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With a shiny engagement ring on my finger, I'm as happy as anyone could be. To know that I'm going to marry Leo fills my heart with joy and warmth. When we show Mom and Dad our rings, they're just as happy for us. And when Leo calls his parents and tells them of the engagement, they both scream in delight. I do the same for Ryan and Nate, and they both have a similar reaction.

My parents, Leo, and I fly back to Santa Ana early the next morning, enduring another six-hour flight across the country. Once we land, we get our bags, grab a taxi, and head home. We drop Leo off at his house and I tell him I'll see him at school tomorrow and give him a long kiss, which is interrupted by Dad yelling at me to wait for our own honeymoon.

We get home and drop all our things and go straight to bed, feeling the exhaustion from the flight. After an eight-hour nap, I come downstairs just in time for dinner: Chinese takeout. As we're eating, I notice Mom glancing at me ever few minutes. "Do I have food on my shirt?" I ask her.

"Oh no," she says. "I just can't stop looking at your ring."

I glance down at my left hand and smile. "Neither can I," I say. "Dad, did you getting your ring feel this good?"

"It was the greatest thing I had felt in my entire life," he says, a mouth full of chicken lo mein. "When I felt my wedding ring slip onto my finger, I knew I would be with your mother for the rest of my life."

"Or until he gets tired of me and sleeps with some slutty nurse," says Mom.

Dad chuckles and gives Mom a kiss. "But it was also really scary," Dad says.

"How was it scary?" I ask.

"Because I didn't know what it would be like to start a family. Your mother and I married when we were both 24. I was about to start medical school and your mother was about to enter law school. What we didn't realize at the time was how hard it was to live with another person."

"Your father and I actually almost got divorced only six months into our marriage," says Mom. "But when we found out I was pregnant with Ryan, we both saw that we needed each other. Time passed and your father and I found the spark we first saw when we started dating. He got through medical school and I got through law school when Ryan was four years old."

"Thanks to some help from our parents," says Dad, "we managed to love Ryan as much as any other parent. When we finished school, we decided to have another baby: you. Raising one kid was hard when you're young and don't know what you're doing. Frankly, we did a better job with you than with Ryan."

"What we're trying to say is sweetie," says Mom, "is that you shouldn't rush into things. We can see you and Leo are perfect for each other, but we also see that you're still young."

"You don't want me to get married to early," I say. They both nod. "I know. Leo and I both agreed that we'd get married when we finished college and start a family when we feel ready and when our lives are stable. You have nothing to worry about."

"We'll always be worried about you bud," says Dad. "We're your parents. It's our job to be worried about our kids."

"But we're happy to know that you and Leo are prepared for the future you two will have," says Mom. "We're incredibly proud to know that both of our sons have met someone they love dearly."

I smile at both my parents. "Thanks for the advice, guys. I love you both."

"We love you too sweetie," they both say.


School comes back and Leo and I tell the guys that we're officially engaged. There's a lot of shock at first, but they show that they're incredibly happy for us. News of Leo's and my engagement spreads throughout the school like wildfire and we're stopped every ten seconds in the hall from students wanting to see our rings. Coach and Creswell aren't surprised by the engagement at all, but show their support for us.

As school winds down, I reenter 'work-my-ass-off-mode.' For the next two weeks, I study for my AP exams and finals. I average at about three hours of sleep a night, but manage to stay awake long enough to finish all of my exams. We get our yearbooks two weeks before the end of school and Leo and I are surprised to find out we were voted class couple. It's a bit embarrassing at first, but we welcome the title.

And now there's only one final thing left: graduation. Every year, graduation takes place out on the football field in the sweltering heat. You would think they would move the location to somewhere indoors after someone's grandmother passed out due to heat exhaustion. But no, it's a lot cheaper this way...

After finals are done, graduation rehearsal begins, and it is incredibly annoying. We have to go through us walking onto the field, taking our seats, getting up out of our seats again, walking across the stage to get our diplomas, sitting back down, and waiting until the end of the ceremony.

It would normally take a little over an hour to get the rehearsal done, but some guys wanted to be funny and screwed up when we all first sit down. So we have to do it over and over and over until some of us tell them to stop being dicks so we can all go home. It takes us five fucking hours to get rehearsal done. And we have another rehearsal tomorrow. Yay...

