After our lunch, which was interrupted by kisses and embraces and frequent explosions, we left our garden of eden, and headed for New Iberia. We were naked, refusing to cover ourselves with clothing.

Free as native lovers in faraway places. Silken skin touched, and roaming fingers reminded us of our recent pleasures and excesses.

The breeze generated by the automobiles' motion swirled around us, but the flow of it enhanced our passion instead of cooling it.

"That was as good as anything I ever had," he said, his arm around my shoulders, holding me close. His fingers twisting my nipple. And then, in a mocking voice he added, "God! A virgin boy who sucks ass,"

and he kissed me, and I snuggled against him, loving the touch of his warm tanned skin on mine, knowing that he was not shocked or surprised by my conduct, but actually pleased by it.

He had given me some 'vitamins' after we had had our lunch. "This will put lead back in your pencil," he said with a smile, "A special formula I get from a client of mine. We've got to keep your pecker up, but I guess at your age it's a constant anyway. Sure hope so.

Man to man sex is so good, it's never fully satisfied, you know.

Always looking for more....."

I felt an immediate stirring in my cock as blood began to seep in.

And as it grew thicker and longer, the testicles seemed to expand with renewed weight. Lust took over once more, and I sank to the floor of the car and bending over I buried my face in his hairy crotch, hot and aromatic, and rode my tongue up the swollen muscle.

"Whoa, baby," he said as he pulled me back up on the seat. "We got plenty of time for that later. Fact is Danny, we got to make a rule, you and me, no more climaxing during the day," and then he added with a shy smile, "It makes the nights more fun."

I settled back in the seat, disappointed, but accepting what he said.

And then he looked at me, "You know Danny, there's plenty of cock out there to suck. We'll look for some. Yessir, you and me are gonna eat some cum this afternoon, but not our own. Huh, boy? Let's find us some nice juicy cock."

I was a little bothered by what he said, but I decided to accept it.

After all, he was the leader, and I vowed to myself when I was kissing his ass and sucking his cock, that I belonged to him, and would do whatever he wanted. But I wondered if I could suck on someone else's cock.

We passed through Thibideaux, and the road stretched in front of us.

There was an old pick-up truck ahead. We had been following it for the past few miles. I wondered why Mike didn't pass it, but I assumed we were in no hurry. New Iberia was only about 50 miles away, and it wasn't four o'clock yet. Mike said that he wanted to get there by six.

Suddenly he accelerated, putting his foot on the gas pedal. There were no cars approaching from the opposite direction and none in back of us. We swung wide into the left lane and came abreast of the pick-up.

Instead of passing it, we rode along with it at the same speed.

There was a slight toot of the trucks' horn. I glanced up. My eyes caught the surprised look on the drivers' face as he saw us. It was then I realized we were naked, our cocks erect, jutting out of our crotches begging to be noticed. The driver smiled and nodded his head as he slowed down and pulled off the road onto the small dirt lane that led into a gully, hidden from the highway by a clump of trees. We followed him, and when he stopped, we pulled up behind him.

We were parked under a great gnarled tree, the branches covered with spanish moss, which created a dense and cooling shade. The front bumper of our car was almost touching the back bumper of the truck, we were that close. I could see that the man in the truck was shirtless, and that his neck was wide and strong and rested on brawny shoulders.

"He's a share-cropper," Mike said, "You know, a farmer. You think you can handle him? Well, he's yours anyway."

I looked at Mike, watching him stroke his erect cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of it, and I wondered what my reaction was going to be. Sure I was a cocksucker. After all, I had just sucked Mike's cock, several times in fact, and still wanted more of it too, but this was a stranger. I don't even know what he looks like, I told myself. I looked down at my own stiff and solid shaft of meat. The piss eye was looking at me. A drop of love juice like a tear,was forming on it. It had a mind of its' own and it wanted more sex, so did my thick tongue and salivating mouth.

The door of the truck opened, and the driver got out and walked toward us. He grinned shyly, rubbing his bulging basket. I watched him as he approached my side of the car. He was short and stocky, with a broad naked chest on which there was just a little sprinkle of hair surrounding the brown nipples, and trickling down his flat suntanned stomach into his pants. He was smiling. The teeth were white and even. His face was square shaped; eyes that were far apart, separated by a pug nose. Curly black hair, long and unkempt, covered his ears and fell into his flashing eyes. While he was not handsome like Mike, his countenance was pleasant and welcoming, and I felt a definite surge in my cock as he leaned on the car door and looked at me.

"Well shit, if you ain't the youngest little queer I ever seen. You want my cock, baby boy? See, it's ready for you." And he stepped back. Leaning against the trunk of giant tree, he undid the top button. "Come on queer-boy, you unbutton the rest."

His stare was steady and constant as I got out of the car and went up to him, not at all sure what I was going to do. He placed his hands on my shoulders and, applying genuine pressure, pushed me to my knees.

