Chapter 6

Hey everyone. RichardAdams again. I'm just letting you all know that my works are entirely fictitious. Not one character is based off of anyone in my life. If I came up with a name that was the name of someone you know or knew, it is merely coincidental. None of the events are based on my life.

I'm also going to take this time to thank you all again for your support. Ever since I first started writing, I've only thought I was mediocre and would never be good enough. But your words have given me encouragement to work my hardest at what I do. I'm hoping to major in film and animation at college with a specialty in screenwriting. Maybe I could bring some of my works to the big screen...

I promise to keep my story enjoyable and entertaining for all of you until the final chapter. I now give you chapter 6 of 'Am I...?'


I'm frozen. I can't move I'm so scared right now. It's just the three of us right now: me, Leo, and Dad, who walked in on Leo and me after our very hot jack off session. I feel the need to shrivel up and die right now. But the screaming and yelling I expected never comes. Dad just casually covers his eyes with his hand. "You must me Leo," he says.

Leo and I glance to one another. "Y-Yes sir," Leo replies.

"I'm Jacob Rusden, Josh's father. I wish we could've met on better circumstances. I'll see you two downstairs in a little while."

Dad walks out the door and shuts it behind him, leaving me and Leo in a daze. "Uh...w-what just happened?" Leo asks.

"M-My dad just found out I'm gay..."

The room starts to become blurry and I feel water slide down my cheeks. I put my face into my hands and cry softly to myself. "Hey, hey, come here," Leo tells me.

He pulls me into a soft hug and I cry into his shoulder. "I-I didn't want them to find out yet..."

"I know. I'm scared too, Josh."

A sharp pain starts to fill my chest. "W-What if...he and my mom don't accept me? What if they kick me out of the house?"

Leo pushes me away, but keeps his hands on my shoulders and stares at me with his dark blue eyes. "Josh. I can tell from your dad's reaction that he's okay with you being gay. But if I'm wrong, you can come and live with me and my parents."

I reach around Leo and pull him into a tight hug. "Thank you Leo..."

Leo gives me a squeeze and a light kiss. "C'mon. We should probably get cleaned up. I don't want to talk to your parents smelling like cum and sweat."

I smile a bit and Leo and I climb out of bed and walk into my bathroom. "You can take the first shower," I say, wiping my eyes.

"No, let's take a shower together. It'll be faster and...if your parents forbid us to see each other, I want this moment to last."

Leo takes me in another hug and I turn on the water. When the water gets warm, we both step in and let the water run over both of us, holding each other for a few minutes. I can feel Leo's heart racing, but I can't tell if it's from excitement or fear of what's going to happen next.

All of a sudden, I near a small sniffle. I look down and see Leo pressing his face into my chest. "Leo? Are you okay?"

He looks up at me and even though his face and hair are wet with water, I can tell he's crying. I take the back of his head and pull him as close to me as possible. "I love you so much Josh..." he chokes out.

"And I love you with all my heart, Leo."

"I don't want to lose you..."

"Neither do I."

Leo looks up at me and I pull him into a hard kiss, forcing my tongue into his mouth. Tongues, teeth, and lips smash into each other in pure passion. Lust suddenly takes over my body. My mouth moves from Leo's and I start to suck on his neck, a pleasured moan escaping from Leo. I start to lower myself, running my tongue over his chest and I stop at his nipples.

I run my tongue over the pink, erect nipples, moan after moan coming from above me. " so good..." My teeth playfully bite Leo's nipple and the loudest moan yet sounds. "Oh God...Josh..."

I release Leo's nipple and smile up at him. "How'd that feel?"

"I-It was amazing..."

Something suddenly pokes me in the navel and I see Leo's cock, back to full strength. I take the shaft in my hand and Leo sucks in a deep breath. My knees suddenly give up and I'm now face to face with Leo's eleven-inch monster. "Please Leo," I beg, not knowing what's come over me. "Let me suck you off..."

" don't need to..."

"I know. I want to. I want to give the guy I love the greatest pleasure there is while we can still be together."

Clear pre-cum slides out of the bulbous head of Leo's hard cock, running down my hand and wrist. "Please don't hurt yourself," Leo says, giving me permission.

The fantasy from two months ago pops into my head, every stunning detail of it. I've never seen a guy giving another guy a blowjob, but the fantasy gives me enough information to try and do it right. My tongue slides out of my mouth and touches the tip of Leo's dick, causing us both to breathe in sharply.