At least I get to know that Leo is sitting directly behind me and we get our graduation robes and tassels. Students get tassels when they are in one of the school's honor societies. I'm in the National, History, and Science Honor Societies, so three tassels for me. And then there are the overachievers (Shawn) who get every tassel that's offered.

The next day at rehearsal, the teachers threaten that if any one of us messes up on purpose, none of us will get our graduation tickets, which are gives to our families so they can attend graduation. The jackasses that messed us up the first day behave this time and we finish in about an hour and a half.

Every student gets six tickets for their family. Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Nate are getting four of my tickets and I give the two left over tickets to Leo so he can have both his mom and dad's parents attend.

I get home and walk in the front door and head to the living room. When I step in, I see Ryan and his new husband sitting on the couch, watching TV together. But they're spending more time trying to suck each other's faces instead of watching the television. "You could've let me know that you were here," I say.

Ryan and Nate pull apart, turn around, see me and smile. They get up off the couch and scoop me up in a tight hug. "Congratulations little bro!" Ryan yells right into my ear.

"We're so happy for you!" Nate yells with him.

They set me down and grin at me before they both suddenly look really embarrassed. "How much of that did you see?" Ryan asks.

"Enough to see Nate starting to grab your ass and you slipping your hand underneath his shirt," I respond.

Both boys glance at each other and grin. Ryan grabs my left arm and holds it up. "So this is it?" he asks, looking at the ring.

"That's it," I say. "I can see why you didn't want to take it off when you first got your ring, Ryan. I sometimes even sleep with it on, despite knowing I shouldn't."

"No harm done if you don't do it all the time," says Nate.

"So where is the lucky guy?" asks Ryan.

"He's at home," I say. "His grandparents, sister, and brother-in-law are in town for graduation and he wanted to see them. Where're Mom and Dad?"

"Still at work," Ryan says. "They should be home in a few hours."

"Okay. How're your guys' new jobs working together?"

While Ryan's working as the Dodgers' physical therapist, Nate's working as a sports marketer for the team. The two get to see each other often and travel together when the team has away games. "It's fantastic," says Nate. "It's taking a little time getting used to the job, but it's a lot of fun."

"The team is really nice," says Ryan. "I've already worked with Luis Rodriguez and Cory Denson."

"The pitcher and the shortstop?" I ask.

"Yeah! Luis had a bit of an ache in his shoulder after pitching a game and Cory pulled his hamstring when diving for a ball. They're really cool people and I managed to keep my cool when I was talking to them."

"Is there any chance of us getting tickets to a game any time?" I ask hopefully.

Ryan laughs to himself. "Not right now," he says. "Baseball isn't my favorite sport, but I'd love to invite you all to a game. Drew is the GM and he's an amazingly nice boss and loves to give out tickets to his employees, but I don't want to ask for too much when I've only worked for him for less than a week."

"That, and he doesn't want to get fired because he keeps glancing at the teams asses when they're all changing," says Nate.

"You know you look at them too," says Ryan, pinching Nate's butt. "But I like yours a lot better."

Nate smiles and kisses Ryan. "Oh by the way," I say. I reach into my pocket and pull out two tickets and hand them to Ryan and Nate. "These are your tickets for graduation."

"Thanks," says Ryan. "Oh, and it's supposed to suck in two days. High of ninety-one degrees, and very humid."

And now I want to go kick someone's ass...


Two days later, I wake up and remember I'm graduating today. I pull myself out of bed and take a quick shower. Once I'm out, I quickly dress into a white collared shirt, black dress pants, a grey tie, a belt, and my good shoes. I opt out of grabbing a blazer on account of it's already seventy-five degrees outside and the sun has been up for less than an hour.

I head downstairs to find Mom and Dad already dressed and ready, Dad in a suit and Mom in a white dress. "Morning," I say.

"Hey bud," says Dad, setting down his morning cup of coffee. "Today's the big day, isn't it?"

"So it seems," I say, walking over to the coffee pot to pour myself a cup.

"Are you nervous?" asks Mom.

"Not really," I reply. "I just want to whole high school process to be over and done."

"But you had a good time in high school, didn't you?" asks Dad.

