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William Higgins is the granddaddy of gay porn. He started filming porn in the early 1980s, and around 2000, Higgins moved to Prague and started filming athletic, college-aged guys. And his online site is a massive presence packed full of options, updates, and features that drive a reviewer crazy because there's so much to talk about.

Williams Higgins offers us a dizzying collection of hot Czech and Euro guys. They range from 18 to twenty-something, and lately have added some men who appear to be in their thirties. The performers sport a variety of body types, but most are packing well-defined bodies with six-pack abs, and some of the models can be pretty muscular with huge biceps and bulging shoulders. One thing most of the guys have in common is that their cocks are uncut, so foreskin fans like me are very happy at William Higgins. The models are almost always smooth, clean shaven, and tattoo-free, but of course you will find some other types among the thousands of guys who appear on this site.

The crew at William Higgins assigns each video session to a category, and there are 15 different areas of focus. Session Stills and Backstage are simply guys filmed during their photography and video sessions, so there's a camera man filming the camera men filming the guys jerking, sucking, and fucking. Erotic Solo and Helping Hand are pretty self-explanatory, but these feature guys jacking off or getting handjobs; similarly, Massage gives us guys getting their bodies rubbed and their dicks serviced. Soft Duo has guys in blowjob action while Full Contact films the guys sucking and fucking. Wrestling features real, 15-round fights where the guys start off wearing shorts or singlets and wrestle their way through the rounds until they're completely nude and very sweaty and usually end with the guys jacking off together. Wank Party is where you'll find the group sex scenes with horny guys in full-on sucking and fucking sessions with four or five guys.

There's a DVD Scenes section that includes the scenes William Higgins has produced for his line of DVDs. There's also Czech Up which features doctors and patients playing together. And last is the Kink section, which I refer to as BDSM-light: it shows guys tied up being used, spanked, and manhandled a bit before taking a cock down their throat or up their asses. I giggle at this section - just because a guy has chain hanging over his shoulder, doesn't make him a big, scary Master. But it's playfully fun. And there's a Gonzo section where the guys hold the cameras themselves while having sex.

William Higgins is a gay porn surfer's wet dream come true. There are 3,187 videos; last month was February and the site added 23 updates, and in January they added 25. The newer videos are available in MP4 format, including the impressively sized 4K videos shown at 2560x1440 plus several smaller sizes including one for mobiles. The recent but not brand new videos offer downloadable WMVs and QuickTime videos in two sizes: 960x540 and 1280x720. There's another version for mobile devices, and I have to say that surfing this site on my tablet and phone was effortless. There's also an archive of over 3,500 video clips and more than 7,500 galleries covering the very early years of William Higgins from 2000-2009.

The site also offers 3,102 picture sets. Most of the pics are digital stills, the newer sized at around 800x1200 plus a smaller size at good amateur quality while newer pics are sized around 533x800. Some sets are large, containing from around 100 pics to as many as 400 or more, while other sets have from around 26 to under 100 photos each. You can view the pics online as galleries or slideshows, and there's downloadable zip files, too. My love affair with William Higgins ends with the galleries, though, as there are too many repetitious poses. The slideshows are offered in Flash, and a lot of computers no longer support that, so it may be easier just to download the pics in zip files and use the slideshow feature in your computer.

There's another section called Castings that offers 2,363 more exclusive videos that I didn't include in the overall count. These are the audition videos of guys who want to get into porn, so you'll watch as they undress and the photographer tells them to do this or that, and most of these guys never make it into the main videos, but a few do - that's what a casting call is all about. And this section continues to add about four new videos per week.

One thing I didn't care for occurs on videos produced on June 15, 2014 and before. The last listed size on many pages is full HD (1920x1080), but while it looks at a glance like the other video options, that one isn't included for members - it links to the video store. That is not true on the newer videos from June 16, 2015 and more recent, which allow downloads for even their largest 4K videos.

Something else I didn't like is that the model index is a single, really long, infinitely loading page. There are thousands of guys here, and I got to 760 models listed on an insanely long page before I gave up and stopped loading more. Luckily there are some good sorting options, so you can arrange the models by hairy or hairless, regular or extra large cocks, shaved or unshaven pubes, and some more options. Body type is also a handy sorting options as it allows you to view guys listed as Hunks, Twinks or Muscle.

I do have a couple more complaints about William Higgins. Due to a combination of factors, and because there's so much stuff, it's easy to be overwhelmed, but the site is well organized, so it's simpler to navigate than it may seem at first. If you happen to find a guy you really like, there's not always an easy way to find more of him. You can search the model index by initial, which is probably your best bet, although it could take some browsing, particularly as the models listed by initial aren't listed in alphabetical order. You can also use the search engine, which is great if his name is Zdeno, but if his name is Pavel or Tomas, good luck.

Having said that, when you click on a particular flavor of video like Wrestling or Massage, the ensuing page has your episode at the top with lots of other wrestling or massage videos underneath. So in this way, William Higgins makes it easy for you to hone in on what you really like, I spent a lot of time in the Wank Party section, which usually features four guys in group action. On the menu bar there's also a section called Actions, which will take you to page displaying some pre-defined sex acts like tickling, spanking, rimming, feet and softcore, to name a few.

There are a few last things worth mentioning. First, is that for the first 30 days of membership, members get a 11 GB per day download limit. While no one likes limits, this one has seems pretty reasonable, and after the first month, members get unlimited downloads. Please note that while the site says "11GB of data equals 10 hours of our highest resolution HD videos," that's not true of the 4K videos, which give you around three and a half hours of video for 11 gig. The non-recurring monthly membership costs $20 more for the month than the recurring version. And there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but if you're not interested, it's easy to uncheck.

I really like William Higgins a lot - in fact, it's in my top three. The site is packed to overflowing with hot guys with uncut dick; a member could just get lost in here, as I did several times while trying to write this review. There's so much to see (3,187 exclusive videos, 2,363 castings, 3,102 pic sets plus the archives), and they provide members with a new, good quality video almost every day plus four casting videos each week. Everything worked well on my desktop computer, tablet, and cell phone; as a member you couldn't ask for a better site. If you watched all those videos and jacked off three times a day, you still couldn't get through this site in a year. I didn't love every guy on the site, but with thousands of guys available, there were plenty to drool over.

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