It was a sign of bright days ahead. The slanting stream of sunlight splashed across the room and awakened me before the telephone rang. Looking out the window, I saw the city painted in glorious colors, the drabness of it washed away by yesterdays' storm.

The hours seemed to move forward at a rapid pace consumed by the early morning chores of shaving, showering, packing and sending off a few last minutes postcards. Suddenly, I fell in love with New Orleans, captivated by its' charms and, except for the exciting prospect of driving cross country, I sensed a reluctance to leave it. This was a city where its people lived their dreams, shaping their lives to themselves without the concern of social consequences. I discovered my true self here. All the old conflicts seemed to have dis- appeared. That is, all but one. Sometime in the near future I had to cross over, and I cupped my heavy balls and caressed my turgid cock. Be patient. I knew it would happen. When the time was right, it would happen.

We had beignets and sipped coffee one last time at the Cafe du Monde in the french quarter. He told me to call him Michael.

"After all," he said, "Maybe I'm an old man in your eyes.

Well, we are going to be together for a long while. Maybe six or eight weeks or so. Mr Davis is pretty formal, don't you think?" He was looking out over Jackson Square at the St Louis Cathedral, "You know, Danny, I'm going to have another beignet and then I'm going to order a dozen to take along with us."

His black eyes sparkled with the fire of suppressed energy, and his ever-present smile illuminated his handsome face revealing white, even teeth. he had not shaved and the stubble of his two day beard scratched my cheek as he brushed his lips over mine in a casual kiss of greeting. "You didn't let it all spout out last night did you? Did you save some for me?"

I blushed and nodded yes and looked away in a sudden rush of embarrassment. He sat back in his chair, his lean body seemed to stretch out with his legs spread apart. His tight silk pants did nothing to camoflage the bulge in his crotch. "We're going to do it today, Danny. You know that, I want to taste that virgin sap of yours."

I turned away. His candidness was upsetting. I felt like a bride leaving the reception. I wanted him. I made a committment to him yesterday afternoon, and I intended to keep it. I wanted to, but I was afraid. What if I disappointed him. I wasn't even certain of what was expected of me, but one thing I was sure of, was that he was the ony man I could make it with right now.

He looked directly at me, and rolling his tongue over his lips, he said, "I want to eat your beignet," and he grabbed it off the plate and popped what was left of it into his mouth. "Ummm good!" he said and we both laughed and he signaled the waiter to order more.

We drove over the bridge to Algiers and headed in a south- westerly direction. "Let's take the blue highways, the country roads that lead us into the small towns," and we turned onto Highway #1 and headed north to Thibodeaux. He must have been aware of my self-conscious state. Though a certain shyness silenced me, his excited talk filled all the spaces, and his relaxed manner made awkwardness disappear.

"What a glorious day this is," he said brightly, "Look at that blue sky, not a cloud anywhere. Rare for the gulf coast, you know. I tell you Danny, it's going to be a scorcher. A little different than yesterday, wouldn't you say?"

His automobile was convertible, and he had the top down.

The breeze caused by its' momentum whirled about us. it was only nine o'clock, but the temperature was already warm and heading for hot.

"We'll stop just outside of Thibideaux for lunch. One of my clients has a house there. There's a pool, and we can swim and cool off. He's in Europe, but I've got a key to the gate," he said. "It'll take us a few hours to get there though."

I nodded my assent, never taking my eyes off him, thinking how handsome he was, his lips smiling all the time, deepset eyes flashing their signal of energy, contained, but ready to explode.

He was casually dressed in a pink t-shirt and pale yellow silk jeans. Again the effeminate colors seemed to accentuate how macho he was. His arms were muscular and covered with fine black hair. His hands gripped the wheel and steered the car with bravado and confidence, as we sped along the road. The T-shirt was like a second skin that clung to his firm chest accented by two protruding nipples.

The shirt had been tapered, for it adhered to his flat abdominals without a wrinkle.

"The hotel packed us lunch you know, chicken, southern fried and cold white wine. Chenin Blanc, I hope. Then I think we'll go over 113 to New Iberia. Cajon country!

Good food and exciting people."

