Leo and I sit together for a little while before I need to get home and let him go to sleep. I give him a few more kisses and a long hug and head home. Mom, Dad, and Ryan are already home by the time I arrive. When I tell them Leo and I are back together, they all literally jump and scream for joy. It's a bit embarrassing, but I love them. I go to bed that night with peace of mind and a shiny trophy next to my bed.

Christmas goes great. Presents all around, music softly playing the whole morning, a decorated tree, it's a picturesque day. I love all the presents my family gives me, even the jumbo box of condoms Ryan gives me as a gag gift (I got him underwear, so it kind of evens out).

Much of the break is spent finishing college applications and relaxing a bit. I spend New Years Eve out with Leo, Mark, Shawn, Brian, Justin, and Danny. It takes everyone a bit of time, but they open up to Danny. He looks a lot better than when Brian and I saw him in prison and is adjusting well to his new life with his mom and her boyfriend.

We spent most of the night hanging out and having fun together. We went to an under twenty-one club and had a really good time, despite Mark and Shawn being horrible dancers and some girl grabbing my ass for a good five minutes. When the clock struck midnight, I pulled Leo into a kiss, the first kiss of the new year, a new year for the both of us.

School starts back up a few days after New Year's Day. Despite my exhaustion, I pull myself out of bed. Once I'm showered and dressed for the day, I have a quick breakfast with Mom and Dad (Ryan's still asleep). I head over to school, anxiously awaiting to see Leo.

After a short drive, the school parking lot rolls up and Leo's motorcycle is pulling into a parking spot. I quickly drive over to him and pull in next to him as he's taking off his helmet and shaking out his head. "Hey Leo," I say as I'm stepping out of my car.

"Hey Josh."

He and I talk for a little while, Mark, Shawn, Brian, and Justin walking up to us after a few minutes. We all walk into school together and as we enter the main lobby, which is normally incredibly loud, all the noise suddenly stops and all eyes are on us. More specifically, me. "What's going on?" I whisper.

As I look to my friends, they all slowly grin and take a step or two away from me. The lobby noise comes back, but in the form of applause and cheers. The guys are all clapping too. "What the hell is this?!" I yell.

Leo smiles even wider and points behind me. I turn around and smile at what I see. There's a large banner draped across the wall with a sentence across it.

'Congratulations to Josh Rusden for Being Named Running Back of the Year!'

I look to the guys. "You knew?!" I yell.

"The whole school knows!" Mark yells back.

The applause dies down a bit and from the crowd someone yells. "So who's your boyfriend?!"

Oh crap. I remember back to the awards ceremony, where I outed myself to a room full of people. I suddenly feel like the whole school is against me, when I feel something grab my face. Leo pulls me into a hard kiss, right in the middle of the lobby. The crowd cheers again, twice as loud as before.

Leo releases my face and lips and I smile down at him. "Looks like I accidently pulled you out of the closet with me," I say.

"I'm glad to be out," Leo tells me.

The room suddenly gets loud again, but Leo and I haven't done anything. We look around and see the reason why everyone cheering again. Justin has pulled Brian off his feet and is pressing his lips to Brian's. They pull apart and smile at each other. "Damn it!" some girl screams. "All the hot guys are gay!"

This prompts a large laugh from the crowd. The lobby starts to disperse and Leo and I head off to Biology, hand in hand. We walk in and see Creswell and a face that isn't seen in here very often: Coach's. "Hey Coach," I say.

He and Creswell look over at me and Leo and see us holding hands and smile. "Is everything okay between you two?" Creswell asks.

"We're better than okay," says Leo.

"That's great to hear," says Coach. He suddenly walks over to me and wraps his large arms around me and lifts me clean off the ground, laughing from his gut. "Congratulations Rusden!"

Despite being forty-three, Coach is lifting all 180 pounds of me and doesn't even seem to be trying. "Coach! What're you doing?!" I ask laughing.

"I'm so freaking proud of you, Rusden! You're the best running back in Southern California! I'm so grateful to have had you be part of my team!"

