Thanksgiving goes perfectly. Throughout the day, Mom's in the kitchen trying to get everything ready. Mom always tells Dad to stay out of the kitchen. Dad can't cook for his life. So Ryan, Nate, and I help her with everything from the turkey, to the pies for dessert. By the time we're finished, it looks like the kitchen threw up.

Ryan never wants to take off his engagement ring, but Nate convinces him to take if off when they go to bed. I swear when I was in my room one night and Mom and Dad were asleep, I hear something rocking in Ryan's room. Dear God, my brother and his fiancé were getting it on! They couldn't freaking wait until no one was home?! I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep that night.

I introduce Leo to Ryan and Nate over the weekend and they agree with me when I tell them that he's the sexiest guy I've ever met. Leo congratulates Ryan and Nate on their engagement. Nate's parents called Ryan's number and they talked about how Nate proposed. I could hear the scream of joy from Nate's mom through the phone receiver, and I was in my room!

Ryan and Nate have to leave on Sunday. I go with them, Mom, and Dad to the airport. We pull up to the curb and I help Ryan and Nate get their bags out of the car. "I'll be home again in about three weeks for Christmas break," Ryan says.

"I'm not coming with Ryan next time," says Nate. "My parents want to make up for missing Thanksgiving and I'm going home to spend the holidays with them."

"Okay," I say. I pull both Ryan and Nate into a hug. "It was great seeing both of you. I'm really happy for you two."

I can feel Ryan and Nate laugh a bit and feel them hug me back. "Thanks little bro," says Ryan. "I'm really happy for you too. I hope everything with Leo goes well."

"Thanks Ryan. Nate, if my brother gets any more annoying than he is, please punch him."

"Absolutely," says Nate. "I already do anyway."

Ryan and I both laugh. "I love you Ryan," I say. "It's great to have you in the family Nate."

"I love you too Josh," says Ryan.

"Great to be part of the family," says Nate.

I let go and let Mom and Dad say goodbye. Ryan and Nate head off into the airport and me and my parents head home. "It was great seeing them," says Mom.

"So do you need to start planning for the wedding?" I ask.

And cue 'crazy Mom mode.' Mom goes into a frenzy, spewing out things from a wedding planner, to a cake, to the tuxes, everything. Dad and I just sit and be quiet and let her steam run out, which doesn't until an hour after we get home.


Monday and I pull into the parking lot. I see Mark's Mustang. I pull in next to him and hop out. Mark and Shawn climb out too. Leo pulls up as I'm tell Mark and Shawn about Ryan's engagement to Nate. "Hey guys," Leo says.

"Hey." We all say.

"What're you talking about?"

"Ryan getting engaged," I say.

"Oh yeah," says Leo. "That's really cool."

"Totally," says Shawn. "I never would've guessed your older brother was gay."

"Same here," says Mark.

"You guys are okay with it though, right?" I ask.

"Completely," says Mark.

"Of course," says Shawn.

That's the thing I love about Mark and Shawn. Ever since we were in elementary school, they've been the most down to earth people I have ever known, despite Mark's wealth and Shawn's genius. They see everyone as the same, no matter what they look like, where they come from, or who they are. "Thanks guys," I say.

The bell rings and Mark and Shawn head off to their first period class while Leo and I head over to Creswell's. We walk in, say hello to Creswell, and take our seats at our table. "Good morning everyone!" says Creswell. "I hope you had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I graded your last test over the weekend. Many of you did very well, I was very pleased."

Creswell begins handing papers back to us. Leo and I get our papers back, his with a 96% and mine with a 95%. Creswell finishes handing back the papers and walks back to the front of the room. "Now that you have your papers back, it's time to discuss your projects."

The class lets out a collective groan. "Oh come on you big babies," says Creswell. "The project isn't that hard and you're going to have your seat partner to help you. All you need to do is do research on a topic and present that topic to the class. That isn't that hard, is it?"

"But it's work..." some kid moans.

We all laugh a bit while Creswell rolls his eyes. "I'm going to give you your topics along with a rubric of the project. The project is due in three weeks, so please don't wait until the last minute to work on this."