I slide my tongue over Leo's piss slit and around the head of his cock, slicking the surface with my spit. Finally after a minute or two of running my tongue over Leo's cock head, I start to take the first few inches in my mouth, the taste of it on my taste buds.

Leo's dick slides further into my mouth, and further and further until it hits my uvula. I pull Leo's cock out of me and start to gag. "Are you okay?!" Leo asks.

I get my breath back and look up at him. "I-I'm fine. You're just really big. Let my try again."

Leo holds his dick in front of my face and I slide down the shaft a second time. Six inches down and the tip touches my uvula again, but the gag reflex doesn't come. I take even more of Leo's cock and it looks like I have a solid nine inches down my mouth and throat. Leo's hands hold the sides of my head as he squirms in pleasure. "Holy shit. You're fucking deepthroating me..."

I moan in response and the vibrations I give off fill Leo's cock, making him groan even more. Leo pulls my head back off his cock, out of my throat, until only the head is left in my mouth. With a solid thrust, the cock slides back into my throat and we're off.

Leo slides his dick in and out of me at a good pace, my tongue running over every inch and every vein I feel. My own cock feels like it's about to explode, the water from the showerhead falling on it only increasing my pleasure.

Leo's hands lift off the sides of my head and he stops thrusting, but I keep moving. The taste of Leo's cock is almost addicting. I can't get enough of it. I open my eyes a little and look up at Leo, who looks to be in another world. With a free hand, I grab Leo's nut sac and lightly pinch each testicle, making Leo almost scream. "Oh God! Y-You're going to...make me...cum!"

I suck faster and harder, feeling Leo clench every muscle he has. "I'm cumming! I-I'm cumming!"

I slide off Leo's cock and take the rock-hard shaft in my hand and pump as hard as I can. Leo's cum shoots out less than five seconds later and stream after stream of hot cum hits me in the eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth. It feels so fucking good. I open my cum-covered eyes and see Leo's dripping cock. With my tongue, I lick up the last few drops of cum coming out of Leo's piss slit.

I'm covered in cum. I think some even went up my nose. I slowly rise back to my feet, my legs numb from being on my knees, and look down at Leo, who smiles brightly at me. He grabs the sides of my head and pulls me into a kiss, swapping his cum as our tongues run against each other. "Thank you so much for that," he says after we separate.

"I loved every minute of it. I think it was more of a present for me than it was for you."

I step underneath the showerhead and start to get Leo's cum off my face when I feel something tugging on my ball sac. Now, Leo's on his knees in front of my engorged cock. "My turn," he says.

Before I can say anything, Leo takes my dick in his mouth and the most intense pleasure I've every felt comes over my body. I look down and see Leo's taken every inch of my cock in his mouth and isn't gagging like I did. He begins to slide up and down my dick, surge after surge of pleasure coming over me.

But as Leo's sucking my cock, I feel something else, something behind me. I see Leo's hands cupping my ass cheeks and spreading them apart. Leo takes one of his fingers and starts to circle my asshole. With a swift push, Leo's finger pushes inside me and a powerful shock goes all over me.

I can feel Leo's finger inside me, the tip of it pushing against my inner wall. His finger suddenly stops sliding further into me and begins to rub a single spot and my cock seems to get even harder and my heart starts to race even faster. I don't know what Leo's doing, but God, I don't want him to stop.

My knees start to feel weak as my orgasm gets closer and closer. "L-Leo, I need to cum. You need to...pull off..."

But my cries go on deaf ears as Leo only starts to suck even faster and his finger rubs even harder. "I-I'm going to...cum!"

Leo pushes as far as he can go on my cock as I begin to shoot, filling his mouth with my cum. My asshole clenches around Leo's finger, which only makes me cum even harder. My orgasm subsides and Leo slides off my cock and pulls his finger out of me. My knees suddenly feel weak and I fall onto my butt on the shower floor.

My face feels incredibly hot and breath after breath escapes my lungs. Leo slides across the floor and presses his chest against mine. His cum-covered tongue forces its way into my mouth and I finally taste my cum for the first time. It tastes amazing, especially when I'm swapping it with Leo. "I love you so much," I say.

"I love you too..."


Once we regain our strength, Leo and I finally get ourselves cleaned up, helping each other the entire time. We step out of the shower, dry ourselves off, and walk back into my room. "You can borrow some of my clothes," I say. "They're going to be a bit big on you though."

"It's fine. I'd love to wear your clothes."

I smile at him and grab him a t-shirt and shorts. I grab him a pair of boxers too, because I know he doesn't want to slip back into his stripper underwear. "By the way," I say as I'm slipping on a shirt. "When we were in the shower, what did you do with your...finger?"