Coach sets me back down. "Thanks Coach," I say. "It's been great to have been under your wing since freshman year."

"And what you said at the end of your speech was incredibly inspiring," Coach continues. "I couldn't stop talking to Adrian about it when I got home."

"Tell me about it," says Creswell. "He didn't shut up for almost an hour after he got back from the ceremony. If I wasn't going to shut him up, Connor or Rachel would have."

Coach reaches behind Creswell and I hear Creswell yelp a bit. I see Coach groping Creswell's left butt cheek. "Are you sure you should be doing that?" I ask. "Aren't you two afraid you'll get in trouble for it?"

"Don't worry Rusden," says Coach. "Adrian and I are now fully out. Your speech helped show me that Adrian and I shouldn't have to hide who we are. Now we're just like you and Leo."

I smile at the Creswell-Coddler couple. "Mr. Creswell?" Leo says. "Um...if it's not too late, could I...?"

"Already taken care of Leo," Creswell interrupts. "You and Josh are sitting next to each other again. And you will stay like that for the rest of the year, whether you breakup again or not."

"Thank you Mr. Creswell," says Leo.

The warning bell rings and students begin coming into the room. "I need to go," says Coach. "The first period after break is always the worst."

Coach gives Creswell a kiss, in front of the majority of the class, who don't even bat an eye. They've probably seen it so many times already, that it's starting to get annoying to them. Coach leaves and Leo and I take our seats at our table. I look to Leo and he looks to me, causing us both to smile. "I love you," he says.

"I love you too."

The bell rings again and with a quick peck, Leo and I listen to Creswell begin his lesson, my hand intertwined with his.

I know I used to be afraid of coming out at school, but now I can't remember why I was even afraid in the first place. People aren't treating me or Leo any different. Justin tells us it's the same for him. He's incredibly happy that he can walk down the halls with his boyfriend that's eight inches shorter than him.

Danny comes back to school Wednesday of the same week. He's initially met with dark looks and whispers from everyone. But when they see Danny talking and laughing with Brian, the looks and hushed conversations disappear. We (myself, Leo, Mark, Shawn, Brian, and Justin) help Danny to learn and catch up on the work he missed, all of us focusing on a single subject. He manages to get all his missed work finished by the following Thursday.

It's Friday and now the middle of January. The school has fully adjusted to the new level of openly gay and bi students. Several other students came out after Leo, Justin, and I came out, and the Gay Straight Alliance has a few dozen more students.

The day's over and the weekend is here. Leo had to leave a little early, so I'm walking out with Mark and Shawn. "You guys have plans for the weekend?" I ask.

"Not much," says Mark. "Just finishing a few more college apps."

"You still aren't done?" Shawn asks. "Dude, a lot of them are due in two days."

"I know," says Mark. "But what about you? Are you done?"

"I finished a few weeks ago," Shawn replies. "The Ivy League's deadlines are always in early January."

There's our resident genius for you. Shawn's been aiming for the Ivy League since he was old enough to know where Harvard was. If he doesn't get in to at least four Ivy League schools, there's something wrong with the education system in this country. "Oh," says Mark. "I only have two left and they're already almost done. I want that scholarship to USC."

"You're going to get it," I say. "Mark, you're one of the best receivers in the state! It doesn't matter that you weren't nominated by the SCFA. We all know you're a great player."

Mark flashes a smile. "Thanks, Josh. Aren't you aiming for Stanford?"

"Yup. I've been wanting to go there since I first saw a Stanford football game when I was nine years old. If I'm able to stand on that field with a crowd cheering me on, I'll be the happiest person that's ever lived."

"Well, now that you're the best running back in Southern California, you have an even better chance than before," says Shawn.

"Thanks," I say. "I'll text you guys later. My parents want me home to help around the house a bit."

Mark and Shawn wave as I drive out. The weather is pretty comfortable today, around fifty-five, so I roll down the windows and let the wind flow through the car. I get home with my hair completely disheveled. Once I settle my hair down, I lock my car and walk into my house. "I'm home!" I call out.

