Lonnie pushed me away. His cock had stopped its spouting and his pleasure became pain. Falling backwards onto the floor, I looked up at him. He seemed so tall, standing there. His cock jutting out from his crotch was erect and firm. He was smiling. Rubbing his hands over his chest, seeking nipples buried underneath thick blond chest hair, he said "Sorry about that, boys," laughing brightly, his eyes sparkling with humor.

Mike repeated, "Shit!" only louder this time.

I didn't say anything. I eased the pain in my loins, my hand cupped my balls and my wrist pressed against my frustrated cock giving it some pleasure.

"Don't worry. It's always that way with me. I can come all night now, but I jess gotta get rid of that first load." He turned to Mike reaching for the joint, took a drag, held it in, and handed it to me, then reached for a beer to stop a fit of coughing.

I took a drag, glad to have something to break the unexpected tension.

The grass was great. With just one toke I could feel an increasing surge of hot lust, a tightness gripped the muscles of my throat.

Every movement of my hands were accented, as I traced my fingers over the secret parts of my naked body. I knew that an adventure had begun, the excitement of being between naked Michael and naked Lonnie, standing in the darkened room, their huge hard cocks sticking out of hairy loins, just waiting for my anxious lips, sent shock waves of anticipated pleasure that was exciting and delicious. I could still taste the globs of cum on my tongue, could still feel the horny sharp need in my cock, and looking at the two naked men standing only a few feet away was almost as much as I could handle before exploding my own climax.

Lonnie lay down on the bed facing us. How long his body looked, as it stretched out over the mattress. He spread his slender hairy legs so they reached to the corners at the foot of the bed. And Michael, on his knees bending forward, kissed the soles of Lonnie's feet, sucked on each toe, sticking his tongue in between. It was as though Michael was telling him he was his slave, which I guess he was, just as I knew I was.

"That's it, Mike, goddam, suck on those fuckers, lick my feet you son of a bitch, you fucking queer, suck 'em you asshole, suck those toes......" then he turned his head toward me, "Come here, pretty queer-boy, here, lay up here with me. I never kissed a boy before, but I want to kiss you, you are so fucking sweet, god! you are so sweet." His huge cock stretched to the ceiling, and my throat ached for the luscious sweetness of more cum, I needed to taste him again, to feel the solid muscle rolling against my tongue. But he put his arms around my waist, and with super strength I was transported over onto him. And I lay on top of his hard powerful body. Our cocks, ever growing larger and harder, stroking against each other, creating a lovely sensuous pleasure, while my opened mouth sucked his tongue into it, and my active wet tongue slurped up all the sweet mouth juice it could. I looked into the mirror. Seeing this muscular macho beautiful male animal kiss me, sent a shiver of shocks down my spine.

The pleasure of my cock against his, and the thought of what we were doing to each other, extended pleasure beyond anything I ever dreamed of, and all of this was enhanced by Michael. he was still kneeling on the floor.

I felt his tongue on my feet, my toes, the soles and ankles, as he washed warm saliva over them in his kisses. Was Michael my slave too, I wondered. And I moved my hips, creating even more pleasure, and our kisses continued, and our passion was turning into love, for the pleasure we gave each other was too much for just being sex, and Michael moved from my feet to Lonnie's then back to mine, and Lonnie and I pleasured each other massaging our bodies together.

It was a new sexual experience for me, and I knew that though I might never see Lonnie again, after this night, I would always love him. It was then I learned that sex breeds love, just as love breeds sex, and our adventure into relationships continued, slowly and forever, as our bodies adjusted to the ecstacy, so that we willed for the pleasure to continue and for the final climax to delay itself. It was an exquisite moment that I wished could go on forever, and it did, until finally, half sated, we pulled away from each other, and rising off the bed, the three of us, three naked horny males, full of lust and love, encircled each other with our arms, kissed each other, and kept the pleasures growing, by stopping our aggressive tactics. Somehow the three of us tumbled on the bed embracing each other, creating enticing visions of what was to come between us.

The mirror on the wall was like a porn video, showing the three of us lying together. I seemed so young beside them. They were men, hirsute and brawny. Muscles rippled over fully developed hairy bodies.

I watched as Mike, his face in Lonnies' crotch, kiss that huge cock and then swallow it into his mouth.

Lonnie shifted his torso, "Don't stop for Christs' sake. Jesus Christ that's good. Oh God I love that," and his buttocks moved up and down on the bed pushing his cock futher and further into Michaels' throat. Even his cheeks bulged out as the cock pushed against them.

