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Latin Leche is a site from the producers of Missionary Boys, Family Dick and Young Perps. This is another reality-style site, this time featuring a man who prowls the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, looking for guys to film. He often introduces himself as a documentary filmmaker to get the guys to stop and talk with him, but very quickly the conversation turns sexual. He asks one guy if he masturbated that morning and asks another if he had ever filmed himself having sex. Eventually the filmmaker gets around to offering these guys money to make a jack-off video, but he's got dirtier intentions – he's called the Leche for a reason. I'm excited about this site, so let's head over and check it out.

The guys here are all in their early to mid-twenties with slim or athletic bodies. Many of them are wearing face scruff of some kind, and most of them are sporting smooth bodies, although one had a bit of chest hair and another had very hairy legs. The site films in Buenos Aries, so most of the guys have uncut cocks. Some of the guys are gay, but some say they are straight. We never see much of Leche himself as the videos are filmed POV (point-of-view) style, but he has a decent-sized uncut cock and his dick head plumps up pretty good.

Let's look at one of the videos to give you a feel for the action. Gael is a scruffy-faced Argentinian guy in his early twenties, and the Latin Leche runs into him walking down the street on his way to work. He tells Gael that he's working on a documentary and asks if he would talk for a bit. Very quickly he asks the lad if he masturbated that morning. He did. The Leche carries on, telling the guy that a part of his documentary is filming guys jerking off to show different techniques and offers Gael some money to masturbate on camera. Gael agrees but refuses Leche's further offer for some action. "No, just jerking off", he says.

I don't know where they go exactly; it looks like a stairway in a back alley. Leche has Gael take off his shirt, then the lad slides his hand down his jeans and starts playing with his own cock. Within two minutes the Leche is touching Gael's smooth torso and hands him 500 pesos, which is about $25 USD, asking Gael to touch his cock. But Leche isn't satisfied with a grope - he wants head. Gael hesitates, then Leche promises him more money but doesn't fork any over. Gael sucks him for a bit, then suggests they go inside the Leche's apartment where the guy gives him head, then Leche fucks him and cums on his face. Gael jacks off with the man cupping his balls, and after the lad spews his load all over his smooth body,  Leche hands him some more cash.

The meet-and-greet portion of the videos is realistic and not rushed. We get to hear the guys talk a bit about themselves as they answer Leche's questions. They have a realistic feel with the guys hesitating and mulling over Leche's offer, and all of this adds to the scene's excitement.

Latin Leche now offers 59 exclusive, DRM-free videos. The vids are offered in MP4 format and can be downloaded in four sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080 with sizes to fit every mobile and desktop device. The videos are good amateur quality and the initial meet and greet portion is filmed outside, often on the street with passersby walking in and out of the frame. You can also stream the videos, which are offered in two speeds, both in MP4 format and playing at 940x530. They're good quality, but the SD version isn't as crisp. I recommend playing the HD version if you want to go full screen as they fare the best.

Each episode has a selection of pictures that appear to be screencaps. They're good quality and give a good synopsis of the action. Each comes with 12 to 17 pictures sized at 900x506. You can browse the pictures in a viewer with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures individually, or, if you prefer, you can download the entire set in a zip file.

Are there any problems with Latin Leche? When I first logged into the members area, I landed on a full-page ad, but clicking "no thanks" made it go away, and I was good to go. Most of the videos have English subtitles - the guys speak Spanish - but one of the older vids doesn't have them, although it's easy to figure out what's going on. There are no dates in the members area, and all the dates on the tour are the same date, but judging by our counts, the site is continuing to average an update every week.

Latin Leche is a welcome addition from a production company known for filming creative and exciting sex sessions in a number of different themes. This one features a man walking down the streets in Buenos Aires asking Latinos to jack off while he films them, and of course he offers to pay them. Once they get back to his place, he gets them to suck his fat uncut cock and take it up their butts, all for more money. The site offers 59 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles and updates once each week. Latin Leche offers realistic scenarios, sexy Latinos, POV filming, and hot and horny sessions.

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