Creswell puts the rubric on Leo's and my table and we both get a look at our topic: 'The Male Reproductive Organ.' Leo and I bury our faces in our hands at the sight of our topic. We have to stand in front of the class and talk about penises and testicles. Joy...

The rest of class is us working on our projects. Leo and I look at various web pages of penises. We decide to be mature about this and work on our project without either of us laughing. We do get the occasional glance from another student when a large picture of an erect penis pops up on our screen, but Leo just takes the computer we're using and holds the screen toward the classmate staring. It's actually quite funny to see their reactions.

Class ends and as Leo and I are packing up, Creswell approaches our desk. "Hello Josh and Leo."

"Hey Mr. Creswell," we both say.

"How was your break?"

"Pretty good," says Leo. "Just a house full of about twenty of my relatives."

"Sounds fun," says Creswell. "What about you Josh?"

"Ryan and his roommate Nate came into town. Nate proposed to Ryan and now the two are engaged."

Creswell's eyes go wide and his eyebrows rise. "Ryan's gay?"

"He is," I say. "He and Nate have been dating since their sophomore year of college. I'm really happy for both of them."

Creswell smiles. "Despite Ryan and I never seeing eye to eye on much, I'm happy for him as well."

"Thanks Mr. Creswell. Leo and I will see you tomorrow!"

Leo and I wave to Creswell and we leave the room. As we're walking down the hall, we see our favorite crutched friend. "Hey Brian!" I call.

Brian stops and looks back. He smiles and crutches over to us. "Hey guys," he says.

"How's the leg?" Leo asks.

"It should be healed in about a month. My ribs should be fine in about the same time."

"By the way," I say. "What's going on with the whole Danny thing?"

Brian's face falls a bit. "Oh, I've been talking with my lawyer about that. She and Danny's lawyer have been talking and Danny has agreed to a plea bargain. I met with Danny a few days ago and he said he's felt horrible about the whole thing since he ran away from where he hurt me, and I believe him."

"So what're you going to do?" Leo asks.

"Actually, it's what WE'RE going to do." Excuse me? "My lawyer said that you two need to give statements in court about what happened. Danny's going to plea guilty and will get a reduced sentence. I don't know what the sentence will be yet, but since he's eighteen and an adult, it won't be pretty. Hell, I kind of want to drop the charges."

That comes as a surprise to me. "What? Why would you want to drop the charges? Danny deserves everything he gets."

"Because when I saw him a few days ago, I could see how scared and terrified he is of this whole thing. He made a mistake and I don't want to see him be locked up for years because of it."

"I can see what you mean," says Leo. "When I saw Danny for the first time, I could tell that Danny's hiding something dark from his past."

"What do you mean?" Brian asks.

"I don't think that was Danny who attacked you," says Leo "I think something drove him to attack you, something that happened to him in the past that's been living with him since he was a kid."

"Do you know what?" I ask.

Leo shakes his head. "I may be able to tell the type of person someone is, but I can only see a little."

"Well, if you two could come with me to see Danny, I'd really appreciate it," says Brian.

"Sure," I say.

"We can help," says Leo.

"Thanks guys. And...I have a bit of a favor to ask you."

"What's up?" Leo asks.

"Um...I have someone I like here and I'm really afraid of asking him out. I'd like your help getting him to meet me so I can ask him."

"Who is it?" I ask.

I can see Brian getting redder by the second. "" he quietly says.

Leo and I lean in closer. "What? We can't hear you," says Leo.

Brian takes in a deep breath. "It's Justin."

"Justin?" I say. "Justin Robinson? The captain of the basketball team? You like him?"

Brian smiles a little and nods. "While the basketball team was still jerky, Justin was one of the only ones that didn't see me as 'that gay kid.' He saw me as Brian Mosley. When he was apologizing to me for the basketball team, I could feel the sincerity behind it. I really like him and..."

"Say no more," says Leo. "We'll help you."

Brian's face lights up. "Really? Thank you so much guys."

"Justin's in my history class," I say. "I can talk to him and have him meet you in the parking lot after school."

"Perfect," says Brian. "Um...if he says yes, could we two come with us?"

"Like a double date?" Leo asks.