And while Mike sucked Lonnie, his hands found my cock and he was slowly masturbating it. I could feel the instant surge of the ejaculate, but managed to stop it by pulling away. I didn't want to come yet. I wanted to make this night of new pleasures last as long as I could. I slipped to the floor where Mike was kneeling. Smelling the harsh pungent odor of animal heat, I followed the source of it to his buttocks. Separating the cheeks, I buried my nose between them.

I slipped my slim naked body down under Mikes' legs, my back was to the floor. His hairy testicles were hanging above me, only inches away. As Lonnie cried his pleasure, begging Michael not to stop, I took Mikes' cock into my mouth and, rolling my tongue over the sensitive underside where the skin seems to come together, I sucked and continued sucking and eating and tasting.

Lonnie lurched on the bed, begging Mike to stop. "Stop. Jesus!

Stop! Oh sweet Jesus, I'm coming. Oh God! Jesus God!"

Mike exploded, ejaculating his creamy salty semen into my mouth.

Lonnie relaxed his thrusting body, sobbing his pleasure in a heavy whisper.

Resting my back on the floor and facing the ceiling, I felt Mikes'

breath on my groin as, after releasing Lonnies', he took my cock into his mouth and sucked me to an excruciating climax.

"Wow baby," he said as he kissed me, and pulled me against his sweating naked body. Our hearts pounded together. Pleasured but not sated.

All the motion and excitement subsided and ebbed away as we rested in silence, and I fell into a half-sleep.

I heard them laughing in a companionable way. I raised myself from the floor and rested on my elbows. Looking into the mirrored wall, I saw their rugged beauty. They were sitting on the bed looking at themselves just as I was. They were close. Their bodies touching.

Mikes' arm was around Lonnie's shoulder. They were sharing grass and a beer. Both of their cocks rose unhampered out of their crotches erect and ready. I compared the two. Mikes' was a long slender graceful tool. It must have been six, or perhaps seven inches long. While it was tumescent, it wasn't completely hard. His body was covered with black curly fuzz spreading over his chest and trickling down to his stomach to the abundant pubic patch. His testicles were covered with wrinkled skin, and were hanging down off the mattress.

They were bare of the usual spider-web hair, like Lonnie, whose balls were covered with golden hairs.

Lonnie's cock, in contrast to Mikes', seemed huge. At least an inch or two longer. But its size was emphazised more in its thickness and its hardness. It appeared to have reached the maximum. The vessels running along the sides of the shaft were clearly visible, despite some hair which grew on the underside. The head of it was uncovered, and the smooth skin was red and shining. I could even see his piss slit, couldn't miss it in fact, for Mike, while playing with Lonnie's jewels had inserted the tip of his little finger into it.

My soft and flaccid cock began to rise again as blood poured into it.

The pleasure-need came over me once more. I crawled to the bed where they were sitting, and raising my head to look at them, i kissed first Mikes' cock, and then Lonnie's.

Because Lonnie's cock was hard and he was ready, I took it into my mouth and began to suck. I massaged his hairy balls, incredibly packed and solid. I switched to Mike, and then back to Lonnie, sucking each in turn, enjoying the difference in texture and shape and taste and smell. God! I was sucking both of them. God! I am a cocksucker, a cocksucker, jesus. How I used to hate that word.

They noticed my presence, for each placed his hand on my head, and massaged my ears as I bobbed up and down over their hot hairy naked loins. And they continued their quiet converstion, interrupted only to take a toke of grass, or a swallow of beer.

"So we drove to Las Vegas. Shit I wanted her so fucking bad I said I'd marry her just to fuck her....." he paused a moment, and laughed, slapping his knee, "We were naked! Left all our clothes at the party, you know. Christ! You should have seen us. I don't know what was harder; her nipples or my cock."

Mike laughed with him and then asked, "Well, naked like that, how'd you find a guy to marry you? It's kinda unusual driving around town looking to get married with no clothes and all."

I went down on their balls now, licking Lonnie's hairy testicles, sucking them into my mouth one by one, then to Mikes' balls.

"We had to get gas after we got there. Stopped at a station to fill up. The kid working the pumps was bug-eyed when he came up to the window and looked in. he knew a preacher who was queer, ready for anything he said, so he called him. Set it up for us. The preacher had a guy there, you know some hustler he hired to witness.

She let me fuck her then. All through the ceremony we were laying on the floor, and I fucked her." He laughed. "That's one for the books.

Yeah! All the time, I'm fucking her. Shit!"

