Sleep was deep and rejuvenating, but it was short.

When I looked at the clock, I was surprised that it was only ten, not even close to midnight. My cock was erect and wanted more.

It was like having one good dinner made you hungry for another.

My anus and rectum were tender from the fucking. There was no pain, but remembering the fuck, forced a smile to crease my face.

I had really crossed over now.

I felt for Mike, but the bed was empty. The sheets were cold.

He had been gone a long time. Reaching to the side of the bed, I turned on the lamp that had the red bulb in it. In the gloom, I could see his silk pants and shirt draped over the chair, just where he had put them earlier in the evening. His suitcase was open on the floor.

I went into the bathroom to pee. His toilet case was on the counter of the sink. It was open. The bottle of vitamins, his pep pills, was on it's side, the top off. Several of the little white pills had spilled out. I took one and swallowed it with a glass of water, though looking at myself in the mirror I knew I didn't need it. My cock was so hard it forced the foreskin back over the ridge. The testicles were large and still packed with cum. My hand massaged the bulging skin, and caressed the balls, remembering his warm wet mouth kissing them. The thought of the pleasure we had shared just an hour ago washed over me like a giant wave over a rock. I wanted him, and I wanted more.

"I love you, Mike, where are you?" I shouted.

Moments later, as I lay on the bed playing with my nipples, the door opened, he walked in smiling. He was naked. No clothes, nothing covered his handsome body. His cock was as hard as mine, sticking out from his hairy crotch, pointing at me. God, what a beautiful sight he was. Without saying anything, he strode in from outside, walked to the bed, and taking me in his arms, kissed me. I could taste a slight hint of cum as we exchanged saliva.

"Where have you been, Mike? Where could you go naked like that?"

"I couldn't sleep, so I took a walk," he smiled shyly, "I guess the guy in the next room couldn't sleep either, so......"

"I thought you'd left me." I started to cry. "You wouldn't would you?.....Leave me, I mean? I do love you so much."

"Danny, Danny. You've done it all. Sucked and fucked. It's only the beginning, boy. We're just starting. It's an adventure for both of us. Love me Danny, but don't tell me what to do. We're out for fun, Danny, all we can get, just you and me and all the cock we can find. We're going to suck and fuck everybody who'll let us."

"I love you. I love you so much. I'll do anything for you, Michael, anything to prove it to you." I buried my face in his crotch, inhaling his smell, and I kissed his cock. "I'd eat your shit if you wanted me to."

"Hush boy. Don't talk like that. Sure, I know you love me, and I love you like I've never loved, but that doesn't mean I can't go out and suck someone's cock. When I passed the window next door, there was this guy layin' on the bed. He was bare-ass, Danny. His cock was fucking hard, and when he saw me at the window he opened the door and let me in. He had a nice one. You wouldn't want me to pass that up would you? And what about you and that guy in the pickup this afternoon?.....we gotta have and understanding, Danny.

Sure, we love each other, but we're out for all the cock we can get. Okay?"

"If you say so, Michael. You know I'll do it your way." And then I added, "I did like it with that guy I had this afternoon, and you know, I don't even remember what he looked like."

He smiled and kissed me again, and again I was reminded of the taste in his mouth and I liked it. 'He's right,' I told myself.

"It's early yet. Let's take a shower and get something to eat.

All that exercise is making me hungry."

His mood was up and bubbling and very excited, and his high spirits were infectious. I loved him, that's for sure, but I buried it deep inside, and knew I would join him in his games, whatever they were, and where ever they would take us. I was hungry, and not only for food, and when his finger slipped into my asshole, I grabbed his arm and held it there. He kissed me. His eyes twinkled in merriment, as though he had some sort of secret. I hoped he was looking forward to fucking me again.

We got on the highway and headed west until we came upon a huge sign that said, "EAT - OPEN 24 HOURS." There was a gas station and garage, and in back of it was a large building, which contained a coffee shop. Many cars and trucks were parked around it. I could see through the window that it was crowded,

We found an empty table in a corner in the back, next to a door.

I sat down facing it. It was the door to the restroom. As I read the menu, I glanced up just as a man came out, he was pulling his zipper up. The bulge of his basket was huge, and I could see the outline of his cock as it rolled down his leg. There was a dark spot of piss on his pants. He was handsome in a rugged way, and I felt a rush of blood to my loins. I looked at Mike who was studying my face. He smiled and brushed his hand across mine.

We didn't talk much. After ordering, I realized how ravenous I was, and when the food was served, set about eating it without interruption.

After the pie and coffee, I settled back satisfied, and concentrated on the other customers. They seemed all to be men. There was a lot of comeraderie, of joking and laughing as though a common bond of being road runners was enough to make them friends. They all used the mens' room at one time or another. The parade of them going in and out was captivating, for these men were macho-male. Mike said they were all horny. "The vibration of the motor under their prostate keeps them hard."

I was fascinated watching them, and I found beauty and attraction in all. We ordered another coffee to prolong our stay. A blond man, lean and tall, took the table next to us. His complexion was ruddy, looking as though he had spent the day in the sun. His T-shirt was so tight and small that it didn't cover him, but revealed about four inches of his flat abs covered with coppery red hair. Even his belly button was covered by the red fur. That same color of hair, rolled over his ears and down his neck. His sideburns reached to his cheeks, and shaggy eyebrows blended with long lashes that shrouded his blue eyes. He smiled at the waitress as he ordered, flashing white even teeth.

Iwatched him all the while he sat there, waiting to be served, and then he ate his meal. I wondered at the large bubbles in the fabric of his T-shirt where his nipples would be. The muscles danced on his arms as he moved them. His face wore a tight smile whenever he glanced over to me, which was often.

