We headed north on 90, and passing through the city of Lafayette, we came onto 167 in the direction of Alexandria. Just a few miles out of the northern portion of the city, Michael turned off the highway. The terrain was flat, covered with green leafy trees. It was bayou country, the western part of the mississippi flats.

We followed a small road for a few miles, until we came to a clearing several acres wide in the middle of which was a roadhouse, large and well-maintained. My heart jolted with a powerful leap when I saw the sign.

"Tongue N Tail - North'. it said. I looked at Michael. He nodded, a quick smile flashed across his face.

We entered a small office. It was dark and cool here; a contrast to the bright, sunny day. A man sat on a swivel chair that leaned backward. He had the telephone to his ear and shouted into the mouthpiece.

"Sonova bitch, I don't know where he's gone to. You know these fucking queers. Everything's going great, then they meet some cock they can't live without and poof! they're gone. Disappeared. Kaput....Well fuck Jason, what can I do? I gotta cancel tonights' show ....That's it.....Well shit!

Think about a replacement and let me know...Yeah I'll be here...Okay." He slammed the receiver onto the cradle. It was not until then that he looked up. When he saw Michael the shock of surprise illuminated his face.

"My God! Michael!" he called out in delight. "Can this be true? Michael Davis?" and he bounded out of the chair and wrapped his arms around Michael in a bear-hug embrace. He kissed him on the lips. A long lingering hungry kiss that only lovers, or once-upon-a-time lovers know. A momentary feeling of jealousy flashed over me.

"I can't believe you're here when I need you so. Just dropped out of nowhere...." he paused and pulling away looked at him. "I thought you'd gone to Frisco. That's what Jason told me."

Michael laughed. He seemed to be delighted at the obvious pleasure that overwhelmed this man. "I'm heading that way Carlo, but taking a little vacation too."

"How can it be the gods are so kind to me? Ah, my beautiful Michael!' he was so surprised at seeing Mike that he didn't notice Jessie or I.

I looked at him as he stood there, talking to Michael. He was a gypsy.

His eyes expressed laughter and sadness at the same time. His mouth was broad and filled with white even teeth, framed by full lips that smiled with every word he spoke. His hair, thick and heavy, was chopped with curls that rolled down his neck onto his shoulders. It covered his broad and high brow, and blended with his black eyebrows. He had recently shaved, but his beard was already sprouting with bristling hairs, and his upper lip he wore a thick black moustache that curled down.

He was tall, and though he seemed slender, his shoulders were broad and muscular. The shirt that he wore was open to the naval. His chest was covered with thick black hairs that sprouted in every direction cascading down his stomach into the tight black jeans. There were many gold chains hanging around his neck, half buried in the curly black hair.

He was a super macho masculine man, yet there was an odd mixture of nelly sweetness about him. While his physical body was male in every way, his body language was feminine. Hands fluttered over Michael like the branches of a willow tree, touching all the secret places with careless familiarity as though they belonged there. I guess they did at one time.

His long fingers Here tapered and he wore at least one ring on every one of them. The nails were manicured and painted with shiny red polish. They accented his fingers as they moved so nimbly over Michaels' face, chest and bulging loins. I was embarrassed by the frankness of his caresses, and looked away to the floor. It was then I saw his feet were bare, long and narrow, they were, like the rest of him. A high arch and slender heel.

There were tufts of hair on the knuckles of the toes and, here too, the nails were painted a brilliant red.

He was fascinating to look at, and I saw that Jessie was as hypnotized by his performance as I was.

He spoke to Michael. "Jason ran off with a customer last night. He didn't show for rehearsal this morning," he continued, holding Michael in his arms. There was the scent of lavender floating about the room now. He smiled and continued his chatter.

"I was just about to put the sign out cancelling tonights' show and here you are, Michael, here to save me. Ah, how theatrical. The show must go on. It will go on!" And then he paused, pushing himself to the center of the room. He looked at Michael. His face took on the expression of a question. "Michael! You will help me, won't you?"

"Of course. You know I would do anything for you, Carlo. You know that, don't you? After all you've done for me?"

"Yes. We've had some good times. You and I," his face clouded with tears,

"and you're here, now....."

I brought some friends with me." Mike interrupted, "That's Danny and the boys' name is Jessie. Jessie just came into our world, Carlo, His dad kicked him out so he's with Danny and me. Learning all of the pleasure games."

"No one can teach him better'n you. I think you even taught me a few things..... He's pretty, Michael. They're both pretty," and as he looked at us he rubbed his hand across his crotch. His penis swelled a bit under the black tight jeans he wore, and I could see it riding down his leg. It must have been a foot long, reaching almost to his knees. Jessie was staring at it too. This man was exciting to look at. His unbuttoned shirt fell away as he waved his shoulders.