I pushed both of them back onto the mattress and raised their buttocks up as much as I could so I could lick back of the balls towards the hole. There's lots of sex smell and taste back there. They stirred a little and I figure from the movement that they were kissing.

When they separated, I heard Lonnie say, "Jesus, I love to fuck.

I want to fuck you. Nothing's better than a guys tight asshole."

"Shit man! let's take our time. I want that cock of yours up my ass too, nice fat salami like that."

Then Lonnie whispered to me, "Get back on my cock....Yeah queer boy, suck. Suck the fucker," and he began pumping it raising the hips off the bed, he fucked it in and out of my mouth. I almost gagged with the enormous size of it as he plunged deep into my throat.

The spouting began again and pleasure tingled my spine as the warm cream splashed against my throat. When he pulled my head away with grunts and groans I took Mikes' cock. They lay back on the bed kissing, and Michaels' cream mingled with Lonnie's as he shot off his load. I continued to lap at both of them. Their cocks and their balls covered with all the tastes and smells of sex.

It seems I could not reach satisfication. With each drop of cum I only wanted more. Had there been a dozen cocks in that room, I would have sucked them all, and still reached out for more. I know that for sure, for at another time in the not too distant future I did just that. I simply could not get enough cock. I guess the years of inhibition and frustration were the seeds of my horny needs.

I must have dozed off gain, drifting into another dawn, half awake, half asleep. I could hear Lonnie's soft voice as he talked about his wife and her luscious cunt. "Shit! One night I left to drive to Seattle. Be gone better'n a week. Eight or nine days, and when I got to the loading docks the truck wasn't ready. Wouldn't be, for 48 hours. Shit I was glad. Give me some more fucking time. So I went home.

"There was a pick-up parked in the driveway. What's this, I asked myself. I got up on the porch and looked into the windows, and there she was naked, on the floor, eating the ass of a naked old man.

Had a cock bigger'n this one here. 'Nother boy queer as you, just sucking away on it. All smiling like they're in heaven. And all the while that pretty girl with big tits, my wife, had her tongue up that old mans' ass. He had her hand between her legs, just astroking her clit. And you know, I couldn't get mad or nothing.

This here cock just got harder and harder and I slipped out of my clothes, naked as them. I went inside. Shit! They were surprised.

But when they saw my monster apointing at them, the queer reached for it with a long wet tongue, and that's how I started making it with queers. After a while, I wasn't turned on to women nomore.

Just nice sweet queer boys like you and Danny here. Yessir, no woman in the world can suck a cock like a queer can. But don't get me wrong, Mike, I don't give, I just take. Love it when the queers eat me. Yeah man, no female ever gave me head like this here boy does." And the springs of the bed gave a quiet cry as they shifted position.

I sat up looking at them on the bed. Now Mike was on the bottom lying on his stomach, one arm curled under his head, the other hanging down over the side. Lonnie lay on top, stretched over Mikes' back, his head buried in the crook of his neck. It took a moment before I realized that Lonnie's cock was shoved into Mikes' asshole. Lonnie's buttocks were rolling in a constant rhythm. His cock moved back and forth in Mikes' rectum like a piston. It was beautiful to watch, for Mikes' ass seemed to rotate in cadence with Lonnie's fucking motion. They were quiet now. Each enjoyed the pleasure of the fuck in his own way, and they continued rocking their massive bodies back and forth.

I looked at Lonnie's buttocks. There were tufts of golden hair caught in the upper portion of the rounded cheeks, and there seemed to be masses of it growing in the crack between them.

His longs legs were stretched out, and leveraged on the mattress by bended toes, and gave added power for the deep probing of Mikes' ass by his fucking cock.

I knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed, and bending forward, I ran my hands over Lonnies' muscular legs. I thrilled at the feeling of the coarse hairs that grew on them, and of the rippling muscles of his calves and thighs, as he fucked continuously. Spreading his ass cheeks apart, I bent forward and separated those hairs, curled in the dark crevice, with my tongue, and kissed his anus, the most secret part of every man. I matched his back and forth motion with my own, and sucked his ass, fucking my tongue beyond the sphincter, and into the hole at the same pace as he was fucking.

"Jesus god!" he cried, "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Oh my god, I'm coming!" And his ecstatic pleasure was transferred to Mike, who in turn moaned his own climax. Again, we fell apart, exhausted. But we weren't finished yet,. Oh No! There was so much more to come. It was only three A.M., and Lonnie hadn't fucked ME yet......

to be continued


Joe Wilson

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