I thought about all that happened since yesterday. I glanced at Michael.

He was curled up in the passenger seat, his head resting on my thigh as I drove. He was asleep. There was a blanket covering his body, protecting it from the chill of the air conditioner.

His handsome face was relaxed and smiling as though he too, was dreaming of the many pleasures we had had the night before. It had been fun taking all of Lonnie's energy into our bodies and sapping his powerful strength. I counted eight spoutings; eight times he ejaculated his luscious cream. I rolled my tongue over my lips tasting him once more, regretting only that his cock wilted before he fucked me. Could I have accepted that huge tool, I wondered? Perhaps not, but I sure would like to have tried.

It excited me when Lonnie called me 'Queer boy". It seemed to accent the gap in our ages. I was only seventeen and he must have been forty. As old as my Dad. Yes I was queer for sure now, enslaved to Mike, whom I dearly loved, and cocksucker of two men who, except for their hairy cocks, were unknown to me. It sure did happen fast.

The day was warm, with a sky clear of clouds and smelling of summer flowers. After taking Lonnie back to his truck, we had a rejuvenating breakfast of steak and eggs plus a couple of Michaels' pep pills. We headed north toward Lafayette. Mike had remembered a special club he wanted to take me to in Memphis.

"It'll be awhile before we get up there," he said. "'Specially if we go up through the Ozarks. We want to get there by next Saturday, Danny. There's a special meeting then. Exciting and lots of fun," he paused, "Hey, look at that gauge. We better get gas or we'll be walking."

The road was narrow, sweeping up and down over gentle hills. There was no traffic, and I could see an Exxon sign about a quarter of a mile ahead.

Lucky for us, I thought to find a gas station way out here. I reached to the back seat for my shorts, but Michael caught my arm. "No need to get dressed, Danny. Let's see what kind of place this is. Maybe we can have some fun." He had a wicked smile, and I felt that familiar stirring.

"Shit! I'm ready for anything," I thought.

There was a boy leaning against the pump, dressed in farmers over-alls. He wore no shirt, and his bronzed shoulders were broad with muscle. His feet were bare and flaked with dust. Despite the bib covering his chest, you could see that he was lean and strong. He had blond hair cut short like a marine. His eyebrows were heavy, and bleached white. It looked as though he was trying to grow a beard and mustache, but I decided he just had never shaved, and the growth on his face was formless and without direction. It was almost white.

Noticeable because his face was tanned from the sun. His eyes were clear and blue, like light puddles of water, and he smiled a welcome to us as he stepped back from the pump. Clearly he was happy to see us, glad to have company.

He approached the car with a toothy smile. There was a quizzical expression on his face, then, glancing in and realizing we were naked, he stopped short. He leaned on the car door, and I could see the blond hairs glisten on his strong arms.

"Shit! You guys gueer?" he asked. He paused a moment and then stepped back away from the car. "You get outta here. My Daddy tole me queers are bad. Satan's got you, he does."

Michael looked at him and smiled, his right hand holding his naked cock, easing the foreskin back and forth over the ridge of it. In a soft and gentle voice he asked, "What's your name, boy?"

"Jessie and you better go afore my Daddy comes back."

"Where is your Daddy, Jessie?"

"Up at the church giving services. He's a preacher. Tellin' people how to git to heaven."

The boy looked directly at Michael, and then at me. Fascinated, like Eve in the garden looking at the apple. "He don't tolerate no queers," he added in a soft hesitant voice.

Mike turned to me. He took his hand away from his cock and spread his knees. Unencumbered now, it was beautiful to look at as it rose from his lap, proud and demanding attention. My own cock had risen to the fullest, and was bursting to come, sending pleasure signals. I watched the boy as he looked at us, and I felt that great surge of energy that always came when exhibiting myself. That marvelous sense of excitement that bursts inside, when we approached a truck on the road, and I knew the driver was looking at me.

"Yes Jessie, were queer alright. We like it that way, don't we Danny?"

If the boys' stare had been bullets they would have bored right through our cocks and testicles. Just having him stare at me that way almost made come. He was fascinated. And I sensed that he was getting excited too.

"Danny, show Jessie how you love my cock," Michael said in a low voice.

Bending forward I kissed the shining head of it licking the piss slit with my tongue, and then I took the whole of it into my mouth, sucking it down my throat. Knowing that he watched me make love to Michaels' cock added a wonderful spice to our outrageous conduct.

