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The name Kristen Bjorn has always been synonymous with gorgeous hunky men, and the producer has been filming men from around the world since the late '80s. In fact, at a time when most gay porn was an American affair, Kristen Bjorn took us onto the international scene. It's only been a little over a year since our last review, but I love the men here so much that I convinced my editor to let me take another peek.

Kristen Bjorn is packed with handsome European hunks who are sporting gym-fit bodies, and most are very well-sculpted and ripped. You'll find heaps of Spaniards, Italians, Eastern Europeans and others from the continent, but there's also a lot of South Americans. You'll also find men from the U.S., Canada, Britain, and I even saw some men from Azerbaijan and Israel. And if you're a foreskin fan, this is uncut cock heaven. The Kristen Bjorn men of today are quite varied in their looks, so you can expect to find both clean shaven and facial hair, as well as smooth and furry chests. Right now Spanish men are popular in porn, and there are plenty of them at Kristen Bjorn.

Kristen Bjorn started as a DVD company, and while they still produce them, they also film content exclusively for the website. The 346 new and old DVD scenes can be found under Movie Scenes. Kristen Bjorn's DVDs are well known for their exotic locations with titles like Strangers in Prague, Amazon Adventure, Hungary for Men, and Caribbean Beat. The performers suck and fuck in finely-appointed condos, estates and hotel suites, as well as in barns, warehouses, country homes, gyms and there's lots of outdoor sex, as well. Kristen Bjorn is king of the perfectly choreographed group scene featuring three or four men, sometimes as many as a dozen. And years ago, Kristen Bjorn DVDs were the first time I saw hands-free cumshots (a lot of them).

Web Series is where you'll find the videos produced for the site, and these 149 videos feature some well-known porn hunks like Craig Daniel, Hans Berlin, Viktor Rom, Letterio Amadeo, Max Toro and more. These are a mix of duos and heaps of threeways, and most are condom free. Casting Couch is the largest section in the site, and it's another web-only series where Kristen Bjorn auditions men who are new to the studio. Don't let the name fool you, these are not grainy screen test reels, but full-on productions in intimate home settings and usually featuring a newcomer with an established performer. You'll find 381 videos here that are mostly duos with condoms, although there are some raw sessions. The Makin' It section contains 274 behind-the-scene videos showing you how the movies are made, the director talking with the models, or other fun footage that didn't make in into the final cut.

There's plenty of passionate kissing, cock sucking, rimming and fucking in any position you can imagine, but the Kristen Bjorn sex scene is not only about men having a hot time, but showing off their muscular bodies. You'll drool over ripped abs and bubble butts as much as deep-throat blowjobs and hard ass pounding.

The 1,150 videos are downloadable and are offered in MP4 format in a wide range of sizes depending on the scene's age. Older videos playback at 320x240 and 640x480 (there are a few other sizes here and there) and newer releases come in four sizes from 640x360 (good for mobiles) to 1920x1080. The quality of each scene depends on the age of the film, but even the oldest videos are still quite watchable. All the videos can be streamed at 760x580 (older) or 1000x580 (newer) in an embedded player. There's also an option to view them at a smaller size and at full screen.

Most of the videos come with photo galleries featuring high-quality glamour shots of the models and hardcore action. There's also a separate Galleries section offering Solo Model Layouts and Group Model Layouts (both carefully posed and beautifully-lit digital stills), Movie Stills (action shots), and Behind the Scenes (candid and unposed). The pictures come in too many different sizes to cover - everything from 400x600 to 1365x2048 - but what's important is that they offer slideshows and downloadable zip files, as well, and the enlarged pictures (even the biggest) are resized to fit in your browser window.

There's a member forum where you can make suggestions or ask questions, and Kristen Bjorn actually responds quite frequently and not only answers questions but chats with his members. There are also 636 model profiles with briefs stats - height, weight, dick size, nationality and sexual position - along with a listing of each hunk's DVD and web appearances. You'll also find 63 interviews in this section. And last are 103 streaming bonus videos from studios including Titan Men, Falcon, Lucas Kazan and more.

I have a few issues with Kristen Bjorn. First, members are limited to three video downloads per day, although streaming is unlimited. Second, I don't know when or exactly how often the site updates because the episodes aren't dated, but the site says it offers "multiple weekly updates". There are 145 more videos than there were 14 months ago, which averages about ten new videos per month. And there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page in very fine print right under the form where you create your username and password.

I ran into one more thing that could be an issue or not. When loading the model profiles, you have two options. You can load them all on a single loooong page by clicking LOAD MORE on the bottom of the page every time you get there. If you prefer, you can click "Paginate", and then the profiles will be listed on multiple pages with 16 per page. The catch with this is that it doesn't load all the profiles, just 11 pages of them, so if you want to browse all the performers, your only option is to load that long page I talked about.

Kristen Bjorn's men are among my favorites in gay porn. I love European men and uncut cocks, so I'm really at home here. And while there's nothing wrong with American porn, it's nice to jump over to Europe to see some fresh faces or ones that are new to me. These masculine hunks have beautiful bodies without being too overdone. I like the Casting Couch section best because it features a lot of newcomers and the sex is more natural, but pretty much everything at Kristen Bjorn is hot. The site has added 145 videos in the past 14 months, so they're continuing to deliver multiple weekly updates. And with 1,150 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles including brand new scenes and ones from a decade ago, there's lots to entertain you and keep you turned on.

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