There's no response. I walk into the kitchen to find a familiar note on the counter. This one is from Dad.

'Hey bud. Your mother and I are in L.A. getting the new couch and chairs for the living room. It should take us most of the afternoon, but we'll be home by eight with dinner. Be aware, it's supposed to storm tonight, so fill up a bathtub in case we lose power. Love you. -Dad.'

I set the note back on the counter and start to head upstairs. But as I'm heading up, I step on something soft and a nice fragrance fills my nose. I lift up my foot and see a rose petal on the stair. I continue looking up the stairs and see a trail of rose petals. Oh, don't tell me...

I follow the trail and, just as my intuition guessed, find the trail leading to my room, the petals going underneath the door. I smile and slowly open my door and find my lights off and the blinds closed. But the black room is illuminated by dozens of candles. The rose petals continue to my bed and in my bed is my gorgeous boyfriend, wearing his infamous red stripper underwear.

The seductive face he makes causes an instant erection in my pants. "What is all this?" I ask, smiling.

"I just thought I'd be a little romantic, as cheesy as this whole setup is."

"It's not cheesy in the least. It's sweet, beautiful, and I love it. But what I love more is the underwear you're wearing and the bulge that I've missed."

Leo laughs a bit and squeezes his bulge with his hand. "What, you want some of this?"

"More than you can even think."

I take a step closer to the bed, when Leo holds up a hand. "Last time, you took charge," he says. "This time, I'm in charge."

Leo climbs off the bed and walks over to me, the bulge in his pants growing by the second. He grabs my shirt and begins to lift it over my head. I lift up my arms and Leo slips my shirt off and runs his hands over my bare chest. His hands stop on my pecs and using both thumbs and forefingers, he pinches both of my nipples.

Leo pinching my nipples causes me to moan and my cock to get harder. The pinching isn't very hard, but it's enough for heat to spread across my chest. Leo lets go of my nipples and brings his tongue across my nipple. It feels to fucking good. I never knew having a nipple sucked could feel so amazing.

His warm, wet tongue runs across my chest, causing goosebumps to break out on my skin. Leo pulls himself away from my chest and forces his tongue into my mouth, his tongue swirling with mine in perfect unison. I slide my tongue out of Leo's mouth, a shiny string of saliva still connecting us, and see his face is as red as mine feels. "I like you taking control," I say.

"So do I," he replies in a husky voice.

Leo's hand reaches down and slides into my pants, cupping my hard cock and balls. Pre-cum seeps through my boxer-briefs and I can feel it coat Leo's hot hand. He pulls his hand out of my pants and I can see thin streams of pre-cum between his fingers. He sucks his fingers one by one, licking every bit of my pre-cum. "I love it..." he breathes out.

My breath has become ragged and shallow, and we've barely even started. Leo goes down onto his knees and begins to unbuckle and unbutton my pants. My pants fall to my ankles and Leo and I are standing only in our underwear, the outlines of our cocks clearly visible.

I grab Leo's underwear and he grabs mine. We pull each others boxer-briefs down and our cocks spring to attention, pre-cum dripping from both of our cocks. Leo grabs me by the hand and pulls me toward the bed. "C'mon. I want to try something..."

Leo pulls me and we fall into the bed together. He climbs on top of me and pulls me into another hard kiss. Our bodies writhe together and our cocks push against one another. Leo stops kissing me and slides down my body. He turns around and swings his legs over my head and I'm suddenly face to face with Leo's eleven inch cock. "A sixty-nine?" I ask.

"You don't want to try it?" Leo asks, sounding disappointed.

I grab Leo's hard cock and shove it into my mouth, Leo screaming in pleasure as my tongue runs down the shaft. I feel Leo's cock head slide into and down my throat. I slide off Leo's shaft and quickly take it back down my throat. Leo takes my cock and wraps his warm mouth around it. The feeling of sucking a cock and being sucked it so euphoric that I almost cum the second Leo takes my cock in his mouth.