I stole a look at the yellow slacks that gripped his crotch and clearly separated his cock from his balls in their definite outlines. It gave me a thrilling surge to my own loins to watch, as he rested his hand there and squeeze or scratch the growing bulge. I remembered last night, when he walked naked, in front of everyone, with no embarrassment or shyness, proudly showing off his erection, his cock swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the music, and singing of gay love. What would it be like to touch that naked hairy cock, to play with those lowhanging testicles that were suspended from it. The back of my throat tightened in unaccustomed desire, a hunger for something beyond my experience, a horny need that was there, and I began to tremble in anticipation.

"Yessir, I figure I'll drive 'til lunch time, and then if we decide to move on, you can drive from there. It's an easy car to handle, real easy. Was why I bought it. That and 'cause it's a convert," he paused and was quiet for a moment picking at the right nipple with his left hand, and then, "Danny, it's pretty warm. How about us getting some sun?" he said abruptly, and with that he veered off the road and onto the shoulder and stopped the car. It was so sudden I didn't have time to think about it, and with a swooping motion he peeled the T-shirt off, and threw it to the back seat.

His nipples expanded now that the confinement was gone. They were each as big as the tip of my thumb, and covered the whole aerole. His hands went to them automatically, and seemed to caress them as though they were tender. A smile flashed across his face as he saw me stare at them. "Real sensitive this morning," he said,

"Guess they got played with a bit last night.

Come on Danny," and he reached to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. Without protesting, I let him help me take it off.

"Sweet little nips you got there," and he leaned forward and kissed each of them, and the great surge of blood began again, but instinctively I pulled away. He sensed my rejection and backed away. "Not the time or place,"

he said with a deep down chuckle.

We fell into a comfortable silence. I sat back in the seat enjoying the motion and vibration of the warm breeze as it gently massaged my body.

After an hour or so of driving, he turned to me. "There it is," he said suddenly, and he made a right turn onto a narrow lane lined with blooming cottonwoods. A quick turn of the road and a huge southern plantation-type mansion appeared, all white with soaring pillars holding up a green portico. The property was surrounded by a stone wall about six feet tall, on which were growing lichen and moss. The wall had been there a long time, but the house appeared to be either carefully restored or new and modern.

Perhaps the restoration updated it using modern materials.

There was a wrought iron gate across the drive leading into the property. I watched him as he walked to it, the key in his hand. His back muscles rippled with each movement. How broad his shoulders seemed to be as they tapered to his narrow waist. He had no hips. His torso was long. His skin was the color of copper with a dull burnished glow shining in the bright sunlight. The jeans made of some yellow silken material clung to his rounded buns and caught their rippling motion with each step he took.

Half naked, he was exciting as when he danced at the T N T.

After opening the gate, he walked back with a springing step. Facing me, I clearly saw the shape of his cock riding down his leg. He caressed it with his burley hands as he changed position, moving it to the other side where it was even more noticeable. He was smiling. The grin of a schoolboy when the Friday three p.m. bell rang and the week-end started.

We followed the driveway to the parking area. There was not a sound, not even birds chirping, or rustling leaves, and it was HOT. The sun soaking up the remains of yesterdays'

storm left a cloud of humidity.

The privacy and aloneness of the place was exciting. Michael kicked off his sandals and skinned out of his jeans. His briefs were just that, brief, and revealing the rising mound of his manhood. He stood just a few feet away, facing me.

There was a boyish grin covering his face. Pleasure was there, dominant and demanding, and full of lust. His hands were on his hips and I knew he was going to push the only thing covering him to the ground. Clearly, he was soon to be naked, and he was enjoying the prospect of it.

I felt a shortness of breath. Was this the way it was going to happen, so suddenly, without any build up to help raise my own passions, though they were there, believe me, sending shock waves down my spine. And the line of his calvin kleins receded, down, down over the hips, gradually showing the apron of thick pubic hair, black and bushy. He was erect, his swollen cock pushing the material out towards me, so that he had to disentangle it from the clinging silk material.

Oh god! he's almost naked, naked!

And he wants me, just as I want him. My throat dried and tightened, with expectation, and I could feel the blood rush into my own cock in a tremendous surge of randy lust. We were alone, two anxious horny male animals, one almost naked and available, and with a sudden lowering of his hands, the silky veil that covered him slipped down his thighs, past his knees to his ankles, and with a graceful movement he stepped out of them, and it was done. He was totally, completely, stark naked, showing his beautiful body to me, to me alone this time, not in the company of screaming yelling faggots encouraging, begging him, but just me alone, and knowing this was it, this was finally the time for me, Oh god!

my body began to shake with the hunger it felt of him, the need, the final need to wrap myself around him.

