Over the next month and a half, I learn a lot more about Ryan and Nate's relationship. Nate gave me his cell number and we often talk about how he feels about Ryan. It's actually really cool to hear how normal everything between them still is even though they're dating. Ryan and Nate have come out to the campus and have become the most popular couple at school.

But while I have more information about the feeling between by brother and his boyfriend, I have zero information about what's going on with me. The more time I spend around Leo, the harder it is for me to act normal. And now whenever I even see him, I instantly turn red, my tongue dries out, and...yes, I get a raging boner.

I've gone to the public library more times than I can count and have read the same chapter of 'Boys: Is Something Wrong With Me?' time and time again. And the more I read it, the more confused I get. The book said the feelings I'm having about Leo may be temporary, but they've only gotten stronger.

It's only a few days before Halloween and the senior class is buzzing with excitement. The senior class has a tradition where the entire class throws a huge Halloween costume party. The only rules of the party are you have your car keys taken when you arrive, try not to get too drunk, if you're going to have sex, do it in a room, and the costumes may be sexy, but no nudity.

The end of the day arrives and all the seniors head to the cafeteria for the annual 'costume drawing.' If everyone chose their costume, we'd have a lot of vampires and lame shit like that. In order to prevent that, the senior class gets together in order to choose your costume by random.

Hundreds of costumes are put into a box and names of the seniors are called in alphabetical order. You walk up to the box and pull out a piece of paper with the costume you will wear on it. There is no chance of copies, as only one of every costume is put into the box. And the costumes vary from cop, to slutty cat.

And as if the costume drawing weren't bad enough, after you draw your costume, you take the cafeteria intercom and announce your costume to everyone there. So if you draw something...revealing, the entire class will know. Ryan was lucky when his class had the party and drew a doctor. I'm deathly afraid of what I'll get.

I get to the cafeteria, already almost all of the class here, and scan the crowd trying to find Mark and Shawn. I spot them at a table with a third person there: Leo. My heart instantly starts racing, but I walk over there as casually as I can and set my bag down next to a chair. "Hey guys," I say.

"Hey," they all reply.

"You as nervous as I am?"

"Are you kidding?" says Mark. "I've been waiting for this day since my older brothers and sister had their drawing! I can't freaking wait!"

I see Shawn sharing the same excitement as Mark, but Leo looks as cool and collected as usual, laughing along with Mark and Shawn. There's a low hum and we all direct our attention to the front of the cafeteria and see Amy Russell, our class president, standing with the intercom in her hand, a large box on a table, and a few other students. "Hey everyone!" she says. "Are you ready to get your costume assignment?"

The class responds with several cheers and a round of applause. "Okay! I'm pretty sure you all know the rules of the drawing. So, let's get started!"

Name after name is called, and costume after costume is announced. They really aren't holding back. Sexy demon, bad girl cop, skimpy waitress, the girls aren't pulling any punches. The guys' costumes so far aren't too bad, the worst one so far being 'sexy construction worker,' which Mark is very excited to wear.

Shawn got off easy and snagged 'pirate.' He's okay with it, but actually wishes he could have gotten something better. The last names go through the Q's and reach the R's. After a few people a few more people are called and nothing exciting is pulled out of the box. "Josh Rusden!" says Amy. "Get your ass up here!"

I slowly rise out of my seat as people cheer me on. I make my way to the front of the cafeteria and walk up to the box. "Go ahead and take your pick," Amy tells me.

My hand reaches inside the box and rummages its way through the slips of paper. I finally take one and pull my hand out. Amy puts the intercom next to me. "Now please tell us your costume."

I slowly unfold the paper and read my costume. My blood goes cold the second I read it. Fucking damn it! "Josh?" says Amy.

"S-Sorry." I take the intercom and look out at everyone. "Um...Spartan."

Every girl in the room starts cheering and all the guys start laughing. I feel my face flush from embarrassment. Amy takes the intercom back. "Thank you Josh," she says. "I'm sure a lot of us will be looking forward to seeing you in leather underwear."