We both go into a steady rhythm of sucking, licking, and deepthroating. The taste of Leo's pre-cum on my tongue is so delicious that I just can't get enough of it. Leo's fucking amazing, it feeling like he has three tongues, sliding over every inch of my cock. The feeling starts to become too great. I pull Leo's cock out of my throat and mouth. "F-Fuck...Leo...I-I'm going to...cum..."

Leo suddenly pulls of my cock, heavy breath after heavy breath coming into and exiting his lungs. "Sorry..." he says. "You just tasted so good."

I spin Leo back around and pull him into another feverish kiss. Leo quickly slides down my body again, but he doesn't stop at my cock. He stops when his head is at the base of my cock. Leo pushes my legs back and I can feel my ass spread. Using his hands to spread me a bit more, Leo moves forward.

All of a sudden, there's a large shock the shoots through my body, causing me to shake in pleasure. I feel something wet moving against my hole and slopping noises fill the room. Leo's licking my asshole and it feels fucking amazing. I never knew how good it could feel to have a tongue run over my pecker.

Leo's tongue keeps at it for several minutes, every lick causing more pre-cum to drip out of my cock. Leo pulls away and looks at me, out of breath. "Condoms...and...lube..." he says.

I nod over to my nightstand, too hot to even speak. Leo reaches over to my nightstand drawer and pulls out a condom and a bottle of lube. He sets the condom aside and uncaps the lube. He holds the bottle over my balls and lets the clear fluid pour out of the bottle.

The cold liquid hits my balls, sending a shiver up my spine. Leo's runs his hand across my balls, quickly warming up the gel. The lube slides down my ass, finally reaching my hole. Leo takes his hand and slides up and down my crack, finally stopping and holding a finger against my opening.

Leo slowly slides his finger into me, the tip sliding along my insides. I haven't had anything inside me in a while, so I'm feeling a bit of pressure. Leo finally stops on the sweet spot and rubs his finger over it, causing shock after shock to stimulate my cock. It feels so fucking incredible that I can't even form a complete word.

There's suddenly a second finger at my entrance and Leo slides that in too, my asshole stretching with the second finger. Leo quickly pushes a third finger into me, this one not causing as much pressure. Leo slides all three finger in and out of me, pleasure spreading across my ass and cock.

All three fingers slide out of me and I see Leo taking the condom package, ripping it open, and pulling out the condom. He slides the condom over his long, hard shaft and grabs my ankles and lifts them up a bit. He positions his cock over my hole and looks at me. "Now Josh, it's going to hurt the first time. But the pain will go away. I promise you that."

"Please," I beg. "Put it in me. Fuck me with your huge cock..."

Leo takes a breath and I can feel his cock slowly enter me. He's being incredibly gentle, but I suddenly feel an incredibly painful burning sensation in my ass, forcing me to scream a bit. Leo suddenly stops. "Sorry," he says. "I was going a little fast..."

"J-Just give me a minute," I shakily say. I take a minute or two to breathe and relax, Leo patiently waiting for me. "Okay, go."

Leo continues pushing his cock deeper inside me, the feeling from before suddenly much less painful. Leo stops moving and I look up at him. "Why'd you stop?" I ask.

He smiles down at me. "Josh, you've taken every inch of me."

I smile back up at him. "I'm ready. Fuck me..."

Leo slowly slides his cock out of me and just as I feel the cock head about to exit me, he pushes his dick back into me. The most amazing feeling I have ever experienced washes over me, causing me to moan loudly and my cock to feel harder than ever. Leo slides his cock in and out of me, sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body.

I wrap my arms around Leo's back and pull him as close to me as possible. His body feels like it's on fire and sweat is dripping from his hair. I grab Leo's head and pull him into a wet, sloppy kiss, my tongue running over every inch of his mouth.