He concentrated his gaze on Jessie. He seemed lost to us for a moment in a conjured fantasy, and then realizing the possibilities, he reached to Jessie and, with nimble fingers, quickly and effortlessly unbuttoned his shirt. His other hand was at the belt of his jeans. Before any or us realized what he was doing, Jessie's clothing fell away and he was naked. His erect cock reaching out to this exciting gypsy.

"You know how I love little boys, Michael."

There was the look of love and giving in Jessie's eyes as he watched his new master flutter his long fingers over his bare flesh, gently brushing across lips and nipples and lowhanging testicles.

Carlo stood away for a moment. I watched, astounded as Carlos' black silk jeans rustled to the floor, and he stepped out of them. His gorgeous, hairy body was naked too, and ready, and with his hands on his hips he thrust his pelvis toward Jessie, who was as captivated as a snake charmed by a flute. He fell to his knees. His wet tongue hung out of his mouth, and he began the ritual, licking and sucking on the gypsys' hard cock and super-huge hairy balls.

Michael sat down in the chair by the desk. He did not seem surprised at all by the blatant behavior of the macho nelly gypsy. He expected it, for in some oblique way, he had orchestrated it. The problem of Jessie was solved. Jessie would be taken care of now.

I felt the familiar stirrings in my loins as I watched Jessie devour the gypsy. He was lost to the driven demands of lust, and oblivious of our being there watching him. The gypsy fucked his cock in and out of Jessies'

mouth at an increasing cadence. Suddenly, with a shout of pleasure, he climaxed. His cum was so voluminous (everything about this man was excessive) that it spilled onto Jessies' chin and then to the floor. Yet it spurted on and on. Jessie hung on to the balls in a effort to stop the fucking motion. When the spouting was over he fell back on his heels and looked up at his hairy god, "Thank you Jesus," he said.

"Haw! Haw!, Carlo laughed as he pulled the silken jeans to his hips and buttoned them. Did you hear that, Michael? He called me Jesus," and he turned to the boy, "Yes, I'm your Jesus, and you love me, don't you Leibchen?" He turned back to Michael, who was smiling in relief. "He can stay here, can't he, Michael? You'll give him to me, yes? How sweet and innocent he is. Just like you were, when you came to me."

Michael nodded, "He's yours, Carlo. A nice ripe fruit just plucked from the tree and ready to be eaten."

And truly, Jessie was ready. He was still naked. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip of his soaring cock. He was waiting for Carlos to get on his knees and suck him. Would this boy ever be satisfied? Was there still more cum in those hanging gonads. But Carlo tossed him his jeans and shirt. "Not now, Liebchen, we have a lifetime for that. Now we must plan tonights' performance." Jessie, with a reluctant sigh of disappointment, turned away, and put on his clothes. He had a master now.


By ten P.M. the Tongue N Tail - North was filled to capacity by the local gays, and by some who were no so local. Word had spread throughout the region that Mike Davis was here; that he was going to perform.

The threat of a summer storm was announced by the rumble of distant thunder that was lost to the beat and rhythms of the juke box, and shouts of laughter that sounded from the patrons.

The customers here were not of the same caliber as those at the New Orleans T N T. Here they were truck drivers and farmers and countrified locals.

There were no transvestites or queer misfits that seemed to dominate the big city. These men were younger, less inhibited, more vigorous.

Unbuttoned shirts and bare skin and tight jeans molded to muscular trim bodies were the rule here, rubbing together as they danced to the raucous music. They chased each other with obvious purpose, to touch and feel, to squeeze pressure, to steal an univited kiss, eventually completed with frank and uninhibited pleasure. They simply and honestly accepted themselves and each other without restraint. They all sought the excitement of sex. I felt comfortable and at ease being among them, for I wanted the same thing that they wanted.

Carlo, Jessie and I sat together at the center table; the one closest to the dance floor. The gypsy and the boy seemed aware of nothing but each other, lost in the passions of new-found love. Jessie was as horny as he had been when we first met him at the gas station. I knew from the movement of his arms that his hands had found things to do to the gypsy under the table.

Several men had asked me to dance, to have a drink, a smoke, or a promise to go home with them when the evening ended, so I was not neglected or alone, but I missed Michael. I guess I did't like the idea of sharing him with all these horny raunchy gays.

The room was so thick with marijuana that one did not need to smoke it to feel its wondrous effects. An enormous exhilaration permeated the atmosphere. There was the tingle of anticipation in my loins and I would guess the loins of everyone else too. As the expectation of Michael peforming on stage got everyones' libido rising to its highest peak.