"I won't call it that. I'll just say it's guys hanging out. I know you two I don't want to freak Justin out."

"No problem," I say. "We'll make it look like we're just having fun together."

The bell rings and everyone in the hall starts to head to class. "Thanks guys," says Brian. "I know we've only been friends for a few weeks, but you've done more for me than any of my other friends."

I smile down at Brian. Leo and Brian head in one direction and I turn and head in the other direction, feeling a bit nervous as I'm going to talk to Justin.

As I walk into history later in the day, I find Justin sitting at his desk reading a few of his notes. I step over to his desk and he looks up at me. "Hey Josh," he says.

"Hey. What's up?"

"Not much. Just trying to understand a few things I'm having trouble on."

"Need any help? I'm pretty good at history."

"No thanks. It's not that hard and I should be able to get it."

"Okay. know Brian right?"

All of a sudden, I see Justin's eyes widen a bit and his face flushes. "M-Mosley?" he asks. 'Yeah, we've talked a few times. He's...a pretty nice guy. Why do you ask?"

Justin's reaction raises my confusion, but I know that face anywhere. "Brian asked me to ask you if you wanted to hang out this weekend. Just you, Brian, Leo, and me. What do you think?"

I see him gulp and try to find his choice of words. "U-Um...sure. It...sounds fun..."

"Great. I'm supposed to meet Brian after school in the parking lot. Would you want to come with me and we can agree when and where to meet up."


I walk over to my desk and take a seat in my chair. I look over to Justin and see the outline of his ears getting red. Oh yeah. Definitely.

History ends and I lead Justin out to the parking lot. Leo and Brian are already standing outside when we walk out. "Hey guys," I say.

"Hey Josh, Justin," says Leo.

"H-Hi..." stutters Brian.

"S-So Brian," says Justin. "Y-You said you wanted to hang out this weekend?"

"Uh...y-yeah," Brian replies. "I thought it would be fun to just go see a movie, get something to eat, and just...let loose."

I never saw Brian as one to let loose, but I've been wrong before. "W-Well I'm in," says Justin.

Brian lets out a small smile and Justin does the same. Jesus Christ, are you two blind? You're both as red as tomatoes! Maybe if I... "Oh wait!" I say. "Sorry, Leo and I can't make it this Saturday. We need to work on this huge project we have in Biology. But that doesn't mean you need to cancel your plans. You two should go out and have fun."

Brian looks at me like I just slapped his mother. I give him a wink and look to Leo. "We need to go and get started on that. We'll see you guys tomorrow!"

I grab Leo by the arm and pull him away from Brian and Justin. I lead him in the direction of our car and motorcycle when he pulls his arm back. "What the hell did you do that for?!" he says. "You could see how nervous you made Brian!"

"I could tell just by looking at Justin that he feels the same way about Brian than Brian does for him. I did that so they could have some time alone together. Justin had the same face I used to get when I was thinking about you."

Leo's pissed off face softens and he smiles a bit. "That was really cool of you." He steps over to his bike and starts putting on his helmet. "You want to work at my house or your house?"

"My house is fine," I say.

"Great. You get going and I'll meet you there."

I get in my car and wave to Leo as I'm pulling out. After about fifteen minutes, I pull into my driveway. I walk into the house and call out. "I'm home!"

No response. I walk into the kitchen and find a note on the counter next to twenty-five dollars in bills. I look at the note and see it's from Mom.

'Hi sweetie. Sorry I didn't text you. I'm with my sister and we're spending the day together and catching up a bit. Your father is working late at the hospital tonight and won't be home until late. Your Aunt Samantha and I are going to get dinner together and I probably won't be home until after nine. The money on the counter is for you to order a pizza if you want. I'll see you later. Love you. -Mom'

I set the note down and slip the money into my pocket. The doorbell rings and I walk back to the front door. Leo's on the front porch with his bag in one hand and his helmet in the other. "Hey," he says.

"Hey. Come on in."

He walks into the main hallway. "Your parents home?" he asks.

"No, my mom's with my aunt and my dad's still at work. We have the house to ourselves until tonight."