Leo's thrusts get harder and faster, his huge cock forcing its way in and out of my ass. Leo begins to grunt and yell loudly, causing me to moan in response. The feeling of Leo's cock sliding against my prostate is overwhelming and my cock starts to surge. "L-Leo! I'm...g-going to...cum!"

"Me too...I-I'm cumming!"

The thrusts become hard and I feel my orgasm coming on. With one final thrust, powerful shots of cum shoot out of the tip of my cock, landing on my face, neck, chest, and stomach, pleasure pulsating through me, causing me to spasm in euphoria.

Leo collapses on top of me, breathing hard along with me. My cum sticks to his chest and stomach, the strings clinging to him as he sits up and slips his cock out of me. He pulls the condom off and I see it filled with Leo's white cum. He tosses the condom and it lands in a small trash bin beside my bed.

He falls back on top of me and smiles at me. I smile back at him and lick the cum around my mouth. I slip my cum-covered tongue out of my mouth and slide it into Leo's mouth. We swap my cum back in forth, the taste and texture so good. "Thank you Josh," Leo breaths.

"No, thank you. I never knew how wonderful that could feel, especially doing it with the guy I love so much."

Leo smiles at me and I see a few tears escape his eyes, my own tears falling with his as we smile and kiss.


We fall asleep not too long after and wake up around quarter to eight, rain coming down outside. Leo and I climb out of my bed and walk to my shower. We're too tired to continue what we started earlier in the shower, so we help each other wash down and get clean. Once we're dry, Leo and I put on our clothes and head downstairs, picking up the rose petals as we walk.

Once the petals are tossed, Leo and I take a seat on the couch and turn on the TV. Leo nuzzles up against me and I bring my arm around his shoulders. As we're watching a terrible sitcom, I hear the doorbell ring. I get up from the couch, thinking it's Mom and Dad needing help with the new furniture.

I open the door and standing on my front porch is Justin. He's soaking wet and when I see his face, I jump back a foot. Justin's face is covered in bruises. His left eye is starting to turn black, his bottom lip is split open, his nose is gushing blood, and his face is starting to swell. "Justin!" I yell. "What the hell happened to you?!"

From behind me, I hear Leo walk over and see Justin. He sucks in a sharp breath at the sight of him. "Well, I told my parents..." Justin says.

"What did you tell your parents?" Leo asks.

Even though he's wet, I can see tears start to fill the bases of his eyes. Before he can start to cry, I pull Justin into a tight hug. He hugs me back and cries loudly into my shoulder. "It's okay Justin," I say. "You've got your friends here..."

Justin's grip on me gets tighter and he lets go after a few minutes. I walk him into my house and over to the couch and sit him down. "Leo," I say. "Can you grab an ice pack from the freezer?"


Leo goes into the kitchen and starts rummaging through the freezer. "They didn't take it very well, did they?" I ask Justin.

He shakes his head. "I was told to never come back and was called a faggot, saying I was a sin..."

I give Justin another hug and Leo comes back into the living room with an ice pack wrapped in a towel. He hands it to Justin, who presses it lightly against his face. "Did your dad do this to you?" Leo asks.

"I wish," Justin says. "My dad was actually the calm one. It was my mom who flipped. My mom's a religious fanatic and told me I was going to burn in hell for what I was. She then grabbed this huge wooden paddle off the wall and..."

Justin's voice catches in his throat. The front door opens and closes quickly. "Sweetie! We're home!" Mom calls.

"In the living room!" I call back.

I hear Mom and Dad walk down the main hallway. "Hey bud," Dad says. He looks and sees Justin and his face. "Oh my God! What happened to you?"

He rushes over to the couch and kneels down in front of Justin, in full doctor mode. "Dad, Mom, this is Justin," I say. "He a friend of mine and Leo's. He...just came out to his parents..."

I look at Mom and see she's very upset by what she sees. "Did they do this to you?" she asks Justin.

"My mom did," Justin replies. "My dad didn't do a thing. She beat me with a wooden paddle and kicked me out of the house. I have nowhere to go."

