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Young Perps is a brand new reality-style site that's produced by the guys who brought us Mormon Boyz and Family Dick. This one focuses on guys who have gotten themselves into a bit of a sticky fingers situation. They're shoplifters who are hauled into the store's back office where the loss prevention officer confronts them with the evidence, then the guys have two choices - suck his dick or he calls the cops and has them arrested. Where is this store? This sounds like an interesting way to hookup, doesn't it? Join me and let's see what this site has to offer.

The players are a mix of white and black guys in their twenties; they're in good shape with slim to athletic builds, and a couple of the guys are more muscular. I didn't recognize a couple of the guys, but the others were porn regulars including Jack Hunter, Jacob Durham, and relative newcomer Damien Nichols. Jack Hunter and a hunky, hung black guy play the security officers, but I saw Pierce Paris at the tail end of another scene, so I'm sure he must have some scenes of his own coming down the pipe.

You know how Pornland videos often have a set-up like a shoplifter is caught stealing and within 30 seconds he saying "please, I'll do anything," then a minute later he's bobbing on a big dick? Young Perps isn't like that. The scenes run between 45 and 50 minutes (one is just over an hour) where the guys are questioned, intimidated, frisked, and strip searched. Sometimes the guard takes mug shots to make sure the thief knows he isn't welcome back. We also watch the thief on the close-circuit cameras while he sits alone in the office and sweats it out. This adds to the authenticity of the scene and builds up the tension. The security guard always returns and does a good job of stringing the perp along, causing him to get more frustrated and scared until finally he's faced with the reality of what he has to do.

In CASE NO. 1710003-21, an 18-year-old blond male is accused of shoplifting in a sex shop, and after several minutes of questioning and intimidation, the loss prevention officer finally says, "How about we use that pretty little mouth of yours." The perp stammers that he doesn't understand, so the man unzips and pulls out his big cock. The accused looks at this giant cock, then the security guard says, "Look, either you're sucking my dick or you're sucking dick in jail." And he ups the ante: "If my dick goes soft, you go to jail." The guy's cock is huge. The blond opens wide but he's barely able to fit it in his mouth. And it doesn't get any easier when the loss prevention officer decides it's time to fuck. When the officer finally blows his wad the shoplifter asks if he can go. "Hang on," he says, "I've got a buddy who's going to want to have some fun with you." A second guard comes in and he takes his turn.

Young Perps just lauched in the middle of November 2017 with six exclusive videos, but four run between 45 and 50 minutes and one is just over an hour. You can download the videos in MP4 format; they come in four different sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080, and they're good quality productions with multiple camera angles and sound. You can also stream the videos on the site; they play at 960x540 and they're offered in two speeds, SD and HD. They're good quality as well and you can also opt for the full-screen mode and they fare quite well. The smaller videos are compatible with most mobiles.

Each episode also comes with a photo set. The pics are good quality screencaps with anywhere from 20 to 60 pics per set. You can browse them in a viewer, and they display at 900x600. There's no hands-free slideshow, but there are forward and back controls to ease navigation. You can save the pics individually, but the downloadable zip files will get you much larger pics at 4868x3245.

Are there any shortcomings? Well, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that'll sign you up for a membership to a second site if you don't opt out. Young Perps is brand new, so it's small, but they'll be adding a new scene every week (their other sites update reliably every week), so it'll grow quickly. And don't forget the scenes are twice as long as a lot of porn scenes, these come in between 45 to 60 minutes. One last thing worth mentioning is that there's a large watermark on each of the pictures.

Young Perps is a hot new site with a horny theme. Loss prevention officers in this sex toy store use their positions of power to get their dicks sucked and more. The scenarios are realistic and believable, and they aren't shy on details like mugshots, body frisking, and even strip searches before the shoplifters have to give up their mouths and asses. While the site launched with six episodes, with weekly updates this will grow quickly, and I was impressed with the amount of time they put into these scenes, not to mention the long play times. Watching these perps struggle with these big dicks is hot. Check it out if you like men in uniforms and big dicks - you should like what they've got here.

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