The bell rings, marking the end of class. Everyone starts to shuffle and pack up, but I stay still. I can risk showing off this bulge in my pants to the entire class, and especially to Leo. "Josh?" Leo says. "Class is over."

"O-Oh, I know. I'm just going to wait for a minute."

Come on, you fucking boner! Okay, Josh. Think about things you hate and disgust you. Math problems, handling difficult customers at work, that one time you accidently saw grandma and grandpa making out...

Yup, that does it. My dick goes flaccid in less than a second. I get up from my seat and quickly pack up my things, Leo waiting patiently with his bag, jacket, and helmet. I quickly get packed and start to head out with Leo. "You boys remember to do that reading," says Mr. Creswell.

"We will," we both reply.

Leo and I walk down the hall together. Why do I feel the need to walk as slowly as possible? Normally, I want to get the hell out of the hallway. "Josh, you're walking like my grandpa after he get hemorrhoids," Leo says.

I straighten my back and start to walk normally. "Sorry," I say. "My...leg was asleep. Sitting in those hard, plastic chairs will do that."

"I know how you feel. I still can't feel my ass..."

I'd like to feel your ass...

WHAT THE FUCK?!! Where the hell did that come from?! Now I can't stop glancing at Leo's ass, perfectly shaped in his jeans. My cock starts to grow on cue at the sight of it. Grandma and grandpa, grandma and grandpa, grandma and grandpa...

Thank god, I'm calming down a bit. But what the hell was that? I actually thought about feeling Leo's butt for a few seconds. I come back to reality just as Leo starts to turn down a corner. "H-Hey! Where're you going?" I ask.

He looks back to me, a bit confused. "Um...I have history down this hallway. Didn't I tell you that in bio?"

"Oh...yeah. Sorry I forgot."

"Well, it was great to meet you, Josh. I hope I'll see you later."

My heart both skips another beat and starts to hurt. Why do I not want to be apart from Leo? He turns and starts to head down the hallway. "Hey Leo!" I call. He looks back to me and I walk over to him. " you have any...plans for lunch?"

He looks at me a bit odd. "No, I'm probably going to follow your suggestion and stay away from the cafeteria. I was thinking of looking around the school a bit more."

" you think you'd like to...go out to lunch with me?" I suddenly pause, caught on my own tongue. "And my friends?" I finish.

"Your friends?"

"Yeah, the ones that were with me when I first saw you this morning. Seniors have the privilege of going off school grounds for lunch and we were thinking about going to Taco Bell. Would to come?"

He looks like he's thinking about it and I stand there with my face feeling warm. "Sure," Leo finally replies. "Sounds like fun."

'G-Great!" I say a little too excitedly. " could just meet us out by my friend Mark's car. It's a red Shelby Mustang with two white lines going down the middle."

"Got it. I'll see you later, Josh."

He smiles and turns back down the hall, leaving me standing alone. I silently cheer to myself and head off to English. I'm one of the last people to arrive, but at least I'm still on time. The bell rings and Mrs. Franklin, the sixty-something year old teacher, stands in the front of the class. "Hello everyone!" she says in an English accent.

English woman teaching English. Oh irony, you cruel son of a bitch.

Mrs. Franklin goes into a thirty minute lecture of what we'll be doing this year and the readings we'll do, most of which I've already read, so that's a plus. "Now that we've gone over the basics of what we're going to do this year, does anyone need a small break?"

We all raise our hands and a collective giggle occurs. "Okay, we'll take, say, ten minutes, then we'll begin our first lesson. Go to the restroom, get a drink of water, do whatever you need before the break is up. You have ten minutes."

A few of the students begin talking amongst themselves while many other pull out their phones. It's getting a little loud in here, so I will myself to need to go to the bathroom. I get out of my chair and grab the bathroom pass and quickly find a bathroom down the hall.

Thankfully, the bathroom is empty when I walk in. I don't even need to go anymore, so I head into one of the stalls, lock the door, and take a seat on the toilet. My head needs a little time to think and it quickly drifts back to Leo. Leo and his dark blue eyes, Leo and his perfect smile, Leo and his biceps and abs, Leo and his ass.