I set down my mug and think over my last four years of high school, starting with freshman year. Back then I was a measly five foot six, hundred forty-five pounds, face full of acne, and socially awkward. I owe my change to Coach. When I first joined the football team, I was thought I wouldn't make the cut.

But Coach saw something in me: potential. He let me on the team and he and I started having one on one training lessons. I was originally a receiver, but that was in middle school. Coach and I found out that I could run, had insanely sharp reflexes, and could find the best possible path when I'm given the ball. That's when I changed my position to running back and became the only freshman starter on the team.

In my first game, I was nervous as hell and couldn't stop jittering. But Coach told me to calm down and that I could do it. When I got that ball in my hands, I was gone. I was the youngest player in Franklin High School's history to make an eighty-yard touchdown, and the only one. That was the first time I realized I wanted to keep playing.

Over sophomore year, I started to grow in height, my face got clearer, and I got a lot more muscle tone. Mark and Shawn finally stepped onto the field with me that year. With both of them on the field with me to support me, I got even better. Along with my increasing skill for football came increasing popularity. I was still incredibly awkward when it came to talking to people, but I started to get better at it.

By junior year, I was named most popular and most attractive. Don't get me wrong, I loved how much I'd changed over two years, but the popularity and people throwing themselves at me was a bit overwhelming. That was the first year I started to see the girls that flirted with me as just girls. I didn't want to go out with them and I didn't want to get in bed with them. I at most would want to be friends with them.

Football managed to distract me from the fact that I didn't want to date girls a bit. But I got even better than sophomore year. When I heard I was considered for a nomination by the SCFA, I was on cloud nine. Sure, I didn't get the nomination, but I was still happy. School and extracurricular activities were no different than my first two years. Straight A's, still working at Hank's, going to the animal shelter every weekend, and a large amount of stress.

And finally, senior year, my best year of high school. Everything from the last nine months flashes through my head. Seeing Leo for the first time, wondering about my feelings for him, the Halloween party, Leo's and my first kiss, our first date, becoming friends with Brian, Justin, and Danny, Leo's and my breakup, us getting back together, the first time we made love, being with Gerald, getting into Stanford together, and our double proposal.

I smile to myself and quickly wipe my eyes dry. I look back to Mom and Dad, still smiling. "Yeah, high school was great."

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs and see Ryan and Nate walk into the kitchen, dressed and ready to go. "I'm so tired..." Ryan moans.

"Well maybe if you and Nate didn't bang all night, you'd have gotten some more sleep," says Mom.

We all turn to my mother, in shock of what just came out of her mouth. She just smiles sweetly and sips her coffee. "On that note..." says Dad, his eyebrows still at his hairline. "Let's head over to the school."

We all gather our things and I grab my robe and tassels from the hall closet. We get to school about thirty minutes later, taking fifteen minutes longer than normal because of the large amount of cars trying to get into the parking lot. We get a spot and while Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Nate head over to the football field, I walk toward the school.

Graduates are supposed to meet in the cafeteria before the ceremony starts. I walk in and find my other five hundred classmates, caps and gowns of navy blue and white everywhere. Mark and Shawn are standing off to the side of the cafeteria so I walk over to them. "Hey guys," I say.

"Hey Josh," says Mark. "So, today's the day, huh?"

"Yup," I say. "Four long years of high school coming to an end."

"But it's been fun," says Shawn. "This year has been the most exciting of all my years of high school."

"That's because you did more than football and studying this year Mr. Valedictorian," says Mark.

Shawn elbows Mark in the ribs, making us all laugh. "It's sure going to be different when we're all apart," I say.

Mark and Shawn's smiles soften, thinking of all three of being so far apart. Shawn finally decided on Harvard as his college of choice, but he'll be almost three thousand miles away from me and Mark. "Our whole group is going to divided," says Mark. "Brian, Justin, and Shawn are going to Boston, Leo, you, and I are staying in California, and Danny's off to France."

"But we all promised each other that we'd stay in touch," I say. "We'll stay friends even if we're thousands of miles apart. I know that sounds cliché, but..."

Mark and Shawn pull me into a firm bro hug, but the and I both know it's a sentimental. I hug them back and pull away after a minute. As I'm putting on my navy blue cap and gown, Leo, Danny, Justin, and Brian walk into the cafeteria and over to us. I see in their faces that they have the same feeling as us about being apart.