"Ah shit! Satan's got you," he shouted, "He shore has got you, he does,"

Jessie cried, but as he did I noticed his hand cupping his crotch, and that it had grown big with an obvious erection.

Michael stirred and I pulled away. Looking at Jessie I saw an unexpected expression on his face. Could it be pain or agony? Pleasure? Horny lust?

Then I noticed Michaels' arm was hanging out the window, the hand moving slowly back and forth. I realized that he had gotten into the boys'

overalls and was playing with him. For a long while no one said anything.

The boy no longer looked at us. He had closed his eyes, dreaming impossible fantasies that had suddenly become reality.

Mike whispered, "He's ready, Danny. Get out of the car and take him."

I opened the door quietly and slipped out. As I went up to him I saw Mike reaching for the clips that held the bib and shoulder straps together. He undid them, and the over-alls fell to the boys' ankles. Jessie was bare-ass naked. His cock was long and narrow and hard.

Before the mood could disappear, I was on my knees. I placed my hands on his buttocks, the solid firm flesh of his ass, and drew him toward me. He made no protest. There was no sound except for that of my sucking mouth and licking tongue as I worked the pleasure-miracle over Jessie's erection.

My head bobbed back and forth. Then he made a sudden cry and the spurt of his cum struck the back of my throat. The boy moaned and wiggled his hips trying to push his cock in deeper. He pulled away suddenly, for the sharp pain must have taken hold. I fell back on my heels and looked up at him.

His bronzed body was defined, muscular for one so young.

"Forgive me, Jesus," he cried. "I couldn't help it, Jesus. Forgive me."

I stood up facing him, and bent forward to kiss his nipples, which were lovely red berries sticking out of his chest. Then a surprising thing happened. As he moaned his prayer to Jesus, and cried real tears of sinful regret, he got on his knees. I thought it was an attitude of supplication, a position to better serve his god, but with an exhaled wail, he placed his fingers directly and reverantly on my balls, and he pulled by cock toward him. He kissed it. Gently and tenderly, at first, but with growing passion, his grunts and groans and muffled prayer, gained momentum. He began slobbering all over my cock and balls. His tongue lapped at my cock with wet kisses. Then he sucked it into his mouth.

His excitement transferred itself to me. I fucked my cock deep into his throat, and then out and in again, deeper still. My hand held the back of his head. Holding it steady. His eyes were open, burning with the fire of lust. My fucking hips moved back and forth in a quick staccato movement, and my cock plunged in and out of it. I had reached the point of no going back. He understood this, I knew, for his body began to shake with anticipation. He was ready to receive our carnal communion, and I could feel my balls tighten and my cock stretch to its limit. With an ecstatic spurt of pleasure, I creamed. Spurt after spurt of luscious cum flowed into his mouth. And he swallowed it all without even a drop trickling down his chin. When it was done, and all the cream had ejaculated itself down his throat, I pulled away and looked at him as he looked up at me.

"Oh God," he cried, "Oh Jesus, God. What have I done? I'm sorry Jesus."

And he leaned forward to flick his tongue over the piss hole to gather into his mouth the few errant drops that remained there. He was sitting on the dusty ground. Somehow he had kicked his overalls off his ankles. He was naked, and beautiful. His cock was erect. A drop of precum told me he was ready to be sucked again. Michael came up to us. He realized the boy was still caught in the excitement of passion, and he pushed his own erect hard swollen naked cock into the boys' face.

"Ah Jesus! Here I go again, Jesus!" the boy cried. "Forgive me Jesus,"

and he took Michaels' cock into his mouth, and leaning forward, I took the boys' erection into mine. After a long while of bobbing heads and sucking mouths, Michael shouted as he climaxed into the boys' throat and the boy shot his heavenly cream into mine. His taste was so sweet!

"Thank you Jesus," I said as I reluctantly drew away.

After we filled the tank with gasoline, we each kissed the luscious boy good-by. Michael murmured into his ear, "Next time we're going to fuck you." The boy nodded. A wistful smile on his lips. Tears formed in his eyes and turning away, he picked up his over-alls from the ground. There was a dejected spirit about him as he realized that we were leaving, that there would not be a next time. His future would return to the drab happenings of the past.