After he finished, he pushed the chair back and walked to the restroom door with the stride of an athlete. His buttocks, rotating with each step, were bound by jeans that were of such thin material that the shadow of swirling hair caught between the crack was visible. He was not wearing anything underneath that's for sure. A hot stud announcing to the world his maleness, and that he was available.

With no sight of apology to Michael, I followed him, and stood beside him at the urinal. We were alone. I hesitated to bring my cock out to pee for it was almost hard, and I sensed his eyes looking at me.

His jeans were so tight he had to open the top buttons, and pull them half down over his hips to release the zipper. He took his cock out.

It was hard, and erect, a beautiful muscle, full of so much pleasure, pointing to the ceiling. He moved his hips, causing this fantastic, naked cock to sway back and forth setting passionate thoughts to surge through my mind. I wanted his cock bad. Michael was right.

We were cocksuckers, out to suck all the pleasure out of all the male animals that would let us do it, and I was ready to get on my knees once more, and instinctively I knew that the macho exposed male standing next to me was ready too.

There was a lot of coppery pubic hair and it glistened in the bright light. "Shit boy! You're as fucking horny as I am," he said in a strained voice. "You ready for dessert? Some sweet creamy cum?" and pushing his cock down he pissed into the trough, hitting the brass net over the drain.

I glanced up at him, staring at his handsome face, not knowing what to say. I know my smile revealed my bashfulness, but I didn't want to break the spell of the moment. With no will of my own, my hand touched his warm and hairy pelvis, reaching down to his pissing cock.

He turned abruptly, and his pee washed over my wrist and hand and fingers.

I carried it to my mouth, and licked the piss off my palm. He tossed his head back and laughed.

There was merriment and delight in the sound of his voice. "Shit boy, you want this?" and he pointed his cock at me. The flow of the golden stream splashed over my own cock, warm and pleasant, and finally ended by wetting the front of my jeans. Neither of us moved or changed position until the flow subsided to a few erratic drops.

I rolled the foreskin that covered the tip of my cock back and forth, and whispered, "Yeah, I wan't it. I want it bad," and I bent down to kiss the head of it, but he pulled away.

"Maybe you and your friend out there have a place we can go to," he said, acknowledging the fact that he had noticed us. "I'm ahead of schedule, got plenty of time and there's nothing I like better than having a couple of queers to play with," and then, "Your a queer, aren't you boy, sitting at the john seat watching all the men go in and out, waiting for one that takes your fancy. Well I don't play back, but if you want to work me over, I'm ready. Got no place to be for the rest of the night. Plenty of time. Plenty of juice, just for you and your friend."

We drove back to the motel, leaving Lonnie's truck in the parking area of the truck stop. Mike was pleased at the way I picked up this macho male. He nodded his head as he winked at me, smiling his approval, and rolled his tongue over his lips. "Sure, we're both queer boys," he laughed in response to Lonnie's question, "Like to suck and get fucked, especially by macho men like you."

"Well, like I told your boy here, I got plenty of cum and plenty of time, and a tool that's so horny it just won't go down. I'm, going to give my body and soul to you, and you can do anything you want with it, jess so's you don't expect me to do it back," he paused a moment, his voice indicating there was more to come, and then he added, "I brought some real special grass along. Hope you queer boys enjoy a little dope."

Mike took his eyes from the road, and looked directly at Lonnie, who was sitting on the seat next to him, only far over to the right door.

I was sitting in the small and narrow back seat, "There's nothing we don't enjoy macho-man. We do it all, don't we, Danny?"

I looked at Lonnie, nodding my head in assent. He turned to me, his eyes flashing inner fire, catching the lights from passing cars. Oh my god, I thought, he is so handsome, so desireable. I reached to him feeling the warmth of his bodys' heat, and bending forward I kissed him on his cheek, rough with the stubble of his growing beard.

He moved, changing position. I was afraid he was pulling away, but instead, he faced me, and our lips touched ever so gently, and his sweet warm breath entered my mouth followed almost timidly by his tongue.

Then he pulled away. So brief was our connection that it seemed almost not to have happened at all.

For the rest of our drive, he stared straight ahead, eyes on the road.

We drove in silence, until we saw the sign of the motel, bright and cheerful. Mike turned the wheel and braked the car. We were there.

Once inside, Michael turned off all the lamps leaving only the small dim one in the corner where we had put a red bulb. The somber glow from it was rosy and seductive, and half concealed our naked bodies as we undressed, each of us in his own corner, but each of us excited at the prospect of having three-way sex.

I was so anxious, I was naked first, my swollen cock almost spouting before its time. And soon after, Lonnie stepped out of the shadows and revealed his gorgeous body, tall and slender, a long torso that narrowed at the waist, accenting a great thick patch of pubic hair, and a huge erect cock that was circumsized. Everything about him, probably because of his super-blond hair and great physical condition, was clean and fresh looking, like that of a young college athlete, though he wasn't that young.

He stood with legs apart for balance, hands on his hips. I couldn't take my eyes from his cock, gorged with blood, and ready.

And so was I.

"You better get on it, boy. Right now. It's coming," he cried, and he shoved his hips toward me.

He put his hands on my shoulders and with the pressure of his hairy arms I fell to my knees. There were drops of liquid on the opening.

I opened my mouth and his hard cock slipped inside. He yelled as his exploding love juice struck the back of my throat with immediate force.

Jesus! Was it over before it began? While I loved the taste of him and his hot throbbing meat, so thick and solid, in my mouth, I expected to linger over it, to let passion rise slowly and gradually, but spurts of hot sweet cum struck the back of my throat.

I heard Michael whisper, "Shit!" I guess he was disappointed too. He had been getting us a beer, and had lit a joint, and was about to pass it along when Lonnie climaxed, ending the session with his sudden orgasm.

to be continued


Joe Wilson

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