None of us care if other people wonder about the group hug I pull us all into. We stay like that for a minute before we all let go of each other. Principal Greenwich walks into the cafeteria, wearing a black gown of his own. "Alright everyone!" he calls, grabbing our attention. "Just like we rehearsed! Let's head outside!"

We all line up by our last names and follow Principal Greenwich through the halls. We finally walk outside and I'm already starting to sweat. People improvise fans by using their caps, but it only blows warm, sticky air into the faces. We stop just before we get to the football field and divide up into our lines.

I hear the music start to play and the lines in front of mine start to make their way toward the seats as the audience begins to applaud. After a minute or two, my line starts to move and we get to our seats without any problem. I hear Leo's line take their seats behind us and I reach my arm back to his seat. Leo's hand slips into mine and gives it a small squeeze before letting go.

Soon, all the seats are filled and we quickly go through the Pledge of Allegiance, a custom at many graduations. The speeches start and while they're all good, they feel like they're an hour a piece in the sweltering heat. Our guest speaker is Sylvester Johnson, the Mayor of Santa Ana, who's also a former student of Franklin High School. His speech is good, serious with a few jokes here and there.

Once that's over, it's Shawn's turn. He's been worried about giving this speech for almost a month, but the guys and I have told him time and time again that his speech is good. Sure enough, Shawn was stressing for nothing. Public speaking is one of Shawn's strengths and his demeanor when he's giving his speech is perfect.

Principal Greenwich gives Shawn a handshake before Shawn returns to his seat. "It's now time for the graduates to receive their diplomas," says Principal Greenwich into the microphone.

Line by line, we all get up and walk to the right side of the stage. Student after student is given their diplomas and I applaud when Brian, Mark, and Justin walk across the stage. It's finally my row's turn and we all walk to the side of the stage. It's a bit uncomfortable to walk a foot then stop again and again, but soon I get to the top of the steps.

I wait my turn until my name is called. "Josh Matthew Rusden," Principal Greenwich says. I notice that he has a bit of a smile on his face as he says it. I walk across the stage and take my diploma in one hand and Principal Greenwich's hand in the other, giving it a firm shake. "You deserve this, son."

"Thank you sir," I say.

He gives me a pat on the back and I continue my trek across the stage, looking at the bleachers as I do so. Coach and Creswell are on the stage as well, wearing black gowns of their own. They both stand up and off their hands, which I graciously take, warm smiles on their faces. "Congratulations Josh," says Coach.

"Be sure to write from Stanford," says Creswell.

Smiling myself I make it to the end of the stage. I look at the audience and easily find my family in the front row, pride in Mom and Dad's faces, admiration in Ryan and Nate's. I get back to my seat and sit back down and look at the stage.

A few more names are called, but then I hear the one I want to hear. "Leo Gregory Trigon," says Principal Greenwich.

I applaud loudly as Leo makes his way to Principal Greenwich, taking his diploma and handshake as he does so. Even in a baggy gown, he's still unbelievably sexy. Leo passes Principal Greenwich and surprises everyone.

He tosses his diploma in a very high arc and takes a few quick steps. His body ducks down and his hands plant on the stage, going into a round off, connects to two back handsprings, and ends with a back flip. And as soon as he lands, he casually holds his hand up and catches his diploma without even looking, a small smile on his face.

A large round of applause comes from the students, the audience, and even the staff and faculty. He's grinning from ear to ear as he walks down from the stage and back t his seat. Thankfully, my seat is on the end of my row. I get up out of my seat just as Leo is about to pass me, grab him and pull him into a hard kiss.

Cheers come from around us and I see camera flash after camera flash come through my closed eyes. We pull apart and I smile at Leo. "We did it," I say.

He smiles back at me. "And I did it with my fiancé that I love with every inch of my body."

I give him one more kiss and let him find his seat. He sits down and I reach my hand back to him and he takes it, but doesn't let go this time. As more diplomas are given out, I applaud for Justin and Danny when they get theirs. Shawn, being the valedictorian, gets his diploma last and we all applaud, thanking every God there is for this almost being over.