The colored lights that gave the room a rosy glow flickered off and on.

Apparently that was the cue that the show was about to begin, for the loud laughter and shouting was hushed, and the dancers eased into their seats with sibilant whispers.

Total darkness prevailed and an exciting tremor rushed throughout my body as the juke box played the introduction to 'Blue Moon'. And then, there was Michael. His face illuminated by a brilliant spotlight. A confident smile appeared as he began to sing. The same magic that had prevailed just a week ago in New Orleans seemed to mist over the room like a capricious cloud. His rich voice hushed the many who watched and listened as he sang the words of love that had meant so much to me.

"And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms would ever hold

And then I heard him whisper 'Please adore me'

And all at once the moon had turned to gold."

And then, as before, the spotlight that shone so brightly on his handsome face began to expand and, as it did, his broad shoulders came into view, golden tan from the sun, rippling with brawn and muscle. He had shaved the hair that surrounded his nipples so that they stood out like ripe blackberries seeking kissing lips.

Without relenting, the light expanded more and more revealing the perfection of his body. His hairy stomach was flat and tight and quivered with anticipation as the light expanded. Now the edge of the bush of black pubic hair was visible and the light held there for a long while. The audience was quiet, no sound and or movement prevailed.

They were entranced by the gradual revealing of this naked man, and he raised his arms as he concluded his song. The sound of the music rose to a climax and his arms reached to the ceiling lengthening his torso and the full bright light revealed him, showing to the world the beauty of his hot naked horny lusty body.

All eyes were on the huge erect cock that seemed to point to everyone. I felt the thrill of love run down my spine and settle in my own hard cock, for I knew this gorgeous, luscious handsome naked male was mine.

The entire room was aglow with the brilliant light that had somehow become red in color; a deep exciting ruby red that seemed to flow from satans'

cellar and reflected in everyones' eyes. Exciting tension swept the audience into a horny turmoil.

Michael, so comfortable with his naked body exposed to everyone, stood in the center of the room giving each one who looked at him a few moments to fantasize his dreams. Then he walked toward me, his arms outstretched. He embraced me, pulling me into the center of the dance floor. His kiss was wet and deep. No one spoke as they watched our open lips meet. He pulled away from our embrace, and slowly undressed me. slowly taking off my shirt, my jeans. I wore no briefs so that the complete unvieling took barely moments.

Naked, I fell to my knees. The room was hushed with shock. Never before had these men witnessed the show of explicit sexual giving. Michaels' cock was bursting with its hardness, pushing back the foreskin. I worshipped it, loving it with my tongue. I could hear the gasps of the audience as they watched how I loved him with open lips and swollen tongue. I kissed the hanging testicles, shaved of hair. I slobbered my tongue up the shaft bulging with blue-green blood vessels. I swallowed the enormous muscle deep down my throat. The audience groaned in its pleasure, It was as though they too, worshipped at this erect cock altar.

A shout sounded loud and clear. It was Michael, waving his arms and shouting. I fell back on my haunches and looked up at him. "Okay guys!

Get out of your clothes. Let's all get naked, it's orgy time."

The men who had been watching and clucking their tongues and groaning their approval suddenly were silent, startled by Michaels' invitation. This was too new, too radical to comprehend in an instant. For a brief unaccountable moment the world seemed to stop. The pause was because of an inpossible suggestion; the answer to hidden dreams and desires. It was as though those who were there that historical night and watched Michael and I, did not know what to do. How to begin.

At that moment of the turning point, Jessie jumped on top of the table tearing away at his clothes in reckless abandon. Twisting his naked boys-body around he faced the many who watched Mike and I, their faces frozen in obvious horny hunger, he yelled, "Thank you Jesus for bringing me here with all these horny guys with their beautiful cocks. Come on you guys. Let's do it!"

And he scrambled off the table, to the table next to it. The two men sitting there were like statues caught in a mesmerized moment, inactive as stone. He climbed upon their table and lay on his back, his cock pointing to the ceiling. His arms reached to them encircling their broad shoulders, pulling their faces down to his crotch.

As they bent forward to kiss his luscious hard erect naked cock, a shout sounded in the back of the room. A wild man, huge, with broad broad shoulders and flat abs, a heavy black beard, and a leering wicked grin, stripped off his clothes. In a startled split second he was naked. He had a heavy body with thick muscular arms and legs. His shoulders seemed twice the size of his narrow hips. His chest was covered with black hair that seemed to flow all over his naked body covering his quivering taut stomach stretching down to the enormous erect cock that jutted out from his hairy crotch.

