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Hardkinks is a fetish sex producer based in Spain and they're the latest to join the Studio Presse family of theaters. This new addition brings the total to 20 theaters, and there's lots more kinky, fetish and BDSM content in this system, so let's get over there and take a look-see.

As I already mentioned, Hardkinks films in Spain (I think they're based in Barcelona), so you can expect to find lots of Spanish men, but there are other Europeans, too. Pornland has been undergoing a Spanish invasion for the past couple of years, much like what happened with the Czechs in the 90s and early aughts, so many of the men on Hardkinks are well-known performers. You'll see Max Duran, Hugo Vergari, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Antonio Aguilera, Aday Traun, Rogan Hardy, Martin Mazza, and more.

The men run the gamut from slim studs with athletic bodies to more muscular hunks like some of the porn regulars I just mentioned. The men range from their early twenties to the mid-thirties; there's a mix of smooth and hairy bodies, and there's no shortages of beards and face scruff. Tattoos are popular here, but you'll also find plenty of guys without ink. And of course, with European men comes foreskin, so fans of uncut dick will be happy. Some of the men wear uniforms, others sports wear track pants and others are sporting leather, fetish wear or denim, and of course plenty of the guys are wearing nothing at all or maybe just a smelly jockstrap.

One of the videos I watched is from a series called "Cop's Hell," and in this episode a bald uniformed cop arrives home after a hard day. He doesn't know that he's interrupting a robber who has been rifling through his apartment. The cop lies on his couch, and seconds later, he's jumped by the thief who proceeds to tie him up and make the police officer lick his sneakers. Lots more foot play happens with the cop smelling the thief's sweaty socks, then licking his bare feet. And finally, the cop is bound and gets his beefy ass spanked. In the second episode of "Cop's Hell," two thugs work over this cop, making him suck their big dicks, and yes, they rub their socked and bare feet all over his face.

If you're not into foot play, don't worry - there's all kinds of kinky action here to get you off. There's quite a lot of domination with guys being pushed around and ordered to suck their Master's dick, and when they're not doing it properly, a good old fashioned hands-on-the-head face fucking follows. Bottoms get their asses fucked with fingers, cocks, dildos, and even a few fists. There's another series of videos with guys being dominated in the gym showers and sometimes these include enemas and piss play. There's bondage, puppy training and all kinds of nasty play with guys being forced to service a couple of men at the same time. One guy is forced to guzzle piss out of a guy's sneaker, another has electrified tit clamps on his nipples, still another lad is strung up and gets his ass paddled until his blazing red. And among all the dirty fetish action, there's plenty of dick sucking and ass fucking.

Before we talk about the videos, let's talk about Studio Presse and their theater system. If you're an active porn consumer, you can buy a streaming membership that gives you unlimited viewing. It's a good option that lets you check out the content, and you can buy tickets for whatever you'd like to download and add to your permanent collection.You can buy packages of five to 100 tickets that you can redeem a few at a time to watch or download the videos. Streaming videos on the site usually cost four tickets where downloads will run you between six and eight tickets. And if you're renting, the streaming videos are available for 24 hours, so you can watch them however many times you'd like.

There are 64 videos offered from Hardkinks. If you stream the videos, they play at 1024x580 and there's a full-screen mode with little loss in quality. If you pay for tickets, the downloads are in MP4 format and play back a little smaller at 960x540. They're good productions that are compatible with most mobiles, but the men mostly speak Spanish and there aren't any subtitles; still, it's not hard to figure out what's going on. There are no picture galleries here, but each episode has a series of six medium-sized pictures that give you a good sense of the men and the action. These can't be enlarged, but you can save them individually if you'd like.

As with all Studio Presse theaters, you can use your tickets or the streaming membership on any of the company's 20 theaters. And there's plenty more fetish sex and BDSM for you to enjoy featuring more European men, skinheads, scallies, chavs, leather men, and nasty players.

Are there any drawbacks? A few, but no deal breakers. The episodes aren't dated, so it's impossible to give you a definitive update schedule, although the site and network are active. The tour says there are 80 new videos monthly, but this applies to the whole network and not Hardkinks alone. The tour also claims there are 10,000 videos inside, but again, this applies to the whole network, and as some videos appear in multiple theaters, this count may be exaggerated, although there is a lot of content here. Finally, while all the Hardkinks videos I looked at could be downloaded, not every video in the network can be saved; some can only be viewed online.

Hardkinks is a nice addition to the Studio Presse family of theaters. The network already has a great number of fetish sex scene with kinky play and BDSM, so Hardkinks fits right in. There's a heavy emphasis on foot play, but there's lots of different kinds of nasty action like spanking, bondage, forced dick sucking, puppy training, spitting and swearing, anal sex with cocks, toys, and even fists, and there's plenty of domination with the guys being bossed around. And with 64 videos, Hardkinks is off to a good start.

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