Principal Greenwich approaches the microphone again and starts his closing speech. "I've been the principal of this school for twenty long years, and this class has been my favorite out of all those years. You students have a drive in you that I've never seen before from the students of years past. You face challenges head on without any hesitation, put themselves before others, and exemplify compassion and hard work.

"As you enter the next steps of your life, you're probably scared and worried about your future. But let me tell you right now that every single one of your futures is bright. I can see all of you going far and living long and happy lives. But I must warn you that there will be bums in the road.

"It's a tough world out there and not everything is going to go exactly as you plan. But if you persevere and don't give up, you will accomplish your goals. The skills and lessons you've learned in the last four years here will be with you and carry you through the rest of your lives. That being said, I wish you all the very best and know you will succeed. Congratulations to all of you, the Class of 2013."

We all rise out of our seats, move the tassels on our caps to the left, and toss our caps in the air, marking the end of high school. I duck my head a bit to protect myself from the falling caps, a few 'ows' mixing with the cheers from the corners of the square caps hitting students on their heads.

I grab a random dark blue cap (they're all the same anyway) and look back at Leo. He rushes into me and gives me a crushing hug. The guys make their way to us and it's our second group hug of the day. "Smile!"

We all look to our left and are blinded by a camera flash. We find all of our parents and family members flashing camera after camera right in our faces. "I can't see!" Mark yells.

The flashes stop and our vision comes back after a minute. "Photo time!" Mom chirps.

And for the next twenty minutes, it's nothing but photo after photo. With my family, with the guys, with other classmates, a lot of people. I finally get to meet Leo's sister, brother-in-law, and grandparents. With Leo's sister, Carla, and her husband, Bradley, it's mostly football talk and a few hugs. With his grandparents, it's cheek pinching and a lot of hugs.

Once the photos settle down a bit and everyone is a bit distracted, I grab Leo by the arm. "Come with me," I whisper.

I pull him away from our families and friends and we sneak over and underneath the bleachers. "What's up?" Leo asks, laughing a bit. My answer is a firm kiss and a tight hug. Leo melts into me and wraps his arms around my waist. After a minute, Leo pulls away from me. "Any reason for that?"

"It's a thank you," I say.

"A thank you? For what?"

"For...everything. Leo, this year has been the greatest year of my life, and I have you to thank for it. At the beginning of the year, I never would have seen myself where I am right now: underneath the football bleachers, kissing a guy that I love."

Leo chuckles a little and pulls me a little closer to him. "Me neither. Nine months ago, I was incredibly nervous when I first came to this school. But you, Josh, changed me. Now, I'm pinching the butt of the most beautiful guy I know."

"You're not pinch..." Leo's gives my left butt cheek a very firm pinch, causing me to jump a bit. "That's more of a grab."

Leo smiles brightly and gives me a light kiss. "I can't wait to spend the next four years with you at Stanford," he says.

"Leo, you and I will spend the rest of our lives together."

I kiss Leo again, cupping the sides of his face. And in that kiss, the next phase of our life together starts.



With one final textbook on my new desk, I'm officially unpacked. "Sweetie, if you ever feel homesick, call us anytime," says Mom, her eyes getting a little moist.

"Expect a call tonight then," I say. Mom gives me a very firm hug, not wanting to let go. I hug her back and have to force her off me. "Mom, I promise I'll be okay."

"I know you will, sweetie. It's just that you're not my little boy anymore. You're a college student."

"I'll always be your little boy, Mom. I'm just a little boy in a smoking hot body."

Mom smacks my butt and hugs me again, wiping her eyes dry when I'm done. It's late August and I'm standing in my dorm room at Stanford. I'm finally a Stanford man. Mom, Dad, and I have been unpacking for the last two hours, going down to the ground floor to get our stuff, and coming back up and unloading box after box.

Summer was fantastic. Leo, the guys, Julie, Selena, Heather, and I hung out almost every day. We went to the beach a lot, had a fun get together at Mark's mansion, went to mall, it was a lot of fun. Shawn, Heather, Brian, and Justin are now in Boston, starting their college life, Mark and Julie are at USC, Danny's in France, and Selena's in London. We're all far apart, but we promised to have our ten way video chat sessions every Saturday.