He knelt down upon the table and pushed that quivering hard cock into the face of the man who sat next to him, rubbing his hairy balls, packed with the creamy juices of sex, over surprised smiling open lips.

There was another shout. A penetrating cry of surrender and lust. "Come and get me, Bobby. I've been wanting to do this to you ever since we was in school."

Pandemonium spread like fire in a dry forest on a hot day in August. Shoes , shirts, pants, were tossed away. Naked flesh took the place of clothes that had covered beautiful men, and now showed their beautiful naked bodies. Sixty men clothed only in their body hair. And as they shed the clothing that covered them, so also did they lose their inhibitions. They kissed and touched and slobbered over each other in an orgy of giving and taking.

I couldn't absorb it all, nor believe this could be happening. A slender black man, with skin of polished ebony, took my cock into his huge, rough workers hands and kissed it with full lips. Michael was pulled away from me. He lay on a table on his back, his legs rested on the shoulders of a man who was fucking him. His head fell back off the table and another had shoved his thick cock down Michaels' throat. Another beautiful naked male animal bent over Michaels' chest chewing on his nipples. It seemed that everyone wanted Michael, the star of the show.

My black lover pulled me up off the floor. His arms around my waist, drew me to him in a lovers' embrace. His dark flesh was solid with muscles that rippled over his body with every movement and contrasted with my white skin. His kiss was wet and sweet. I could taste marijuanas' smoke on his tongue.

He had a silver bullet on a chain around his neck. It was an inhaler.

Taking off the top he put the end of it to his nose and inhaled a great gust, then he handed it to me and I did the same. It was amyl nitrate. A great surge, like a bolt of lightning raced through me. I was caught in a rush of lust that tossed restraint and inhibition away. Slipping to my knees, I encircled my arms around my lovers' curved and solid buttocks. He was facing me. His cock was only inches from my hungry mouth. I looked at it astonished at its size. The foreskin had pulled back. The tip was purple in color. I kissed it, licking my tongue over the whole of it, then down the shaft to the balls hanging between his legs. I could smell his animal passion and taste the bitterness of his sweat. He placed his hands, one on each side of my head, and held me in position. He inserted his cock into my mouth and then he fucked it. In and out, with unrelenting force.

My hands gripped my own erect cock, cupping the balls in one hand, and I masturbated. I loved the force of his fucking motion, his cock jammed down my throat, then pulled out, then jammed down again and again. There was violence here. He was wild with excitement. The smell of musk gathered in his crotch as his fucking increased in intensity. With a final thrust and victorious shout he came, ejaculating a great gusher of cum. I sucked and swallowed and sucked some more to drain his passion from his body into mine. Sated, he pulled away with a smile, tapped me gently on the shoulder, and slipped off into a group of tangled legs and arms seeking a spouting fountain of love-juice for himself.

Momentarily alone, I looked around me. Sixty naked men caught in the many wondrous positions of sex, fucking, sucking, kissing mouths, arm pits, nips and asshole. Licking toes and ears. Lovers and adventurers. It was an incredible scene.

I could barely absorb the immensity of it when an arm tugged at me and lifted me up onto a table. I lay on my back, my eyes closed, legs propped upon shoulders. I didn't look at my new lover as he touched my asshole with oily fingers. My rectum was relaxed by poppers, and once greased, his cock slipped easily inside. He fucked me.

The exquisite fucking continued on and on until, in a frantic moment, I lost control and exploded my cum.

And I lay in the relaxed stupor that follows intense emotion. I must have dozed off in a twilight dream.

A hand touched my shoulder to awaken me. "Danny," a soft voice called. He bent his head to my ear. I could feel his warm moist breath as he kissed me. I opened my eyes. Then he smiled. It was Michael, dear sweet beautiful Michael. "It's time, Danny. We're finished here. Time for just you and me now." I sat up and looked around the room, the scene of our wanton and lascivious pleasures. Most of the men were gone. The few that remained were separated into loving couples. I looked for Jessie, but couldn't find him.

"They've left. Gone off somewhere to be alone, and now it's time for you and me to go too."

He led me to the door. The air was cool and fresh. I could hear crickets chirping and I saw the moon, almost on the horizon. Before he started the car, he held me in his arms and kissed me with a deep wet loving kiss.

And my hand slipped down to tug on his zipper and anxious fingers found their way into the warm furry nest of hair inside. His cock was erect. It was ready, just for me. Ah! He didn't give all of himself to the horny naked men who wanted so much of him. He saved some for me. And I realized that he truly loved me, and when I looked at the horizon again, there was a leap in my heart, for the moon had turned to gold. And we sped away to be alone once more.


Joe Wilson

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