"I need this real bad, boy. I ain't had a blow in a long time."

My fingers, nervous and undependable, seemed to take forever in getting the buttons undone. At last the jeans fell to his ankles, and there it was, smelling of sweat and piss, angry and demanding. Compared to Mikes' cock it was short and thick. There was no foreskin, for he was circumsized. The thick black pubic hair even covered his bulging testicles.

Without hesitation I licked it with my tongue, kissing the head of it, and then I opened my mouth and took the whole of it, burying my face in his crotch, my nose in his thick hair, I inhaled the smell of him, and again I knew the cocksucker's pleasure. The thrill and satisfaction of connecting.

I slid my mouth up and down the shaft, and kissed his hairy balls.

I worked my tongue up to the head, loved and sucked it, again and again as deep in to my throat as I could. My fingers cupped his balls and massaged the hairy scrotum and reach back into his asshole. It was hot and moist there. When I pulled my finger away, I could smell this most secret part of him, and the smell excited me, and I kept on sucking, loving, worshipping his solid turgid naked cock. Oh God!!!

I knew he was ready to give me his cum, to ejaculate his essence down my waiting throat, for he was moaning now, and his hips fucked his cock in and out, with out-of-control thrusts, and I felt the increased solidness of added blood, and with a loud shout, "SHIT! Queer-boy, I'm cumming." and great gobs of luscious salty cream struck the back of my throat. I swallowed, and swallowed again and again, always to make room for the next load, always hungry for more.

With a loud sigh, he was finished. He pushed me away and I fell onto the ground. It was over. The great moment of climax was over.

He reached down and pulled his jeans up. It was as though he was embarrassed at what he let me do, and without a word, he turned away and walked to the truck. The motor revved up and he was gone.

I sat back on my haunches, laughing with delight. I sounded out a whoop, a loud shout of joy. Truly now I had crossed over, and I loved it. I loved being a cocksucker, that dreaded word, dreaded no more. I looked at Mike sitting in the car laughing with me, happy in my triumph. He raised his arm, his thumb and forefinger forming a circle, the sign of O.K. He stared at my hard cock, enormous now, as I got into the car, smiling and nodding his head, he licked his lips.

"I loved it! I love being naked! I love sucking cock! Any cock!

And I love YOU Michael," I said, and I bent down and took his great hard erect naked cock into my mouth and snuggled my nose into his coarse black hair.

Laughing at me now, he pulled me away from his treasure, "Shit boy, I never, I never ever saw anyone catch on so fast. You're a fucking whore Danny. Do you know that, Queer-boy?" and he put his arms around me. The stubble of his beard scratched as we kissed. "I do love you," he said, and the warm glow in his eyes told me it was true.

The afternoon clouds rolled off the gulf and shrouded the sun that had been looking down upon our erotic pleasures. Lucky ole sun.

The traffic increased, and there were more buildings and signs of people, as we approached the outskirts of New Iberia.

Mike pulled the car on to the shoulder, and reached to the back seat for his clothes. "This is bible country. Fundamentalists, you know. We better get some clothes on. They don't understand queer-boys," he said with a grin. I watched with regret as he covered up his beautiful body. Then I did the same.

We drove through New Iberia to the western side, where we looked for a motel. I was glad that Mike wanted to drive. It gave me a chance to think of what happened back there in the deep gully off the main road.

Giving myself to Michael was the one thing I knew for certain would happen. I had made the commitment when I agreed to drive to L.A.

with him. I don't know what love is or what it means, but I was attracted to Mike to the point of submission, and I knew that I would eventually do anything for him because of that attraction. Was that love of Mike, or only love of myself and my physical needs and hungers?

Was Michael a means to an end, or an end in itself?

I looked at him as he gripped the wheel accelerating the car to our next adventure. There was an impassive quality to his lean and handsome face now. The usual half smile, and the twinkling energy in his eyes was still there, but he seemed to be thinking inner throughts just as I was. We were caught in a cloud of relaxed companionship; a compatible silence between us that belongs only to friends and lovers.

But what about the man in the pick-up? He was a stranger. I don't even know his name. He was not especially attractive to me, yet when I knew he would permit it, wanted it, I unbuttoned his fly, and kissed and sucked his cock. I wasn't repulsed at all by the smell of sweat and piss, but instead, received enormous pleasure, when with a jerk and thrust of his hips, he ejaculated a huge quantity of cum, that luscious cream I had so recently tasted and swallowed. And when he finished coming, and pulled up hs pants, and returned to his truck, I was relieved to see him go. I was glad there were no final words spoken. It was finished, and I was satisfied for the moment, knowing that should another pick-up come by I would be on my knees again.

We checked into a motel on the far side of town, after having driven past all the others that were available. It was the newest, and looked the cleanest. Our room was more than adequate; in addition to the giant king-sized bed, one wall longside it was mirrored.