There's a knock at the door and Dad's standing in the doorway. "Time to go Rachel," he says to Mom. Mom gives me one more hug and Dad walks over to me and hugs me tightly. "You have us on speed dial."

"And on Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, and about every other form communication there is."

They both give me one more hug and head out. Now I stand all alone in my dorm room, looking at all my posters and a few of my personal belongings I brought with me from home, wondering what my next step is.

Apparently my next step is a nap, because when I hit my bed, I'm out like a light. I wake up about two hours later, the sun just starting to set. I climb out of bed and stretch my arms and legs just as there's a knock at the door. "It's open," I call out.

The door opens and standing in the doorway, with his jet-black hair styled to perfection, his biceps bulging in his tight t-shirt, his muscular legs fitting his jeans incredibly well, and his beautiful smile, is Leo. "Hey," he says.

"Hey yourself," I reply. "You get everything unpacked?"

"Yeah. It sucks you and I didn't get a dorm room together."

"Well, when we applied for housing, we didn't include our marital status."


Yes, Leo and I don't have the same dorm room, but we were lucky enough to have our rooms right next to each other, so we can see each other every day. And we thought it was better this way. We need to have the full college experience, so having roommates that aren't each other is necessary.

Leo walks into the room and gazes around. "You really made this place like home," he says.

"That was the plan," I say, adjusting the things on my desk.

Leo looks at the opposite side of the room and sees the empty bed. "Where's your roommate?"

"He's probably arriving tomorrow. There were a lot of people here today, so he must've been smart and waited."

"It's the same with my roommate. So...you're room's empty tonight?"

I hear the lust in his voice and grin to myself. "So it seems."

On that note, Leo pulls me toward him and slides his tongue past my lips and teeth. He pushes me back and we fall into my bed together, our lips still interlocked. Leo tastes just as wonderful as the first time we kissed. I feel saliva slide down my chin and it reaches my neck, sending shivers through me.

Leo pulls away and I see several strings of spit between our mouths. "You've waited for this, haven't you?" I ask.

"Only all day," he hoarsely replies. I smile and kiss Leo again. His hand slips underneath the base of my shirt and I can feel his warm hand touching each of my abs. "I love it."

"My abs?"

"All of you."

His hand slides further up my torso and his fingers give my nipple a hard pinch, making me moan. Following his lead, I take my hands and slip them underneath Leo's shirt and slide my hands up his back, feeling his body heat. Leo takes his second hand and gives my other nipple a pinch.

I can't take it anymore. I pull my shirt off and Leo does the same. Before I can move, Leo dives for my chest and starts sucking on my nipple, his teeth grazing the sensitive flesh, making it erect. I pinch Leo's nipples myself, making him suck my nipple even harder. He slides his tongue over my chest and starts sucking on my other nipple, sweat starting to break out on my forehead.

He licks every inch of my chest and makes his way further down, his tongue tickling my abs as he reaches my pants. Leo hastily undoes my belt buckle and button and pulls my pants down and off, leaving me in my boxer briefs. He presses his face to the hard bulge in my underwear and sucks my scrotum through the thin fabric.

My pre-cum quickly soaks through my underwear and Leo greedily sucks it up. He grabs the sides of my boxer briefs and pulls them down, exposing my engorged cock. "D-Don't make me wait," I beg. "Suck it..."

Leo chuckles and swallows my cock without hesitation. He moans and the small vibrations he gives off fill me with pleasure. His hot mouth slides off my cock and he quickly takes it back in. I run my hands through Leo's silky hair as he gives me one of his mind shattering blowjobs.

It feels as if he's got three extra tongues in his mouth as he licks my cock. Leo uses his free hand and fondles my balls, tickling the light hairs on them. My moans fill the quiet room and I look up and see that the shades are still open.

I look back down to Leo, who seems to be in a mind of his own. "L-Leo, I need to...close...the b-blinds..." Leo garbles something incomprehensible while still on my cock. "Don't talk with your mouth full..."

Leo slides off my cock, jerking it while looking up at me. "We're on the fourth floor, baby. No one will see us unless they climb up here."

I smile to myself. "Well then...take off your pants and let me get that horse cock of yours."