My dick springs in my pants at the thought overload, harder than before. I don't even think thinking about Mom and Dad fucking would make this puppy go down. I can't think of anything else besides Leo right now. Screw it!

I quickly unbuckle my belt and bring my pants and briefs down to my ankles. My cock stands at full mast in front of me, all eight inches of it feeling like steel, the cut mushroom head starting to turn red. I spit into my hand to give myself a little lube and am just about to grasp it when the bathroom door suddenly opens and I freeze.

Heavy footsteps walk over to the urinals on the other side of my stall. "Fucking impossible to find this place..." says the mystery boy.

That deep voice...Leo! My body flushes at the thought of Leo finding out that I'm jerking off in a school bathroom. There's the sound of a belt unbuckling and a zipper unzipping. I peer through the space between the stall and the brick wall and can't believe my eyes.

There's Leo, standing in front of a urinal, holding a half foot flaccid cock! HIS half foot flaccid cock! If that monster is that big soft, how big is it hard? My own cock jumps in response and I feel precum dripping down my shaft. I don't take my eyes off Leo and his beast.

A sudden thin yellow stream pours out of the tip of Leo's cock and I feel even more precum slip out of my own piss slit. My breath is short and I feel my face getting hotter and hotter. My dick can't get any harder. Josh finishes his business and flushes the urinal before buckling his belt, buttoning pants and walking to the sinks, out of sight.

I hear him quickly wash his hands and dry them off. His heavy footsteps start to echo as he walks to the door and walks out. As soon as the door closes, my hand shoots for my cock and starts to milk it at a rigorous speed.

My spit mixes with my precum, creating the perfect lube. Ecstasy washes over me and I close my eyes and tip my head back, my thoughts drifting back to Leo and his cock. My free hand fondles my ball sack, lightly massaging my testicles one by one, causing wave after wave of pure pleasure to surge through me.

My mind is on fast forward as I shift from Leo's cock, to his abs and biceps, to his perfect ass, finally stopping on his eyes, his cold, blue, piercing eyes. God, his eyes are so beautiful. I don't even care anymore about the thoughts. I welcome them and let them take me over. All of a sudden, my mind goes to somewhere dark.

There's a blinding white light and I see Leo stepping through, fully naked, his cock standing up in front of him. It looks to be at least ten inches, with a thin batch of black pubic hair at the root. His body is completely hairless except for a little hair under his arms and on his legs and the stubble on his chin.

He has even more muscle on him than I imagined. The six pack I originally thought he had is a perfectly sculpted eight pack. His chest has two perfectly formed pecs and his biceps are even more toned and defined. His legs are covered in muscle, both his thighs and calves built to perfection.

Leo looks straight at me and smiles. He walks over to me and I feel my clothing disappear. Now we're both standing naked in front of each other, both of our cocks hard. He stops a foot in front of me and his hand suddenly takes a hold of my shaft and begins to lightly pull it. "You like that, don't you?" he asks.

God it feels so fucking good. "Yes..." I breathe out.

Leo smiles again and suddenly drops to his knees. I don't know what he's doing but the most euphoric feeling I've ever experienced comes over me. I look down and see my cock in Leo's mouth. Seeing my cock sliding in and out of Leo's mouth is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. It feels amazing, fantastic, and so...right.

Leo's mouth slides off my cock with a loud pop. His hand slides up and down my moistened shaft. "Do you want some more?" he asks me.

"Oh god, please."

Leo sticks out his tongue and starts to circle my swollen head with it. His warm wet tongue tickles my slit and he takes my cock in his mouth again. My balls suddenly start to swell and contract toward my body. "L-Leo, I'm...going to cum..."

Leo slides off my cock again and starts to milk me hard and fast. "Let it out, baby. I want to see you cum. Cum on my face..."

His hands pumps my cock while his other hand tickles my nut sac, his fingers dancing over the hairs and pinching my balls. My shaft tightens and I can feel my orgasm coming on. "I'm...cumming. I'm cumming!"