He placed his arms around me, pulling me to him in a loving embrace. When he kissed me, his tears wetted my cheeks. As a gentle sucking vacuum formed in our mouth his tongue rolled over my lips and a rising passion again took hold.

At that moment, a battered pickup roared into the station. It must have been parked in the hollow down the road. An angry old man jumped out of it. His eyes flashed his fury as he pulled his belt from his waist and crashed it down upon the boys' buttocks.

"Sinner! Sinner!" he cried, his arms whipping the boy unmercifully.

"Satan's got you, Jessie. I saw what you did, you sinner!"

The boy pulled away from me and ran to the other side of the car. His cock was hard again. I was so astounded by the sudden interruption, and the outburst of this crazed man that at first I didn't realize that this was Jessie's father, the preacher.

"You git outa here, sinner. Go, Jessie, you ain't no son of mine no more.

Satan's got you, he does." And he ran around the car chasing the boy, slapping his naked buttocks with the belt.

Jessie was laughing with genuine relief and joy. He was delighted that his secrets were public now and, turning from the station toward the road, he sprinted away from his enraged father.

"Let's go," Michael said, reaching for the car door, and we piled inside.

The madman turned toward us shaking his fist. Jessie had outrun him, and was now almost a mile down the road. What an adventure this was turning out to be. By the time we caught up to him, he had almost run an incredible two miles. His head and shoulders were tossed high in the air.

His slender back was arched, and his cock was leading the way. The smile on his lips was triumphant. We drove beyond him about thirty feet and stopped by the side of the road. His pace slowed as he approached us.

"Your Dad was kinda mad, Jessie. You better come with us. Get in. You can sit next to Danny."

Jessie was winded. Perspired, too. There was a thin layer of sweat accumulated on his chest and stomach, and his armpits gave off a pungent smell whenever he moved. He was exhilerated, and seemed very tense, but there was true relief and happiness in his smile. I could feel his satiny skin rub against mine as he sat next to me.

"Thank you, Jesus," he said in a reverent and quiet tone. he looked at Michael, then he looked at me. "Thank you, guys," and he paused a moment, lowering his head to look at his still swollen erect naked cock. While he looked at no one in particular, he said, "Now you can fuck me."

Michael laughed with a loud whoop, but I could tell there was worry and concern in his voice. He turned to us and caught Jessie's eye. "How old are you, Jessie?"

"Fifteen," he said, in a proud voice, "I just had a birthday last week."

"Jesus Christ!" was all that Michael said as he sped away. The reason for his concern gradually came to me. Jessie was still a child. This could mean real trouble.

Michael pulled off the road into a clump of trees and bounded out of the car. Opening the trunk he rummaged around for a few moments and then slammed it shut. He threw clothing at both of us. "Better cover up, boys.

We sure don't want to get picked up with no clothes on," and then, turning to Jessie, he asked, "Is there any place I can take you, Jessie?"

But Jessie looked blank, and then his face brightened as his smile returned, "I'm going with you all," he said simply.

"Shit!" Michael said, but there was little conviction in his voice. I had the feeling he liked the idea of fucking this hot young virgin boy.

"Well, get dressed. We better get moving. We can be in LaFayette in an hour. It's a big city, and we can get lost there."

The boy seemed not to realize his predicament. It must have been the optimism of being very young, but he had no friends except Michael and me, and no clothes except for what he was wearing, and they were mine.

He chattered on in high pitched excitement about how much he loved us, and how glad he was to finally do it, really do it, with somebody. Thinking back on the morning, I would say we really did it. I could still taste his lovely sweet cream. It was quite a morning, for sure.

Michael was quiet. His brow was furrowed with concentration. But then it relaxed, and he smiled. And reaching over to Jessie, he grabbed his crotch and squeezed it, "Oh sure! I know a place, the perfect place. A great place for us to go to." And he accelerated the car.

Jessie was still riding on his sexual high, floating on top of a private world of fantasy, and fulfillment of that fantasy. He sat between Michael and I. His hands rested on each of our laps, squeezing and rubbing and tantalizing us with unspoken promises. Neither Mike nor I made an attempt to stop him. I loved the constant arousal which placed me on the edge of orgasm, and as Jessie scratched my cock through the thin material of the shorts I wore, a high level of lust washed over me.

And Michael continued driving with a dedicated purpose and a special destination.......

to be continued


Joe Wilson

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