"We can watch ourselves do it," Mike said laughing as he embraced me.

"Welcome to Honeymoon Cottage."

There was a small sitting alcove that gave the effect of a suite.

The T V in the corner had a large screen, and came equipped with a VCR, and a little sign that said movies were available in the office, including X-rated. Wow!

I loved the comfort and privacy of the room. We were soon naked. It was an unspoken rule that we would wear clothes only when we had to.

Lying on the bed, our bodies stretching out, and arms encircled each other in a bear hug, we kissed. Our tongues explored the deep wet cave.

Lips, soft and yielding. Hands roamed over sensitive skin, softened by furry hair. It was a golden moment of peace and pleasure, for each of us gave to the other the subtle delight of a gentle touch and tender wet kisses.

His hand found mine, and his fingers traced a pattern over the palm and wrist that was barely perceptible. Only the hint of exquisite sensation existed, a certain passive pleasure that was more giving than taking, and our consciousness sank into a half-meditative sleep, where the sensation of lying naked together was the only real sensation that remained.

It couldn't have been a very long time before we were awake and horny.

He kissed me everywhere, leaving wet circles where his lips had been.

I was lying on my stomach, and he traced his moist tongue to my buttocks, where he separated the cheeks and kissed my most secret part.

His probing fingers poked inside, slowly and insistently. Was this the beginning of the fuck?

I rolled over onto my back, and he placed a pillow underneath my buttocks.

His sharp eyes sparkled with his inward excitement, but the smile was gone. There was a solemnness about him. Like a priest about to say Mass, and my naked body was his altar. He bent forward to kiss it, and he sucked my cock into his mouth, deep inside, and he cupped my balls in his hands, his long fingers seeking my rectum.

The stubble of his three-day beard scratched against my inner thighs and sent out shocks of electric pleasure. He was fine-tuning my libido, like a violinist hitting the A to tune the orchestra.

"Do it now. I'm ready," I murmured to myself.

Recognizing my willing enslavement, he pulled away and stood up at the foot of the bed. I watched as he poured oil over his cock. How handsome he was. How desireable. His erect nipples puckered out like luscious berries, and I was hungry for them.

Pouring oil into his cupped hand, he carried it to my hole. His finger penetrated easily as he placed it inside, making the rectum slippery and accessible. Sensitive nerve endings awakened at the touch of his fingers. My feet were flat on the bed; knees pointed to the ceiling.

He moved in closer, his hands holding apart the cheeks of my buttocks, and I felt his huge hard erect cock as he tried to push it inside.

"There's no room," I said to myself, "He's too big. He can't put that cock into my ass-hole. It won't fit." But he couldn't hear my silent thoughts, and continued pushing.

"This will hurt Danny, but just for a moment. I don't want to hurt you Danny, but don't stop me. Please don't stop me." His voice was but a whisper, almost as though he were talking to himself, and he continued the relentless pressure.

Aaaaah god! The pain is sharp. So severe that I must have passed out for a moment. But in some curious way, it made me love him more. By some perverse trick of nature, accepting the pain seemed the core of the whole process.

Dear God! Isn't he in yet? Can there be more?

I turned my head to look in the mirror. He had hardly gotten started.

There was so much more. Jesus! I wanted to scream, 'Stop!' but he continued the assault. I fainted again, and when I returned to consciousness he was laying on me, still and quiet, kissing my nipples and sucking hickeys onto my throat. He was inside, all the way.

I could feel his testicles resting on my ass.

Opening my eyes, I looked into the mirror again. I almost laughed.

I could see his image bending over me. He was inside. His cock was in, all the way, and there was no pain. His tongue found mine and we kissed.

Wet slobbering kisses. And then he began to fuck. Slowly at first.

His hips began the motion, His cock moved back and forth inside my rectum, and a giant wave of pleasure swept over me. An exquisite sensation, like nothing I had felt, ever before, rising and rising to greater heights of pleasure. Oh God........!

His hairy stomach, solid and firm with muscle, rubbed against my cock.

His mouth sucked up the increased saliva. His cock with its' back and forth motion against the prostate, built a ninth wave of pleasure that I wanted to go on and on forever. The pleasure soared higher and higher as he fucked and fucked, in and out, fucked, fucked, and then the motion of the fucking became furious.

With abandon, his balls slapped my ass cheeks, and the overwhelming pleasure finally could expand no more. Every nerve in my naked body exploded with exquisite ecstacy. The fuck was complete. It was over.

We were welded together with sweat and cum. Exhausted and almost comatose in the aftermath of so rich a sensation, I hung on to him the pounding beat of his heart matched mine. Our love was truly expressed now. Written in white snowy sperm that he had ejaculated into my soul.

to be continued


Joe Wilson

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