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Pablo Bravo is a Latin director and performer based in Paris, France. He's a hung top who hails originally from Peru, and he bills himself as a sex master. The tour says that he likes raw sex, hard play and loves dominating guys. His site called Bravo Fucker launched 19 months ago, and we haven't been back since we first reviewed it. It's a part of the Studio Presse network, which has 27 theaters now, and it's also just redesigned its interface and member area, so there's lots to talk about.

Pablo Bravo appears in 83 of the site's 119 videos, and he looks to be in his mid twenties with a muscular body and he's covered in tattoos. His physique is what I'd call gym fit with good definition, but he's not a huge bodybuilder. His chest and arms are a mural of ink. His hair is cropped short, and he's usually sporting face scruff of some kind. And he's packing a juicy, fat, uncut cock as well as a hard round ass and plenty of attitude.

Bravo likes topping young guys in their twenties, and many of them are built like twinks – slender, smooth, boyishly cute – but he also plays with some studs who also have gym fit bodies. Many of the guys are Caucasian, but Bravo seems to have a penchant for Asian boys, and there are quite a few of them in his scenes. He plays with a couple of black guys, some fellow Latinos, and some rough-looking guys, too. A little bit of everything really.

One of the latest videos, called "First Time Bottom", features a Venezuelan named Luis Miguel wanting to get fucked for his very first time. He's a slim and smooth guy with some face scruff, and he meets up with Pablo Bravo, who he wants to deflower him. Luis gets a pillow-biting hard fuck, not to mention quite the hole stretching. This boy definitely lost his virginity. "The Beast of the Gym" features hung and inked Spanish top Viktor Rom fucking a bearded stud on some gym equipment set up in someone's basement (it's not a real gym). And "Dick Ride" has a Venezuelan muscle hunk fucking a lad from Peru.

A lot of the fucking is aggressive with hard drilling, some hair pulling and fish hooking, but a lot of it is just regular ass fucking in bed, although I did see a couple of guys with a ball gag in their mouths or a collar around their necks. Some of the guys were wearing masks, but I got a sense this was more to hide their identity than to fulfill any kind of fetish.

Let's talk about the site's set-up. Pablo Bravo is part of the Studio Presse network of 27 theaters where you have a few choices. You can buy a streaming membership and watch as much as you like, but you'll pay extra to download any videos you want to keep. You'll have to buy a package of tokens and redeem them about eight to ten for each video download. You can also use these tokens as viewing credits and redeem them four to six at a time to stream videos à la carte. You don't need to buy a membership, you can just pay as you go, but that can get expensive if you're a heavy user. My recommendation is always to buy the streaming membership and keep track of which movies you want to download, then towards the end of your month you can buy the necessary number of tokens.

Pablo Bravo offers 119 videos, and 95 of them are produced by Bravo Fucker. These are MP4s that stream in a player at 1090x614 or smaller. They're average to fairly decent amateur quality, however many of the movies feature Spanish dialogue with no subtitles. There's a full-screen option, and most of the videos fare pretty well, although there is some loss of quality. And good news is the videos are compatible with most mobiles including Apple and Android devices. I shouldn't forget to mention that when renting the videos to stream, you'll have them for a 24-hour period; after that you'd have to rent them again if you want to see it again. If you opt to pay for downloads, these are also MP4s sized at 960x540, again in good quality.

Each scene has 12 large-sized thumbnails that preview the action well. These are screencaps that don't enlarge on the site, but they're actually much bigger than they're shown on the page; if you right-click and save them, they come in at 1080x607 and they're decent enough quality. There are no downloadable zip files or slideshows.

Aside from videos produced by Pablo Bravo, there are scenes from Macho Factory, Crunchboy, Citebeur and Menoboy, which are all other theaters in the network, however not every movie from those four producers is included in the Bravo Fucker theater, just the ones that are close in niche. But remember, your membership or tokens can be used in any and all of the 27 network theaters.

A positive change since our last visit is that new videos are now dated, so we can tell you better what is happening with update schedules. Bravo Fucker added five videos in September, three videos in October, four in November and two in December. So it looks like you can count on two to four videos a month; perhaps December had a lower number because of the holidays. (Only new videos are dated, old videos on the site before this design change remain undated).

On the join page they say that there are 25 updates every week, which pertains to the entire network, not this site, but on the tour they also claim there are 120 updates a month, so there's a bit of a discrepancy there. Altogether there are 15,934 across the 27 network theaters, we're not sure if these are original videos or whether videos are counted multiple times for each theater in which they appear. It's it's the latter, then the video count will be inflated, but it's impossible to tell.

The network has an Our Theaters selection on the navbar, and you can sort the theaters into five categories: Made in France; Arabs, Black, Latinos; Hard, Fetish, BDSM; Muscle, Sport, Butch; and Young Men & Twinks. This is a vast improvement and helps you hone in on the kind of content that turns you on. They also have a Tags section that gives you 12 niche categories to help you as well: Big Dicks, Asian Men, Latino, Hard Sex, Rascals, Beautiful Men and others. And each individual episode has a number of it's own tags to help you further.

Are there any drawbacks? Nothing that I haven't already covered, but there a couple of things I want to mention about this network. The tour says "thousands of high definition videos", but the videos aren't always HD. Also most of these videos are European productions, so if there is dialogue, there often aren't English subtitles. Studio Presse also has no definitive system when it comes to downloads; in other words, not every scene on the network is available for download - many are, but many aren't.

A final word about the content. The tour says "Raw sex, hard play, domination and sex enslavement", but again, this doesn't seem to pertain to Bravo Fucker in particular. While there is lots of bareback sex in the network, most of Bravo Fucker's scenes use condoms. And while the fucking is hard and sometimes a little rough, I wouldn't exactly say it features domination or sex enslavement, although again, these types of movies are available in the network.

Pablo Bravo is a hot top who loves fucking ass and he's got a fat uncut dick and appears in most of his videos, but not all of them. Bravo Fucker has continued to add new content since our first review - 82 more videos to be exact, so there are now 119 streaming vids to enjoy on your desktop and mobiles. But the biggest plus with this site is that you get access to the whole network of 27 theaters with over 15,000 videos, which is why I recommend you take advantage of the unlimited streaming option. But if you're unsure, grab a small package of viewing tokens and check it out.

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