I nod and walk back to my seat, girls giggling as I pass by and guys openly slapping me on the back. I sit back down at my table and Mark, Shawn, and Leo all burst out laughing. "A Spartan?!" says Mark. "Holy shit! You're going to be wearing next to nothing!"

"Don't fucking remind me," I say, burying my face in my hands.

As I'm wallowing in my embarrassment, a sudden realization comes over me. Leo's going to see me at the party! Fuck! If I weren't embarrassed before, I'm fucking screaming on the inside right now!

I zone out the next twenty names and costumes, until one catches my ear. "Oh! The newest addition to our class!" says Amy. "Leo Trigon!"

Leo smiles to himself and rises out of his sat and confidently walks across the cafeteria, people cheering him on as he walks. He walks up to the box and quickly pulls out a piece of paper. Amy hold the intercom up to him and Leo unfolds the paper.

He reads it and all of a sudden, bursts out laughing. What the hell did he pick? Leo takes the intercom from Amy's hand and looks at the class. "Okay, whoever the hell wrote this costume, I'm going to kick your ass later! I'm a freaking male stripper!"

The girls go wild and the guys laugh the hardest they have yet. But I'm not laughing. My cock standing at attention under the table is keeping me from doing so. If I get a boner from just the thought of Leo being in a stripper outfit, my dick's going to explode from actually seeing him!

Leo walks back to the table, still laughing. "God damn it," he says with a smile.

"Dude that fucking sucks!" says Shawn. "How're you going to get a stripper outfit?"

"I'll probably just go to the lingerie store a few miles from here and get someone to help me find the best male stripper outfit there is. If I'm doing this, I'm going all out."

Mark and Shawn laugh again and I force myself to laugh along with them. But while I'm laughing, my eyes keep glancing at Leo's waist, probably the only part of him that will be covered Halloween night.


It's Friday night, Halloween night. With my bronze helmet, spear and shield, cape, forearm and shin armor, and yes, the leather underwear, on, I'm about to head out to the party. God, this outfit could not be more embarrassing. About 90% of my body can be seen. While I do have the body to pull off the Spartan look, I'm still bright red.

I drape my cape across my back, grab my spear and shield, and head downstairs. I'm hoping to walk out of here without anyone seeing...fuck. Mom and Dad are sitting in the living room when I walk down. They both turn around and break out laughing the second they see me. "Well damn, bud!" says Dad. "That is one...interesting outfit."

"Go ahead and laugh," I say. "I wouldn't be wearing this if I didn't need to."

"Oh, I'm definitely taking a picture of this," says Mom, reaching into her pocket for her phone.

"Don't you dare!"

They both start laughing again and Mom pulls her hand back out without her phone. "When do you think you'll be back?" Dad asks.

"Midnight? Maybe a little after?"

"Okay. Please do not drink and drive," says Mom.

"I won't have a drop. I'm a designated driver tonight. I'm picking up Leo in a little while."

"You know, you've talked an awful lot about Leo," says Dad. "How come we've never met him?"

"I don't know. I haven't thought about bringing him over."

Because I'll keep staring at his ass and I'll have a rock hard dick the entire time he's here.

"I need to go," I say.

I grab my keys from the kitchen counter and head out the door. With my spear and shield in the back seat, I drive over to Leo's house.

It doesn't take too long to get to Leo's house. I follow the directions on my phone and pull up to a two story, modest home. I step out of my car and walk up the front pathway and ring the doorbell. The door opens and I'm met by a five foot five woman with light brown hair light blue eyes. She does a quick once over me. "If you're the stripper I ordered for my daughter's bachelorette party, I think you're a few weeks early."

I laugh a bit, take off my helmet, and smile at her. "No ma'am. I'm Josh Rusden, Leo's friend. I'm here to pick him up for the party we're going to."

Her face turns bright red and she covers it with her hands. "Oh! I'm so sorry! You look so much older than you are!"

"It's fine, ma'am. I get that a lot."

