couple of minutes and then I went inside as Wes drove off into the night.

I got dressed for bed and crawled under my covers and dreamed of our future together....

To Be Continued...



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