Leo grins at me. "I've read that the male prostate is the pleasure center for men and that stimulating it results in a huge amount of pleasure. I tried it and it looked like you really liked it."

I smile back at him. "More than you know." We're both finally dressed and the realization of what's coming next occurs to us. "C'mon. We shouldn't keep them waiting anymore."

Leo and I walk out of my room and make our way downstairs. We're not only met by Mom and Dad, but Mr. and Mrs. Trigon as well. "Mom! Dad!" says Leo. "What're you doing here?"

"Josh's parents called us," says Mrs. Trigon. "Jacob and Rachel said you and Josh had some news for us."

Leo and I look to each other for a second. "Yeah, we do," I say.

We walk into the living room and take a seat on the couch across from our parents, all eight eyes looking at us. But in Mom and Dad's eyes, I don't see disgust, embarrassment, or anger. "Do you want to start?" Leo asks me.

"Sure," I reply. I look back at the parents. "Mom, Dad, I know this isn't going to be easy for you to hear. But I know this is who I am and I can't deny it anymore. Guys...I'm gay..."

I brace myself for them to lash out at me, but I don't hear anything. I slowly open my eyes back up and see Mom and Dad in the exact same position, looking at me with the same composure they do every day. "Are you sure, Josh?" Mom asks.

"Yes. I only realized it yesterday, but I'm gay. I've had these feelings for about two months now and I've done constant research on it. I used to be in denial, but now I know. I'm gay. And I'm in love. Mom, Dad, this is Leo Trigon, my boyfriend."

Leo smiles at me and looks to my parents. "Mr. and Mrs. Rusden. Josh is the most amazing person I've ever met. He's smart, kind, and yes...smoking hot. I'm head over heels for him and love him just as much as he loves me. I hope you can accept that."

Leo looks from my parents to his own. "Guys, I'm gay. I'm in love with Josh Rusden and couldn't be any happier than when I'm with him. I've loved him since the first day I saw him and he's been on my mind every minute. Please let us be together..."

I take Leo's head and pull him into a kiss, not caring as our parents see. We pull apart and look to our parents, who only seem to be exchanging looks. "I never really expected this," says Dad.

"Me neither," says Mom.

"Please don't hate me," I plead, feeling my eyes start to get wet. "I'm still the same boy you've raised since I was a baby. Please..."

I feel tears escape my eyes and slide down my cheeks, causing my eyes to shut tightly. There's a shuffle in front of me and I feel a pair of arms wrap around me. I think it's Leo, but these arms feel more familiar. "Sweetie, we could never hate you," says Mom.

I slowly open my eyes as Dad pulls me into a hug along with Mom. "Y-You're not mad?" I ask.

"Of course not," says Dad. "We're just surprised. But if you want to date boys instead of girls, that's perfectly okay. We still love you as much as we would have if you were straight."

I wrap Mom and Dad in a tight hug, crying into Mom's shoulder. I pull away after a second and see Leo walking over to his parents, his eyes looking a bit misty. "W-What do you guys think about this?" he asks.

Mr. and Mrs. Trigon look to each other for a second, rise out of their seats and wrap Leo in a hug. "Leo," says Mrs. Trigon. "We already guessed you were gay."

Leo pulls away from his parents, his face full of shock. "W-What?"

"We saw how much your face shined whenever you talked about Josh," says Mr. Trigon. "You never looked like that when you talk about any girl you knew. And when Josh came to pick you up for your party yesterday, your mother and I could see how much you liked Josh."

"Your father and I have been waiting since we first saw you talk about Josh to come out to us. And if it took awhile, we would've waited. Leo, we still love you and are very happy for you and Josh."

Leo pulls away from his parents. "D-Does that mean...?"

"Yes Leo," says Mr. Trigon. "You can date Josh."

I look to Mom and Dad. "You can date Leo," says Dad. "But please be careful and wear protection. Don't want to walk in on you two again. That was...uh...very..."

Mom elbows Dad in the side, shutting him up. I look over to Leo, whose tears of joy finally fall from his eyes. He rushes over to me and we hug each other tightly, never wanting to let go. "I love you Josh," Leo whispers into my ear.

"I love you Leo..."

There's a loud handclap and Leo and I look over to Dad, where the clap came from. "Okay. I just found out my youngest son is gay and is dating a boy. Who wants to go out for breakfast to celebrate?"

"I do," everyone in the room says.

We all break out laughing. I look down at Leo and press my lips to his, our relationship having just crossed the starting line.



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