He twisted his hips so that the huge, beautiful hairy cock and balls rolled back and forth teasing me, and he laughed. He laughed again and turned his back to me, "Come on, Danny," he cried, and I watched his ass cheeks, rotating enticingly, as he ran to the swimming pool and dove in.

It was destined to happen. I mean happen now, I knew that. Despite my usual bashfulness and super-modesty, I slipped out of my clothes and now I too, was naked, and my cock jutted out of my loins with a hardness and resilience that was similar to the gun that it was, aimed at Michael, my lover, my teacher, ready to explode, to fire the juice of pleasure in an expression of love. But I didn't know that yet. But I did feel the pleasure of his stare as he looked at me standing waist deep in the clear water, water that seemed to exagerate the size of his cock rather than conceal it. He wasn't smiling now, only lust and horny hunger covered his face making thrills shake throughout my body, and I followed him, diving into the pool.

He was waiting for me when I hit the water.

His arms encircled me and he pulled me to him, kissing me with his hungry tongue forcing its way into my resistant mouth. He was insistant, and soon resignation seemed the only way, and I opened my lips, and an entirely new, exquisite pleasure seeped into my naked body and crept down my naked spine and sent shock waves to my naked cock. I was excited by the touch of his fingers, pushing the foreskin back, exposing the tender skin underneath to the cool water. He squeezed my balls with gentle pressure, and I felt his finger against my tightened anus, and still he continued to kiss me, his tongue rolling over mine. It was then I surrendered, all the inhibitions that had captured for so many years, flew away like a flock of frightened birds. And I began to respond, reaching to his cock, surprised and overwhelmed by the solid big hardness of it, and I cupped his heavy testicles in my hands.

Sensing my readiness, he picked me up as though I were no more than a sack of ripe tomatoes, and placed me upon the deck, my legs hanging over the side into the water.

Lowering his face to my crotch, he kissed the shaft of my cock, running his tongue from the balls to the tip, where the foreskin had slipped back, and he sucked my cock into his hot wet mouth wrapping his tongue around it as he did. Oh my god! the pleasure of his tongue teasing the sensitive tip, combined with the exquisite pleasure of the suck.

I raised my body, resting on my elbows so that I could watch his head bob up and down. His black hair was wet and plastered to his scalp. His broad shoulders and long naked back, and bronzed muscles, rippled with each movement. The tender drawing and sucking of his mouth, as his tongue licked the underside, caused a new sensation that surged everywhere with sharpened pleasure so intense I tried to push him away, but he was not to be denied, and neither was I, for with a thrust of my pelvis, I pushed my cock even deeper down his throat. An enormous orgasm spurted up the shaft with the force of an automatic weapon. Stream followed stream in convulsive shocks as he swallowed each wave of cum to make room for the next.

And when there was no more, he fell away. And climbing out of the pool, he lay next to me, his arms holding me in an effort to contain the shuddering tremors that coursed throughout my naked body, and his cocksucking mouth found mine. The kiss was deep, flavored with my own salty cream, and I sucked on his tongue and explored the wet cavern in a search for more, and I could feel the pounding of his heart against mine in an erratic rhythm that proclaimed the sexual experience of our communion. Oh my god! I cried, I laughed, and cried some more, oh god! was there ever anything to equal this enormous wave of pleasure and well-being, and I kissed him with added hunger and rubbed my still swollen cock against his hairy leg which was stretched over mine and then the weakness hit me, the surrender of my naked body against his.

We lay together for a long time trying to regain the strength that our passion had taken away. And I relaxed into the afterglow, falling into a twilight sleep. A sleep that transcended the reality of being there. Naked, I had giving of myself to him. I had done it.

A mutual exchange of pleasure. A pleasure, far beyond any I could have anticipated.

And thus began the journey of a lifetime. Seeking new adventures of sensual pleasure. An exquisite pleasure that is always there, always completed, but never totally satisfied.


Joe Wilson

[email protected]


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