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Pablo Bravo is a Latin director and performer based in Paris, France. He's a hung top who hails originally from Peru, and he bills himself as a sex master. The tour says that he likes raw sex, hard play and loves dominating guys. His new site, called Bravo Fucker, just launched, and it's a part of the Studio Presse network of 25 sites. I've never heard of Pablo Bravo before, so I'm excited to check him out and watch some of his videos.

Pablo Bravo looks to be in his mid twenties with a muscular body and he's covered in tattoos. His physique is what I'd call gym fit with good definition but he's not a bodybuilder. His chest and arms are a mural of ink. His hair is cropped short and he's usually sporting face scruff of some kind. And he's packing a juicy, fat, uncut cock as well as a hard round ass and plenty of attitude.

Bravo likes topping young guys in their twenties, and many of them are built like twinks – slender, smooth, boyishly cute – but he also plays with some studs who also have gym fit bodies. Many of the guys are Caucasian, but Bravo seems to have a penchant for Asian boys, and there are quite a few of them in his scenes. He plays with a couple of black guys, some fellow Latinos and some rough-looking guys, too. A little bit of everything really.

"Skinny Posh Boy Likes Cock" features a blond twink who gulps down Bravo's fat dick. He's a good cocksucker, and after Bravo's had enough of the lad's mouth, he stuffs his raw dick in the boy's ass. "Bravo's Little Bitch" has Bravo wearing latex pants and holding a flogger while an Asian guy sucks his cock. Bravo gently flogs the guy's ass a couple of times, then drops the instrument on the bed and fucks the bottom using a condom. Bravo comes onto another guy on the gym floor, and after a bit of a workout, they fuck in the locker room also using rubbers.

To be honest with you, I kept waiting for the hard play and nasty sex the tour talked about, but it never amounted to much more than sucking and fucking. I was expecting spitting, name calling, face slapping and bottoms forcibly choking on Bravo's big dick, but I didn't see much of that. Pablo looks nasty with all his tats and the sex was enjoyable to watch – Bravo does love to fuck – but I wouldn't call him a sex master, and certainly not an aggressive top or dom.

Let's talk about the site's set-up before we get into specifics about the videos. Studio Presse is a network of theaters where you have a few choices. You can buy a streaming membership and watch as much as you like, but you'll pay extra to download videos. If you're interested in downloading videos, you'll have to buy a package of tokens and redeem them about eight at a time for each download. But you can also use these tokens as viewing credits and redeem them four at a time to stream videos à la carte. In other words, you don't need to buy a membership, you can just pay as you go. My recommendation is always to buy the streaming membership and keep track of which movies you want to download, then towards the end of your month you can buy the necessary number of tokens.

The site offers 37 videos, 24 of which are produced by Bravo Fucker. These are MP4s that stream in a player at 1024x578. They're average to fairly decent amateur quality with decent lighting and sound. There's a full-screen option, and most of the videos fare pretty well. And good news is the videos are compatible with most mobiles including Apple and Android devices. If you opt to pay for downloads, these are also MP4s sized at 960x540, again in good quality. The 13 videos not produced by Bravo Fucker are a mix from other Studio Presse producers, and some of them feature Pablo Bravo, although not all of them do.

There are no picture galleries here, but each scene has six screencaps sized at 480x270 on the episode page. These preview the action but they can't be enlarged. They're decent enough quality, and you can save them individually if you want.

The tour says that Pablo Bravo films a new video every week, but the scenes aren't dated, so I am unable to confirm the update schedule at this time. The tour also says there are 120 videos added every month, but this pertains to the entire network and not just Bravo Fucker. Regardless, there are around 12,000 videos in the Studio Presse network, and whether you have purchased a streaming membership or tokens, you get access to the entire network.

Are there any other drawbacks? Nothing that I haven't already covered. But there a couple of things I want to mention about this network. The tour says "high-quality streaming" but the videos aren't always what I'd consider good quality - it really depends on the producer and when the episode was filmed. Also most of these videos are European productions, so if there is dialogue, there often aren't English subtitles. And Studio Presse also has no definitive system when it comes to downloads; in other words, not every scene on the network is available for download - many are, but many aren't.

Bravo Fucker gets a mixed review from me. Pablo Bravo is a hot top who loves fucking ass and he's got a fat uncut dick. But while the sex was hot, it wasn't as nasty as the tour would lead you to believe, and I didn't find that Pablo lived up to nasty, aggressive image portrayed on the tour. There's a decent number of videos here, 37 total and 24 depending on how you look at it, but there are over 12,000 network videos available, and many of these are truly nasty.

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