With a few more pumps, string after string of white cum shoots out the tip of my cock, right into Leo's face. After ten strings of cum erupt from my cock, I'm spent. Leo stands back up and wraps his arms around my neck. His cum soaked face smiles and I feel myself smile back. He leans into me and his spunk covered lips meet mine and we passionately kiss.

The dream fantasy suddenly vanishes and I'm back in the bathroom stall. I find my breath heavy and a few droplets of sweat have broken out on my forehead and neck. I look down and see my cock in my hand, slowly going flaccid. And on the door to the stall are over a dozen spots of white cum.

That was one of the most intense ejaculations I've ever had in my entire life. And it's all because I thought of getting a blowjob from Leo, another guy. I've never shot that much that hard when I was thinking about the big-boobed, sexy women in my porn magazines. So...why?

Wait, how long have I been in here? My cum and spit free hand reaches into my pocket and pulls out my phone. I know I left English around ten o'clock. I turn on my phone and see it's almost ten after ten. Shit!

I grab some toilet paper and frantically start to wipe the cum off the stall door and throw the used paper into the toilet. After wiping the door and my hand, I pull up my pants, fasten the buckle and button the flap. I flush the toilet and exit the stall and walk to the sink to was my hands.

With no time left, I dry my hands on my pants, grab the bathroom pass, and quickly make my way back to class. I walk in as casually as I can and set the pass back down on Mrs. Franklin's desk and sit back down in my seat. "Okay, break's over!" says Mrs. Franklin.

Class goes by quickly and uneventfully with all of us getting our first reading for the year: Of Mice and Men. The bell rings and we all quickly pack up, me going a little slower than everyone else. I finally finish packing and walk out the door and head for the school parking lot. As I step into the bright mid-day light, I peer over the cars and see Mark's Mustang.

I walk over to it and find Mark and Shawn not here yet. So I lean against the hood and pull out my book and begin to read the first chapter. "Hey Josh!"

Shawn and Mark walk over to me and the car. We welcome each other with high-fives and fist bumps. "You ready for some Taco Bell?" asks Shawn.

"Yeah, but would you guys mind if I invited one more person?"

"I don't," says Mark. "Who is it?"

"The guy from this morning, the one on the motorcycle. His name's Leo Trigon. We have AP Biology together."

"Cool," says Shawn. "As long as he pays for his own food."

I laugh and look back to school. I don't see Leo anywhere. We wait for a few minutes, but there's still no sign on him. "Josh, are you sure this guy's coming?" asks Mark.

"Yeah, he said he'd meet us by your car."

"Well, we're going to need to go if we want to get food and be back in time for our next class," says Shawn.

We really can't wait anymore. Mark unlocks his car and he and Shawn climb in. Mark's car is specially designed and can only fit two people. "We'll see you there in five minutes," says Mark.

I give them a wave and they pull out and drive out of the parking lot. My Camaro isn't too far away. I unlock the door and am about to climb in. "Josh! Hold up!"

My heart flutters and I look back up. Leo's running across the parking lot, his helmet and jacket bouncing in his arms. He gets to my car, a little out of breath. "Hey...sorry...I'm late," he breathes out.

"It's fine. What took you so long?"

"I was getting a school map from the front office. I couldn't even find a bathroom earlier."

You chose the right one...

I shake the thought out of my head and look back to Leo. "S-So, I'm just about to head over to Taco Bell. You want a ride?"

"If it's alright with you, I think I'd rather take my bike. Me and cars don't go well together."

I feel a little disappointed that I'm not going to be able to spend a little time with Leo, but I manage to not let it show. "Sure, that's fine. Do you know where the Taco Bell is?"

"Yeah, just take a right out of school, go about a mile, and then take a left. You can't miss it."

"You got it. I'll see you there."

I climb into the driver's seat and Leo walks over to his bike. I pull out of the spot and look in the rearview mirror and see Leo putting on his helmet and jacket. God, he looks so fucking sexy...

For Christ's sake, why am I still thinking these thoughts? I want them to stop, but at the same time, I don't. I shift my car into drive and head out of the parking lot, my mind racing. Is it possible...? No, I can't be. Can I?

I think the entire way to Taco Bell, shifting between questioning myself and my cock sliding in and out of Leo's mouth.




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