On that note, Leo drops his helmet and his bag and pulls me into a feverish kiss. His tongue forces its way past my teeth and meets mine. It feels so wonderful after having not kissed Leo since the weekend. Leo pulls away after a minute and allows us both to breathe again. "Want to head upstairs?" I ask.

Leo nods and bends over and grabs his helmet and bag. I lead him upstairs to my room and we both sit down on the bed. I kiss Leo this time and I let my body take over. My hand slips underneath Leo's shirt and presses against his hard side. His skin feels so hot and I take my other hand and begin to lift Leo's shirt.

I pull his shirt off and see his body, still as perfect as the first day I saw it. I run my hands over his chest and feel hard muscle underneath his skin. Leo grabs the sides of my shirt and peels it off me, leaving us both shirtless. Leo kisses me again and I pull him onto the bed and lay on top of him, my tongue almost down his throat.

My hand slides down Leo's abdomen and I find his belt buckle. With one hand, I unbuckle his belt and slide my hand down into Leo's pants. I sharp breath fills my ears and I feel Leo's eleven-inch monster. "Josh..." he breathes into my ear.

"Leo," I say quietly. "Please...let me make love to you. I've wanted this for so long and I can't wait anymore. Please..."

I feel Leo tremble beneath me and I can feel he's as excited as I am. Leo's head nods underneath mine and I slide down Leo's body. I'm face to face with Leo's pants and my hands reach for the button. I unbutton Leo's pants and slide them down his legs along with his boxer-briefs. I can smell the musk coming off Leo's cock.

I take the shaft in my hand, every inch of it hard, and run my tongue over the head. Leo squirms as I take the first few inches of his cock in my mouth. I've missed this feeling. I haven't sucked Leo's dick since we were in the shower together. Warm pre-cum slides out of Leo's piss-slit and mixes with my spit, filling my mouth with a delicious taste as I slide up and down the veiny shaft.

Leo grips the bed sheets and his back starts to arch. I look up at his face and can see he's enjoying the blowjob I'm giving him. I open up my throat and let Leo's cock slide down my esophagus without me gagging. "O-Oh...fuck...J-Josh..." he says in a raspy voice.

Leo's cock begins to surge and I can feel he's getting close. I pull Leo's dick out of my mouth and my hands shoot for my jeans. I quickly unbuckle and get my pants and underwear off. I slide up Leo's body, running my tongue over his abs and moving my way up to his nipples. My tongue swirls around each pink nipple and I can feel them both harden. "You taste so good," I breathe out.

I pull away from Leo's savory nipples and step off the bed. I get to my nightstand and reach in and pull out a condom and a small bottle of lube (both courtesy of Dad). I crawl back onto the bed and onto Leo. "Lift up your legs," I say.

It takes a second, but Leo slowly lifts his legs. I pop the cap on the bottle of lube and pour the liquid over Leo's cock and let it slide into Leo's crack. Leo's body shivers and I spread his ass cheeks and look at Leo's hole for the first time.

Beautiful. Leo's pucker is the perfect shade of pink and looks good enough to eat. I slide close to Leo's ass and my tongue slides out of my mouth and slides over Leo's sphincter. His body flinches as I run my tongue over and in and out of Leo's hole. It tastes amazing and I'm savoring every bit of it. I can't wait anymore...

I take a bit more lube from the bottle and apply it to Leo's hole, both in and out. I slide one finger into Leo to stretch it a bit and add a second finger after a minute or two. Leo's insides feel so hot around my fingers. I slide a third finger past Leo's orifice and feel his hole stretch.

Once Leo's feels ready, I pull my fingers out and rip the condom packet open and pull the condom out. I quickly slip it on and put a little lube on my dick. I look to Leo and see his face is bright red and sweat is breaking out on his forehead and neck.

My hands grip the undersides of Leo's knees and I place his ankles on my shoulders. The tip of my cock sits at Leo's opening and I look to him. "Ready?" I ask.

Leo takes a few breaths and nods slowly. My cock slowly enters Leo and both he and I moan. I've barely gotten my head in Leo and I feel something take over my body. My shaft slowly enters Leo's ass and the tightness feels amazing. I've never felt this good in my entire life.