"I'm Penny Trigon, Leo's mother."

She offers her hand and I take it. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Trigon."

Footsteps suddenly come from behind Mrs. Trigon and a man that's about my height with greying black hair, a chiseled jaw, and very dark blue eyes appears in the doorway. He does the same up and down as Mrs. Trigon. "You must be Josh," he says.

"Yes sir. And you must be Mr. Trigon. Josh Rusden, nice to meet you."

"Paul Trigon."

I give him my hand and he shakes it with a very firm grip. "Leo will be down in a minute," says Mrs. Trigon. "He's...putting the finishing touches on his costume."

"He told you he was going as a stripper, didn't he?" I ask.

"Yes, but it's no worse than what we both went as to Halloween parties at our colleges," says Mr. Trigon. "I was a manly firefighter and this little lady was a naughty nurse."

Mrs. Trigon elbows her husband in the ribs and I laugh along with them. "The only concern I have about his costume is...his..." Mrs. Trigon starts.

"His what?" I ask.

"Our son's very large package," Mr. Trigon finishes.

My face turns red in no time. How are Leo's parents so open about things like that?! "His...package?" I ask, knowing all too well what they're talking about.

"Leo is very...well-endowed," says Mrs. Trigon.

Don't I know it...

"We're afraid of what will happen when people see...the outline in his costume."

"Stop talking about my junk in front of my friend!"

Another pair of footsteps come from behind Mr. and Mrs. Trigon. They part and I see Leo, which causes my heart to start racing. He's just as built as my fantasy. The eight-pack, the perfect pecs, the beautifully sculpted legs, the buff biceps, it's all there. But what's also there is the bulge in the tight boxer briefs he's wearing. Thank God for my firm leather underwear because my cock would be standing in front of all the Trigon's.

Leo's wearing nothing but the boxer briefs and a pair of sneakers. If I'm asleep, don't wake me up...

I'm just going to put that thought in the back of my head... "Why are you talking about me that way, guys?" Leo asks his parents.

"Sorry sweetie," says Mrs. Trigon. "We're just concerned about how...revealing your costume is."

"Mom, we talked about this. I don't care if people stare at me. That's pretty much what the costume is about. Plus, I'm pretty damn proud of my package."

"As you should be," says Mr. Trigon.

Leo laughs and steps out onto the front porch with me. "I'll be back late," he says to his parents. "But the plan may change. I'll call you guys if it does."

Leo waves and he and I walk down the front steps and to my car. He gets in the passenger seat and I climb in the driver's seat. "Nice costume," he tells me.

"T-Thanks," I say, my mouth still dry. "Uh..."

"If you try and say anything about this, I'm going to kick your ass."

He and I laugh and we head off to the party, the entire drive with me glancing at the outline of Leo's dick.

The party's being held at George Orson's house. George is a classmate of ours who offered up his family's mansion as the venue for the party. We pull up and at least a hundred cars are already parked in front of the mansion. I choose to park a fair distance away form the other cars and the mansion. "Why so far away?" Leo asks.

"So we don't have to deal with the traffic that happens when people start leaving."

"Good call."

I park the car, put on my helmet, grab my spear and shield, and Leo and I climb out and walk toward the mansion. We can already hear the music blaring from a solid three hundred yards away. As we get closer, I catch glances from other kids. Many girls stare at us as we pass and guys can't help but stare too.

We climb the front steps and see a girl in a princess outfit standing in front of the door, holding a clipboard. We walk up to her and she stares at us for a few seconds before finally looking at her clipboard. "N-Name and costume?" she stutters.

"Josh Rusden, Spartan."

"Leo Trigon, Male Stripper."

She leafs through the papers on the clipboard. "Ah! Here you two are. Go ahead in."

We walk through the front door and are met by a guy dressed as a ninja. "I'm going to need your keys before you go any further," he tells us.

"No keys on me," says Leo.