I look at Mom and Dad. "Can he stay here?" They both look at me incredulously as does Justin. "Please? He's my friend and his parents just kicked him out of his house. We have a spare bedroom he can use."

"Of course he can," says Dad. He looks at Justin. "Are you okay with living here?"

"B-But I don't want to be a burden..."

"Nonsense," says Mom. "We can't let you live on the streets where you could get hurt. We'd be glad to have you live with us."

I look at Justin and see his tears fall again. "Thank you..." he quietly says.

"I'll take that as a yes," says Dad. "Your injuries aren't serious, but they do need a bit of attention. Some arnica cream, hydrogen peroxide, tissues, and bandages should do the trick. C'mon. Let's get you cleaned up..."

Dad helps Justin off the couch and leads him to the bathroom. "Sweetie," says Mom. "Is it okay if we let Justin borrow some of your clothes? He needs some warm clothes right now."

"Sure," I say.

"And could you get dinner reheated? It's by the front door. We got barbecue."

"Great," I say. "Can Leo stay for dinner?"

"Sure." She looks at Leo. "It's great to have you here, Leo."

"Thank you Mrs. Rusden," says Leo.

Mom goes to where Dad took Justin and Leo and I grab dinner and take it to the kitchen. We open all the containers and see the common barbecue food: ribs, corn, green beans, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. Leo and I quickly get everything heated up, the smell filling the kitchen.

Dinner's ready as Mom, Dad, and Justin are walking back into the room, Justin with a face covered in bandages and fresh clothes. Mom dishes up Justin some food and we all take a seat at the kitchen table. The usual Rusden family dinner is filled with conversation and laughter. For this dinner, it's the same story as usual.

Dad always starts out with some funny story or joke to break the ice, and it works every time. The conversation quickly picks up, stories of the day being exchanged. Justin is initially pretty quiet, but he starts to open up as the meal goes on. By dessert, he's back to his normal self.

After dessert, Leo tells us he needs to head out. He tells us his motorcycle is a little down the road and I escort him to the door. "Thanks for today Josh," he says.

"No, thank you for an amazing afternoon, Leo. I'll never forget the love we made today."

"Me neither. I'll call you tomorrow. I love you."

"I love you too."

With a goodnight kiss, Leo walks out into the night and I close the door behind him. I walk back into the kitchen and find Justin clearing the table of dishes. "Justin, you don't need to do that," I say.

"I know," he says. "I've been raised to clean up every mess, even if it isn't all mine."

Mom walks back into the kitchen, having just gone to the bathroom, and sees Justin grabbing dishes from the table. "Oh Justin! You don't need to do that. I'll do it. You just go ahead and get a good night's sleep." Justin seems a little uncomfortable, but places the dishes back on the table. "Josh, could you show Justin his room?"

"Sure. C'mon Justin." I lead Justin upstairs and down the hall. I open the last door on the right and we walk into the guest room. "The room's pretty bare, but it's also pretty nice. You have a queen-sized bed, a dresser, nightstand, TV, lamp, and bathroom, You can stay as long as you need to."

I look at Justin and see he's crying again. "Hey, come here," I say. I grab Justin and pull him into a hug. "I know it hurts now, but you're safe here. My parents and I will treat you like you're a member of the family. It's going to be okay."

I let go and see Justin's stopped crying. "Thank you Josh," he says. "I know we haven't been friends for very long, but I really appreciate this."

"Think nothing of it," I say. "I'm sure you're pretty tired from the day you've had. I'll let you get to sleep."

With one more hug, I head out of the guest room and close the door behind me. I go downstairs, say a quick goodnight to Mom and Dad, and head upstairs to my room. I'll help them get the furniture out of Dad's car tomorrow. I fall into bed and a bad smell hits my nose. I sit up and smell my sheets, which still smell of cum and sweat. It's just like the song goes: probably should've washed this, smells like R. Kelly's sheets...

I pull my sheets off my bed and head to the laundry room, the memories of my beautiful love-making with Leo running through my head.



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