I stay put for a minute to give Leo a little time to stretch and let the wall of Leo's rectum squeeze my cock. I start to slide out, groaning as I do so, and when I'm mostly out of Leo, I slide my cock back in. Shocks shoot up my spine and heat radiates throughout my body. Leo lets out small noises as I begin to fuck him in a smooth and steady rhythm.

With every thrust, my pleasure only increases. Every muscle in my body begins to feel like jelly, except the one sliding in and out of my beautiful boyfriend. Leo looks to be feeling as wonderful as I am. I take his cock in my hand and begin to pump vigorously.

Leo's body squirms and it only makes more shocks fill my cock. I begin to thrust faster and pump Leo's dick even harder. Moans fill the room and the smell of lust and passion fills the air. Sweat drips from my face and falls onto Leo's stomach.

My dick begins to swell and I feel Leo start to surge again. "I-I'm cumming," I say. "I'm going to cum...!"

Leo responds only with more moans and small screams. With a few more thrusts and pumps, I pull out of Leo, rip the condom off, and jerk my cock the last few times. Cum shoots out of my cock with great force and speed, filling my body with pleasure. The white spunk flies onto Leo's face, chest, abs, and cock. Leo cums a few seconds later, shooting onto my chest and torso.

There's cum everywhere and Leo and I are covered in sweat. I collapse next to Leo, both of us out of breath. I look at Leo, his hair matted to his forehead, breath after breath leaving his body. I move a little closer to him and cup his jaw in my hand and turn him to me. "Thank you so much Leo," I say. "That was amazing. I love you so much."

I press my lips to his and kiss Leo a few times. My body starts to feel heavy and I feel sleep coming on. Leo looks to be on the verge of passing out as well. As my eyelids begin to droop, I see something slide down Leo's cheek. Is that...a tear?

Darkness envelopes me a few seconds later.


By the time I wake up, my room is almost pitch black. I reach over to my nightstand and turn on my lamp, illuminating the room. I sit up and stretch out my arms, dried cum and sweat on my chest and stomach. I look to my right and find that the bed is empty. Leo? Where are you?

I see that my bedroom door is open and see a light downstairs is on. I crawl out of bed and walk into the bathroom. Once I wet a washcloth and wipe the cum and sweat off me, I go back into my bedroom and throw away the used condom and put the bottle of lube back in my nightstand drawer.

I quickly put on a fresh pair of boxer-briefs, t-shirt, jeans and socks and head downstairs. While I expect to find Leo in either the kitchen or living room, there's not a soul here. "Leo?" I call out. "Are you here?"

There's no response as I walk into the kitchen. But I do notice one thing: a folded piece of paper on the counter that wasn't there before. I take the note and quickly unfold it and read it over.

'Josh. I'm sorry I had to tell you this way, but I can't do this anymore. You're an amazing person and I love you more than anything, but I can't be the person you want me to be. I can't satisfy your needs and I'm so sorry for it. Please don't be mad at me because I don't want to hurt you. But I know that if I stay with you, I will eventually hurt you. I love you Josh. I'm so sorry. -Leo'

My heart sinks once I finish reading the note. Pain fills my chest and it feels as if someone's repeatedly punching me in the stomach. The note crumples in my hands and water begins to fall from my eyes. The tears fall out hard and fast and my legs begin to feel weak. I blindly walk from the kitchen and make it to the living room and take a seat on the couch.

Cries of anguish explode out of me. I've never felt the horrible before. I can't even imagine not being with Leo and just the thought of not being with him make my heart hurt. There's the sound of a door opening and closing and my cries fall a bit. "Josh? I'm home!"

Mom. I hear her walk through down the main hallway. "Josh, there you are." I keep my wet face buried in my hands and let the tears silently slide down my cheeks. Mom's footsteps walk closer to me and I feel a body sit down next to me. "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

I'm too devastated to talk, so I hand Mom the crumpled note that's now wet with my tears. I hear her un-crumple the note and can hear her take a few breaths. Soft arms pull me into a hug and I squeeze my Mom. "It'll be okay sweetie," Mom tells me. "Let everything out. I'm here for you..."

Screams flow from me and echo throughout the house. Mom holds me tight and I cry into her shoulder. Leo...why? I love you so much. Please...please come back...I love you...



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