He couldn't even carry any if he wanted to. I reach into my forearm armor and pull out my keys and hand them to the ninja. He hands me a small badge and puts a sticker on my keys. "You're number one hundred twenty-four. Just hand back the badge when you leave and if you're sober, you can leave."


Leo and I walk into the main lobby and see eyes already on us. "Josh! Leo!"

We look to our left and see Mark and Shawn in their construction worker and pirate outfits. We walk over to them and Mark hands me a bottle of water and a red solo cup to Leo. "Sorry Josh," says Mark. "No alcohol for you tonight."

"It's cool," I say. "I hate the taste anyway."

Leo tips the cup up and chugs the contents of the cup in no time. "Dude, that cup was full to the brim with beer," says Shawn.

"Hey, if I'm going to be walking around with the outline of my junk visible, I'm going to drink as much as I fucking want," Leo retorts.

We all laugh and I already start to see color in Leo's cheeks. I really hope this doesn't end badly...

For the next few hours, I talk, dance, and hang out with numerous people, all while not drinking a bit. But Leo seems to be drinking enough for the both of us. By 11:30, he's had about a dozen cups of beer and has made $81 in bills from girls slipping them into his boxer briefs, which he always accepts.

I'm hanging out with Shawn and a few other acquaintances and something comes from behind me and Shawn. "Josh! Shawn!"

We turn around and find Mark quickly walking toward us. "What's up?" I ask.

"Dude, Leo's drunk as hell. He looks like he's about to pass out."

My alarm bells start ringing. "Where is he?" Shawn asks.

Mark leads us through the house and we find Leo, really working his outfit to the fullest. Girls are screaming and tossing bills as he dances in the tight boxer briefs. I quickly walk over to him and manage to grab him before he trips over himself. "Sorry ladies," I say. "Show's over."

They all 'aww' at that. "Come on," says a girl dressed as a black cat. "Can't he dance a little more?"

"Not if you want him to puke all over you."

The girls instantly look disgusted. "Can we at least stuff the money we threw at him in his...costume?" asks a girl dressed as an angel

I sigh to myself. "Try to make it fast. I think he's turning a bit green..."

The girls scramble to the floor and begin stuffing bill after bill into Leo's underwear. I can tell they're sneaking glances at Leo's dick when they put the bills in there, making me burn with jealousy. Wait. Why am I jealous of girls getting to see Leo's dick?

They finish stuffing the bills and I start to carry Leo toward the front of the mansion, Mark and Shawn following behind us. I stop and look back to them. "I got it guys. You two go back and have fun. I'll text you tomorrow."

They both nod and I get Leo to the front door. I give the ninja my badge and before he hands me my keys, he hold a breathalyzer in front of my face. "It's just a precaution," he says.

I blow into the breathalyzer in a little beep is heard. "0.00. You're free to go. Make sure your friend here doesn't puke on himself."

He hands me my keys and I manage to get them in my forearm armor. I carry Leo down the front steps and instantly regret parking so far away. Leo could be helping here a bit, but he's too busy giggling to himself.

I get to my car, out of breath and sweaty, and get the passenger door open. It takes some effort, but I stuff Leo into the car. After I get his seatbelt on, I shut his door and climb in the car on the driver's side. I look at Leo and see he's in no condition to go home. "Leo?" I say. "Hey, Leo."

"Wwwwhhatt'ss up Joooossssshhh?" he slurs.

"I need to call your parents and tell them you're spending the night at my place. What's your house number?"

"Hhooouussssse numberrrrr?"

"Yeah. Can you remember it?"

He goes into a small giggling fit before looking back at me. "Sixxxx, threeeee, two, twooooo, fourrrr, ninnnne, ninnnnne."


I grab my cell phone and quickly dial Leo's house. The phone clicks after two rings. "Hello?" says Mrs. Trigon.

"Mrs. Trigon? This is Josh Rusden."

"Oh hi Josh. What's up?"

"I'm just calling to let you know that I'm taking Leo to my house and he'll spend the night. He's a bit...impaired at the moment."

"How impaired would that be?"