Leo grins and quickly climbs off the bed. He undoes his belt and slides his pants to the floor, his hard cock out in front of him. My mouth starts to water at the sight of it. He climbs back on top of me and swings his legs over my head, his cock right in front of my face. "Go on," Leo moans. "You wanted it."

I grab Leo's cock firmly and lick the pink head, feeling Leo squirm as he takes my cock back in his mouth. Two can play at that game. Without warning, I pull Leo's cock into my mouth and let it slide down my throat. I love the feeling of Leo's cock in my esophagus so much that I don't even have a gag reflex anymore.

Pre-cum dripping out of Leo's cock slides over my tongue, tasting the salty-sweet nectar at it hits my taste buds. Just as I want to feel him down in my throat one more time, Leo slides off my cock and pulls his cock out of my mouth. "I want it..." he says.

Leo spins around and lifts my legs over my head. "Wait," I say. Leo stops and looks at me. "I want to try something new."

I grab Leo by the shoulders and spin him over so I'm on top of him now. "But I want me inside of you..." Leo whines.

I smile down at him. "I know you do."

Swinging one of my legs over Leo, I sit on top of him. But I only sit on him for a second before he gets the idea. "I've been wanting to do this," he says with desire in his eyes.

I move back a bit and lift my hips off Leo. He grabs his cock and positions it just underneath my hole. Before he can even ask if I'm ready, I sit back down and let his gigantic cock split me in two.

Every inch of Leo's cock is inside of me and Leo and I both moan in delight. After a minute of adjusting, I start to move, feeling Leo's cock slide out of me a little before forcing it back in. A spark I've never felt before radiates through my body and I feel myself start to spasm. Leo looks up at me in concern. "Are you okay?" he asks.

"I-I've never felt this...good before..."

Leo grins. "Well...let's see if I can make you feel even better..."

He grabs my hips and lifts me up off him before slamming me back down. My swollen cock smacks against Leo's hard abs and the cycle continues. Leo and I are both in unison as I start to bounce on his hard cock and he slides in and out of me. His cock head glides over my prostate, sending wave after wave of wonderful pleasure through every pore of my body.

Leo sits up as much as he can and wraps his arms around my back and crosses his legs underneath me, his cock never leaving my tight ass. Leo thrusts harder and harder and I feel my cock start to swell. "I-I'm going to cum..." I whisper.

"Me too...wait a f-few seconds..." Leo thrusts a few more times, thrusting harder than ever before. His cock forces its way in one more time and I feel it starting to leak. "I-I'm cumming!" he shouts.

Shot after shot of cum explodes into my ass, the hot juice lining the walls of my intestines. I give no warning as my own cum shoots out of my own cock, spraying both me and Leo with a force twice as powerful as any other time I've cum in my life.

The orgasm finally starts to calm after a minute and Leo falls back with me on top of him, both of us panting and covered in sweat and my cum. "Wow..." I hear Leo say.

I see he's looking up at the ceiling and I look up with him. There are three white drops of cum up there. "Was that...?" I start to ask.

"Yeah, you did that." Leo wraps his arms around my neck and kisses me, the cum on our faces sticking to each other as we kiss. "I love you so much, Josh."

"And I love you, Leo."

Thankfully, the showers are right across the hall from the room, so Leo and I sneak over before anyone has a chance to see us. We both quickly wash up together and get back to my room and get the cum off the ceiling before falling into my bed together. "Do you think you got my cum out of you?" Leo asks me as we both slip our underwear back on.

"If I didn't, then I want it to stay there," I say.

Leo smiles at me and pulls my covers over both of us and wraps his arms around my waist when we're covered. I squeeze him tightly around the shoulders and we lie in silence for several minutes, just staring into each other's eyes in the quickly darkening room. "You know," I say. "We won't be able to do this as much when we get our room mates."

"Don't remind me," says Leo. "But on the nights we are able to, we'll need to make them count."

"After that pounding you gave me, I think it's your turn next time."

Leo smiles and kisses me softly. "I love you so much, Josh."

"And I love you, Leo. Here's to the next four years."

"Here's to the rest of our lives."


Hey everyone, me again. Just here to let you all know that the final chapter of 'Am I...?' will be posted next Monday, so please check in. I will start to work on 'Could I Be...?' after the final chapter is posted. I really hope you all enjoy it. Thank you all for reading and thank you for the support.



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