"A dozen beers in a few hours."

"That son of mine really needs to learn self-control. Thank you for the heads up, Josh. If you call us tomorrow, we'll come over and pick Leo up."

I hang up the phone and turn on the car. "C'mon Leo. Let's get you to my place."

After a twenty minute drive, I pull into my driveway and shut off my car. I hop out of the car, quickly walk around the car, and open Leo's door. After he's unbuckled, he practically falls out of the car into my arms. I wrap his arm over my shoulder and we walk up the front steps into the house. Thankfully, Mom and Dad left the door unlocked for me.

I shut the door and lock it behind me. "C'mon Leo, you need to help me here," I try to tell him.

All I get are giggles and hiccups. I moan to myself and start my ascent up the stairs. It's just as tiring as walking to my car from the mansion. But I manage to make it to the top with falling or dropping my drunk friend. With a bit more effort, we finally get to my room and I get Leo to my bed. I let him go and he falls onto the mattress.

Cue the giggles. They start uncontrollably coming from Leo. I pull and push him a little bit and get his head on a pillow. Leo quickly pulls the bills he received at the party out of his underwear, laughing the entire time, and tosses them on the bed. There's more money than I thought, at least $120. It looks like he gets every bill out of his costume and I pull the covers out from under him.

Once I put the covers on him, it looks like he's asleep. Exhausted, I start to take off my costume and quickly pull on a pair of boxer shorts. "Joooooossssshhhhh," I hear come from my bed. "You got a nice ass..."


I pull my underwear up as fast as I can and turn around to find Leo awake and giggling. "Leo, try to go to sleep," I say.

"Commmeee into bed with meeee."

My heart beats faster and faster and I slowly walk to the bed. Thank God it's king sized. Anything smaller wouldn't fit us both. I sweep the bills off the bed and as soon as I crawl in and get the covers over me, a body presses against my side. I look over and see Leo's drunken face, smiling his perfect smile, and his dark blue, vision impaired eyes sparkling.

Leo's naked torso presses hard against my side and I suddenly feel a strong arm come across my bare chest. My cock starts getting hard and Leo's face gets to be only a few inches from mine. "L-Leo," I stutter. "Y-You should go to sleep. You're drunk."

"Let meeee do oneeee thinnnng firrrssstt..."

"W-What's that?" I ask.

Leo moves closer and all of a sudden, his lips are on mine. My heart feels like it's about to beat out of my chest and my dick is as hard as steel. I feel something warm and wet on my teeth and it slips past and dances on my tongue. Leo's kissing me. No, he's fucking making out with me!

But I don't push him back. I wrap my arms around him and pull him closer to me. The kiss gets harder, as does my dick, and I swirl my tongue around with Leo's. My body temperature rises and my body gets hotter and hotter. I feel my cock start to surge, but I only focus on Leo. He manages to squirm away after a minute and smiles drunkenly at me. "I loooveeee youuuu, Jooossshhh."


"What did you say?" I ask.

My question is answered with easy breathing and I know Leo's asleep. I stare at him wide-eyed for a second before looking to the ceiling. I suddenly feel something warm and wet slide down the shaft of my cock. I look under my sheet and see cum dripping through my underwear. I fucking came just from kissing Leo...

After I quickly change into a new pair of boxers, I climb back into bed and go back to looking at the ceiling, my mind still on the kiss and what Leo said. The kiss felt...fucking fantastic, the most amazing thing I've felt in my entire life. I turn over and see Leo's sleeping face, his gorgeous sleeping face.

"I love you too..."


To everyone that's been reading my story, thank you so much for all the support you've given me. I never expected so many people to read my story and to actually like it. This is the first time I've written a novel like this, but I promise it won't be the last. The story of Josh and Leo is entirely fictional and is all off the top of my head. I don't create a plot line, I write as I go and let the story take me where it leads me. Once again, thank you so much for all the kind words and support you've given me. I'll keep Josh and Leo's story realistic, alive, and yes, hot and sexy, until the very end.




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